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  1. Awesome ! thank you for a great remix again. I appreciate your remixes so much. Keep going on
  2. Well said. I couldn't agree more. I'm so happy that she is still around us and keeps inspiring us.
  3. The album gets better and better with each listen! What a ride
  4. Yes i find that strange too. Medellin has written summer smash all over.
  5. Someone clearly hates her! What a stupid article.
  6. Good news. Please someone spread this on social media!
  7. One of the best reviews so far. The writer really gets the point and he reviews the music without talking about how appropriate she is now or not. Love the little comparison to David Bowie in terms of the experimental side of the album.
  8. Thank you! I can't wait. It's so hard to resist.
  9. I'm so happy that nothing leaked yet, but I think from now on it's a matter of time. When do new albums leak? One week prior official release? I think that some people do have the new album by now it will leak in the next two days.
  10. I'm curious for the german Rolling Stone and Musikexpress reviews. Normally they focus on the music.
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