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  1. The Lady is for U-Turning She's a mess She took a gamble and lost it But refuses to acknowledge it And it's not just the social care bill backtracking (never mind she kept trotting out her "building a fairer Britain" rethoric since her appointment last July) It's also the appalling and evasive way she's shown in dealing with Brexit Happy for Corbyn
  2. Lovely that she acknowledged this anniversary on Instagram, as she has acknowledged True Blue's 30th last year Sometimes I wonder whether some of her fans have taken notice of the fact that notoriously Madonna doesn't like to look back much in nostalgia mode and they expect her to trot out endless anthologies like others who must not be named do. Of course they do it for the fans She chooses to keep creating new things instead And you gotta love how these younger stars have to resort to paying left and right to sustain their short by comparison careers whereas Madonna just sits back and has a plethora of publications go into a frenzy over any given release anniversary with added or reviewed assessments and analysis. So irrelevant uh. She's effortlessly cool and brilliant like that. Reap what you saw indeed. And she has sawn amazingly. It shows
  3. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41712263 Italy referendums: Lombardy and Veneto 'back greater autonomy' Two of Italy's richest northern regions have voted for more autonomy, according to their leaders. More than 90% of voters in Lombardy, home to Italy's financial capital Milan, and the Veneto region around Venice, voted yes in the non-binding referendum, their presidents claimed. Both men are members of the Northern League, which has long argued that the north is subsidising the poorer south. The regions together account for about 30% of Italy's national wealth. Critics of the polls call them a stunt to bolster the right-wing Northern League before a general election next year, while the central government in Rome says the polls are unnecessary although they are permitted under the Italian constitution. They contrast sharply with the crisis in Spain where one of the richest regions, Catalonia, held an referendum on independence on 1 October, despite the country's constitutional court ruling it illegal. In response, Spain's government plans to impose direct rule. 'Not in Sicily' But President Roberto Maroni, who leads Lombardy, where voter turnout was about 40%, has sought to distance the Italian vote from the situation in Spain. "We are not Catalonia," he told Reuters news agency in Milan. "We remain inside the Italian nation with more autonomy while Catalonia wants to become the 29th state of the European Union. We, no. Not for now." One of the regions' main complaints is that they send much more in taxes to Rome than they get back in public spending, and want to roughly halve their contribution. Lombardy, Mr Maroni says, annually pays out €54bn (£48bn; $64bn) more than it receives while for Veneto, where voter turnout was higher, at between 57% and 61%, this figure is said to be about €15.5bn. "Our taxes should be spent here, not in Sicily," Giuseppe Colonna, 84, told AFP news agency in Venice. But critics object to millions of euros being spent on referendums when all regions already have the constitutional right to negotiate directly with Rome. "Once you open up the issue of what the northern regions pay, then I expect a backlash in southern Italy," Giovanni Orsina, history professor at Rome's Luiss-Guido Carli University, told Reuters.
  4. I get what you're saying, however, with regard to your previous post, Courtney was never "a savvy business woman" She was never savvy period Like others have pointed out it's clear she idolised/idolises her and is obsessed with her but at the same time recognises she doesn't have the same discipline, focus, self-control and non self-destructiveness
  5. This was also the night of "I guess this is the closest I'll get to George Clooney" ... Makes me appreciate Madonna and her sense of humour and her resilience that much more
  6. Courtney was also in attendance at one of the Up For Grabs performances in London
  7. Well, her little 1995 gimmick paid off in the end i.e. being on the cover of a magazine with two REAL global superstars. Her little "dire need of attention" plea got an answer. So after she accuses Madonna of "not being a poet nor a musician" (compared to her?) she wholeheartedly welcomed the opportunity to feature on a music publication with her
  8. Courtney's letter to Spin in response: Dear Spin: Maddonna wishes Id slag her. how can I insult wallpaper? Except to say, "That wallpaper in your Guest Room kinda sucks & ignore it? Her disco sucks. Thats all. Finito. Im a Rock chick. Rock chicks dont like disco. Ok? In another publication she said that Whitney and Mariah have 'no point of view'. Fair Enough. But, what? She does? heh heh heh. I dont particularly know or Dislike her, I just think she is utterly ARTLESS. (of course the Boys; Kurt, Eddie, Trent, Billy etc are Immune to this mysandrinist bitchery due to having scrotums) So me and P.J. and Liz and Elastica etc. are utterly too "Angsty"? Oh Eat me!! I can't even recite a lyric of hers, shes a Disco singer. She's not a poet or a musician. Shes a Giant celebrity Dancer. What to Get the Girl who has Everything? Indie Credibility!! "I want it NOW Daddy. Buy it for me" As for Alanis Morissette, I disagree with you Mr Guccione, Ms. Morissette is a Product of Madonnas Fatal Flaw, contrivance at every level, at Maverick it was said to us that; (circa Early 91); "those Guys at Geffen are total Geniuses for Thinking up this whole 'Grunge' Thing, and putting that Nirvana Band together" - They, in thier laugh tracks, backing tracks, payola, paid cheering sections and contrived Artist minds could not even concieve that a seminal real Band could exist & succeed. Try getting in a stinky van and touring this Country #99 times in the summer in a shitty shack with 4-20 people screaming "FREEBIRD!!" Getting broken teeth and Fingers and spit on and bald spots and bruised legs from Stage Diving. So here's the Debbie Gibson of Canada "The People's Courtney" As another publication called her; stick her with the Guy who wrote for Wilson/Phillips and Michael Jackson and, Good Christ They can come come up with ONE faux alternative song (its a pretty Good one too, which is terrifying - Now any Senior in high school with a poem will get a Backing Band & Rent a studio Guys - Are YOU ready for this Influx? EEEEK!) the Rest is BUNK-100% Spin Doctors meets Toad the Wet Sheryl with a 'Good' female voice. Im Glad Alanis is spreading "peace" Rather then "Angst" - And she Bugs me no more than Faith no more Bugged the Chili Peppers in thier Chili pepper phase; or no more than Candlebox (whose singer called me begging for cred as If I can Dispense it! He was a nice enough Guy, But Dispensing Cred, is I believe the Full time 'Jobs' of a certain band from Manhattan.) could have 'bugged' Kurt.....Im an opinionated kinda Gal, sorry, But Madonna Fascinates me in much the same way I Fascinate her (this crazed clothes horse, Cruella De Ville sucked into the mirror of her own Vanity.) Except I think 'Fascinate' is pushing it, a sort of passing interest from time to time, beyond that, Im really searching here, There isnt one single of hers I like So perfectly exemplifying everything Madonna wrote in her assessment of her personality and conduct. Not to mention she was blatantly jealous of Alanis' success who in no way was ever a manufactured artless act. Rather transparent wouldn't you say? There isn't one single of hers I like Yeah ... Sure. That's why you bothered to hijack her moment on live TV in the first place, only to end up making yourself appear like the fool you are. A very Gagaesque thing to do. The true definition of CONTRIVED. And the most shameless victim players you could imagine. The industry has seen loads of them coming and going. Plus rather than making false analysis and empty proclaims of "I write all of my music" they should all take a fundamental cue from Madonna to start with, drugs do not help you, nor do being a lying, dishonest, passive - aggressive victim player
  9. 1996 What do you think of Courtney Love? [Laughs] I knew you were going to ask me that question. So you probably have a statement prepared. I do. I do. I rehearsed it. No, I think she’s supremely talented. I really do. When Maverick first started, we tried to sign her. But I think that drugs have destroyed her brain, or they are slowly destroying her. I am fascinated by her, but the same way I am by somebody who’s got Tourette’s syndrome walking in Central Park. I want to stop and just watch their human behaviour. She fascinates me on that level. I don’t know. I feel sorry for her. I really do, and I know if she reads this, she’ll be slagging me off online for the next eight months. I do think she knows not what she says. It’s true for old people who go around spewing venom on people, that deep down inside, they’re hurt, they’re sad, lonely, whatever. Kurt Loder interviewed me after the MTV Awards, after I won some award, and I was sitting up on a platform on the street. About five minutes into the interview, a compact went sailing over my head. I thought someone on the street was throwing things at me. And I hear this gravelly voice, and then we looked down and it’s Courtney, and she’s throwing makeup out of her purse at us, and it’s just missing our heads. And Kurt invites her up. Now, I know Kurt invited her up because there’s all this hyped-up bullshit how we have been feuding for years and years, and I think he wanted to see a catfight. She was babbling about 25 different things And at one point, she did grab my arm and said something to me like. ” ’94 sucked, but ’95’s going to be better, isn’t it?” And in that one moment I looked in her eyes and felt her vulnerability and her sadness and I felt bad for her. I felt that she was trying to reach out to me, even though at every chance she gets, she slags me off in the press. Years ago, she probably admired me and looked up to me, and now I’m like a parent to her or something, and she wants to destroy me. So, that’s what I think about Courtney [laughs]. What did you think of Kurt Cobain and his songwriting? I thought, he’s really talented. I respect him as an artist. I never met him. He wasn’t really around long enough for me to really sink my teeth into. You know, it’s too bad that he couldn’t find something to hang onto. I suppose in a lot of ways those two are cosmically meant for each other, lust the shitload of self-loathing, you know?
  10. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    Me too! Another song that is begging for a performance is Gambler. Next I'd love You'll See. But at least those other two gems got some love. I keep rewatching her Saturday Night Live BG performance trying to picture her singing it today. That was such a marvellous performance. The song is amazing and she's amazing singing it, it really deserves some stage treatment
  11. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    RHT I have a feeling she'll sing it on her next tour
  12. Madonna's LIVE VOCALS on all tours

    Fascinating thread Thank you @cailohfornia Madonna is phenomenal for singing live everything that can be sung live, in light of the fact she's always been a proficient and energetic physical performer. She's unlike any other just for this. Competitors male or female from the 80s, 90s or whenever will never have a VT or WTG rate to their resume. Especially all those acts that were put together by a factory, a family name or a powerful spouse and don't minimally have her immaculate touring trek record, as far as non cancellations etc go. I love the rawness and emotion in her voice of VT, WTG but with DWT, RIT and CT in particular she reached a whole different level. She also deserves praise for being one of very few singers to have engaged with several different vocal styles. Anyone who keeps spreading the false myth of "Madonna can't really sing" should try and sing one of her songs from any career point and compare it to how she sings it MDNA and RH also have some spectacular live singing moment. It's not so much about the percentage itself but about the nature of any specific tours of her. The Evita part on S&S was also a high point
  13. Janet Jackson thread

    Amen Facts on a stick. And it's not even merely about numbers. But an ocean of difference in attitude, m.o. and outlook on life. Not to mention the issue of artistry. Or singing when you are paid to do that and you actually don't / can't
  14. IKR wtf And Madonna was 46 when she struck that pose Not 30 Pathetic