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  1. People in Venezuela are continuing to take to the streets in their thousands to protest against the government. The situation is becoming increasingly violent as riot police confront the demonstrators. Over the past month nearly 40 people have been killed. Vladimir Hernandez has spent a day out on the streets of the capital Caracas The United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) have issued a strong statement calling for the U.S. government to stop its attempts to destabilize the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro. The statement serves notice that the U.S. antiwar movement will oppose any attempts on the part of the U.S. government at “regime change” in Venezuela, whether by economic pressure, coup attempts, or military intervention. According to Ajamu Baraka, National Organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace, “The U.S. led destabilization project in Venezuela is an attack on all progressive peoples and movements in the Americas, including the over 150 million Black people in the region. The Black Alliance for Peace understands that there can no peace without justice, and so we stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela who are defending their project for social justice, self-determination and national sovereignty. In our joint statement with UNAC, we are calling on the Trump Administration to immediately cease its subversive activities in Venezuela.” Joe Lombardo, Co-coordinator of UNAC, stated, “Today the U.S. has military bases in over 130 countries. It has around 20 times the number of military bases as all other countries in the world combined. Through military force, economic sabotage and other means, it seeks to impose Wall Street’s will on all countries. The brave people of Venezuela have resisted these attempts in their country, and so UNAC and BAP stand with them.” UNAC will use its upcoming national conference (http://UNACconference2017) to express support for Venezuela. Statement on Venezuela by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and the Black Alliance for Peace The United States has been conducting a brutal, 20-year-long campaign of destabilization against Venezuela in an attempt to cause “regime change” in that country. This has taken the form of economic sabotage and financial manipulation as well as support for the mobilization of right-wing forces in increasingly violent demonstrations. This is not a recent policy but one that has also been carried out under the Obama and Bush administrations as well as the present Trump administration. In 2002, right-wing forces inside Venezuela attempted a coup against then-President Hugo Chavez. Many sources have confirmed that the U.S. gave the go-ahead to the opposition to orchestrate the coup and promised support. Soon after the coup, the people of Venezuela turned out in the streets in massive numbers and restored Chavez to the presidency. Barack Obama continued the assault on the Venezuelan revolution by imposing crippling sanctions and asserting that Venezuela was a “security threat” to the United States. These attacks from the U.S. exemplify attempts to realize full-spectrum dominance, the epitome of imperialist intervention which has brought so much suffering to the world. Some of the very same opposition leaders who were involved in the 2002 coup attempt are today behind the present unrest, which has seen well-financed opposition forces leading violent protests against the government of Nicolas Maduro. The U.S. corporate media has reported on these actions but has blamed the violence on the Venezuelan government and has not reported the huge mobilizations in defense of the Maduro government. Now a bipartisan bill has been submitted in the Senate (S.1018) with the intention of further destabilizing Venezuela. For more information on this bill and some actions you can take to oppose it, please go to http://afgj.org/take-action-today-to-support-venezuelas-democracy. The economic crises in Venezuela is severe. The Venezuelan economy is dependent on its large oil resources. The oil has been nationalized since 1976, but there has been a continual push from U.S. interests as well as wealthy Venezuelans to privatize it. Though the oil remains nationalized, the refining, transportation, and markets are all private and have been used to undercut the ability of the oil industry to support the economy. Additionally, in the past few years, with the encouragement of Wall Street, oil production around the world has been kept high, driving down the price, which hurts oil-dependent economies, including those of countries that the U.S. opposes, such as Russia and Iran, in addition to Venezuela. The U.S. media also has been full of stories of Venezuelan supermarkets with near-empty shelves and long lines of people seeking basic necessities. What hasn’t been reported is that the privately owned food corporations are deliberately hoarding supplies intended for working-class neighborhoods while making sure that food and other goods are readily available in the wealthier areas. The Bolivarian Revolution has always endeavored to be an ally of the people of United States and to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity. When the U.S. government turned its back on the people of the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Venezuelan government offered humanitarian aid but was rebuffed. Venezuela provided fuel assistance to low-income Black and Brown people when the U.S. government would not. These acts reinforced the strong support that many in the Black community had for the process in Venezuela and deepened the commitment of Black activists to stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their process. This support is in line with the long-standing Black radical tradition of defending nations under imperialist attack by the U.S. government. The defeat of the Bolivarian Revolution at the hands of U.S. imperialism and its reactionary right-wing allies in Venezuela would be a defeat for progressive forces all over the world and a disaster for the people of Venezuela and its people, as it has been in Libya and Ukraine and Haiti and every nation that has lost its sovereignty to the two-party commitment to imperialist intervention. UNAC and the Black Alliance for Peace demand: End US interference in the affairs of Venezuela! Self-determination for the Venezuelan people! End the sanctions and economic warfare now! http://www.globalresearch.ca/u-s-attempts-at-destabilization-the-peace-movement-stands-in-solidarity-with-venezuela/5589658
  2. The Lady is for U-Turning She's a mess She took a gamble and lost it But refuses to acknowledge it And it's not just the social care bill backtracking (never mind she kept trotting out her "building a fairer Britain" rethoric since her appointment last July) It's also the appalling and evasive way she's shown in dealing with Brexit Happy for Corbyn
  3. The first Jesuit Pope in 500 years of the Order's creation. For anyone who has even a vague idea of who the Jesuits are, how they came about with "Soldier of Christ" "Saint" Ignatius of Loyola (hello Loyola Marymount and the likes) and how they operate and the rape, pilfering, orchestrated political/ financial crisis and bloodshed they have been responsible for all over the world for centuries it was never a sign of good things to come He's responsible for so many political deaths in Argentina alone and don't get me started on his child abuse cover up shtick which is du rigueur for any clergy member from the top down to the last parrish friar
  4. XXL

    Black Friday 2018 chaos

    Indeed People all over the world are losing the plot. Reminds me of Madonna's Get Stupid segment on S&S
  5. Kilo Kilo Kilo !!! Looks right off Madame Tussauds
  6. Totally They should be contented and grateful for what they have, no way, he has to go and make comments on Selena Gomez, and so on, I don't get it The funny thing is that he went on an IG detox spree in the past couple of months, then as soon as he's back he's putting his foot in it again. They are foolishly tarnishing their huge brand
  7. Arlene Foster: PM's Brexit deal 'not in national interest' Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader Arlene Foster speaks to delegates at the party's annual conference in Belfast. She said: "On the one hand, we'e told the backstop would be the best of both worlds and on the other hand we're told we're not going to need the backstop. Therein lies one of the many contradictions at the heart of his draft withdrawal agreement. "In such circumstances, Northern Ireland alone would be aligned to numerous EU single market regulations while Great Britain would not. "Such a scenario in the medium term would inevitably lead to barriers to trade within the UK internal market. That is not in the national interest."
  8. Unresolved Gibraltar issues endanger Brexit plans, warns Spain A rocky peninsula is again emerging as a big hurdle standing in the way of Britain's exit from the EU. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is demanding that the Brexit agreement clarify that the status of Gibraltar will be directly negotiated between Madrid and London. UK-controlled Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to stay within the EU and, while residents appear to be resigned to the impending Brexit, they and large numbers of Spanish workers employed across the border still face an uncertain future.
  9. Thanks! Yikes Scary This over reliance on technology and scientific advancement can take a wrong turn if not applied to good purposes
  10. https://www.ft.com/content/78a40520-e8fe-11e8-885c-e64da4c0f981 Pound sees worst day since June 2016 vote The British pound hit session lows against the US dollar and euro following media reports UK environment secretary Michael Gove would resign on Thursday. That undid a brief recovery for sterling after UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s pledge she would see through her deal to take Britain out of the EU. Even before Mrs May spoke, the pound was nursing drops of more than 2 per cent against the buck and the euro, which was vying to be its biggest one-day drop since the Brexit vote back in June 2016. Against the dollar, the pound was down as much as 2.1 per cent at $1.2724, while against the euro, it fell as much as 2.1 per cent to €1.1251. Wall Street remained relatively unmoved following Mrs May’s speech and was down 0.1 per cent in lunchtime trade in New York.
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    Melbourne terrorist attack

    Please people don't fall into the trap of thinking that one particular religion is more "obsessed" or violence prone than another. It's pure BS. The Judeo-Christian "rich" "free" West has been bombing the living shit out of helpless civilians in the entire Middle East region for almost the past 20 years now. But actually from before if you want to go a little bit before 9/11 They call it "Democracy Exportation" and it's the biggest lie to justify geopolitical engineering and global self assertion and repositioning. Violence just breeds further violence, period. And that's not to talk about colonialism, entire continents being raped and emptied of all their resources, the slave trade, people disappearing in South America, Jewish families handed over to the Nazis by the Church in 1940s Italy, endemic and systemic paedophilia at the highest levels of society etc. Let's not be hypocritical about this. There is nothing pacific or democratic about Christianity at its political core with its institutions and how they operate through politicians throughout the world
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    Melbourne terrorist attack

    👍 Terrible terrible news @Jazzy Jan