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  1. LFL is pure Madonna at her best ! I will never get why it wasn`t a smash hit . Whatever fuck the General public. I love LFL
  2. OMG awesome demo I love this song so much ! One of her best ballads
  3. Living for love But that doesn`t mean that I don`t love GT and Bitch i´m Madonna The diversity of all three videos is amazing Only the Queen
  4. This is amazing ! You never disappoint with your remixes
  5. I still listen to RH daily ! One of her best and it`s so funny to see how my favorite songs are changing from day to day ! One of the songs that I found good from the beginning was best night, but I never paid that much attention on it. Now I´m obsessed with the song
  6. I think they should release a lyrics video now ! Ghosttown has a lot of potential to become an hit
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