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  1. promise to try

    Justin Timberlake thread

  2. promise to try

    Justin Timberlake thread

    they are touring spain again this year, but I think itĀ“s in big stadiums, and the tickets are very expensive...maybe next time
  3. promise to try

    Justin Timberlake thread

    well, IĀ“m not happy reading this. I thought his album would work a little bit better, enough to continue with the tour in europe, andnI thought he was a good live performer...hopefully with a new song or a new single or soemthing, he will be successful enough and continue with the tour
  4. I find the new-old Nothing compares 2 U similar (intsrumentantion...) to The ladder
  5. yes! even rudebox has good songs! after that... well, a couple of nice songs on each album
  6. promise to try

    MASS Brawl at Ascot.

  7. promise to try

    Eurovision thread

    well, they are not europe, nor is australia, maybe the should change the name of the show. and israel has a lot of people that really donĀ“t like them in europe (others they donĀ“t have a problem with them, of course).But I also know people that found funny israel winning with an anti bullying song, they find it ironic"
  8. promise to try

    Eurovision thread

    cyprus was to beyoncĆ© what...well, she was a copy!!! I think israelĀ“s song isnĀ“t a good winner.I know that itĀ“s eurovision, and you donĀ“t vote only for the songsĀ“quality. But other countries like moldavia (?) with the singers dancing behind the wall, or that other guy with the neon lights (norway?) had better visuals.Even eslovenia with the jennifer lopezĀ“ dress. My best moment of the night? salvador sobral and caetano veloso.
  9. promise to try

    Eurovision thread

    IĀ“ve liked the one that was like frozen/jennifer lopezĀ“s dress. And I like spainĀ“s song although itĀ“s too disney like
  10. promise to try

    Arctic Monkeys

    I have only hear the first 3 songs, and it desnĀ“t sound as an artic monkeys album...I guess some people will miss the guitars. My favourite album of them is Suck it and see, so this one sounds good to me. By the way, apparently 4 out of 5 will be released as a single for the US radios
  11. promise to try

    Arctic Monkeys

    what is weird to me is that they donĀ“t have a single. I guess they will have it in a few weeks, once the album is out and the surprise is broken. Ala prince with around the world in a day and raspberry beret
  12. promise to try

    Arctic Monkeys

    but theor debut album was years ago, even AM was 4 years ago, I understand them wanting to change their sound.
  13. promise to try

    Arctic Monkeys

    IĀ“ve just bought it. If itĀ“s anything similar to the last shadow puppetsĀ“ last album, I will be in love with it
  14. promise to try

    Eurovision thread

  15. he has always sang off key, itĀ“s not a problem for him to sound bad if heĀ“s been interacting with the public.anyways,how come he looked so old! Gary is way hotter than he now!