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  1. It's like watching someone slowly die. America is well and truly fucked.
  2. BEYONCÉ during the GEORGE W. BUSH presidential inauguration: "I wanna hear you say Bush!" BEYONCÉ on simulating same sex affection on stage: “I have standards. There are things I will not do.” Never let you forget!
  3. Sorry but
  4. "With all those dancers around who didn't stop and dance me off the stage. I don't know what they were thinking." I screamed! Acting like a FOOL!
  5. God, preach. It's all so divisive and tense in the States -- and that's the thing, I never meet South Americans or Asians or Europeans or Africans who feel affronted by cultural appropriation because they've borrowed from other cultures themselves and find that sort of cultural exchange enriching and complimentary; it's certain Americans and they're almost always offended on behalf of someone else.
  6. God Justin Trudeau could get it.
  7. Can't front, she's been praised on all fronts, it's almost like 2010 again.
  8. When she came down on the rope at the beginning like a frog.
  9. When's Kristallnacht scheduled?