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  1. M14 producers wishlist

    Patrick Leonard (the best songwriting partner she's ever had) Paul Epworth (the best producer at the moment) and for no more than a couple of tracks, Drake ("Passionfruit" is beautiful!).
  2. Maybe she should say something but somehow I'm glad she's silent this time (so far).
  3. Bananarama

  4. I'm really surprised at how well they're doing, considering they were created by Simon Cowell. Zayn has the prettiest face and the prettiest voice, but it's obvious he has stage fright problems and struggles with being a celebrity. Harry released a decent album, allegedly plays for the team and will play Mick Jagger at some point. Liam is sexy but his material has been too lightweight so far. Niall had a very strong single with "Slow Hands" and if they can come up with similar quality stuff he may do well for a few more years. Louis is obviously the weakest link but he could profit from his physical resemblance to David Bowie. I don't see any of them becoming solo mega stars, but they've already done better than Take That. In five years, there will certainly be a One Direction comeback album.
  5. The Portugal Album : official thread

    A little outside influence here and there can work wonders. Many fado songs have beautiful, haunting melodies.
  6. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    There's a high risk of alienating her core fan base with this.
  7. HOLY TRINITY | I'm Breathless

    Vogue Something To Remember Sooner Or Later
  8. HOLY TRINITY | Like A Prayer

    Like A Prayer Express Yourself Cherish
  9. HOLY TRINITY | True Blue

    Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach True Blue
  10. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Deeper And Deeper Rain Why Is It So Hard
  11. Lana Del Rey

    I've just finished my first listen. It could be her best album so far. Loving the Stevie Nicks, Sean Lennon and A$AP Rocky tracks. "Heroin" and the one that goes "Is this the end of America?" are excellent, too.
  12. We are all pathetic sometimes, we all have our dark thoughts and days. And she was in a bad moment in her life because of the Erotica / Sex / Body Of Evidence (hello, Sharon) backlash. She was hurt. Again, if she wrote that letter - it was never meant to be read by the public. As for the general public, they will always look for something to bash her. It's just a storm in a teacup.
  13. It may not make much sense now but In terms of commercial success, at the time both Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston were at the top of the world because of "Fatal Attraction" and "The Bodyguard" soundtrack, respectively. That's what it comes down to. Commercial success. Besides, it's a private "letter". It was never meant to be public. If she really wrote it, and I think she did, she was just venting out.
  14. Anyway, if the letter is fake Madonna has all the reasons to sue. It's the same auction website handling the Tupac one. Here's the auction link: http://www.gottahaverockandroll.com/Madonna_Handwritten_Love_Letter_To_John_Enos-LOT21110.aspx