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  1. The QE gimmick is the greatest scam ever, in the US and Europe alike. Printing money like there's no tomorrow. De facto just creating more debt and dependency. Then the powers that be decide to pull the plug and it's 2008 all over again, only ten times worse
  2. Totally And by the way I'd like to add that Israel, Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman etc, who are factually and mainstream recognisedly linked to 9/11 by the way) and the Sunnite element of Islam are the worst. But all US governments and its intelligence agencies, plus the UK and other European countries with the addition of the Vatican and the Jesuits in particular are accomplices to this great hypocrisy. See Yemen, among most recent citable examples And as for Syria? A millennial and culturally rich civilization where Christian minorities have always been respected. That's the Shiite part of Islam. But no way the enemy is those fucking ugly inside and out Saudi Royals who stone people to death and throw them off buildings, to whom all the West bows down to, including the British Royal family, in fact, starting with them Our own western governments have been acting recklessly, hipocritically and with total unaccountability and impunity over many of these issues for decades, with the excuse of "protecting the people" (from an enemy of their own creation and their own fruition). Many people lap all the bs up. But yes "we are exporting democracy", dream on
  3. Scary pictures Surreal Dreadful situation
  4. Lies lies, excuses Killing a foreign high ranking official abroad, with zero legal international mandate constitutes in fact a declaration of war. The UN is officially dead. Iraq part Deux, Libya, Syria etc etc have taught nothing to the mighty West have they. Keep machoing and butchering your way through the world with ZERO second planning whatsoever Iran was on the cards just like all the other Middle Eastern countries attacked unilaterally and illegally by all International standards (with the occasional help of the UK) long before 9/11 even "happened" Meanwhile, keep pouring money into sick Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US and the UK that is. It's just crazy
  5. Same feelings for me I really would like to know what the people who voted for Johnson and the ones who voted for Brexit in general three and a half years ago think or maybe they don't think at all. After Thatcher's and Blair's alike deindustrialization and wild privatisations policies the UK doesn't produce anything at all, industrially speaking. Its ACTUAL economy pales in comparison to the economies of Germany, France and Italy Their only source of revenue is the advanced services sector, finance, insurance and a heavily rigged and overpriced property and rent market. That source of revenue can only continue to subsist within the realm of EU membership. It's all a joke really. I bet many people from the countryside and smaller towns are truly deluded enough with their ridiculous empire nostalgia. Too bad
  6. Breaking News A new draft Brexit deal has just been agreed between the UK and EU ahead of a meeting of EU leaders. But Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party is not happy with it
  7. Some people in England are still nostalgic about the Empire days or worse, still think it's the Empire days. After Thatcher and Blair's unsubtle deindustrialization efforts you take the UK out of the EU (which needs to be modified anyway, granted) and its "fictitious" third economy of the continent status thanks to the insurance, financial, property and service sector is reduced to sheer worthlessness. So the irony is double. From any perspective you look at this from, it's always the British political class that have brought this about on the country through the decades Besides, you cannot want access to the single market and its benefits but feel free to not want some of the obligations and downsides. Too fucking convenient
  8. Cannot believe it's been over three years we've been talking about this, sigh
  9. https://www.ft.com/content/5c2602b4-be63-11e9-b350-db00d509634e Boris Johnson has accused former chancellor Philip Hammond of undermining the government’s strategy with a “terrible collaboration” with the EU to thwart the UK’s departure from the bloc. During the first “People’s PMQs” — a Facebook Q&A where the prime minister answers questions from members of the public — the prime minister delivered a coded critique of MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit, such as Mr Hammond, who have taken a public stand against his strategy. “There’s a terrible collaboration, as it were, going on between people who think they can block Brexit in parliament and our European friends,” Mr Johnson said.
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