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  1. I can't wait to hear this. I wonder if Lana was familiar with the song before she recorded it
  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    omg he even made a second account when his first one was suspended and would reply to himself. Tragic
  3. So apparently the creative director of Harper's Bazaar and editor of V magazine, Stephan Gan, is about to be exposed for being a major sexual predator. Gaga is close with him and these mags are pretty much the only ones she's appeared on the cover of in the last few years
  4. She posted a video from her dressing room on her IG story...there was a sign taped up to her mirror that said SOLD OUT - 14,500 PEOPLE lol. She's so insecure
  5. All the guest editors of Vogue Paris do an article where they talk about their inspirations...she also had Princess Diana and Whitney
  6. Miss Rita slays so hard Madonna had great foresight when she chose her as the Material Girl spokesmodel
  7. Janet Jackson thread

    I saw her last night and I loved it!! I've never really liked her as a performer until last night. Her performance style is more refined/graceful/sleeker now and I think it works so well, I definitely prefer it to her other tours. She looked perfect and the energy was great, the crowd was pretty dead but she won them over by the second act. All the basics and soccer moms were getting their life to the medleys and What About...but no one seemed to know If lol. I think she was inspired by the Formation Tour in the way the medleys incorporated a lot of samples from other songs However I was shocked @ how low budget the whole thing was. Her intro was basically a Windows Movie Maker/iMovie thing with the projection screen (not a video screen) coming up to reveal her. The crowd barely cheered when they saw her lol. The actual screen was tiny and only showed Windows Media Player graphics and she had roadies everywhere setting stuff up - as soon as she got off her stool for the ballads a roadie walked on stage to grab it?! Also idk what she was thinking with the encore - the Racism interlude followed by 3 Unbreakable songs no one knew, a smoothed out New Agenda and some of I Get Lonely lol
  8. Katy Perry thread

    @Bill I'm so jealous of your concert experience in the pit!!! I saw her last night and wanted to go again today cuz there were pit tickets for $70, but by the time I clicked they were gone :( I've seen pretty much every popstar live (except Xtina) and this was definitely up there with the best shows I've ever seen. The production was absolute perfection - the visuals were flawless and cohesive, the screens were the most HD I've ever seen, the props were always impressive and the staging was impeccable - I feel like Madonna has spoiled us so much that everyone else seems reductive in comparison, but Katy really brought it. Every song was a highlight and had something interesting and new happening on stage. I think my favs were the entire 80s/early 90s section (though I'm not sure why she crammed all her big hits in there), I Kissed A Girl with the giant moving lips, Thinking of You and Swish Swish which was soooo fun. Her vocals were always on point (I thought she was lipsyncing but there were random times she would miss words or do an adlib so idk), she had great presence and her audience interaction was funny and endearing. It was the Halloween show and she spent the whole time looking for fans in costume to meet her after the show. The whole audience melted when she invited a 6 year old girl on stage and asked her to make a wish on a shooting star. My only gripes were that the intro was too short and had little build up, and she should've done The One That Got Away and Wide Awake. I felt bad for her cuz she show wasn't sold out (my row was practically empty) and no one was standing up lol Also the show got me thinking of the weird space she's in career wise and how much criticism she's been getting for everything she says and does. It almost reminds me of how Britney was relentlessly accused for being fake and manufactured, but she was perhaps the most genuine of all her contemporaries. Seeing the Witness tour after watching her documentary and her livestream, I like to think that Katy is similar in how the image and persona she presents is a true extension of who she is, but people refuse to see it because of the polished pop package she presents that can easily be read as artifice. Also I think Katy's place in pop music is as important as ever - pop music is so serious these days that it seems like every new album from a major artist is a ~statement~ armed with tons of speculation and thinkpieces before it even comes out. Witness can be counted as one, but imo what makes the album unique is that she's still figuring out what her statement is, and I feel like people didn't understand that or know how to handle it and dismissed her naivete and honesty (as opposed to the ~realness~ we see in someone like Gaga who "performs" authenticity) as something to criticize
  9. Love this song! Gaga can only dream of writing a song as quirky and unique as Wannabe and Spice Up Your Life, or a ballad as beautiful as 2 Become 1 and Viva Forever
  10. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    She's had 9 #1s since Bitch I'm Madonna went to #1. Truly astounding
  11. oh that account thinks Gaga invented everything, they're always calling Madge a Marilyn tribute act who stole everything from the real queen of pop Janet Jackson
  12. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Which country/countries is the standalone DVD released in? It's listed as an import here but it's cheaper than the local CD/DVD?
  13. That is not dirt cheap lol I'm willing to pay $25 or less but thanks. Last time I saw her my entire section left at 10 to catch the last train