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  1. Disgusting i hate this hanouna overrated trash i was about to post this but i couldn't find the article in English
  2. A lot of memes circulating on social media are killing me it says " if they ask for adding you on Facebook tell them i don't have an account "
  3. I heard about Macron being a part of this family but i don't know what is it?! I need u to inform me since you're a BIG encyclopedia politica :)
  4. I feel like im watching a comedy show
  5. @XXL The American politicians are horrible never contributing for world peace this orange cunt dealing with KSA during Obama reign there was the creation of ISIS and the fall of secular nationalists governments and Bush the son started the war in Iraq
  6. is this cunt still alive? last time i checked she was copying Madonna's face in BIM.
  7. alejandra who? its the only and the one SHAKIRA THE QUEEN OF THE LATIN CONTINENT
  8. Alot of ppl are considering the killer of the Russlan embassador in turkey is a hero this is so sick and inhuman 😨