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  1. I have a huge headache and I'm depressed beyond words. Good night, or whatever this is.
  2. Pennsylvania (97% Rpt.) Trump 48.5 Clinton 47.9
  3. We have our own fascist (Bibi) for many years now, but unlike Trump, he's intelligent, grey, mostly predictable and actually knows what he's doing. So this is very different. This truly scares me and I'm not kidding one bit. Many don't understand the consequences of their voting.
  4. Pennsylvania was at 93% so should be in soon, I guess.
  5. Don't forget that 54K idiots voted for Jill Stein in Florida ALONE!
  6. He's ahead in Michigan. If he gets Pennsylvania it's done.
  7. Can I already wish Janet good luck with her revolution?! FUCKING IDIOT!
  8. GOP have a 97% chance of keeping the Senate.
  9. I'm just sad and disgusted. For you, for everyone. As a woman, it makes me sick to my stomach.
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