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  1. what happened after this???? because I would have demanded for public excuses to the republican, he can´t treat a person like this as if I was a sexual harraser
  2. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    this.and of course, madonna find inspiration in everything around her, so I bet, and I hope, her life in Portugal is going to impact her enough to have more music
  3. Single-Disc Celebration

    I guess they decided to use DYU because it wasn´t in the Immaculate collection, so if somebody wants to buy both...although this daoesn´t have WTG or TB either... I don´t know
  4. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    I´m sure that she is doing something more than clean her son´s socks. that doesn´t mean that she is working in a project, but I´m sure she´s taking ideas for different things for the future
  5. the videos were great, although I would have loved a video with the album version of what it feels like for a girl
  6. Ok, it´s a little bit complicated to explain what is going on (I have to go to the supermarket!), but I have the feeling this can´t be happening only in spain...new ideas that are not accepted by the political party, and create huge internal problems... anyways, it´s really entertaining to watch, I have to admit it
  7. What happened to Spotlight?

    I don´t remember the song on the radio, but I remember a huge poster hanging on the record store for years!
  8. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    Did you see Ada colau yesterday saying she has had a girlfriend? she was way more natural than Jorge javier with it!!!! : JJ-¡madre mía! Ada-¡madre mía porque!
  9. What happened to Spotlight?

    and was it nomral, back to you can dance, to release an album without a physical single from it? just simply release it and wait because only her name was going to sell albums? was the release of Spotlight to the radios something official?
  10. this is a perfect use of lights and stage!!!! and the song is also great!
  11. P!nk: New album "Bland Trapeze"

    1.400.000 copies sold so far from the album...not bad. (not pure sales)
  12. yes, only one flaw: Impressive instant should have been a single at least in europe! Gone/impressive instant, perfect. Great album, great tour, great everything.MMM!!! wait!!! first album without the lyrics printed.I found that very annoying 17 years ago, now I´m used to it
  13. spotlight tour 2018 won´t be a GH!!! it will have the usual 6-7-8 songs from a new album, some GH , some known songs from past albums,and this time, Gambler instead of BUrning Up. and a few great videos inspired in Justify my love, Oh father, and Bettime story. and it will be awesome. and hopefully she will also do small shows with songs from past albums that are more mellow, dark and intimate.Hopefully this time they will have a small choreography ala Love spent
  14. The Spotlight world tour!!!!! although I her, doing something like prince did with his 21 nights alone: choose a country in europe and stay there for two months
  15. What happened to Spotlight?

    as fvar as I know Around the world in a day was released before the single, and then others singles floowed. And in europe, at least in the UK, pairsley park was the lead single
  16. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    all of them are dying!!!! ALL!!!!!!!!!! if spain was a tv show they have jumped the shark this 2017!!!
  17. can you imaging working with that asshole near you?
  18. What happened to Spotlight?

    or even a double sided Look of love-spotlight with lots of remixes!!! god, there could have been a lot of ways to make this a wonderful release...well, at least we have a great song! and I understand she wasn´t focused in her music career that year
  19. What happened to Spotlight?

    the mitchubishi advertisements look wonderful, she could have used them to edit a proper video.Another wasted opportunity, as with Rescue me (again, with another edit of the ad, some pictures from the rolling stone magazine...).anyways, this song is so catchy happy, that can work very well as a live performance...maybe someboday! in 1985 prince released Raspberry beret after the album was out.was a normal thing back in the day? I mean, to release an album with a proper single and only after it was out release a song?
  20. yes, attitude wise, she seems similar, but not in other things (work ethic, pushing boundaries, talent...)
  21. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    regions that can´t handle an economic concert us our, should have at least something like the canary islands have...anyways, I think this is a debate that is being used for other things, as not being talking about the politicians that have stolen millions of euros
  22. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    do you really thnk that? I think a lot of people will see it as a surrender of spain´s system...I don´t really think pp or ciudadanos need that for their votings.it seems that a strong position is better received...in the meantime, psoe has disappeared
  23. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    and please!!! the government and all the basque region, it´s different!!! is as if I was thinking as the spaniards as pp voters only!! or all people in aragon were bunbury´s...I saw him yesterday live in santander.I´m so in love today.I want to suck his dick so badly now!!!!