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  1. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    This ist tragic! She is such an attention whore and disgusting. What makes me sick ist that she still gets attention from the Media although the general public has zero interest in her! She is a creep and obviously mentally ill. ☺
  2. Epic !!! I Always get shivers down my spine watching this. That's how it's done. The ultimate female Star of all time. Nobody comes close.
  3. Exactly, Just another fact why I am so proud of her!
  4. Lady Gaga thread

    She is psychotic bitch. I still can`t believe that people think she is good. She is nothing. Thank god here in Germany she is over, There is zero interest in her Music or whatever.
  5. Poor Lorde is miserable

    The new song is really good! I really like this :-)
  6. Mannheim concert

    I´m going too ! Oh, my god I´m so nervous now
  7. LFL is pure Madonna at her best ! I will never get why it wasn`t a smash hit . Whatever fuck the General public. I love LFL

    OMG awesome demo I love this song so much ! One of her best ballads
  9. Miley Cyrus

    I would have never thought that I will say someday that I really like a Miley Cyrus album But the album is so good Listen to it all day What really surprises me is her voice. Her voice is so versatile and really suits the style of the Album
  10. Full Show Videos

    Thank you so much Dubtronic