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  1. Thank you! I can't believe that there are people on here using Madonna to defend their support of a pedo. How is it that a thread on child sexual abuse can bring out such ugly, heartless thoughts
  2. The Popcast podcast from the New York Times talked about how he isn't being cancelled and basically said that cancel culture is really about whether or not people can compartmentalize a problematic artist - and everyone has been compartmentalizing him since the 80s. I'm sure lots of people are still stuck on that "good" image of him in the Jackson 5 or during Thriller or whatever, and then there's everything else with the plastic surgeries/skin lightening/baby dangling/snatching Paris from the hospital etc. Child molestation got lumped into that category of stuff no one wants to talk/think about. People have spent decades ignoring half of his life and are really great at it, so for those people (aka a lot of the public and some vile people on here), the doc did not change anything
  3. At the very least, he created the worst kind of abandonment issues when the [white] boys "aged out" of his preferences. Even Sean Lennon said he was tossed aside as a "best friend" once he hit puberty. There's something really insidious about that - like it's bad enough when you get dumped by a friend as an adult. A child doesn't have the psychological resources to cope with such a loss, especially at the hands of the world's biggest artist Anyways the good people of the world need to hurry up and RUIN his reputation so Madonna can rise as the King AND Queen of Pop
  4. Yes and how Paris was trying to get his attention but he was too out of it to even notice, and then when Wade and his wife were wondering if they should go check on him his kids were like ohhhh he's fine. I feel like he was in this state for the majority of their lives
  5. I find this kinda crazy - as the article mentions, countless brands use their ready to wear as clout for the things that actually make money (bags, perfumes, underwear), so why completely kill it off rather than just scale it back? Raf really did a number on their aesthetic and their brand
  6. I watched first part and the Oprah special so far - I was fully prepared come out of it feeling skeptical but I don't understand how anyone could doubt the accusations. Sexual abuse, especially during childhood, manifests itself in different ways when it's not properly dealt with (or even when it is), and most of us would fail to remember precise details of things that happened when we were younger no matter how important. What surprised me most was how manipulative he was not just towards the children, but with their families as well. This whole thing has exposed so much ugliness in people - there's an R. Kelly interview airing tomorrow yet hardly anyone's claiming his innocence, to the point where tweets joking about him are going viral. Why aren't people doing the same thing for Michael? Are his Halloween specials really that life changing that child abuse is the hill that millions of people are willing to die on? So many people have been doing the MOST trying to defend him and you know that they're the same people who "cancel" Madonna for having wrinkles.
  7. ugh tea. Even before his death, everything was excused or at the worst joked about. There was rarely any outright hate or approval. Meanwhile Madonna gets called a racist and slave master because one of her daughters was helping her mom in the kitchen while wearing a white dress I personally don't know what to believe and find it exhausting to even think about at this point, but like everyone has said, this sort of behaviour would never fly with any other celebrity. And even if he was proven to be guilty of every single allegation I'm afraid that he would never get the kind of boycott he would deserve. His work has embedded itself too deeply in our culture and has helped us form so many good memories that the public would never cancel him imo
  8. I'm very happy my country has granted her asylum but unfortunately this will only add to the growing anger our country's conservatives have over Justin Trudeau...there's been backlash after backlash over his handling of Muslims
  9. The rebranding of George W Bush into some lovable grandpa who paints and gives candy to Michelle Obama has been so weird
  10. He's not as hated as the media makes him seem. His last tour was a sell out with floor seats being $500 and tons of people have been paying $500-$1,500 for his Yeezy shoes. He's been in the studio with a pedophile who uses the n-word (he's not black) and his new song with Lil Pump has been doing really well.
  11. True! I was very surprised at some of the lyrics on that album I wonder why she doesn't do a proper tour these days? I think her last real tour (not just a bunch of festivals/residencies with a few solo concerts here and there) was for Vespertine or Volta
  12. I think her latter albums stick to the theme too much, but Utopia could do with being more thematic...it could've been a springtime Vespertine if it weren't for the angsty songs 2/3rds way in. No one wants to hear "sue me sue me sue me sue meeeeeeeeeeee" on an album named Utopia lol
  13. I really loved Red Flag, especially that suite of Ratchet Behaviour to Tribal that uses the same beat. This new album is pretty great too but I hate the first song. They deserve a lot of success, I feel like there's such a gap in the market for cool grown up pop music
  14. I totally agree - Medulla was the last time we got proper melodies/accessible song structures, and Biophilia was the peak of her seeing music not as music but as sound or something Vespertine Post Debut Medulla Homogenic (I only got into this like 2 years ago) Utopia Volta Vulnicura Biophilia
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