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  1. promise to try

    Where there 2 cone bras??

    I have always tought the difference was somehting related to the lights on stage
  2. promise to try

    Bruno Mars

  3. neil diamond, paul simon,leonard cohen, bowie...their albums were good, and in some cases better, after the 40s
  4. I read somehwere that after 33 years old people usually start not needing to discover new music.not my case
  5. promise to try


    she was good! I´m prepared for a new album!!!! I remember the first time I heard her, I was in school and a friend of mine loved her: I thought he was a weirdo, but he was right! she is good (and I was enjoying julio iglesias in that same period of my life, so---two weirdos!)
  6. Feedback went top 20 in the US, but I don´t remember it doing well...that was her last hit in it was in 2009? 2008?
  7. promise to try

    Michael Jackson

    https://www.publico.es/culturas/michael-jackson-policia-nacional-publica-twitter-video-inedito-michael-jackson-espana.html Spanish national police twits some never before seen images of michael in spain 1992.because that´s what police does.
  8. promise to try

    MDNA intro - guy ritchie?

    She doesnn´t say anything about guy
  9. promise to try


    The one on the video and the ne on the album are quite similar, but different mixes,I guess he continued working onthe song. But the version that was famous only appears in The beautiful experience (I think) kind of a maxi for the song. But, again, the video version and the album version are 90% similar
  10. promise to try


    I think it was meant to be in the gold experience, but the version that went to nnumber 1 everywhere wasn´t the one on that album, I think it was released in an independent label
  11. promise to try


    some songs are not only about the song itself, but also about the performance of the artist: Kiss, Billie jean...they are totally tied to their artists
  12. promise to try

    Michael Jackson

    me too.It´s sad, because the songs are good! I guess they didn´t have enough of his voice to finish them? They should have called one of his brothers to finish them, and sell them as the jacksons the impersonator is good, though
  13. there is a festivity here in Biscay that was crazy in my 20s: magdalenas in elantxobe-bermeo-gorliz. We used to pay for a private bus, the alcohol was included in the price, and we used to go singing childish songs until gernika: first stop to start drinking, yes, in the morning. Then back to the bus, next stop in Laga, finish the alcohol, go to the beach to swim, usually naked but this was before the cellphones so it wasn´t a problem, then back to the road with the lef overs of the kalimotco, one hour walking/drinking, and you were in Elantxobe, a very small village by the sea.Is that small that the square has a system to move the pavement because the buses don´t have enough space to maneuver. we arrived already drunk, and it was still not lunch time. old people from the village used to go out the days before, because they knew that if they had a problem the ambulances couldn´t get in because of the people. and once you were there with the people from other buses and other towns that we only saw once a year, people used to go to continue drinking and swimming and throwing themselves to the sea. After spend drinking all they long, you coudn continue in Bermeo, a bigger town, go back to your city, or even go to another of the buses and go to gorliz for example, to continue drinking. I have done that for years.my bus´friends used to swim and jump to the see naked every year (nothing expectacular , I have to say), and this festivities/buses were forbidden for some years because people died or got in wheel chairs because of the jumping, comas because they used to drink to much...thanks god my body, once I reached a level of alcihil, I coun´t drink anymore, and it was way before the coma. AlthoughnI have finished these particular day sleeping in houses of people that I didn´t know, without knowing how come I was there...but that was me being crazy. and these festivity wasn´t famous outside Biscay, it wasn´t as bilbao´s festivity week or san fermin...and it was sodome and gomorrah!
  14. anyways, when people on the news moan about foreigners going to these type of resorts/cities (magaluf especially), well, I know that if I was 18 years old, I would have been there, naked on the streets with more alcohol on my veins than blood.the trips were cheap back in the day and alcohol easily available...is not only the british, that´s what I mean. And with all these news about the english people being drunk-stupid on the news, they are only giving ideas to the teenagers😀 for example, in my city, bilbao, people don´t jump from the balconies to the swimming pools, they have started, this summer, to jump from the bridges to the river...without knowing what is under the water, or lokking at the tides, or anything that involves the use of the brain