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  1. isn´t he losing control in some important cities?
  2. I jave a weird feeling about this elections now: the left could have won in madrid, and thanks to some politicians behaving as children, it hasn´t been possible.The PSOE and Más madrid have been the most voted political parties , but the right will govern thanks also to the far right.
  3. a lot of spanish people that live in other countries had problems in the last elections with the voting system. A friend of mine received for today´s election last election´s papers...it´s not only in the UK anyways, are we going to miss May? I´m scared we are
  4. more elections!!!! I only want to continue stopping ciudadans and Vox out of the Basque country!
  5. if they cut the porn...revolution! uprisings! strikes! hell!!
  6. well, it seems maduro is still rulling the country
  7. now, this is a real disaster.and it will continue happening...
  8. believe, all my teen students will have access to porn in 3 days, creating a proxy or any other way
  9. well, not all the people that have shown images from their holidays were bragging about them...but I still think people are overreacting, and a lot of people are being shallow and childish. And, I also love paris, is the city that I consider "my city". I want my ashes to be thrown both here in Gipuzkoa and in paris, in the luxembourg´s gardens, my favourite place in the whole world.
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