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  1. Great meeting you, Alessandro! Your accent is lovely :-)
  2. It's me in the picture with Kat and Alessandro. Last night's concert was AMAZING! She didn't perform Holiday, but she did do Love Spent. Round 2 tonight!
  3. She looks great...especially the hair. Those boots are awesome!
  4. Awww...that's a sweet picture. I love Carlos!
  5. Madonna's Birthday Poem to Melissa I would totally bid on this if not for the $100,000 starting bid price! I seriously can't believe this guy obtained all this stuff for only $150!!! This is the equivalent of finding a winning lottery ticket... Furthermore, why would Melissa keep all this stuff in a storage facility given its value??? If Madonna wrote me a poem, it would be displayed somewhere in my house; not sitting in storage!
  6. OMG! This is like a Madonna fan's dream!!! These pics are amazing....and the journals too! I love seeing M's notes...
  7. It's great that M's music has been exposed to new generations...and people are appreciating her influence and music! If someone was to ever create a Broadway show using M's music, I think it would do really well. So glad this show was a success!
  8. I LOVED Glee last night!!! WWMD...M should create new merchandise ASAP!! I thought all the songs were great, but really enjoyed EY, LAV, and LAP. And, Sue was hilarious! Overall, awesome tribute to Madonna!
  9. She looks gorgeous! It looks like she's using the sunglasses case from her H&M line in that pic of her in the car....
  10. Exciting news! Especially the D&G campaign!!!
  11. All of the pics are great! The ones of her in that birthday dress are stunning...she looks so amazing and sooooo happy! By the way, I totally think she should sell a replica of that Madonna outfit she's swimming in during her next tour. It would be a hot item at the merchandise stand.
  12. M's arms are amazing! She inspires me to have muscular arms. I don't get why people are so put off by how they look. Even if that pic is fake, which it probably is, it takes a lot of hard work to get the arms she has!
  13. I LOVE it!!! I can't wait for the video and US radio better play this song!!!
  14. Awesome!!! I cannot wait for this to be released...always exciting when new M stuff is right around the corner!!!
  15. Bingo wings? WTF??!!! She looks fab!!!
  16. Her statement is very touching. I imagine that she is quite shocked and upset by this tragic news...
  17. She looks good...very Madonna! I love those boots!!!
  18. Someone should've sent that horse to kick the crap out of the paparazzi who took those pictures.
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