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  1. As @Kurt420 said, there absolutely will not be a peaceful transition of power if Trump loses. I'm expecting a minor civil war honestly.
  2. Yeah really, people have died because of him. I hope it scares the shit out of him and knocks him on his ass.
  3. Sorry but why do these Americans hate paying taxes, did you walk on a fucking road today or??? In Ancient Greece it was a BADGE OF HONOUR. Please.
  4. It was horrific, the absolute lowest the bar has ever been for me, and I will never watch another debate with him. I was genuinely exhausted.
  5. She's back in the news 'cuz she's returned a human rights award she received, after they criticized her views. She's really gonna die on this hill. JK Rowling has said she is giving back an award associated with the US Kennedy family, after being criticised for her views on gender and trans issues. The author was given the Ripple of Hope honour by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights organisation last year. But earlier this month, its president Kerry Kennedy said views expressed by Rowling recently "diminished the identity" of trans people. Rowling says Kennedy's implication t
  6. :inlove:  :kiss2: :brenspin: 

    Nice to see you enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for brightening up our days with your sunny self! 

    1. MadFan



      You're the nicest dude I swear...a real class act.

    2. peter


      Aw ... you’re kind to say that, but I’m sure it’s not the case. It’s easy to find the positive with fellow Madonna fans. (I had to look up the definition of “RBF,” by the way ... :lmao: I felt so dumb when I realized what it was! I did know it, just not the abbreviation. And it didn’t look so much like RBF to me, but your eyes did look really beautiful in the light!!) Glad you had a good day, and hope today is another just like it! :gent:

  7. Preach, Kurt. As they say, you rarely get what you vote for but you almost always get what you fail to vote against.
  8. Meanwhile she's published books under a male pseudonym and even her initials were purposely used to be gender neutral.
  9. Yeah, I said "unless it's the police" but I meant "unless it's injustice". Thank God George Floyd is on video...the 17 year old who filmed it couldn't have known the impact it would have.
  10. Thank you. This need to film people in public is tired...well unless it's the police. I've had arguments with people in public before. It happens from time to time. But now you might get filmed, edited, and put on Twitter.
  11. "And I bet you're really super proud of that." It's like telling a European the 49ers won the Superbowl or Clay Aiken from your town won American Idol. She definitely has no time for that.
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