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  1. Love her IG posts from Puglia last year https://www.pugliapress.org/2017/07/26/brindisi-per-festeggiare-i-suoi-59-anni-madonna-sceglie-di-nuovo-la-puglia/
  2. I have always loved this album's lyrics. All the hurt and disappointment over the hypocrisy from the Erotica/SEX backlash is on display, although she never plays the victim. But also her willingness to go past it, her strength, the memory of her mother, her sexuality, her being unrepentant. I've sometimes heard this album referred to as Madonna's depressed album but there are so many moments of positivity and good energy Today is the last day That I'm using words They've gone out, lost their meaning Don't function anymore I could be your sister, I could be your mother We could be friends, I'd even be your brother But I'd rather be your lover That's right, I'd rather be your lover I don't know where I stand with you I never ever make any plans with you I don't know what I mean to you The only thing I know is I dream of you And all that I know (All that I know) Is I just don't understand (Just don't understand] Why my, happiness always lies In the palm of your hand, but Surely whoever speaks to me in the right voice Him or her I shall follow Who needs the sun, when the rain's so full of life Who needs the sky It's here in your arms I want to be buried You are my sanctuary Who needs the sun, when the rain's so full of life Who needs the sky, when the ground's open wide It's here in your arms I want to be buried You are my sanctuary Who needs a smile, when a tear's so full of love Who needs a home, with the stars up above It's here in your heart I want to be carried You are my sanctuary Who needs the light, with the darkness in your eyes Who needs to sleep, with the stars in the sky It's here in your soul I want to be married You are my sanctuary I can't stop thinking of you The things we used to do The secrets we once shared I'll always find them there In my memories But this heartache isn't going anywhere In the public eye I act like I don't care When there's no one watching me I'm crying I will always have you, inside of me Even though you're gone Love still carries on Love, inside of me I keep a picture of you Next to my bed at night And when I wake up scared I know I'll find you there Watching over me When my world seems to crumble all around And foolish people try to bring me down I just think of your smiling face And I'm flying I also love the interviews from this era A year later and technically not part of the BS era but still a millon gazillion eloquence about the SEX backlash
  3. So what does Madonna do when she wakes up in the morning? Well, I put my red cape on and I sit on my throne of course
  4. Sickening and bold in its sickness. Passive-aggressive schemers of the world unite. To quote Aguilera "You deserve everything you get"
  5. For this reason it really amazes me how Ryan Murphy wanted her in AHS after he did an entire Glee episode dedicated to Madonna. Even reinforcing the Gaga bad Madonna copycat trope. He sure can see the scam for himself right?
  6. Exactly They basically admitted they set out to rip off Madonna and by extension to sabotage her career almost to the point of bragging about it And anyway all the people they put around this brat are second or third rate material in their respective fields, nothing ever outstanding not even when they scammed the GP for five minutes and big money started to flow in. From producers to songwriters down to her clumsy dancers. It was clear she was a Madonna clone pet project from day one (starting with her learning by heart quotes from past Madonna interviews) with a little Midler, Cher, Kylie kitsch, camp sensibility and feathered mask, bad wigs extravaganza thrown in for good measure plus a touch of Bowie counterfeit imagery Meanwhile Madonna has always surrounded herself with the very best, EVEN WHEN there was little to no money available, asked from others nothing more of what she demanded from herself first and developed herself organically and based on what really was of interest to her not on terms of this person can give me x or y
  7. She was born this way ............ on the Lower East Side
  8. He doesn't have the guts Look at how protected and payolaised the talentless uncoordinated ugly brat still is in spite of continued flopping It's not coming any day soon sadly, not from him or anyone else
  9. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    I love those big shaking tits and love the gif It reminds me of some of Madonna's finest and luscious breast moments. Evita premiere, Webster Hall BS promotion, GS, COADF, GGW, Gaultier show 92 etc
  10. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    Montecatini water does it better Kiss it better Kiss it better Get down low 😵 And drink my precious alcohol All over .................. your face # MDNA Skin