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  1. she is at number 14 this week! with kendrik lamar´s loyalty...I prefered her last feature, shelfish, it had a beautiful melody
  2. after a whole week? or just a weekend?
  3. "I don't want to say this, but I feel like a lot of LGBT people are very selfish. They feel like they're not targets for the FN any more so they think it's OK to vote for them. " yes.
  4. thanks for sharing this!!!
  5. I agree.It wroked very well for phil, but, then again, nobody is saying him that he is super old and that he should retire.
  6. for some type of people, yes.and it was before coldplay became the monster group that are nowadays...the were big, but not everybody knew their faces... remember that u2 won a grammy for best alternative group in 1993, I think!
  7. coldplay, the cure, arcade fire, sonic youth, beasty boys, blur, red hotr chilly peppers,bjork, beck, morrisay, the cemical brothers... most of them quite alternative, so I guess she was the first big pop star to perform there
  8. it´s a very brave and risky album.Ok, it has Vogue, but it´s and album that nobody expected from her back in the day...she could have sang the songs from the movie and that´s it, but instead she delivered a great album! and I agree that she started using a new part of her voice in here.everbody talks about evita, but in this album people that were paying attention saw that she really can sing!
  9. was she the first important star to perform there?
  10. reallY? is this supposed to be better than any of the songs on her last album? it sounds, as a few people had said already, as a chainsmoker-biever-mariah song...and not a good one
  11. when is coachella happening?