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  1. The first Jesuit Pope in 500 years of the Order's creation. For anyone who has even a vague idea of who the Jesuits are, how they came about with "Soldier of Christ" "Saint" Ignatius of Loyola (hello Loyola Marymount and the likes) and how they operate and the rape, pilfering, orchestrated political/ financial crisis and bloodshed they have been responsible for all over the world for centuries it was never a sign of good things to come He's responsible for so many political deaths in Argentina alone and don't get me started on his child abuse cover up shtick which is du rigueur for any clergy member from the top down to the last parrish friar
  2. Indeed People all over the world are losing the plot. Reminds me of Madonna's Get Stupid segment on S&S
  3. Totally They should be contented and grateful for what they have, no way, he has to go and make comments on Selena Gomez, and so on, I don't get it The funny thing is that he went on an IG detox spree in the past couple of months, then as soon as he's back he's putting his foot in it again. They are foolishly tarnishing their huge brand
  4. Arlene Foster: PM's Brexit deal 'not in national interest' Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) leader Arlene Foster speaks to delegates at the party's annual conference in Belfast. She said: "On the one hand, we'e told the backstop would be the best of both worlds and on the other hand we're told we're not going to need the backstop. Therein lies one of the many contradictions at the heart of his draft withdrawal agreement. "In such circumstances, Northern Ireland alone would be aligned to numerous EU single market regulations while Great Britain would not. "Such a scenario in the medium term would inevitably lead to barriers to trade within the UK internal market. That is not in the national interest."
  5. Unresolved Gibraltar issues endanger Brexit plans, warns Spain A rocky peninsula is again emerging as a big hurdle standing in the way of Britain's exit from the EU. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is demanding that the Brexit agreement clarify that the status of Gibraltar will be directly negotiated between Madrid and London. UK-controlled Gibraltar voted overwhelmingly to stay within the EU and, while residents appear to be resigned to the impending Brexit, they and large numbers of Spanish workers employed across the border still face an uncertain future.
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