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  1. acko

    Can u still acces the forum?

  2. spazz

    Best Elton John compilation?

    His Lion King songs from my lastfm charts https://www.last.fm/user/notemolestes/library/music/Elton+John
  3. spazz


    I love Rosie Gaines's voice and her contribution on Prince songs.
  4. spazz


    which NEW CD?
  5. spazz

    Caption this photo

    huh? the photo is funny looks like gang bang gay porn , caption it means comment on it.
  6. spazz

    Kanye West

    The video is not available for my country
  7. spazz

    Kanye West

    I dont have any of his songs except Beat Goes On with Madonna & i only watched his creepy cuntroversial music video of the nude wax mannequins on the bed.
  8. spazz


    His random splits in Diamonds & Pearls are everything I hope Youtube uploads his music videos in VeVo quality HD
  9. spazz

    what do u think of my Prince's 7 avatar? 😁 i downloaded all his music videos from youtube before they remove them and created this avatar

    1. acko


      It looks wonderful! I noticed it yesterday :D

      His videos are shit though :lol:

    2. spazz


      I love overall the 80/90’s vibe in his music videos &Β his random splits in Diamonds & Pearls :lol:Β 


      & Gangster Glam was sexy



  10. spazz


    I love how he stopped singing when the audience sang along with him
  11. spazz

    Kanye West

    Thank u for the very informative answer
  12. spazz

    Kanye West

    this is a mystery & full of contraction what he has done?