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  1. surannée

    North Macedonia

    (Not trying to hijack this thread,ok?) Another reason you have it easier is the exposure to Brazilian music and telenovelas. Like, for example, you have Mc Kevinho and Ludmila topping iTunes there right now, while the Brazilians' knowledge of contemporary Portuguese music is near zero, if not absolute zero. It hasn't always been that way, I remember when I was a kid - I'm in my fifties - I listened to Portuguese music on the radio. And I remember quite clearly I could understand Portuguese way better when I was a kid, perhaps because there was much more contact between our cultures then. I guess Brazilians started to become kind of xenophobic around the late seventies. However, I think Portugal remains a huge influence in Brazil when it comes to literature and especially cuisine. Cheers! :)
  2. surannée

    North Macedonia

    Bala is a projectile here too. But yeah, there are many many differences between Portuguese and Brazilian. I hear you understand us perfectly, but it doesn't seem to happen the other way around. As for me, I understand Spanish much better than Portuguese. Go figure!
  3. surannée

    North Macedonia

    Huh? 😳 I'm a native Portuguese speaker (although I prefer to say I speak Brazilian), but it's the first time I'm hearing this. As far as I'm concerned, Macedonia has always meant... Macedonia, a region in Greece. Anyway, I hope everyone finds a peaceful solution for that situation.
  4. I had done that already in the late eighties when I thought I had grown out of prog-rock. Sold full album discographies of Yes, Genesis, Supertramp, King Crimson, ELP, Electric Light Orchestra, Moody Blues... only to buy them again ten years later. I guess I did that with disco, too, although on a minor scale. Fortunately my WestCoast / Yacht rock collection not only remained intact but actually grew ever since, as I never really stopped loving that kind of music.
  5. 1.Yes, but not as often as I used to. 2. Rarely 3. Often 4. I've been streaming quite a lot lately. 5. I guess so. :) 6. I still own all of it, but I've been thinking of getting rid of records I don't really care about, also because I used to get a lot of them for free when I was doing work for a record company. I don't really remember the last time I played a CD, however I still like to have my favorite records in a physical format.
  6. surannée


    He would have been 60 today. 😔 Happy Birthday, Prince! 💜
  7. surannée


    Henley at his peak
  8. surannée


    Of course I heard this with Cyndi Lauper at first - but, as far as I'm concerned, that's the definitive version. And I love the videoclip as well, with Brandon and Jennifer Connelly.
  9. surannée


  10. surannée


    Damn, I love Billy Steinberg.
  11. surannée


    I remember being 18, tuning to the BBC World Service and listening to this way before it became a hit in my country. It's very haunting for me.
  12. surannée

    Christine & The Queens

    I like the French version - as for the other one, I have no idea in which language she's singing. Can't understand a word.
  13. surannée


    Thank You, Jan!!! I didn't like this song at the time. It was only when I realized it was deeply related to M's "I'll Remember" that I grew affectionate to it.
  14. surannée


  15. surannée


    It gets a bit TOO loud at the end but it's a great ballad, I love it