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  1. The former Pope and his older brother Georg. Part of a different Catholic sect called Opus Dei. Once again very popular in high ranking financial circles. Different name, same shitty and secretive M.O.
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/07/17/trial-set-case-donations-popes-hospital-kids/484913001/ Trial set in case of donations for pope’s hospital for kids. Money destined to children care used by Cardinals to foot the bill for their property renovations VATICAN CITY - Other than St. Peter’s Basilica, there is hardly better real estate in Vatican City than the sprawling penthouse apartment in the Vatican gardens, where the rooftop terrace has in-your-face views of the dome itself and overlooks the hotel that Pope Francis calls home. The 300-square-meter (3,230-square-foot) bachelor pad, belonging to the previous pope’s second-in-command, looked even better after undergoing a 422,000-euro ($481,000) face-lift. Who footed the bill? The Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital foundation, which raises money for sick children at the “pope’s hospital” in Rome. A recent Associated Press investigation uncovered a secret 2014 Vatican probe that found that the hospital’s mission under its past administration had become “more aimed at profit” than patient care. Now the renovations at Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone’s flat have sparked a criminal trial that shines a light on how some of that money was spent. The Vatican on Tuesday will put its past hospital president, Giuseppe Profiti, and former hospital treasurer, Massimo Spina, on trial on charges they diverted hospital donations to renovate Bertone’s retirement fixer-upper. The Vatican tribunal, located just steps away from the palazzo in question, has warned the two defendants would be tried in absentia if they don’t show up. It’s the latest financial scandal to strike the Holy See as Francis works to clean up centuries of shady business dealings in the walled-in, 44-hectare offshore city state, the world’s smallest. And it comes as Francis copes with the fallout from the embarrassing exit of his top financial adviser, Cardinal George Pell, who returned to his native Australia last week to face trial on years-old sex abuse charges. Profiti, who had been appointed hospital president by Bertone in 2008, has said the 422,000 euros in hospital foundation funds that he used to spruce up Bertone’s home was an investment, since he intended to use it for fundraising events for the hospital. “The presence of Your Illustrious Eminence as a guest at these events would be a guarantee of a certain success in terms of participation and relative economic and institutional return,” Profiti wrote Bertone in a Nov. 7, 2013 letter pitching the idea. He proposed that the soirees take place in Bertone’s own home, with its glorious views and close-to-the-pope pedigree, to “give a further sense of exclusiveness and privilege” to potential benefactors. Bertone readily agreed, replying the following day that he would take care himself to ensure that “third parties” — and not the foundation — would pay for whatever renovations were needed. Whatever happened to those “third parties” is unclear, but Bertone himself spent 300,000 euros of his own money for the work on top of the 422,000 that came from the foundation. Bertone’s successor as Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, has said the trial is evidence of the transparency Pope Francis wants to bring to the Catholic Church’s finances. “And it’s only right that everyone accounts for his or her own behavior,” Parolin said last week when the indictments were handed down. Bertone wasn’t charged or placed under investigation, even though he personally benefited from the donations. After the scandal broke in 2015, Bertone made a 150,000-euro “donation” to the hospital for research, but insisted he had no idea the foundation had paid for his flat repair. Similarly not charged was the Castelli Re construction company or its owner, Gianantonio Bandera, a longtime Bertone associate who pocketed nearly a quarter-million euros for the whole project. The indictment, in fact, accuses Profiti and Spina of “illicitly using money belonging to the Baby Jesus foundation to benefit Bandera.” It wasn’t the first time the foundation’s cash had been used for eyebrow-raising ends: In 2012, the foundation headed by Profiti spent 24,000 euros to ferry Bertone by helicopter to southern Potenza to open a satellite branch of Bambino Gesu. Profiti justified the expense by saying Bertone’s busy schedule required he fly to attend the launch. Bertone’s apartment is owned by the Vatican, but was assigned to Bertone for his personal use after he retired as Pope Benedict XVI’s secretary of state in 2013. Located on the edge of the Vatican gardens, the third-floor apartment in the Palazzo San Carlo sits in the shadow of the two-room hotel suite where Francis lives and preaches his “church of the poor and for the poor” gospel. Ironically, the Vatican’s financial intelligence agency is located in the same building. Bertone has defended his apartment’s relatively large size — some 3,230 square feet (300 square meters) — by saying other cardinals have even bigger apartments and that he lives there with a secretary and three nuns who help care for him, and that he needed the space for his archive, library and chapel. His former boss, Benedict, has occupied prime real estate on the other side of the Vatican gardens, taking over an entire converted monastery after he retired in 2013. Profiti resigned suddenly as president of the hospital in January 2015, nine months into a new three-year term. According to the AP investigation, a secret Vatican-authorized task force concluded in 2014 that under his administration, the hospital’s mission had been “lost” and was “today more aimed at profit than on caring for children.” The AP inquiry found that children sometimes paid the price as the medical center expanded its specialized transplant services, increased volume and tried to cut costs, with overcrowding and poor hygiene contributing to deadly infections. One extremely drug-resistant superbug outbreak that wore on for nearly two years killed eight children in the hospital’s cancer ward. The hospital has called the AP report a “hoax” and denied problems Parolin said some issues flagged by hospital staff were “truly unfounded” but acknowledged there were past problems that the current administration was working to fix. After the task force turned in the results of its three-month investigation in April 2014, the Vatican ordered a second in-house clinical assessment into childcare at the hospital. After a three-day visit in early 2015, that investigation found the hospital in many ways was “best in class.” There’s no indication either report was provided to Italian public health authorities, who pay most of the hospital’s bills and technically have clinical oversight over it. At the same time, a Vatican-ordered external audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers confirmed in 2014 that the hospital’s mission had been “modified in the last few years” to focus on expansion and commercial activities without sufficient governance controls. The audit, portions of which were obtained by the AP, flagged particular problems with the fundraising foundation. PwC found that five years after it was created, the foundation still didn’t have an executive committee, audit board or organizational model as called for by its statutes. The audit and details of the Bertone apartment renovation were first revealed in a 2015 book, “Avarice,” by Italian investigative journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi. Fittipaldi and another Italian journalist were subsequently put on trial at the Vatican for having obtained leaked Vatican documents. The court ultimately ruled it had no jurisdiction to prosecute them. In April of last year, Fittipaldi published the exchange of letters between Profiti and Bertone detailing Profiti’s proposal to use the cardinal’s apartment for fundraising events. “I’m just sorry that Bertone was allowed to stay in his penthouse, while the journalist who discovered the scandal ended up on trial,” Fittipaldi said in an email last week. “Different standards for different people.” Same hospital Melania Trump visited while in Rome recently
  3. Absolutely right on everything and it is frustrating that it is never echoed enough in the media. The new Pope is just another facade character and underneath that fake image of humble little priest from the local parrish lies Business As Usual. Moreover he's the first Jesuit Pope in 500 years of their military order existence and for anyone who knows two things about IHS the Company of Jesus history that it's alarming enough in itself. This Pope Bergoglio Argentinian of Italian descent has helped kill so many people during the Pinochet years in Argentina and has perpetrated the Roman Catholic Church's trademark and historical child abuse cover up habits Why do they keep moving these serious offenders from one place to another, one country to another, effectively merely relocating them rather than consigning them to secular authorities to be put on trial for their crimes as it should instead be the case? This is the first bad sign that the Vatican is a political entity above any other political entity on Earth and their legal systems. Also people are never exposed enough to how much bad influence the Vatican wields on Washington D.C. who they use as their operative arm for imperialistic designs. Most if not all US Presidents have studied at Jesuit Institutions and Universities. Same for most in the media and most in the Goldman Sachs and banking circles. Coincidence? The Jesuits are the most powerful crime syndicate in the world
  4. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nun-helping-priests-sexually-abuse-deaf-children-argentina-japanese-kosaka-kumiko-charged-a7721126.html A Roman Catholic nun from Japan has been arrested and charged on suspicion of helping priests sexually abuse children at a school for youths with hearing disabilities in Argentina, authorities said. Kosaka Kumiko was also charged with physically abusing the students at the Antonio Provolo Institute for children with hearing impairment in northwestern Mendoza province. Local media showed the 42-year-old nun in handcuffs and wearing her habit and a bulletproof vest as she was escorted by police to a court hearing. Kumiko, who was born in Japan but has Argentine citizenship, denied any wrongdoing during the eight-hour hearing late Thursday. Authorities say that Kumiko lived at the Provolo Institute from 2004-2012. She had been on the run for about a month before she turned herself in this week The case against the nun was launched after a former student accused of making her wear a diaper to cover up a hemorrhage after she was allegedly raped by priest Horacio Corbacho. Corbacho, fellow priest Nicola Corradi and three other men were arrested last year after they were charged with sexually abusing at least two dozen students at the Provolo Institute. They are being held at a jail in Mendoza and have not spoken publicly since the arrest. If found guilty, the accused face 10 to 50 years in prison. Corradi had earlier been accused in Italy of abusing students at the Provolo Institute in Verona, a notorious school for the deaf where hundreds of children are believed to have been sexually assaulted over the years by two dozen priests and religious brothers. Advocates for clerical sex abuse have expressed anger that Corradi wasn't sanctioned by the Vatican and allegedly went on to abuse children in Pope Francis' native Argentina. Victims and prosecutors say the anal and vaginal rapes, fondling and oral sex allegedly committed by the priests took place in the bathrooms, dorms, garden and a basement at the school in Lujan de Cuyo, a city about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) northwest of Buenos Aires. A Vatican investigative commission recently visited Mendoza to learn more about the case against the priests
  5. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/19/europe/german-choir-abuse/index.html
  6. Which leads me to believe Christopher is seething in a corner right now He'll probably do something stupid, come out with a statement or post that will expose him as the mastermind behind all of it Pathetic They have certainly succeeded with their Malawi timing and in drawing most of the attention away So annoying
  7. Don't be fooled She owes her career to Mottola He got her songwriters, producers and those 50 cent single deals Without Mottola she would have amounted to nothing Zero intellect and much less ARTISTRY Only that generic "belter" soulless voice you can find in any talent show these days And her shrieking / shrilling contests So it's ending how it started The difference is when the mask slips off you see the real thing And that's why she's always been horrible to other singers because she knows they know it's a known industry deal Her mother running to give interviews about how they fear for her career since they were getting a divorce etc .... She's always hated Jennifer Lopez because Jennifer had an affair with Mottola too and was given tracks that were meant for Mariah Transparent and pathetic She's at the total opposite end as far as work ethic goes of a Madonna She didn't marry for a career, she worked very hard for it and it shows
  8. Who would have thought one day we would have had a MC "studying" Madonna's performances and badly ripping them off? I thought she said Madonna hadn't been famous since she was in the eighth grade And that was 20 years ago
  9. I feel sorry for the people who still don't get it Why give money to this lush so that she can half arse her way around doing the same 4 songs over and over and in the same chaise lounge set Well, if it makes them happy The money she couldn't get out of Pecker she is going to fleece out of them Janet is much more astute in this regard Career gone aside, it is obvious she needs help on a personal level But hard to find it among the sycophants she's always loved to surround herself with DAHLIN Reap what you sow
  10. Totally There's a logic and a connection between everything She always looks so demure and like she has any taste And in 1992 they called Madonna classless When in fact when you look at something like SEX, it's high photography of the first order Mariah Carey is Mary Carey level of brains plus a Tommy Mottola who gave her a career
  11. The EU's chief Brexit negotiator has urged the UK for more "clarity" on where it stands on key issues such as citizens rights and the "divorce bill". Michel Barnier said progress had been made in talks with David Davis in areas where the UK position was clear. But there were still differences on how citizens' residence rights will be "guaranteed" and how it will maintain the common travel area in Ireland. He was speaking at a media conference at the end of the second week of talks.
  12. Stupid bitch So there's even more to this story