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  1. Breaking News A new draft Brexit deal has just been agreed between the UK and EU ahead of a meeting of EU leaders. But Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party is not happy with it
  2. Some people in England are still nostalgic about the Empire days or worse, still think it's the Empire days. After Thatcher and Blair's unsubtle deindustrialization efforts you take the UK out of the EU (which needs to be modified anyway, granted) and its "fictitious" third economy of the continent status thanks to the insurance, financial, property and service sector is reduced to sheer worthlessness. So the irony is double. From any perspective you look at this from, it's always the British political class that have brought this about on the country through the decades Beside
  3. Cannot believe it's been over three years we've been talking about this, sigh
  4. https://www.ft.com/content/5c2602b4-be63-11e9-b350-db00d509634e Boris Johnson has accused former chancellor Philip Hammond of undermining the government’s strategy with a “terrible collaboration” with the EU to thwart the UK’s departure from the bloc. During the first “People’s PMQs” — a Facebook Q&A where the prime minister answers questions from members of the public — the prime minister delivered a coded critique of MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit, such as Mr Hammond, who have taken a public stand against his strategy. “There’s a terrible collaboration, as it were,
  5. Philip Hammond, until recently Chancellor of the Exchequer "leaving the EU without a deal would be just as much a betrayal of the referendum result as not leaving at all" He has accused Boris Johnson of shutting down any hope of securing an agreement. But the prime minister’s team continues to argue that Britain must leave the EU by 31 October. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/philip-hammond-to-say-that-people-voted-for-hard-brexit-simply-isnt-true-l82rhd3cm The new government took office three weeks ago, I and many of my lik
  6. The Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney said a no deal Brexit scenario would be an instantaneous shock not just to demand but to supply
  7. Passengers were shut out of some of the country’s busiest train stations during the Friday evening rush hour after large parts of England and Wales were left without electricity following a major power cut Transport chaos across England and Wales after major power cuts Transport and communications infrastructure, homes and businesses suffered power cuts this evening in large parts of the country. The National Grid said issues with two generators brought blackouts to London and the South east as well as the Midlands, the South West and Wales, the North East a
  8. Tesco to cut 4,500 jobs across 153 Metro stores https://www.bbc.com/news/business-49239916 Supermarket giant Tesco says about 4,500 staff in 153 Tesco Metro stores are set to lose their jobs in the latest round of redundancies. The UK's largest grocer said changes to the way the stores operated would "serve shoppers better" and help to "run our business more sustainably". It said the stores were operating in an increasingly competitive and challenging retail environment. Tesco boss Jason Tarry said the firm did not take the jobs decision lightly.
  9. And by the way, violence, racism, sexism, religious fundamentalism (of any creed and persuasion), aggression are all interconnected aspects of the same root problem. What the US does externally, whether a Democrat or Republican is sitting in the White House makes little difference in substance, is a reflection of those very internal problems they have What Madonna highlighted 29 years ago in this rather peculiar Nightline interview is as valid now as it was then, so current, the cultural hypocrisy of the entire American system is quite staggering Why does violence gets to be glorifie
  10. Absolutely For a country that has given so much to the world it is also a country that is culturally backwards in more than one sense. And the ridiculous God Bless America mantra, tragic and ignorant, it is time some people realised that the United States is not the be all and end all of the world. Assuming the existence of a God and given the definition of the concept and word why would God favour any country over another? beyond dumb, it reminds me of those footballers doing the cross sign before hitting the ball, pathetic The first thing that countries like the US, the UK, Israe
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