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  1. I hear you Jazzy Jan. I really want the social media era to just END already...can we all delete these ridiculous apps. If we have to have it, how about as it was in 2007, as a tool to communicate, check occasionally, and then move on. Not scroll through endlessly at the dinner table. I hope the '10s were the peak and we can resume some normalcy because like my baby acko said, it's ruining the world.
  2. About time... Last week I went to log in to my Facebook account for the first time in months and they'd disabled it, and this is what I got: You want my driving license or passport, after Cambridge Analytica?
  3. What a relief to log in here and see only one more page, I thought "oh good they didn't all blow up."
  4. What's most frightening is the sheer egotism that they will never admit they've made a mistake or done wrong by the people of the country. You're really forced to go down with the ship rather than course correct as best as possible, which would be the NORMAL thing to do.
  5. Every time I see @Jazzy Jan post in this thread I boil myself a tea & settle in to see which adjectives and descriptions she uses next. Revolting, dreadful, disgraceful...you name it. Love our Jan.
  6. It boggles me that one would reach their 70s and behave this way. You've done life wrong, baby. Same goes for that rancid bag of fossil dust McConnell.
  7. The cherry on the cake will be to punch Tangerine's fat ass out and let him roll down the veranda of the White House.
  8. So happy for our Americans and everyone else around the world, finally a feeling of NORMALITY after the horror of the last four years. Thank you!
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