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  1. I will meet him on Saturday to confort him i dont want to go more off topic here we can continue in the lounge
  2. Go live in a Muslim majority country you can't say you're gay and if ppl doubt you're gay your life will be so miserable. one of my friends three weeks ago was beaten and stolen because he's gay 😞 So disgusting.
  3. Omg horrible i hope everyone is okay
  5. it makes me SOAR Four in the morning Feeling more than less We're tangled together In such a beautiful mess I can't remember What it was you said That made me feel emotions That are better to forget
  6. La France aveuglĂ©e par son partenariat avec le Qatar et l'Arabie saoudite FrĂ©dĂ©ric Pons cite le tĂ©moignage d’une dĂ©putĂ© yĂ©zidie qui reçoit parfois des appels terribles de captives, ayant pu disposer d’un tĂ©lĂ©phone un court moment. «J’ai Ă©tĂ© violĂ©e 30 fois ce matin raconte l’une d’elles », «s’il vous plaĂźt, bombardez-nous», implore une autre. GrĂące aux tĂ©moignages recueillis sur le terrain, l’écrivain nous fait mieux comprendre Ă  travers leur quotidien le calvaire des chrĂ©tiens d’Orient. «Les musulmans nous qualifient depuis toujours de Nassirya, de NazarĂ©ens, raconte Toma. C’est un terme insultant dans leur esprit». MalgrĂ© les promesses, environ 3600 visas ont Ă©tĂ© seulement accordĂ©s, avec des tracas administratifs dĂšs l’arrivĂ©e Ă  Roissy. «Les migrants clandestins musulmans venus de Syrie, de Somalie ou d’Afghanistan ont Ă©tĂ© mieux traitĂ©s que nous confie Omar. Mais on a compris qu’à cĂŽtĂ© de la France officielle, il y avait des Français. Nous en avons rencontrĂ© qui nous ont tellement aidĂ©s».
  7. defend her against what? do I miss something ?
  8. hes a utter TWAT Trudeau, Liberal MPs Vote Against Tory Motion Declaring ISIS Atrocities As Genocide
  9. they dont want to hurt the feeling of Trumps haters. BTW I dont agree with many things posted here and they dont reflect whats going in the real life. like the relationship between Russia and the current American leadership which a true hoax even if it is true US and Russia should cooperate to end the crisis of ISIS and the monster of ERDOGAN satanist caliphate.
  10. speaking of Trudeau didn't he say before that ISIS are not committing genocide?
  11. she doesnt look like herself anymore even that GIF above wasnt her natural look
  12. I am not a big fan of Angela Merkel but it was misogynistic & cunty that he refused to shake hands with her. I started to believe this man is crazy. even the ex-president of EGYPT who was a utter cunt and conservative shaked hand with her. she visited Egypt earlier this month and took some nice pics , I live close the pyramids and I saw on the road German flags were set on the top of every street light as a welcoming for her.