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  1. πŸ‘ And they keep pumping money into this dictatorship. It makes zero sense whatsoever, except it does once you understand the real agenda of the Western world. Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, Israel, the US and its toxic ties with them, the support and protection they receive from the British Royal Family, the Vatican, the all time worst. Meanwhile they want you to believe that Assad is bad because Syria stands in the middle in their little game against the rising power of the East of the world. Give me a fucking break. Look what's going on in Yemen, yet nobody is talking about it People need to wake up as fast as they can and realise what's actually going on in the world. AL Qaeda and ISIS are tools to serve a purpose, and it is not the purpose of some disgruntled loner fanatic group. They are and have been too well funded and strategically placed to begin with. Divide et Impera. Old Roman Empire tricks
  2. UK's third largest party 'will back second Brexit vote' Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that her party would undouctedly support a second referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, if the matter was taken to a vote in the house of Commons. She suggested, however, that the Scottish National party would seek a guarantee that Scotland would not be forced to accept the terms of any Brexit deal if the country once again voted to remain in contract to the rest of the UK. Speaking on the 's Andrew Marr show, Sturgeon said: "Our bottom line is membership of the single market and the customs union. I cannot envisage the SNP MPs voting for something that doesn't contain that. Don't forget Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU." Her comments came as up to a hundred thousand people marched through Edinburgh on Saturday calling for Scottish independence. It's one of a number of recent events, organised by the pressure group All Under One Banner, which have been taking place across the country. The marches coincide with the start of the SNPs annual conference in Glasgow. The renewed calls for independence will be encouraging for the SNP, although Sturgeon feels that these are driven by confusion over Brexit. β€œI will set out what I think the next steps are when we are at the end of this phase of negotiations,” Sturgeon told Marr. β€œThe future EU-UK relationship is the context in which Scotland would decide that question of independence, so it will shape some of the answers to questions people have." The SNP is the third largest party in Westminster and as such would have significant sway in any knife-edge vote on a second referendum or final Brexit deal.
  3. What is Calvin Harris' role in the video btw
  4. Yes, keep dancing while everything goes to hell
  5. European council president Donald Tusk has destabilised Theresa May's Brexit plan after saying on Thursday it "will not work". Mr Tusk's damning statement in Salzburg comes as European leaders have ramped up the pressure on the Prime Minister, despite her insistence her Chequers deal is the only route to an agreement. May's plan involves keeping parts of the single market after Britain leaves the European Union but she has been told it cannot be cherry-picked. Mr Tusk said of the so-called Chequers proposals: "the suggested framework for economic cooperation will not work, not least because it risks undermining the single market." He also set an alarming deadline for the Prime Minister saying, "The moment of truth for Brexit negotiations will be the October European Council. In October, we expect maximum progress and results in the Brexit talks."
  6. Awful Why would anyone do that?