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  1. and I didn´t know there was an americvan one until she released her first GH!!! the european baby tonight is her best dance song, in my opinion.The american version is as if they were trying to make her fit in that new jack swing thing
  2. he also concelled barcelona and madrid´s concerts this last week...
  3. UK MIDWEEKS 2- DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts 27k wow! although despacito will continue on top
  4. but that´s the typical stupid thing that people in any country say about other people living there...
  5. so we already know that there are 40 dead people in portugal, but they still say that there are 30 people dead in the tower? what´s happening with the UK?
  6. I´m afraid most of the people are going to be dead...this is so sad
  7. it´s santana´s maria maria with rihanna singing on it...I wonder why did she shoot a video for this song and not for the others that she has released these last months, loyalty,and my favourite, selfish... by the way, she looks beautiul as always, but the rumours about ri gaining some weight are true...and she still looks marvellous!
  8. what is a bop??? anyways, the album is really good, I´m sure it will less good enough to keep her being a star.
  9. I really wanted madonna to sing something like grrove is in the heart back in the day!
  10. he is incredible, and such a humble man that it´s unbelivable
  11. one of the best songs of the 90s
  12. no news about the elections yet?
  13. wow, this is not in the spanish news sad, and yes, so random.
  14. this will happen more and more...and It seems they prefer to do it when the elections are coming to help gain the elections the more radical points of view