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  1. something similar happened also in spain not long time ago, so sad and disgusting
  2. promise to try

    Pet Shop Boys - Super [new album]

    all their remastered are wonderful!!!!! if you don´t have them already, buy them!!! but, if you have themk from when they were first released as a remastered with all the extra songs and the extra info...it´s not worth it. I think even neil tennant said it was the same remastered they released a few years ago (the further listening series)
  3. promise to try

    Sade working with longtime collaborator on new album

    this is great news!!!! I expect great songs that could have been in any of their albums, classic sade!!!! and a tour, please!!!! hopefully they will release it for this november
  4. promise to try

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Well, we are in summer! Release it as a single! Shoot a video!
  5. promise to try


    I think so...with parts of older videos? I don´t remember it
  6. promise to try

    Boys and coach found in cave after 10 days

    Now 8 rescued!!!!
  7. Really? He helps to create a monster and now resigns??’ Sue him!
  8. promise to try

    North Macedonia

    macedonia, yes, is a very sweet fruits salda, we eat in christmas. about the country, good for the politicians that want to solve proiblems. And it´s not a weird thing to have same names in different states, we have basque country in different states, even two different Navarre parlaments, so I guess the rest of the countries are not so different.they shouldn´t be, I mean, borders and states are not always related to history, names or nations, cultures...
  9. Me too, and, weirdlly enough, the people that I have heard using these words, are sons of emigrants too from other parts of spain, butsome of them have sufered for it , and now they are the first ones using the words. again, I bet all kinds of people use them
  10. panchito, payo poney, lanza flechas...really some people capable of the worst things
  11. promise to try

    Kanye West

    isn´t Dave mathews ´band?
  12. promise to try

    Arctic Monkeys

    The new album has made me listen The last sahdow puppets´ second album...maybe it´s me, but I feel a lot of sexual tension between these two men
  13. but what is really Greece´s situation? because I think Greece has been more welcoming than spain
  14. the world is full of cunts. I´ve just read mexico took care of one million spaniards just in 1939 when the spanish civil was happening. And look at the all mighty europe. Disgusting. BUt IU don´t think is about the race:is about the money, about their lack of money