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  1. promise to try

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Well, we are in summer! Release it as a single! Shoot a video!
  2. promise to try


    I think so...with parts of older videos? I don´t remember it
  3. promise to try

    Boys and coach found in cave after 10 days

    Now 8 rescued!!!!
  4. Really? He helps to create a monster and now resigns??’ Sue him!
  5. promise to try

    North Macedonia

    macedonia, yes, is a very sweet fruits salda, we eat in christmas. about the country, good for the politicians that want to solve proiblems. And it´s not a weird thing to have same names in different states, we have basque country in different states, even two different Navarre parlaments, so I guess the rest of the countries are not so different.they shouldn´t be, I mean, borders and states are not always related to history, names or nations, cultures...
  6. Me too, and, weirdlly enough, the people that I have heard using these words, are sons of emigrants too from other parts of spain, butsome of them have sufered for it , and now they are the first ones using the words. again, I bet all kinds of people use them
  7. panchito, payo poney, lanza flechas...really some people capable of the worst things
  8. promise to try

    Kanye West

    isn´t Dave mathews ´band?
  9. promise to try

    Arctic Monkeys

    The new album has made me listen The last sahdow puppets´ second album...maybe it´s me, but I feel a lot of sexual tension between these two men
  10. but what is really Greece´s situation? because I think Greece has been more welcoming than spain
  11. the world is full of cunts. I´ve just read mexico took care of one million spaniards just in 1939 when the spanish civil was happening. And look at the all mighty europe. Disgusting. BUt IU don´t think is about the race:is about the money, about their lack of money
  12. I have the feeling, at least in my zone, that the countryside rememembers more that we were migrants and refugees not long time ago
  13. promise to try

    Kanye West

  14. in this particular case, I don´t think rural areas to blame.At least in the basque country, refugees come to the cities, and they live in poor neighboorhoods. Only a few of them go to rural areas, or to posh places.The people that I see are against the refugees are proletarian people, mostly.In the posh places you can see Welcome refugees flags, not in the proletarian towns or neighboorhoods.Doctors or lawyers don´t feel threatened by them, it´s just the regular people that feel they will use public money to help refugees instead of helping them. Meanwhile, the banks and its owners are idols.
  15. I donçt know if Sanchez has done this because he really feels it, or as a way of gaining votes...well, around me he has lost some, that´s how society works lately. and votes from left winged workers...anyways, it´s good to hear than for once the spanish government it´s not the shame of europe. and I don´t know about italy´s situation, I don´t know if they have a lot of refugees already.There was a plan about it, and I think europe has throw it to the garbage bin
  16. true.our world is full of shit.
  17. promise to try

    Kanye West

    is it better than his solo album?
  18. some ministers look really good, apparently they know what they are doing.Others, well, I have problems with the culture minister, and not because he has been appearing in gossip shows, that´s not a bad thing, it´s more because of his twits about the indepentendists, yes.I would never have a minister in my government saying that about the people that feel spain.It´s a huge mistake and a lack of respect. anyways, the problem are not the ministers, but the lack of support he has in the parlament, and specially, in the senate. Iñve had read somewhere that he may use the autonomic elections also for the senate! just to try to break the PPs power there. If it works...great!
  19. promise to try


    yes, it´s from a session from 1983, it sounds interesting: PR, International lover, Strange relationship...
  20. it seems to me that she likes the process of creating the show, but not to perform it night after night for months.and back in 1987 she had too many things in her mind!
  21. it´s impossible to include all her timeless songs with her catalogue.I´m sure she will include a song from COADF of she finds a godd arrangement for it...probably Push! anyways, I didn´t like HU without the sample
  22. that´s why I think this government is not going to work.and it will give us a dangerously powerful Ciudadans, and an angry PP for the next elections...
  23. those problems are happening in the basque country or catalonia too: if you see the marchs of the retired people, the biggest ones are here, even bigger than the ones in madrid, which has a bigger population.the political parties that think we should be outside spain, have a big left winged people too.These are common problems that shoudln´t stop the different governments from solving the territorial problems either. so far, both for the PP and the PSOE, it has been an excuse, not a real reason.
  24. sanchez will have to negotiate a lot, especially with podemos, but...I think both pedro and pablo, podemos´l eader, have huge egos, and I hope they leave their arrogance at home to solve the problems. and the separatists are not always messing around, to have a diferent opinion it´s not to be messing around. They have different perspectives. For example, from catalonia they will be asking for help to solve the situation they have, with politicians in jail, or with the famous 155 in.I hope they all act wiselly and not as other politicals parties want. It seems it´s impossible to do it worse than the PP has done it, well, it is possible.But it´s also possible to do it better.and a legal autodetermination right.it´s not impossible either.You may not agree with it as a huge problem, well, for me it´s the key to start solving it! and about the basque separatists, well, if they want their vote, its´simple: ETA prisoners have to be in jails close to the basque country, and there has to be a negotiation about a legal autodetermination right. and about the PNV, they are all the time doing the same: the fucking estatuto, it´s still not finished by the spanish government ( it´s from 1980 and this regional laws has some laws to be directed from the basque country, and still there are a lot of them missing), all the spanish governments have decided to ignore the regional law.I know that the spanish people think that PNV it´s always taking money for the basque country, but everything is related to that law.If Sanchez decides to finally give to the regional parlament what legally is supposed to be here, PNV will be quiet. so yes, I´m happy because PP is out, but remember that Ciudadans it´s even more extremist, they scare me. The new ones have a lot of work to do, and, don´t forget it, they have corruption too...good luck to us!!!we will need it!