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  1. WhatsApp takes step toward winning spyware lawsuit after Israeli company no-show https://www.reuters.com/article/us-whatsapp-court-idUSKBN20R02M WhatsApp has taken a step toward winning its widely publicized lawsuit against the NSO Group after the Israeli spyware merchant failed to show up in court, according to a notice of default entered Monday in California. WhatsApp sued NSO in October after finding evidence that the hacking firm had abused a flaw in the Facebook Inc.-owned messaging app's popular chat program to remotely hijack hundreds of smartphon
  2. Sanders all the way Biden is just another meek puppet. And a continuation of the absolutely dreadful American foreign policy that we have seen in the past 20 years
  3. Talk about self-absorption. Wake up Dems. Or you become accomplices of the Trumps of the world
  4. Couldn't agree more Love Bernie Sanders Passion is the only thing that's going to work and a mind that doesn't think that the US is above any other country in the world And as for Bloomberg. Please. I don't care that he's a Democrat. Another billionaire up against a billionaire and the irony being that Trump was once a Democrats supporter and a friend of the Clintons It's just fucked up that in a country of 300m people it's always the same close-knit circle of wealthy people only (or supported by extremely wealthy people, big companies or organisations) to have the opportun
  5. Sad but true They have been a mess for a damn long time Someone wake them up
  6. Bank of England gold: Rare look inside the vaults The Bank of England’s gold vaults hold £194bn worth of gold bars. If you stacked them all on top of each other, they would be the same height as 46 Eiffel Towers. They hardly ever let anyone in to film, but the BBC’s Frank Gardner has been given access to the Bank of England’s gold vault.
  7. Boris Johnson has “full confidence” in the ability of Priti Patel, the home secretary, his official spokesman has said. However, he declined to offer the same level of support for Philip Rutnam, the top civil servant at the Home Office, with the spokesman saying only that the prime minister has “full confidence in the civil service”. He also said claims that Patel was not being fully briefed on intelligence documents because MI5 did not trust her were “baseless and wrong”. But there will be no leak inquiry into the bitter media war that has taken place between Patel and Rutnam in rec
  8. Precisely And the past 11 years of AUSTERITY policies have done nothing but worsen the situation. What have they achieved with all the extreme cuts?? A big fat nothing. Back in 2008-2009 they have shamelessly dipped into taxpayers' pockets to bail out the banking system and now we're back to square one with the finance sector, meanwhile they have deliberately allowed THE REAL ECONOMY to go down the drain
  9. Grave concern in North over London’s new immigration rules Parties and business united in opposition to points-based system and salary threshold https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/grave-concern-in-north-over-london-s-new-immigration-rules-1.4178893?mode=amp The North’s five main parties are to raise concerns about the United Kingdom’s new points-based immigration system with the British government amid fears the scheme could jeopardise the North’s economy. Sinn Féin said the proposals were “unpopular, unworkable and a direct
  10. But no The problem is IMMIGRATION And in any case, never mind the billions worth of subsidies the UK has taken OUT of the EU for the past forty plus years
  11. Terrible What is going on in the world? Madness It's like a curse
  12. Beyond But Boris Johnson's attitude and "ideas" coupled with that fake debonair and culturedness of his worry me infinitely more. His sister Rachel luckily, a gem from another planet
  13. I wish you knew enough about it too. Because what is happening right now in the world everywhere is nothing to make jokes about. We're slowly but steadfastly tiptoeing into WW3 and permanent economic collapse, not sure what would come first, followed by a 1984 Orwellian style global political system Unless one means joke as laughing at the idiocy of the puppets the powers that be utilise to implement their own agenda. People like Boris Johnson fit the role perfectly. But yes, cheer on son, with this new immigration point system "we got rid of the Polish builder"
  14. God Save the Queen Isn't it telling that half of the British population wanted out of the EU and half of it didn't at all. Just like half of the British population love their pampered pilfering "Constitutional Monarchy" system and the other half would love to tear the Royals down in favour of a Republic. The irony and parallels. Truth is some people live on a fantasy planet of their own creation while not realising we are living through a con most of the time
  15. Bombing countries illegally together Israel being the 52nd And the Vatican unbeknownst to most Pulling all the strings from the top
  16. Scary stuff indeed Truly bizarre reasoning behind it Who does Boris Johnson think they're gonna get a deal with anyway? They've already been written off internationally for having allowed China to enter the competition with the 5G network and the offer to build the HS2 railway "for less money and in less time" Norway is not a EU member state despite obviously being a European country, geographically speaking, yet de facto they still have to subscribe to all EU regulations. Can't they get these simple facts into their thick heads? And please, don't lecture people on
  17. IKR The UK has taken billions in subsidies from Brussels for four decades. When they joined the EU in the mid 70s the British economy was deep down in the gutter Then Thatcher first and Blair later on single-handedly proceeded to destroy the British industrial system, went wild with liberalisations and privatisations of public goods and assets (never mind also illegally invading countries through utter and pathetic lies against all international regulations and killing millions of innocent civilians without achieving anything if not the further indefinite conflagration of an e
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