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  1. I hope you are right and that this time will be different
  2. I´m surprised at the list of celebrities who have been paying the bails for the people in prison: harry styles, justin beiber! anyways, this shit happens everytime the police kills somebody, is been happening for ages, I remember rodney king...and after that, a lot of killings that IO can´t even name.After this, trump will win the elections, and back to usual.
  3. they killed diana, they killed michael jakcson, kurt kovain, everybody is a pedho in hollywood, tom hanks...I don´t know what to believe about this
  4. isn´t soemthing similar happening in Poland? I mean clearly homophobic policies?
  5. that´s the best he could do now!
  6. they look like kylie minogue´s dancers!!!! but it´s a shame they are the fascist part of the spanish army!last year there was one of them in andalucia, while they do that thing with jesus christ and sing "death´s boyfriend" with an svastic...I don´t understand how come this is legal!!!
  7. it´s incredible: less than a month without the humans being at 100% of our actions, and the water is cleaner, the ozone layer is healing...we are a cancer for nature
  8. I guess we will ask them some guarantees, right? at least the same than they ask to us
  9. I want florida in europe!!!!! anyways: the NHS´s salaries are lower than they will ask for, so the quality will get worse and...private healthcare will be compulsory for everybody...
  10. do you think it has a relation with the Iran-US/trump war?
  11. yes, countries will sign independent deals with the UK, but remember that we are still in the EU, and can´t treat as kings to a country that has left, because it will seem that it´s not a big deal if you leave...and if they treat as like crap in the borders, well, EU should treat them in the same way.and I guess all the british people that live in spain can ask for a change of nationality?
  12. the only positive thing that I see is that the extreme people are leaving the PP to go to vox, and that means that maybe PP is going to start becoming a better political party after this. The spokerman of the PP in the basque country has said that they will never work together with vox because they are anti constitution...it´s a start
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