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  1. I think Dancefloor is a nice upbeat song. Reminds me of the mid ninetees dance songs. Can't wait for the remixes.
  2. Nice too ! I'm crazy for the first single Queen. Sister is awesome too. So many good songs on the new album.
  3. I've had this album in repeat since Yesterday. I Love the mixture between dance songs and midtempo ballads. It's a mature album from a strong woman. ☺
  4. Tracey Thorn has a new album out since a few day's. It's called Record. It's really good. After first listen I thought it's good. But now I love it. There are a lot of divine songs on it. She always delivers good. I'm surprised that no one here mentions her new album. Do you like it ?
  5. Jim34

    Songs that you hate.

    Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel My most hated song !
  6. Jim34

    Bruce Springsteen

    He looks really gold. Imagine he ist 67 !!!
  7. Jim34

    Bruce Springsteen

    Oh my, he was so hot. A real man ! Sexy
  8. OMG that`s so awful ! Horrible album! It will flop
  9. Jim34

    Christine & The Queens

    Do we know when her new album will drop? Any news about that?
  10. Jim34

    Christine & The Queens

    I`m late too ! But she is fantastic The album is life.
  11. Jim34


    Her first three albums were masterpieces ! Homogenic is everything Later she became to artsy for my personal taste of music and I lost interest in her! But she is one of a kind true Artist and I give her a lot credit for that
  12. I don`t think because of Guy only, but also because she had two very young children that time
  13. Jim34

    Mannheim concert

    I´m going too ! Oh, my god I´m so nervous now
  14. LFL is pure Madonna at her best ! I will never get why it wasn`t a smash hit . Whatever fuck the General public. I love LFL
  15. Jim34


    OMG awesome demo I love this song so much ! One of her best ballads