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  1. Amen She's clearly unhappy about it judging by that one post alone If they were to go ahead with it regardless it would just prove they have ulterior motives to begin with
  2. No actually, they can't Madonna's created several companies back in the 80s and early 90s which are the sole owner of her copyrighted work Money or not, if she doesn't want her work featured on this project she can definitely veto it See Webogirl, BoyToy Inc etc etc Not even Warner can use her work without her explicit consent That's why the market hasn't been flooded with cheap Madonna collections ever since her last WB release in April 2010
  3. Well, bingo The answer is in the question itself I was wondering about that too If they're willing to go ahead without her approval and licensing of her copyrighted work it already doesn't bode well as to the intentions behind it I cannot think of any other reason in the face of Madonna's clearly objecting to it
  4. And that alone should be sufficient to alert to the real intentions behind this. It's not like we haven't seen this sort of thing being rolled out at Madonna before. Then again she said it all in that post, she obviously has more info about the project from her insiders that we can try and speculate on, otherwise she wouldn't have been so evidently dismissive of it to begin with
  5. Exactly what I was trying to convey, thank you
  6. Of course any third party description or depiction of Madonna will not change how a fan values her, but you can't deny there's an annnoying pattern of an attitude from many other stars, predecessors, contemporaries or otherwise, who are often given a media platform just so they can bash her. Look at how she was being portrayed in the press during the second half of RHT over her private family issues, obviously she was automatically made out to be the villain, look at the Prince tribute nonsense etc, and now right after her eloquent BB speech there's tons of people coming out and exemplifying those very same words
  7. Exactly, thank you People can be so naive, the project is being touched by x and y so it automatically means they have good intentions If she has posted that response, and at this early stage, she sure must have her reasons
  8. Actually they're all interrelated aspects and facets of the same underlying issue Of course it has ALL to do with this movie and Madonna's palpable wariness about it, I cited Annie Lennox etc as an example of the lack of respect, lecturing etc Madonna is frequently treated to by her peers and predecessors, who no matter how brilliant artists in their own right they might be, haven't even scraped the surface of what is possible and made the cultural impact Madonna has made. Annie Lennox has no right to question Madonna's desire/motives to pose topless at 56 on Interview magazine All people that in the same breath as they are saying Madonna is inarticulate (how curious, all you need to do is look through the gazillion interviews she's done since 1982 to see how inarticulate she is, by most people standards, let alone pop or rock stardom standards) and not what "real feminism" is about (while they have done nothing even vaguely related to that cause or others) have often been found to relish the company of what is historically renowned as a Madonna pet copy project from day one. See the Eltons, Crow, Lennox etc etc The irony
  9. What do you think about Madonna's post? I'm just thinking that if she's already against it maybe she knows stuff about it we don't, she usually lets these things slide by Look at the past three months alone, she's been slated by Lauper, Hynde and Harry, not just three random celebrities, and hasn't said a word and I love her for that. Then there's the every day Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne and that sort of media people. I think it's so unfair how she's constantly used as a talking point for publicity by people who are in no way, shape or form superior to her and she braves all that nonsense with such class and ohwellism. It mustn't feel pleasant though, not all the damn time So maybe that's why some fans may feel a bit wary in regards to this unauthorized project. She clearly isn't ecstatic about it
  10. The thing is Innocence Lost wasn't featuring Hollywood A-list names such as Brett Ratner who coincidentally has actually worked with Madonna in 1999. Look at all the Annie Lennox etc coming out of the woodwork and doing U-turns after Madonna has been so generous and appreciative of them. That's what I don't want to see, whether it will affect her career or not is besides the point, just sick of the constant rewriting of history from people who frequently wouldn't be far off from cozying up to the biggest manufactured Madonna copy project in music history
  11. This is what I was thinking of thx If this project has negative intentions they can kiss Webo Inc bye bye 🙋 Which is why I love her so much, she has total control and the last say on her copyright owned material
  12. I stopped reading when they wrote that Madonna failed at a rock band. Never mind her and Steve Bray are the only successful thing to come out of those early days bands. If anything any rock band they were envisioning for her failed at Madonna
  13. I have a feeling it could be Innocence Lost 2.0 Probably Madonna knows stuff about this project that we are not aware of, otherwise she wouldn't have expressed herself about it in those unequivocal terms Wasn't Dan Gilroy doing a documentary about her too? Or is it the same project?
  14. She has spoken indeed And very unequivocally too