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  1. amen!
  2. they are becoming obsolete: how many songs that have sold a lot but are not high in their charts? an/or how many songs with millions of yotube´s streamings that are low?
  3. well, so that means more time for the music!!! (I wish)
  4. billboard is a joke. I bet they will change something again, because this is so sad that goes against them
  5. I´m afraid it´s quite like that, or at least is what a lot of people think about it in the continent.
  6. doqn to 7 this week in the hot 100. Anyways, what an amazing chart performance!
  7. because you will be always stay in her shadows...and because, if you defend madonna, you are defending more than a singer, are defending a way of living, a way of going against a lot of things, and it´s very difficult to keep a career if you go against all the things she fights
  8. the radio airplay is rising... still have or Love on the brain´s , but rising
  9. and wasn´t he one of the people who talked against his coleagues in the mcCarthyim´s era? really, bodboy told her anything about J wayne? not even her gay camp?
  10. if she does it with good songs and without cheating, it will be ok to me. Anyways, it´s not that simple: it seems easy now because she has a top 5 without a video or any promo, but she has had a lot of songs that were supposed to be high on the charts and didn´t reach the toip 10:the songs from that children´s movie (around the sun?), bitch better have my money, sldeghammer...
  11. I have heard that john wayne song...weird to choose that man because he wasn´t very openminded etc, but I guess she doesn´t know it.Or she is ok with it. The thing is that I like the song, is catchy and even tought she screams a little bit, I like it.But the weird thing is that her fans are saying that it´s not the next single, simply because it´s doing nothing in the charts
  12. wow, if a spaniard/basque preseident would have done that...I would be so ashamed of him that I would be telling sorry to all the people from the other country
  13. where did you find them? the data I mean
  14. I bought the ticket, but I´m not super happy about it: 180 euros!!! I know, is the real theatre etc...but still, quite expensive.I hope the seat is good!! last tour I saw the in Iruñea and in Gijon, and it wasn´t that expensive...50 euros each of the shows?? The only note expensive tickets are already sold out, and in the other areas are still available places...anyways, this is not related to them, but to the teatre itself, I guess
  15. yes...last summer she had 5-6 songs out at the same time, only needed me from her album...I wonder why some of the other songs weren´t in Anti.