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  1. Me too Next stop Buenos Aires NOT Next stop: The Hunger Games
  2. Thank you for getting what I meant. Saying it's a general cultural issue and that Trump gone the root problems remain it's not in any way tantamount to diminishing the toxicity, recklessness and unaccountability of him as a public figure and head of the most powerful nation on earth. He obviously preys on those very mechanisms and the ignorance of part of the population that have been endemic and shamelessly undealt with for ages But we can all agree that (and yes, corrupt policemen, corrupt politicians, corrupt entrepreneurs, racist people and lobbying self serving bastards exist an
  3. I totally agree on what you are saying But America has a more generalised cultural issue that's fucked up not just the number one country in the world but the world itself by default. This is totally unacceptable Those hypocritical (Evangelical/Pentecostal/ insert whichever Christian denominations you can come up with) nutters were still very much present and active with their endorsement of wars, of the NRA and their utterly fascist and hypocritical abortion campaigns even during Carter, Clinton and Obama's times. Nobody has ever dared to stop them or diminish their influence a
  4. Yes I meant sense of humour of course Bloody autofill! But if the premise is that Europeans have more of a sense of humour it works just the same I guess
  5. Fucking scary !!! Yet hilarious at the delusion Sheer madness in the worst case scenarios And this is the country leading the world As American citizen Madonna Louise Ciccone of Italian and French Canadian descent said some thirty years ago: you know what I have to say to America? Get a fucking sense of humour OK?? So damn right and as usual ahead of her time. All that fixation on beauty pageants, mean girls high schools, the obsession with GOD and Rifles, the overly patriotic sensibility and that very same toxic culture of f
  6. I think what's ruined and keeps ruining the country that's been the greatest and bigger exporter of Pop culture in the world, the country where civil rights movements were actually born, from racism to sexuality to gender issues, the country with some of the most prestigious universities in the world and the number one economy ... is exactly this crazy prolonged cancer of Christian denominations dominating politics when politics should not favour any particular group of power but should be at the service of its entire citizenry And you know that those obnoxious "Christian" nutters a
  7. Yet he can carry a Bible in the most inappropriate context and in the most arrogant and offensive of ways K
  8. Bezos owned Washington Post has it in for Mr President
  9. I can't at him parading around while holding a Bible. What does it even mean. It's 2020 for fuck sake You'd think that a book about somebody who was unjustly nailed to a cross was not going to be used to justify violence by people who should represent an entire country and that wield so much power He really does give a powerful voice to the worst of the US, religious nut jobs, NRA supporters, white supremacists, xenophobic people so on and so forth If after the handling of the virus and this latest racial attack and the fury and uproar it's causing worldwide he still gets vote
  10. I'm horrified and disgusted that we've clearly had a system, for decades, where members of Royal families, members of the army, police forces, journalists, TV presenters, intellectuals, artists so on and so forth collude to cover up their shared passion for child abuse, rape and ultimately murder I hope everything that remains to be revealed will be put out there or surface in full force soon enough Persistent racism and power circles covering each other up on the most hineous of crimes are worse than the sick economy they have built to make inequality and exploitation of the masses
  11. Amen to all It's almost frustrating Even if you're not a British citizen
  12. Absolutely Talk about clutching at straws. Talk about lying through your teeth. That Scummings press conference was comic and painful to watch at the same time They must think people are stupid or something. They are trying their best to silence the whole thing. But it will inevitably come back to haunt them and bite them in the ass. Very very soon. Particularly because over three months since the start of the emergency the UK still has the highest rate of infections and daily deaths in Europe and after the US is the second most affected country in the world, proportionally it
  13. Sharply on point Of course he doesn't Western hypocrisy pure and simple. Just like the hypocrisy on the whole Middle Eastern situation which the United States governments over the years are hugely responsible for under the excuse of 9/11 and way before that and - blasphemy alert - the utter hypocrisy over Russia and what would mean for "the West" to gain total control of it and its immense natural resources. Both Napoleon and Hitler tried before, but miserably failed Everyone should be watching Australian multi award winning investigative journalist John Pilger's document
  14. And that is because the US have their own little agenda against China to begin with, geopolitically and economically speaking and the Hong Kong situation is the perfect excuse. Never mind fixing the domestic societal and cultural mess they themselves have fed for decades, first. Obviously with a vulgar demagogue in the WH it's even easier for the real powers that be to achieve their goals on the global chessboard Transatlantic hypocrites indeed, I'm ashamed of EU foreign policy as well by the way, always playing the lapdog game. Shameful and in the long term rather counte
  15. It's really shameful that in 2020 we are still at this level. We should have gone past the cave society mentality ages ago Any act of violence should be condemned, firmly dealt with and persecuted by any respectable country referring to themselves as a democracy, particularly those acts stemming from racism, xenophobia and crazy hateful behaviour or doctrine of any kind That somebody who's in theory serving their country and whose job is to protect any citizen from criminal or harmful offenders, to be or become the offending party and on top of that be able to get away with it
  16. Cummings telling reporters "It's not about what you think". What a fucking sad arrogant prick
  17. Conservative lawmakers such as the veterans Steve Baker and Roger Gale who have called for Cummings to be sacked are painfully aware that if their party is to emerge from the pandemic in a position of strength, there can be no further undermining of the "all in this together" spirit which held in the early days of the outbreak. The consequences could be even more serious if a mass loss of faith in both the Johnson government and his lockdown results in the public breaking the rules just at the moment the Prime Minister is urging them to stand firm.
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