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  1. Does M have money off-shore?

    Especially in the Italian media They made her the prime subject
  2. Janet Street Porter has been bitter about Madonna's continued success and relevance for years now Unsurprising She was also one of the holier than thou hosts chastising her for her Interview magazine topless shoot in Dec 2014 One of those dreadful TV morning shows She seemed to adore her in that cheap BBC1 There's Only One Madonna docu back in 2001
  3. Beyond cool And smart And she looks fabulous
  4. To be in a man's world successfully you don't need to be like a man, dress like a man or think like a man Amen A concept completely lost on a certain brand of 70s feminism. Hello Germaine Greer and the likes.
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    She doesn't enjoy the amount of work that goes into properly preparing for a tour, let alone making her way through its entire scheduled run She never had any professionalism to herself. Nothing new. These figures are embarassing. Don't bother booking those venues in the first place ... I guess she thinks she has some kind of point to make or something
  6. Janet Jackson thread

    They have always been jealous of Madonna's non manufactured relevance news wise, debate wise and music wise And her never ending appeal with the masses So it makes perfect sense and it is no coincidence whatsoever that they'd "collaborate" after they have both trashed her for simply being bigger and far greater On more than one level