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  1. I haven't watched clips even though I won't see the show (I want to watch proper audience clips and not ones shot from the roof of a building at the edge of town) but I listened to EY and OYH and they both sound fantastic.
  2. I only listened to EY/BTW and I have to say it sounds great even if it is meant as a diss. As for the actual controversy, it's kind of obvious isn't it? I think it makes Madonna seem a little obsessed which bodes well since some people are acting as if this has made their entire LIVES so mission accomplished I guess.
  3. But this is not about whether Madonna fully writes her own songs, it's about Beyonce taking something that doesn't belong to her. Madonna never claimed to write something she didn't. Please get your thoughts together
  4. Oh God here we go with the Beyonce stanning again, I preferred you when you thought you were her abandonded red headed stepchild
  5. I can imagine the call between Beyonce and a producer cheated out of his royalties (if he could ever get through to her) Producer: So Beyonce, I think you took something that doesn't belong to you and I want it back you thieving skank Beyonce: *click*
  6. Er I think there's a difference between Beyonce STEALING someone's ROYALTIES and them coming out and saying it and WO being unhappy with the mood during recording. For one, the former is ILLEGAL
  7. He should have to apologize because what he did was unprofessional and he wasn't to work with Madonna because outside of creating great work together, she's a huge star and anything he does with her will get huge exposure. But there's always Chris Brown and Kreyshawn (however you spell it) I guess.
  8. The first couple must be, it seems like the obligatory ALL TOGETHER NOW big finale. And the headphones are very Music DWT no? I think the same way she reference past songs/albums with MDNA she may reference past tours with this one.
  9. Turn Up The Radio and Superstar are wonderful but could be stone cold classics with the production beefed up a bit. They sound a bit limp.
  10. OMG its right on the beach *jealous*
  11. I think 7 is the number of God in the Bible.
  12. I thought of that too. Ugh, I hope they didn't spoil it.
  13. Actually yes, Candy Shop was fun on S&S. I would prefer GI2M from HC but CS is fine and Madonna clearly likes it.
  14. Yes it's wrong and I thank the Lord Madonna doesn't think that way or we would get a Janet Jackson show.
  15. At least I'm not insisting high and low she's the BEST THING EVER and that people who think she's shit are LYING TO THEMSELVES
  16. Horrible lyrics, no hooks, ear bleeding production.
  17. And we know where he WASNT looking when he was handing out good taste.
  18. Comparing late Janet Jackson to MDNA makes me want to PUKE
  19. My favorite part is the top that says MDNA Like the Girlie Show
  20. This stage is like nothing I've ever seen before
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