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  1. Ok, it´s a little bit complicated to explain what is going on (I have to go to the supermarket!), but I have the feeling this can´t be happening only in spain...new ideas that are not accepted by the political party, and create huge internal problems... anyways, it´s really entertaining to watch, I have to admit it
  2. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    by the way, the spanish tvs ar all the time mentioning how Quebec became poorer and a lot of businesses left them for good once the referendum was mentioned: is that true?
  3. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    I think this type of things happen in all the countries,and each of them handles it in a different way.And I´m afraid the spanish government, not spain, it´s going to start to fuck it this weekend, if they cut catalonia´s regional powers
  4. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    -that´s what a lot of people tought in the basque country.That was the moment "to give everything", but remember that the army was very pro franco back then, and they woudn´t accepted that.and on the other hand, is when ETA starts killing like hell, militars and policemen, not civilians (if they killed any civilians, it wasn´t because they wanted to kill them, except in one case, Rian, the man behind a nuclear central for the basque country) -usually the revolutions have a rich leader...that´s not something new (bolivar, che... weren´t poor people).I still don´t understand why they don´t have more problems with the powers in these regions, because it seems to me that they are letting them die...I guess right now they are way better than they were in franco´çs times or before, andthat´s why older people are happy even thought they are poor.
  5. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    I don´t think it´s only greed behind pro independence. Some people really feel spain is not their country, others feel that in spain will be impossible to have a better social/economical system because all the pp voters and the way the votes are counted for the senate,and yes, others only want to have their money for them, without thinking that the money they think is only theirs, is the money that they earn when they work with spain.
  6. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    ok, I will use my basque independentist knowledge in here to see if I can clarify something. Spain, as a country, is the fascist enemy only for very old people, and not even for all of them. I´m 42, Franco died the same year I was born, and we don´t accept a lot of simbols from spain, because older people have shown us they are from a fascist country. But we are happy going on holidays to andalucia or cantabria, having friends "from Spain", buying a house in a small town in burgos...we have been tought, at home, not at school, to avoid the word España (we use estado español more, we usually only use españa when we are not clearly mentioning hour region, and the same with france), to dislike the spanish anthem, not to wear red and yellow clothes at the same time...but it´s nothing that goes trough the brain, is more a hot feeling. If you talk to somebody my age about this, we can´t make a rule about it. I mean, we know that spain doesn´t mean fascism, or that the spanish people are just regular people that "love their things" with a very clear "their" and "our".we know that there are cunts in all places, all cultures and all national feelings, including ours.And I´m talking about my generation, that is the last one that lived franco´s times, his last years at least. Younger people are more open minded about spanish simbols, or spain as their country. Yes, they may not feel spanish or not entirely spanish, but it´s not a bad thing for them if they say "here in spain, our football selection,our king".That doesn´t mean they accept the siytem, but franco´s 40 years are very far from them, in the same way it´s very far from me the second civil war from the 19th century (my granmother´s gramfather was there).So, for them spain is not an enemy.The estate, the economical sistem,may be.In my case spain is not either, the estate system is. But I am more than satisfy if we fight in a parliament.And if they change the laws not to allowe us do things, but just to do things because it´s a right, then perfect. My only problem would be that all my country is not inside spain. And I have the feeling it should be very similar for a lot of catalonians.PP is the enemy, not spain.The system is the enemy. not spaniards.In fact, a lot of them feel spanish, even if they are against this political-economic system or laws. But, politicians both in spain and catalonia, they are fucking everything right now. apparently some say "spain steals us",when is not spain, is the system, some politicians, banks or whatever, not spain. and yes, the fact that the government´s political party was created by a franco´s minister, doesn´t help to clary things.But They are using people´s feeling to go against other people, that happen to have feelings too, and that happen to have crappy politicians too, that are using their pèople´s feeling to validate their shitty politics
  7. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    I have to say that rajoy has been acting quite wisely so far, ok, but they did the first of october was a mayor shit, but he is doing good with the non use of the 155 so far. maybe today everything will change...and I think that´s what the most radical people between the pro referendum want, a huge mistake from spain´s government´s side again.
  8. Lana Del Rey

    is she coming to spain?
  9. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    with galicia´s fires, people are not thinking about this anymore. in the same way they are not thinking about the corrupt politicians that never go to jail, or suddenly die!!!! how many unespected deaths in the PP? 13????
  10. yes, she has outlasted them.I´m not saying she is better, but christina is a tv star for the new generations, and I don´t really know if the younger people know britney´s songs
  11. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    meanwhile, galicia is burning. well, some peopla have burnt galicia, apparebtly portugal has been helping them with the fire...I hope these lans are not used to build anything for decades
  12. Which 1D has staying power in bed

    I don´t know...the one with the biggest dick!!
  13. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    he is awesome!!!!!! and as straight as any husband Joan collins has had lately!
  14. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    t then again who am I! the only person in my family that loves Raphael!!!!!
  15. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    by the way, I saw your pick on instagram with your family: what a beautiful picture!
  16. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    I understand other feelings too, I mean, being basque and feeling spanish or french ,or any other posibility.That´s why I think a referendum, a real one, could be important, to make everybody feel that the laws that we are going to do after that, are really ours, and not something that somebody lets you do. And to solve the territorial problem, I mean, my basque country doesn´t end when spain finishes, a euro region could work.that´s the idea, to try to build something acceptable for everybody, not something that is going to make everybody angry, as apparently is happening in catalonia...
  17. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    I guess it´s more about some spanish politicians, that everytime they do a new law, have spain and their love for spain in their mouth, I guess.and that spain is still seen as something related to franco. I don´t know, it´s a teory, but remember than back in the civil war and after, the basque country was very catholic, and the problem with franco´s people wasn´t related to the religion, but to a way of being spanish.Una grande y libre type of spain, you know.And we haven´t recover hourselves from that yet.So it´s not strange to think that spain and fascists are more or less the same.And the fact that our own spanish people, the elites,are quite fascists, doesn´t help at all! But I think little by little is changing, thanks to political parties like podemos, for example.Or even people related to humor: facu diaz and maldonado, david broncano...this type of left winged people making jokes about everything, and trying to understand us while laughing at us, I think is really helping.Again, people need time, because is easier to erase something from the brain than from the heart. and yes, both CIU from catalonia and PNV from the basque country have been really important in the spanish system, especially during the 80-90s, but always, I mean, PNV is still keeping PP in the government with their votes.But in here they sell it as a "look what we have to do for the basque country´s rights! we have to give them our votes to them! to THEM!!".and still works for a lot of their people.They don´t go deeper at why do their people hate pp´s people or why do their people boo the spanish anthem when they play a final in the spanish´kings cup.
  18. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    Do you remember when our president , the lehendakari, was in a court? that happened when he tried to change the system, using the laws, of course.or when the presindent of the basque parliament was accused of helping ETA´s people and couldn´t continue working there ? I´m talking about Atutxa!! the person that ETA´s people hated the most! again he wasn´t doing at that moment what PP wanted, and he went from being a hero in spain ro being a pro terrorist person. They even started writing his surname with the spanish ortography, and when he was "behaving good" they used to write it with the basque oprtography! yes, childish but real! I remember talking with a person very close to Arzalluz (xabier arzalluz was the presiendt of the most voted political party in the basque comunity), and he used to say that, he was going to finish in jail if he continued not behaving as a good spanish citizen . he used to talk about the spanish system as "low intesity-key democracy" and refer to himself as a subdit of the spanish crown. and about the language, I´m not going to talk about the basque country in france or navarre, only about the autonomous comunity, the place were the situation is best.we have two official languages in here, one that everybody knows, spanish, well, castilian we call it.And the other, the basque language, euskara.We have a lot of public money to help it, basically in the education. But 40 years on, still is a battle that basque is losing. In my ideal country everybody would know both languages, well, also french, so everybody could talk in the language that he/she chooses. but even today, in 2017, that´s impossible.But that´s not a battle against spain, is a battle between basques, the lack of respect that a part of the land has against the other, and the language is used a lot of times as a rock to trough against the other.
  19. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    what I want to say is that this is the first time (canary islands?) that they have used the 155, but because they have been taking away the rights in the regional laws on a regular basis since the beginning! since 1981-82!! using just regular laws.asnd the threats, at least ion the basque country, have been regular too. but as you can see this is not a problem with spain, is a problem with how was the state designed, and with a group of people that think that a multinational/cultural or whatever you want to call it country that spain can be, must be always under a central power, under what they think you should be: and that works also for aragon or other regions that never appear on the news as aragon, extremadura or murcia.
  20. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    actually yes, popular party´s people, and not only today´s ones, but at least since the 90s it´s been like that.And the constitution has been designed for that.There are at least two articles about that, and I guess they may be at least two more. The most importants, anyways, are the 8th article (if a part of the country separates or tries to separate from the rest of the country, the army will solve the problem).I think article 2 also talks about the unity of the country.and of course, now the famous 155, which I´ve heard is not the first time they try to use it (canary islands when felipe gonzalez was in charge, although I don´t remember anything from that era), or they threaten an autonomous comunity with that. And, believe me, the theatrs to forbid us of doing things have been constant since I listen to the news.sometimes bigger threats, other times smaller, but constant. and the biggest ones are the ones that are done without menacing: remember that the regional constitution that we have hasn´t been complited yet, 40 years later!!!! there are 37 laws that the spanish government doesn´t let us implement, and we have had all types of governments in spain.we even had one pp-psoe government in the basque country for a few years, which nearly destroyed the basque psoe.they used to fight to win the elections, and now they are the 4th(?) party. actually, the only spanish party that has a lot of votes is podemos right now.of course, if any spanish government tries to finish with this problem and give us the right to use that law, the other big political party starts saying that "they are selling spain", and a movement against everything starts again. Of course, never as big as the one that is happening now in catalonia. Maybe with the Ibarretxe-pnv in the late 90s, when all the TVs were saying, all the politicians on the tvs were saying that in the basque country everything was ETA: Eta, the schools, the TV, some brands,some newspapers that were closed and 15 years later everybody was taken from jail as non guilty... it seems that the only good way to be basque in spain is if you behave, if you behave as a healthy regionalist that loves spain.Like the president from cantabria. and don´t forget either the LOAPA, in the 80s, after the failed coup détat: after the estatutes-regional constitutions were voted, the spanish government decided that it was too much, and suddenly they cutted what it was voted by the people (not only in the basque country) but of course most of the people in spain don´t know about the 155.and now they do, and a lot of them are happy with it. Actually, I think the government is been wise so far, in its use. and,anyways,regular people don´t know about 155 or 8, because so far when the governments have wanted to change something in the regional laws, they have done it using regular laws.Remember Wert´s law in education? yes, they wanted to make a better education, that´s what they said, but also, to make spain more spanish ("re españolizar", I don´t know how to do it), and they were taking for them the regional laws related to the education!
  21. During the 90´s she was everywhere, during the 00´s she appeard less but she was still there.But now...is she still in Vegas? I love how Kathy Griffin imitates her...funny, that´s how I realised that she wasn´t doing lately
  22. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    I don´t know about catalonia, but I know what I would negociate if I was in catalonia´s position. First of all, who rules the basque counrty, the spanish government or the basque one? both at the same level? today´s situation , that they let us do thing "if we behave", is not acceptable for me. the other thing that I would negociate is something to make clear that the basque country is not only the three provinces that nowadays are BC under the spanish constitution. I would use something from europe, a euro region or something like that, to have all the provinces together, even in a symbolic way.
  23. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    well, one person in the government.The president and others have been quiet about it, expressing their love to the police. EU has said that they can´t mediate if one doesn´t ask for that help .I guess they are talking about the spanish government
  24. P!nk: New album "Bland Trapeze"

    you have probably heard it, but you have tought it was an old one. I like her music, but its´s not exciting.a little bit like brian adams...