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  1. Madonna RARE

    Absolutely stunning Thank you @Nikki Such innate star quality
  2. The Lady is for U-Turning She's a mess She took a gamble and lost it But refuses to acknowledge it And it's not just the social care bill backtracking (never mind she kept trotting out her "building a fairer Britain" rethoric since her appointment last July) It's also the appalling and evasive way she's shown in dealing with Brexit Happy for Corbyn
  3. Anyway this new batch of stolen pics is just a recycled "scandal"
  4. Gorgeous and perfect A superstar before she was one Superstar inside
  5. http://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-79db71e2-3707-4119-aea8-29ff297a27a3.html
  6. Does M have money off-shore?

    Especially in the Italian media They made her the prime subject
  7. Janet Street Porter has been bitter about Madonna's continued success and relevance for years now Unsurprising She was also one of the holier than thou hosts chastising her for her Interview magazine topless shoot in Dec 2014 One of those dreadful TV morning shows She seemed to adore her in that cheap BBC1 There's Only One Madonna docu back in 2001
  8. Beyond cool And smart And she looks fabulous
  9. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    She's a marvel indeed Too often unfairly maligned by people without any craft nor an ounce of her integrity and m.o.
  10. "dodges punishment" Madonna is trying to prevent those aholes from profiting off her back and this woman writes about punishment?
  11. So true And utterly pathetic. Plus nobody should be forced to sit in a court facing your own molester. It has no relevance to establishing the facts
  12. George Michael thread

    This is so sweet and saddening at the same time. I think these words or the fact that Prince gave a private concert for Madonna while she was on tour, a few months before he died (not enough apparently for her to not get subjected to a spate of "skepticism" and malevolence over her tribute), are a much more poignant and truthful commentary on Madonna, her impact, her legacy in 2017 than any silly tabloid story that still surrounds her 35 years later. Some lesser names should take a leaf out of these guys' books and learn to be a little bit more gracious, respectful and objective when it comes to Madonna And George was so right, the era of the superstars is gone forever, and not just in music, now we have manufactured non stories, staged pap shots, Taylor, Bieber, 50 shades of sxxt and the likes