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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    OMG she looks gorgeous
  2. I don't think she ditched the movie. Maybe she changed the order. First new album than new movie. At least I hope so
  3. Exactly, Just another fact why I am so proud of her!
  4. Katy Perry thread

    The song is getting a lot of airplay here :-) It´s a catchy song and it stucks in your ear
  5. Lady Gaga thread

    She is psychotic bitch. I still can`t believe that people think she is good. She is nothing. Thank god here in Germany she is over, There is zero interest in her Music or whatever.
  6. Poor Lorde is miserable

    The new song is really good! I really like this :-)
  7. Sehr really is the worst of all POP cunts out there. Her lies and fake stories are disgusting. The best is here in Germany nobody cares.
  8. She is really the worst ! What a fake whore. And who cares about her and her Family? In Germany she has zero success with her album. Nobody talks about her. None of my friends show any interest for her new flop album. Here she is over. I´m so glad about that. I couldn`t stand this fake cow from day one. And the ongoing comparison with our Queen made me sick and is embarrassing. I enjoy her downfall so much. Now I´m waiting for the nervous breakdown. This will be entertaining. I don`t want to sound harsh. But she really deserves her downfall. She is fake, she is a liar, she tries to manipulate, she is dishonest. But the worst is that she always tries to have success at the expense of others. She is clearly mentally ill. I think she needs help and I hope that she will be ready for it in the near future.
  9. It feels so good to see her fail ! I hate that Fake cunt from day one and I'm glad to see her downfall. She will fall hard and soon we will read stories about breakdowns and rehabs! It's over To talk shit like that about M shows how desperate she is right now. Her career is over. No one is interested in her anymore.