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  1. The main 2 album covers have so much meaning and thought put behind them and the guitar one was just...a nice photo
  2. There are probably no remixes cuz of the C*sey Sp**ner lawsuit?
  3. He's on his IG getting botox and showing off the place he's staying in
  4. I cannot STAND them!!! They're all over the comments calling her all sorts of misogynist names and spreading lies. I thought they were haters but every single profile I clicked had a Madonna post in their pics
  5. He's dragging her now, he just RTed someone on twitter who said it's a bad song
  6. Saw these on facebook - "He took a buyout for publishing, he said it himself. Then he got fucked on the taxes, and now wants a NEW deal for 1% of tour profits. That is no one's fault but him and / or his manager. He admitted that he sold his publishing rights for $25K - rather than opt for a percentage of publishing." "Yeah, basically he’s mad that he fucked up and now is blaming Madonna. Also I’ve followed him on Instagram for years and he kind of flaunts the fact that he stays everywhere for free when he travels, basically for years now? He just rooms with locals/fans in whatever city he’s in."
  7. Naomi's March issue! March is usually the second best selling month for fashion magazines
  8. This was their third biggest selling issue so far this year with 215,394 copies, about 6,000 less than the best selling (Kate Moss in May)
  9. What is it about Madonna that makes everyone's common sense and moral decency fly out the window? If it's not celebrities like Elton John and Cher calling her a cunt and getting no pushback from it (while everyone wanted her head on a plate for calling Lady Gaga reductive), it's Emma Gonzalez spreading fake news in the name of self righteousness. I just don't think Madonna can win in today's SJW society which makes her activism even more admirable
  10. I thought it was great! Good concept, good outfit, good vocals, good choreography etc!! She was personable and seemed to be enjoying herself more than she did at the BBMAs. With the way God Control is structured it could've been a mess live but it was perfect. I love that so many of the RHT dancers are still with her this era Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper's ex) was there with Riccardo skskskssks
  11. Is it just me or is the deluxe booklet a bit of a mess? All the photos with the instruments are at the beginning, the manifesto pops up randomly and the rest are in a seemingly random order. The standard booklet has better flow of imagery imo
  12. That's another thing that had me shook! The way her friends came to get her and brushed off the whole thing in seconds. It seemed like she wanted to touch upon the #metoo movement and how victims are expected to simply get over what happened to them. This is just another brilliant example of how she weaves her own personal history into a bigger message p.s. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you
  13. I was prepared for the club shooting cuz we all knew it was gonna happen, but I was taken aback at the mugging. I can't believe she had the guts to go there and reenact something that happened to her many years ago
  14. How cool! This song grew on me like a rash, bonus points for not mentioning PDF File Jackson
  15. Thank you so much for posting @Nikki!!! I'm surprised she admitted to reluctantly making the last 3 albums
  16. I thought she was cute and personable! Not understanding people on twitter saying it was worse than Graham Norton
  17. The fact that "hello everyone" and "konichiwa" took 2 separate takes
  18. Well.....she might as well go full Trolldonna and do her cover of Toxic to please the millennial gays
  19. Probably just her online store but irl and more expensive
  20. The writer is @richjuz He gave Damita Jo a 7.8 FYI
  21. That Rich "person" works for Jezebel aka the website that published the Medellin review from someone who said Madonna only adopted David so she could fuck him
  22. I listened to the clips briefly but I'm gonna wait. I haven't listened to a Madonna album for the first time on release day since AL, I want to experience that again!
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