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  1. I guess we will ask them some guarantees, right? at least the same than they ask to us
  2. I want florida in europe!!!!! anyways: the NHS´s salaries are lower than they will ask for, so the quality will get worse and...private healthcare will be compulsory for everybody...
  3. do you think it has a relation with the Iran-US/trump war?
  4. yes, countries will sign independent deals with the UK, but remember that we are still in the EU, and can´t treat as kings to a country that has left, because it will seem that it´s not a big deal if you leave...and if they treat as like crap in the borders, well, EU should treat them in the same way.and I guess all the british people that live in spain can ask for a change of nationality?
  5. the only positive thing that I see is that the extreme people are leaving the PP to go to vox, and that means that maybe PP is going to start becoming a better political party after this. The spokerman of the PP in the basque country has said that they will never work together with vox because they are anti constitution...it´s a start
  6. it´s great to come here and see so many ideas that I agree with!!! "And have you guys noticed how it all goes back to the same idea? Make America Great Again. Go back to old flowery Great Britain or the traditional France.Let's bring back the uncomplicated and healthy Spain of the 60s. " This.and of course, life wasn´t that uncomplicated in the 60s in spain, it was a dictatorship! but the media, the money, the banks,the industries...everything was controlled by them, and that´s what the extreme right wants! anyways, to me is clear that is a worlwide movement, is less "Martinez el facha" or "torrente" (classic spanish fascist joke characters") and more about Trump, Brexit, let´s make everything private and sell the public healthcare, education system, train system... and use the flag (any) as the excuse
  7. a last thing.this elections have been a disaster, but nobody is saying that pasoe has destroyed a political party that could be a rival (ciudadans), and has made the other left party smaller...in the long term I think is going to be better for them, once they get rid of Pedro sanchez.
  8. everything is a shit, because there could have been a leftish government, and now everything sounds impossible. That said, the far right has always been in the spanish politics, there has been a part of the PP that has always been far right, talking about how all the problems started with the abortion, saying that the only problem with GAL( a group close to the police/government that killed close to 30 people) was that they didn´t kill enough people (that´s what the founder of the PP said back in the day), the have closed newspapers (and years later have said that there weren´t proofs to justify that closure)...but now they don´t have anybody in their own party to stop them. the weirdest thing of all is that this political party has a few inmigrants in favour if them. I guess that, if you are a migrant, but with money, nobody has a problem with you
  9. so, headline is that they could have had a progresist government, and now everything is a mess, with the ultra right winged/fascists having more power
  10. PSOE 120 (3 less than before, assholes) PP 88 (a lot more than before VOX 52 (crazy amount of votes) Unidas Podemos 35 (this is so sad,they had a lot more before) Ciudadanos 10 (this is so funny! the only good news) Mas país (people that used to be in Unidas podemos.I like their leader, but I think this was a mistake, they should have gone together) 3 ----------- In the basque country, at least in the part that is officially basque country, everything is different, as usual: PNV 7 (right winged party, who fought against franco, and that morally are quite close to the PSOE. they want a referendum, but not now, only when economically is good for "us") PSOE 4 (spanish socialist party) BILDU 4 (left winged radical pro independence political party) UNIDAS PODEMOS 4 (spanish left winged party, they are pro rerefendum, but they want to stay in spain) so no, no, PP, no ciudadanos, no vox...but don´t count them out
  11. elections again this sunday. it´s a scary situation, the fascists are back.they are not going to win, but the right winged parties have been taking some of their ideas and...this doesn´t look good
  12. ok,I´ve been wondering for days why this news is not appearing in the traditional places, tv-radio.newspapers.When something happens in venezuela, we have information, sometimes too much (they stop talking about our pwn problems),but with chile...nothing!!!! I guess it depends on who is fucking a country, if is one of our friends, we don´t say anything???? anyways, I hope chile´s situation gets better crap, now I know why they don´t say anything...it´s what they want to do in spain!
  13. yes!!!! I really like him, because he is always so humble, he deserves all the good things that happen to him in his life
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