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  1. Alberto Casado?? you have mixed pablo casado and albert rivera! jesus! that´s scary! And I know that it´s not the topic, but just to finish (here) what I /we have said before: the strategy has changed in the basque country, and now the dirty work is done by the catalonians and we are the good guys, just the opposite of what happened during the 80´s-90´s.But yesterday for example there was a massive march in bilbao in favour of the prisoners being closer/out of the prisons (+80.000 people).you won´t see it anywhere in spanish news. that said, this brexit thing is becoming too complicated.So if theresa´s idea is not going to happen, is the referendum happning again? because that´s what I´ve just heard on the radio.It doesn´t really make sense, maybe is that her wish?
  2. promise to try

    Your top albums of 2018

    Dirty computer-janelle monae HIgh as Hope-Florence and the machine Rise Vibration-Kenny Kravitz Always Ascending-Franz Ferdinand Love is Here to stay-Tony Bennett El Mal Querer-Rosalia NOrma-Mon Laferte Natural Rebel-Richard Ashcroft Irrepetible-Coque malla Beste denbora batean-Gari Boarding House Reach-Jack White Que Corra el aire-Luz casal Technicolor-marlango La sandunguera-Nathy peluso
  3. this is classic in human behaviour: we need hour enemies, and easier to blame a person or a group of people, with faces and that we can recognize, instead of the banks, the powers that we don´t know about...
  4. I guess you are talking about catalonia, because our independence movement continues as strong as always, and it´s always been there, although it may not be on the news all the time,believe me if I tell you that PNV´s or BIldu´s ideal is an independent basque country.this time seems that a part of the catalonian people are doing the dirty work while these two political parties are playing other game: pnv the part that CIU played during the 80´s-90´s, the good guys, the reasonable ones. And Bildu has a lot of internal work to do after ETA´s disappearence. I guess there will be an internal separation ala CUP-Esquerra...meanwhile PP is disappearing in this part of the basque country, and PSOE is still there, but the only "all pro spain" political party that seems to be doing good-new things is Podemos...
  5. promise to try

    Kanye West

    yes, and even the ones after yeezus have great moments
  6. promise to try

    Kanye West

    it´s obvious that we have different opinions, and that´s ok.Mine is that h has some of the best hooks and melodies that the hip hop world has
  7. promise to try

    Kanye West

    kanye is etremelly talented, he really is something when we talk about sounds and rythms.and he is also a cunt
  8. promise to try

    Paris is burning

    but aren´t these taxes mostly affection middle class and lower classes?
  9. promise to try


    I still find incredible he is gone.And even more incredible how good his music from his underrated era is.I mean, his 80s work is respected by everybody, but he has magic in a lot of albums!!!!
  10. promise to try

    Paris is burning

    bad people, really bad peole. ALthough macron with the black guys...mmmmmm😍
  11. In andalucia a lot of people have decided not to vote. Psoe´s corruption has made a lot of damage to the people.The problem with the Eres has been huge, even bigger than the one that the PP has had.I don´t understatimate any of the things that we have mentioned before, but I think the politicians and the journalists are forgetting about the shit the biggest political party of that zone has had
  12. emigration.unemployement.the feelin that all the taxes only help the emigrants.spanish nationalism.catalonia wanting to get out of spain. socialist party´s corruption.
  13. promise to try

    Paris is burning

    I don´t know what is happening. The newspapers here say that the violence is coming from groups that are not related to the yellow vest people that were complaining about the taxes