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  1. Why is Mr Dump sending all these troops, tankers and drones to Europe? But he cannot be bothered with dealing with US citizens health? Unbelievable https://ilmanifesto.it/30mila-soldati-dagli-usa-in-europa-senza-mascherina/ 30,000 US soldiers on European soil not even wearing masks. Many of these soldiers come directly from the National Guard selected from 15 US states
  2. This epidemic is Trump's first REAL emergency he's had to face since taking office. And he's making an even bigger fool of himself domestically and internationally. This will be worse than the other controlled puppet Bush Jr handling of Katrina He tried hard domestic PR wise with the (unlawful by international law) killing of that Iranian General back in early January, pre Virus. He still fell hard on his orange dumb ass So now he's banned ALL travel from Europe, UK and Republic of Ireland included. Why not doing that from the start?? They ARE European countries
  3. John Pilger introduces the world premiere of a new documentary that uncovers a hidden and sustained campaign to undermine the idea of a British universal free health care system
  4. Australian journalist and researcher John Pilger's "The War on the NHS" documentary Trailer and British Film Institute presentation John Pilger's new documentary, THE DIRTY WAR ON THE NHS, "goes to the heart of the struggle for democracy today", he says. Britain's National Health Service, the NHS, was the world's first universal public health service. Designed to give millions of people "freedom from fear", the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model inspired by America's disastrous health insurance
  5. War mongerer? Yes Advocating a no-fly zone over Syria was never going to be a great idea. But a huge incentive down the road to WW3, we might have it anyway, but we'd have gotten in it in 2017 had Hilary been elected. To quote another poster "she's not for the people", never was As Secretary of State, through her foreign policy actions, from the 2014 Crimean crisis to countless other examples, she fully embodied and subscribed to a neocon political document/protocol/to do list, from a think tank created in 1997, and eventually published in the year 2000 which is titled PNAC Project F
  6. @Raider of the lost Ark do you think that speaking at a conference while sponsored by the Saudis doesn't pose questions? Is it just a detail? A footnote in her political history? Saudi Arabia and AlQaeda got blamed squarely by US authorities over 9/11. She said that AlQaeda was created by the US and its precious CIA in 79 to serve their purpose against Russia. I don't find this a casual or minor detail at all tbh So it's not just the vote on Iraq Part Deux, which by the way, another "minor detail", was by all international standards an illegal act of aggression committed by two Wes
  7. I'm sorry but I totally disagree, especially on the last part and the insistence on this comparison with Madonna Madonna is an artist, a huge public figure globally and has been for longer than Hillary, she has championed so many noble social causes and did it when it was not minimally cool to do so and for a major mainstream act to boot, but she never had to respond to a tax-paying, world watching electorate to whom in theory Hillary Clinton should be held accountable for her political views and actions. There is an immense difference in this significant premise alone The truth
  8. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-14/george-pell-high-court-appeal-hearing-date-set-for-march/11965208 The High Court has set a date to hear Cardinal George Pell's appeal against his convictions for abusing two choirboys in 1996 while he was Catholic archbishop of Melbourne. Pell, 78, was convicted on five charges — one count of sexual penetration of a child under the age of 16 and four counts of committing an indecent act with, or in the presence of a child. In March last year he was sentenced to six years' jail, with a non-parole period of three years and eight months.
  9. Absolutely! And the irony is that while she was a homophobe she had no qualms with mingling with paedophiles and the entourage that protected them, some royal family members included. Abhorrent and evil indeed But yes she was a strong powerful woman! Hooray
  10. Thank you I enjoy reading you too And enjoy reading many others who don't share my views about Clinton or American politics in general I've been accused of being anti-American but never a misogynist. And the fun thing is that I'm worshipping at the altar of the biggest and greatest American icon that ever was. I am not against Americans I'm against any government and their policies if they are mendacious or illiberal and downright arrogant on a physical level I know many Americans here in Milan, a couple of them are friends, they agree with me on most of these issues I
  11. I am not blaming her in particular, if you look at my post history in this thread. I'm saying American politics is arrogant and not compliant with international laws and regulations, it is rotten at the root and has been for decades, now it's short-circuiting, many Democratic Presidents have enacted the same policies a Republican government would enact, there is a sort of seamless continuum (we have the same issue to a lesser degree in Europe). Unfortunately it is not an issue for US citizens only, a US election affects the entire global population. The whole "God Bless America" rethoric
  12. This And can we please stop with the Madonna comparisons. The strong powerful women complex is poisonous, misleading and a tad juvenile. They are both strong powerful women but it doesn't necessarily mean that they should be equally celebrated. I'd rather look at what a person says Vs what they actually do or have done, male or female Madonna scores 10 on that one Hillary minus 10
  13. And that's exactly the point of the matter, what people in Washington don't want and everything that yes, even someone like Hilary Clinton has fought against. The US governments and the CIA don't want the US to lose their grip on total control of the world (eternal militarisation, violence fostering and the US Dollar/ Saudi Oil as World Reserve currency introduced by Nixon, rather than a mineral resources based system, of which surprise surprise Africa is rich) and they will use and promote ANY candidate, ANY elected President, of ANY of the two only existing parties to achieve that goal
  14. Hope you are not referring to me because I didn't blame Hilary for the past 25 years of history. I simply noticed all the analogies in American political history where in a country of 300m people it's always the samey samey elite two people who end up being the presidential candidates, thus giving the illusion of choice and "democracy" but in reality you're facing two options who represent the two faces of the same imperialistic coin. That's all And no, misogyny does not have a role, certainly on my part, I gave very specific and pertinent examples as to why, among the Dem camp, Hillary C
  15. Case in point. While we're on the subject of arrogance and US foreign policy just in International Criminal Court Mike Pompeo bristles at ICC’s Afghanistan war crimes probe International Criminal Court decides to investigate alleged crimes committed by US troops Dead at the comments He's truly disgusting That dictatorship tone The words he's using And he's renamed the Corona virus into the Wuhan virus, rather transparent wouldn't you say It is time Washington
  16. I forgot about her 2003 vote on Iraq Obviously those weapons of mass destruction have never been "found", but it's all good and forgotten and "the Western media" suddenly has amnesia or something. Never mind only two countries went ahead with an illegal military attack without a UN resolution. Talk about arrogant and undemocratic as it gets So many deja vu during the past 20 years. From Afghanistan, to Iraq, the so called Arab Spring, Libya, Egypt and of course Syria which is truly showing and unmasking those very same imperialistic goals that have caused so much havoc everywhere
  17. Couldn't agree more. Some people need to get over their two dimensional approach and vision. Saying Clinton with her awful track record was the wrong Dem nominee doesn't mean being a Trump supporter As unpopular any opinion might be, we need to look at facts first and foremost. Her belligerence and foreign policy agenda alone is akin to that of ANY Republican candidate. It's the fabric of American unjustified imperialism that's been going on since 1945. Britain lost their Empire and their role. A new one was being birthed upon its ashes One for all, advocating a no-fly zone over Syri
  18. Amen And no matter who the Democratic nominee ends up being, we better hope they don't wheel out any "of the moment" celebrity anytime anywhere, they were the final nail in the coffin for Clinton's 2016 run
  19. Basically it's like a pop star IG m follower count and then they have to reschedule to a parking lot venue?
  20. I agree, pity he couldn't, didn't expand his base Although this unfolding of events is totally to be expected and welcomed by the powers that be. They would rather have a Biden over a Sanders in the WH any time. Biden would just be a continuation of the same old tired US policies, both domestically and abroad. Obviously the ultimate aim is to avoid Trump part Deux but I feel like America has to make a 360 in many respects, it's not merely a Republican Vs Democrat issue, and Sanders would have fit that bill better than anyone else. Warren was another valid alternative to the same old
  21. Is this the new UK them hard Brexiteer Tories are cooking up? Scarier than HELL https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/06/uk-to-host-spyware-firm-accused-of-aiding-human-rights-abuses UK to host spyware firm accused of aiding human rights abuses NSO Group technology is allegedly used by autocratic regimes to spy on journalists and activists The British government is helping a controversial Israeli spyware company to market its surveillance technologies at a secretive trade fair visited by repressive regimes, the Guardian can reveal. Th
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