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  1. Macron was Jesuit trained too, surprise surprise
  2. Zionism and Jesuitism work in synchro by the way Most US presidents are Jesuit educated The current one included Poor Trump has yet to realise perhaps that if he wants to continue sitting there he must never contradict the papacy and a Jesuit papacy of all papacies
  3. Why? You can still find rich men who aren't into this creepy family
  4. Supposedly, technically they are I don't think they are or have ever been practicing followers Their only religion or faith is in controlling the global money supply and engineering faux revolutions such as the Arab Spring in Northern African countries To name just one recent example Or the mess of Ukraine, which was a set up against Russia from the word go George Soros is frequently associated to them People who so openly embrace jesuitism and zionism obviously go against every possible interest of actual Jewish believers And by extension Christians, Muslims, people of other faiths and atheists, anyone who doesn't want to impose their beliefs on others Most people confuse being anti-Zionism and American and British foreign policy of forever with being anti-semitic which is absurd These people truly follow Judaism and despise the criminal Zionist political movement
  5. By the way Happy 49th Bday singing budgie !!!! Many happy returns
  6. She's wearing Dolce and Gabbana