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  1. (Not trying to hijack this thread,ok?) Another reason you have it easier is the exposure to Brazilian music and telenovelas. Like, for example, you have Mc Kevinho and Ludmila topping iTunes there right now, while the Brazilians' knowledge of contemporary Portuguese music is near zero, if not absolute zero. It hasn't always been that way, I remember when I was a kid - I'm in my fifties - I listened to Portuguese music on the radio. And I remember quite clearly I could understand Portuguese way better when I was a kid, perhaps because there was much more contact between our cultures then. I guess Brazilians started to become kind of xenophobic around the late seventies. However, I think Portugal remains a huge influence in Brazil when it comes to literature and especially cuisine. Cheers! :)
  2. Bala is a projectile here too. But yeah, there are many many differences between Portuguese and Brazilian. I hear you understand us perfectly, but it doesn't seem to happen the other way around. As for me, I understand Spanish much better than Portuguese. Go figure!
  3. Huh? I'm a native Portuguese speaker (although I prefer to say I speak Brazilian), but it's the first time I'm hearing this. As far as I'm concerned, Macedonia has always meant... Macedonia, a region in Greece. Anyway, I hope everyone finds a peaceful solution for that situation.
  4. That's a very old story - it circulated on the Web about ten years ago - and it's fake.
  5. There's still some hope to the world, then! Bravo!!!
  6. Hey Surannee, are you alright? Long time no see you, hope you are well. x

    1. surannée


      Hi, PJ!!! :)  I'm doing fine, thank you! I've been having to work a lot lately so I just took another sabbatical from MNation. Hope everything is fine with you!

  7. Thanks. However, can we agree that, despite Neo-Nazi gatherings have been happening all over the country, the whole thing started basically in the former DDR and then gradually spread throughout the country, no? After all, there has been a considerable migration - people move and they carry their beliefs along. When I say Nazism never stopped, I mean it's a feeling, a belief, that never ceased to exist, despite everything. DDR was occupied by the former USSR, then oppressed and isolated, but such isolation actually provided the perfect environment. The thing was silently passed on, in a familial fashion, to just only one, maybe two generations. After the tumbling of the Wall, people again felt free to show their true colors, to practice what they've been taught by their parents and grandparents. You see, bullying a tourist for having black hair is not a socio-political issue at all. It's purely racism. I went to 'West Germany' a few times in the mid-to-late eighties, I spent a good deal of time there. I know that things happened, particularly it seems in Bavaria - which is close to Saxony. Friends would tell me about that. But it was very, very rare. Not the way it's happening now.
  8. I've just talked to a friend of mine who's Turkish and lives in Izmir, but flies regularly to Istanbul for business. She had landed 90 minutes before the terrorist attack. My poor friend, she's absolutely terrified. More and more I think that only a MAJOR threat from outer space could bring some peace and unity to the human race.
  9. I hear this happens mostly in the former East Germany counties. I have friends in Germany and they've been telling me that since the reunification happened. It seems Nazism never really stopped there.
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