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  1. isn´t he losing control in some important cities?
  2. I jave a weird feeling about this elections now: the left could have won in madrid, and thanks to some politicians behaving as children, it hasn´t been possible.The PSOE and Más madrid have been the most voted political parties , but the right will govern thanks also to the far right.
  3. a lot of spanish people that live in other countries had problems in the last elections with the voting system. A friend of mine received for today´s election last election´s papers...it´s not only in the UK anyways, are we going to miss May? I´m scared we are
  4. more elections!!!! I only want to continue stopping ciudadans and Vox out of the Basque country!
  5. if they cut the porn...revolution! uprisings! strikes! hell!!
  6. well, it seems maduro is still rulling the country
  7. now, this is a real disaster.and it will continue happening...
  8. believe, all my teen students will have access to porn in 3 days, creating a proxy or any other way
  9. well, not all the people that have shown images from their holidays were bragging about them...but I still think people are overreacting, and a lot of people are being shallow and childish. And, I also love paris, is the city that I consider "my city". I want my ashes to be thrown both here in Gipuzkoa and in paris, in the luxembourg´s gardens, my favourite place in the whole world.
  10. of course, but really, only info about a church? it seems to me that we care too much about things a not about people.Of course it´s important that a part of a church that it´s so symbolic for us is burning, but...if I was the director of the newspaper, that would have a great picture in the first page, and some info in the last one. And nothing the next day. I think we are really shallow.And I wonder how do all the rest of the countries feel about this, when they have had all type of simbolic buildings destroyed, and we haven´t give them even 1 minute in the news.it´s disrespectful. and of course info is about human interest, and we the humans are shallow
  11. The images of notre dame burning are really powerful, we have seen it in so many movies, study about it in high school, I have visited it a few times too...but the coverage that the journalists are doing about it is ridiculous.40 minutes talking about it, that´s three times more than they have talked about any war in the world in the last months.And they used adjetives that should have been used only when people were dying. This is not september 11, or march eleven, or when that discoteque was attacked...when I hear the same words used by the journalists used for these 4 situations...we live in a really shallow society...has the pope say something? I bet he is thinking something like "well, that´s sad, beautiful art...but nobody died, so it´s not that big a deal"
  12. who would have thought, of all the famous people, pamelo anderson would be telling it like it is!
  13. good for him! but it´s true that this news is not everywhere, as it should have!
  14. I have family in venezuela, it used to be one of the wonderful country open to receive all kind of people in need.My aunt sent as a whatzap a few days ago talking about the caos they are living in. They have food but they don´t have water, in that moment they had wifi because she was in a mall, but all the east part of caracas was disconnected. what I don´t know who/what is behind all this. We know that in chile The USA used this system before pinochet attacked Allende.anyways, the situation is so hard...hopefully it will get better soon.
  15. this is going from being a mess to becoming hell
  16. yes, suddenly they are not twitting anymore.and once again a doubt comes to my mind: is it really an internal problem that has created this power outage, or is it a way of the usa of making people angrier against maduro´s government? the only thing that appears on twitter about venezuela today is that former spanish president zapatero has a new house, and some are saying that maduro paid for it...
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