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  1. How are you boo?

    1. MadFan


      ackhole! :kiss2: I'm good, busy these days trying to save $$$ so I can quit my job and move on to the next chapter. What that is exactly I don't know yet but it's a new dawn for all of us! #postCovid So I'm excited. Oh and I've had the idea pop into my head that I should really try to write a horror film screenplay... just for fun, we'll see. How are you and how is the teaching gig?

  2. Well, those CEOs and VPs who make 500x the amount of the frontline workers better roll up their sleeves and get to work. They shouldn’t have a problem doing the work of a few thousand people each right? Seeing as how they’re the “top talent” and all that.
  3. They'll go under surely? Nobody's subscribing for cooking tutorials and yoga classes.
  4. I can't remember the last time we saw such a massive scale loss of human potential and freedom and life unfold on live TV...so many millions of people just waiting to find out if they'll ever make it out of that jail. It makes the experience of living in the absolute safety of the west feel so absurd and unreal, and somehow obscene... Does the ANA not outnumber the Taliban? Where are the men?
  5. Sending you positive vibes! Wishing you all the best in making changes that you need to make. (I just caught up in acko’s “year later” thread and read your post ... so was thinking about you and what you wrote.) xoxo

    1. MadFan


      You're a doll. ❤️ Thanks a lot, reading that message brought a smile to my face. Are you holding up okay amidst all this yourself?

  6. Hey! Are your PMs broken?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. MadFan


      Basically what your diet looks like and do you calorie fount etc? And your workout routine. You basically have my ideal frame honestly.

    3. Rugbyguy


      Ok well I do CrossFit, Mon to Fri. Not sure if you’ve heard of that or not. On the weekends I hit my smaller muscle groups at the local gym, such as arms or calves etc because Crissfit is more of a full body workout and sometimes neglects your smaller muscle groups. I base my rest days around how sore or fatigued I’m feeling because muscles are grown whilst you’re resting/sleeping. I eat a hell of a lot of food. I keep carbs to a minimum because my body type has a tendency to turn carbs and sugar into fat. I keep the protein high and I drink a shit tonne of water. 

      If you want me to write you a workout or nutrition program I can do it for you at a discount, considering your a Madonna fan. I just need to gather some information from you so I can make it personalised, otherwise you won’t achieve your results. 

      Hope this helps 

    4. Rugbyguy


      Is that your body in the pics? If it is you look pretty great already. 

  7. Bitch I visit your profile twice a week MINIMUM to enlarge that Prince pic. :chuckle: Hope you're staying well xo

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    2. MadFan


      It's the cleavage at the end of the day even though the hair is on point. I'm okay...lockdown is the same here, and I need some romance. :chuckle: You moved to Italy yet? 💋

    3. acko


      Well I have dual citizenship...so I got time to find the right place. :fag:

      Romance is important..u just scored points there.
      Only real men use that word. That's me trying to say something Prince would say. :chuckle:

      So has covid fucked up the romance part or is it just complicated because....? I kinda sense ur a catch, so I wouldn't worry if I were u.

    4. MadFan


      Me too though it's about as useful as tits on a bull these days, since Brexit. :chuckle: I guess I can always go to Scotland.

      Yeah it's frustrating because the spontaneity is gone, you know? The kinetic nature of things. :fag: You have to be so intentional these days, with everything, so there's no 'meeting people'...which is how mama likes it.

      But I'll carry on! Thanks for the vote of confidence, gave me a little rush. 💋 x

  8. I hear you Jazzy Jan. I really want the social media era to just END already...can we all delete these ridiculous apps. If we have to have it, how about as it was in 2007, as a tool to communicate, check occasionally, and then move on. Not scroll through endlessly at the dinner table. I hope the '10s were the peak and we can resume some normalcy because like my baby acko said, it's ruining the world.
  9. About time... Last week I went to log in to my Facebook account for the first time in months and they'd disabled it, and this is what I got: You want my driving license or passport, after Cambridge Analytica?
  10. What a relief to log in here and see only one more page, I thought "oh good they didn't all blow up."
  11. What's most frightening is the sheer egotism that they will never admit they've made a mistake or done wrong by the people of the country. You're really forced to go down with the ship rather than course correct as best as possible, which would be the NORMAL thing to do.
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