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  1. acko

    Can u still acces the forum?

  2. spazz

    Best Elton John compilation?

    His Lion King songs from my lastfm charts https://www.last.fm/user/notemolestes/library/music/Elton+John
  3. spazz


    I love Rosie Gaines's voice and her contribution on Prince songs.
  4. spazz


    which NEW CD? πŸ˜‡
  5. spazz

    Caption this photo

    huh? the photo is funny looks like gang bang gay porn , caption it means comment on it.
  6. spazz

    Kanye West

    The video is not available for my country 😞
  7. spazz

    Kanye West

    I dont have any of his songs except Beat Goes On with Madonna & i only watched his creepy cuntroversial music video of the nude wax mannequins on the bed.
  8. spazz


    His random splits in Diamonds & Pearls are everything I hope Youtube uploads his music videos in VeVo quality HD
  9. spazz

    what do u think of my Prince's 7 avatar? 😁 i downloaded all his music videos from youtube before they remove them and created this avatar

    1. acko


      It looks wonderful! I noticed it yesterday :D

      His videos are shit though :lol:

    2. spazz


      I love overall the 80/90’s vibe in his music videos &Β his random splits in Diamonds & Pearls :lol:Β 


      & Gangster Glam was sexy



  10. spazz


    I love how he stopped singing when the audience sang along with him
  11. spazz

    Kanye West

    Thank u for the very informative answer
  12. spazz

    Kanye West

    this is a mystery & full of contraction πŸ€ͺ🀣 what he has done?