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  1. Some days it really feels like we're utterly doomed. This news has kept me up for nights.
  2. If they have to do that they've already lost.
  3. Damn straight - glad this is being brought to light. & I'm Canadian.
  4. Just awful. I find consolation that life flourished before man and will rebound and flourish after man.
  5. Dreadful that you're being dragged down by those teatoaling twats.
  6. George Carlin put it best - the planet will survive and rebound with relative ease, people will not. Simply natural selection at work: the weak/foolish/unfit species go extinct, and life carries on.
  7. Really fascinating and seriously, Einstein does it again.
  8. If he runs as an independent they're fucked. I like him very much to be fair.
  9. At this rate Britain will have the cleanest air in all of Europe.
  10. Yes, what did he say last week? "Nancy Pelosi, Nance, as I call her" or something? What a loser. She's dealt with him wonderfully so far.
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