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  1. It’s very telling that he thought spike lee’s speech was about him. He knows he represents hate.
  2. You can’t be serious, malaria trump is a BIRTHER. She has trashed many people and her dumb campaign “be best” is a joke.
  3. I just saw a bunch of trump supporters on CNN and they are scary they fear everything and think trump says the things they have in their minds... Ew
  4. I hope it becomes a single. It is VERY Madonna and I love everything about it.
  5. Hahahahaha I didn't cry but I got chills! Lol
  6. Thanks! For some reason The official replay doesn't work for me.
  7. This first single is much better than 4 minutes and Give me all your love.
  8. I love this song! I need to carry on just like M says!! Thank you Madonna I Will always love your music.
  9. I adore this simple but effective song! It is very loungy dance! I love the message, can't wait for the remixes!
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