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  1. Preach, Kurt. As they say, you rarely get what you vote for but you almost always get what you fail to vote against.
  2. Meanwhile she's published books under a male pseudonym and even her initials were purposely used to be gender neutral.
  3. Yeah, I said "unless it's the police" but I meant "unless it's injustice". Thank God George Floyd is on video...the 17 year old who filmed it couldn't have known the impact it would have.
  4. Thank you. This need to film people in public is tired...well unless it's the police. I've had arguments with people in public before. It happens from time to time. But now you might get filmed, edited, and put on Twitter.
  5. This is silly, and another example of the infantilization of people in our culture -- stop babying grown ass men & women. Let us see the work and trust that we can view it through the lens of 1939. It's different than taking down a statue, which I support because they commemorate a person. They're not neutral. A film is neutral.
  6. That's one of the worst I've seen.
  7. Lawddd is that you in your cover photo. I live!

    1. reQuiem4adream


      Of course not! His name is Pablo Buosi. 

    2. MadFan


      :rotfl: Whoops.

  8. I'm not making a comment on any particular country, but mama lives in Mexico & she was just telling me last week her car broke down and she called the police to come change her tire, and got back on the road. Apparently that's common practice. In Canada they'd probably give you a ticket. In America they'd shoot your ass dead if you're black. Like Kim said, who's serving and protecting us from them?
  9. I mean really... This is some crazy sheeeittt.
  10. Third degree??? That shit was a cold blooded murder.
  11. Is he dead yet? Honestly I don't feel like being spiritual...
  12. What a loss. He was like a typhoon, his energy, not to be toyed with in the slightest. May he rest in peace. I recommend How to Survive a Plague to anyone who's not seen it.
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