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  1. acko

    Can u still acces the forum?

  2. huh? the photo is funny looks like gang bang gay porn , caption it means comment on it.
  3. spazz

    what do u think of my Prince's 7 avatar? 😁 i downloaded all his music videos from youtube before they remove them and created this avatar

    1. acko


      It looks wonderful! I noticed it yesterday :D

      His videos are shit though :lol:

    2. spazz


      I love overall the 80/90’s vibe in his music videos & his random splits in Diamonds & Pearls :lol: 


      & Gangster Glam was sexy



  4. how r u

    1. Diversity83


      Good. How are you?

    2. spazz


      I am great

      where have you been?

  5. thats horrible Disgusting criminal who did it I love eating strawberry raw , I hope our government wont import them from Australia
  6. Trump will fuck off and his history will be forgotten & americans will wake up from that nightmare, its just a matter of time. i believe in the future there will be a biopic movie dedicated for Kaepernick.
  7. I dont get why the americans are so offended by Kaepernick. they didn’t learn from hollywood movies teaching humanity & tolerance that racism is a bad thing. i didnt know who he is till i saw on social media ppl r burning Nike shoes. The guy is so lovely , human ; i looked into his speeches and loved him
  8. Nice butt cheeks overall he looks tragic and his fake abs are disgusting
  9. spazz

    hey acko

    I miss talking with you

    what are you favorite Prince songs?

    1. Gold
    2. Pussy Control
    3. Kiss
    4. Sexy dancer
    5. Sign O Times
    6. I wish U heaven
    1. acko


      Ooooh that's difficult, it depends on my mood

      I love the fact that u love #4 and #2 on your list, but I guess Little Red Corvette is up there...

      I also love love Dirty Mind & Parade (albums)

      Crystal Ball the song....

      Sometimes it Snow in April

      The list goes on and on really...

    2. spazz


      im so obsessed with him

      omg i missed alot of my life not discovering him earlier  ❤️

      I started listening to him only in 2007 when I recognized his music on this forum

      unfortunately few ppl knows him in Egypt

      i like Sometimes in Snow in April too

  10. he could have penetrated them with a dildo instead
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