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  1. the thing is that this is hardly a suprise, police has bveen saying for years that in catalunya there was a group of yihadists, and that it was difficult to control it because it´s the point were people that can be from the north of africa and people from middle europe can meet...anyways, we´ve been lucky. apparently their inttention was to create a huge explotion, but they didn´t control them and they exploded at a house the day before, killing 7 people from another building... when I go to barcelona I always stay near the ramblas, in aquite cheap place called poble seq, in the parallel, very near the ramblas. And for years it was as living in another country (not poble seq, but the houses between ramblas and poble seq). hopefully we all act wiselly, although the journalists are braodcasting images and all the crap. Apparently some supermarkets have said that they weren´t going to sell some newspapers with dead people´s pictures in the front (el mundo)
  2. apparently police have killed 4 terrorist in cambrils, another city on catalunya.They were allegedly trying to repeat what they have done in barcelona, in this city
  3. I care about album sales, because it´s something that people use against her, to make her look worse, a has been...although we know that nobody is selling as they used to. and, as somebody has said, I think she needs more a hit
  4. do you think this? I´m not sure he is not the bigmouth that says what everybody around him is thinking
  5. the spanish system didn´t break with its past.The winners of the war, never said anything against franco, never said sorry...and the rest of the citizens simply have to forget and forgot, just in case something bad happens (another dictatorship, a coup d état...).That´s why so many people, at least in the spanish basque country are not really confortable in the spanish system
  6. P!nk

    let´s wait a little bit.Usually on fridays the new songs enter high in the chart, and then only a few keep the sales
  7. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    yes.in barcelona´s first night, there were empty seats in the high places (RH tour) but they called it sold out. >In fact, they moved the people to lower places
  8. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    something is happening to her.she is becoming very big, very fast
  9. Should have had a proper video: RESCUE ME.

    I´m still waiting for the video!
  10. North Korea is mad again

    I think the war will be against venezuela, to make his pro war fans happy
  11. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    and the discounted week will appear on the charts next week or in two weeks time?
  12. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    sausage legs???? THAT´S more than a sausage!!! the good thing is that it seems she doesn´t give a fuck about it, although in her last two videos, especially in santana´s wild thoughts´video, she seems to be hiding them under loose clothes
  13. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    are these her legs???
  14. UK Radio

    the only song thatI wass expecting higher is Hung Up, but the rest is basically what happens in the US. and what the hell with prince!!! where is he? or george?
  15. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    when she will be 32-34 years old...if she doesn´t change her act. but so far she is reigning. Her other feat. song, Loyalty, increases a lot in the hot 100, it´s at number 35 or something like this