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  1. I mean really... This is some crazy sheeeittt.
  2. Third degree??? That shit was a cold blooded murder.
  3. Is he dead yet? Honestly I don't feel like being spiritual...
  4. What a loss. He was like a typhoon, his energy, not to be toyed with in the slightest. May he rest in peace. I recommend How to Survive a Plague to anyone who's not seen it.
  5. Omg, both these stories on the same day? I'm so over it. We need the Black Panthers to scare the shit out of people again. Enough is ENOUGH.
  6. & to think this bitch was Canadian...but you know what, we have our fair share of racists too. That much is clear!
  7. So ridiculous to watch this fucking idiot go from tacky property owner and gauche reality TV star, to stupid asshole, to downright disgraceful and morally evil.
  8. If that's u in the avi...hot. :wow:

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    2. MadFan


      lol - the system was right! no need to change. :thumbsup:

    3. stevenflowers


      ok ok i will keep it! 😄

    4. MadFan
  9. We love your username, AND your pic. :wow:

    1. bumholegeorge


      Thank you matey .. Appreciate the sentiments, for sure.... 😀👍

  10. I don't know if it will go through, but apparently I can only send one PM per day as a new user. So you'll get my reply tomorrow :lol2:

    1. MadFan


      :lol: U can reply here...awesome avatar btw...

  11. What's your Only Fans? 🍹

  12. Dropping an awesome queer horror short here, I think it's worth a watch. And yes, fuck the Russian government.
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