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  1. She looks like Angela Merkel
  2. Ataturk is rolling in his grave this will affect us negatively in all the Middle East nations. europe & USA turned blind eye on this shit if not they helped him to take power from very beginning
  3. he doesnt look like his father either
  4. welcome back habibi I missed you so much
  5. Thank you I was optimistic for a new leadership takes place to get rid of terrorism and spread peace.
  6. Another blast in Alexandria 😖😢
  7. Yes I dont see any apparent fighting against the terrorists as he was rambling
  8. Thanks @jazzyjan
  9. @pjcowley yes it im so sad and crying
  10. Bomb in an Egyptian church today
  11. U always attack me for whatever political views I say it's disturbing I am a supporter of any president who get rid of ISIS / Daech on the battlefield not just petty speeches. That's the only thing I care for. & im not an American citizen.
  12. Why the personal attacks? And u called me "trump my president" stop the biased views both politicians are deep shit.
  13. What a fucking cunt