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  1. Poor Kirsty. Scienthology stole her mind. Are John Travolta, Will Smith and Tom Cruise still part of that Nazi Hubbard cult?
  2. Yearly drill operations. But the US govt is also preparing for a war against Russia
  3. Why is Mr Dump sending all these troops, tankers and drones to Europe? But he cannot be bothered with dealing with US citizens health? Unbelievable https://ilmanifesto.it/30mila-soldati-dagli-usa-in-europa-senza-mascherina/ 30,000 US soldiers on European soil not even wearing masks. Many of these soldiers come directly from the National Guard selected from 15 US states
  4. This epidemic is Trump's first REAL emergency he's had to face since taking office. And he's making an even bigger fool of himself domestically and internationally. This will be worse than the other controlled puppet Bush Jr handling of Katrina He tried hard domestic PR wise with the (unlawful by international law) killing of that Iranian General back in early January, pre Virus. He still fell hard on his orange dumb ass So now he's banned ALL travel from Europe, UK and Republic of Ireland included. Why not doing that from the start?? They ARE European countries
  5. John Pilger introduces the world premiere of a new documentary that uncovers a hidden and sustained campaign to undermine the idea of a British universal free health care system
  6. Australian journalist and researcher John Pilger's "The War on the NHS" documentary Trailer and British Film Institute presentation John Pilger's new documentary, THE DIRTY WAR ON THE NHS, "goes to the heart of the struggle for democracy today", he says. Britain's National Health Service, the NHS, was the world's first universal public health service. Designed to give millions of people "freedom from fear", the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model inspired by America's disastrous health insurance system, which results in the death every year of an estimated 45,000 people. Now President Trump says the NHS is "on the table" in any future trade deal with America. Filmed in Britain and the United States, this timely, compelling documentary touches us all and reveals what may be the last battle to preserve the most fundamental human right
  7. War mongerer? Yes Advocating a no-fly zone over Syria was never going to be a great idea. But a huge incentive down the road to WW3, we might have it anyway, but we'd have gotten in it in 2017 had Hilary been elected. To quote another poster "she's not for the people", never was As Secretary of State, through her foreign policy actions, from the 2014 Crimean crisis to countless other examples, she fully embodied and subscribed to a neocon political document/protocol/to do list, from a think tank created in 1997, and eventually published in the year 2000 which is titled PNAC Project For A New American Century - Rebuilding American Defences Here's a quote from that document The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic or catalyzing event, such as a new Pearl Harbour
  8. @Raider of the lost Ark do you think that speaking at a conference while sponsored by the Saudis doesn't pose questions? Is it just a detail? A footnote in her political history? Saudi Arabia and AlQaeda got blamed squarely by US authorities over 9/11. She said that AlQaeda was created by the US and its precious CIA in 79 to serve their purpose against Russia. I don't find this a casual or minor detail at all tbh So it's not just the vote on Iraq Part Deux, which by the way, another "minor detail", was by all international standards an illegal act of aggression committed by two Western countries with no UN resolution in sight, based on a pathetic lie sold as the ultimate solid truth, to top it all off
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