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  1. and how can we call what is happeniung now in spain? the old king disappeared in catar, the new one "banned" from going to an official act to catalonia, but phoning to say that he would have loved to be there, madridĀ“s government having the poor part of the city in a semi lockdown becouase of the virus, but allowing the poor people to go to work for the middle class and the rich people, the spanish government telling them that all the city should be closed...
  2. ok, so the kingĀ“s father has disappear, nobody knows where he is, after he has said to his son that he is going to leave the country to avoid creating problems to the monarchy (instead of paying the taxes as he should, he will be on holidays somewhere)
  3. poor people.the first time I watched it I thought the bombing was the fire...and suddenly hell happens
  4. I hope you are right and that this time will be different
  5. IĀ“m surprised at the list of celebrities who have been paying the bails for the people in prison: harry styles, justin beiber! anyways, this shit happens everytime the police kills somebody, is been happening for ages, I remember rodney king...and after that, a lot of killings that IO canĀ“t even name.After this, trump will win the elections, and back to usual.
  6. they killed diana, they killed michael jakcson, kurt kovain, everybody is a pedho in hollywood, tom hanks...I donĀ“t know what to believe about this
  7. isnĀ“t soemthing similar happening in Poland? I mean clearly homophobic policies?
  8. thatĀ“s the best he could do now!
  9. they look like kylie minogueĀ“s dancers!!!! but itĀ“s a shame they are the fascist part of the spanish army!last year there was one of them in andalucia, while they do that thing with jesus christ and sing "deathĀ“s boyfriend" with an svastic...I donĀ“t understand how come this is legal!!!
  10. itĀ“s incredible: less than a month without the humans being at 100% of our actions, and the water is cleaner, the ozone layer is healing...we are a cancer for nature
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