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  1. these demonstartions,both the one in favour of elderlies rights and women´s, have taken the government and political parties offguard. and I bet the next big demostration too
  2. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    that´s when you know that you are with the correct man!!!
  3. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    Portugal. It seems that Portugal it´s doing everything that we would like to do here.And there´s still hope, the retired people just woken upo and yesterday thousands of them were on the streets asking to respect their pensions.These are the people that usually vote for PP, even PSOE,so there´s still hope
  4. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    I also wnat more pics, anything , from this tour.by the way, in her first performance Sky fits heaven was sang, it was lyp sinched I guess, but after that she barely sings it, right? when did she change it?
  5. wasn´t she planning on going to tour with black hair? anyways, I didn´t understand the name of the tour back then: it made sense after somebody shared here that painting
  6. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    have you heard marta sanchez´s rendition of the anthem? I always fear the lyrics that have god and country in them
  7. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    well, opel´s workers decided to be paid less than they should to keep their jobs. I don´t blame them, but this system is so fucked up, pure mafia: if you don´t reounce to some rights, we´ll leave the country. anyways, karbi, have you been following what is happening with the twitter accounts in spain? apparently a lot of left winged people´s accounts are disappearing, or the followers disappear...something weird.
  8. Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    well, the truth is that nothing will change in the freedom to buy weapons that the USA has. it didn´t change with the demoracts, it won´t change now.Probably Trump´s government will spend huge amounts of monet surrounding schools with militars or private police now, probably from his inner circle´s friends companies.

    didn´t she release a book with her dresses´pics like ten years ago?

    sold out in barcelona
  11. this. this would be the perefect solution for me.
  12. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    so she was supposed to arrive in a space ship? but they had problems with space (270º sold?)?
  13. Spice Girls thread

    this song is great!!!!! so HIstory repeating!!!!!!! I loved it!!