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  1. huh? the photo is funny looks like gang bang gay porn , caption it means comment on it.
  2. spazz

    what do u think of my Prince's 7 avatar? 😁 i downloaded all his music videos from youtube before they remove them and created this avatar

    1. acko


      It looks wonderful! I noticed it yesterday :D

      His videos are shit though :lol:

    2. spazz


      I love overall the 80/90’s vibe in his music videos & his random splits in Diamonds & Pearls :lol: 


      & Gangster Glam was sexy



  3. how r u

    1. Diversity83


      Good. How are you?

    2. spazz


      I am great

      where have you been?

  4. thats horrible Disgusting criminal who did it I love eating strawberry raw , I hope our government wont import them from Australia
  5. Trump will fuck off and his history will be forgotten & americans will wake up from that nightmare, its just a matter of time. i believe in the future there will be a biopic movie dedicated for Kaepernick.
  6. I dont get why the americans are so offended by Kaepernick. they didn’t learn from hollywood movies teaching humanity & tolerance that racism is a bad thing. i didnt know who he is till i saw on social media ppl r burning Nike shoes. The guy is so lovely , human ; i looked into his speeches and loved him
  7. Nice butt cheeks overall he looks tragic and his fake abs are disgusting
  8. spazz

    hey acko

    I miss talking with you

    what are you favorite Prince songs?

    1. Gold
    2. Pussy Control
    3. Kiss
    4. Sexy dancer
    5. Sign O Times
    6. I wish U heaven
    1. acko


      Ooooh that's difficult, it depends on my mood

      I love the fact that u love #4 and #2 on your list, but I guess Little Red Corvette is up there...

      I also love love Dirty Mind & Parade (albums)

      Crystal Ball the song....

      Sometimes it Snow in April

      The list goes on and on really...

    2. spazz


      im so obsessed with him

      omg i missed alot of my life not discovering him earlier  ❤️

      I started listening to him only in 2007 when I recognized his music on this forum

      unfortunately few ppl knows him in Egypt

      i like Sometimes in Snow in April too

  9. he could have penetrated them with a dildo instead
  10. how are you dear?

    1. elijah


      Hello, everything is ok, what about u❤️

    2. spazz


      i am great 🙂 miss u ❤️

    3. elijah


      Well, I see u on FB, looking hotter than ever 💋

  11. spazz

    cute madonna pic in ur avatar, ABE

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    2. GOD


      miss you too habibti how r u ?

    3. spazz


      Great dearest 

    4. GOD


      What’s new with you?

  12. True friends isn't about who came first and who you've known the longest, its about who came and never left

    1. Bill
    2. spazz



  13. Thank you. its really horrible i am speechless
  14. My deepest condolences for all the innocent lives that were taken in this horrible attack
  15. Thanks guys @Pedro i was a horrible experience i try to forget and life keeps going on.
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