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  1. I've noticed that the majority of the comments about her "performance" are either positive or defending her, like they laugh but they're quick to point out that she's a legend who can do whatever she wants. Madonna would NEVER get this kind of support
  2. Gorgeous as usual critics have been panning Valerian and saying she's the only good thing about it
  3. and Wey U by Chante Moore! Saving All My Love For You I Have Nothing I Belong to You Exhale (Shoop Shoop) I Believe in You and Me It's Not Right But It's Okay My Love is Your Love Oh Yes Million Dollar Bill Call You Tonight
  4. Danielle Ryan @DanielleRyanJ Jul 14 Beyoncé is literally a female version of Kanye West. Full blown narcissist. I can't understand the insane reverence around her. Danielle Ryan @DanielleRyanJ Jul 14 Replying to @katyabohdan I had no idea not liking Beyonce was a big racial issue, but nearly every response has the word "cracker" "mayo" or "white ass" ...
  5. Her fans have been all over social media telling people who criticize the pic that they're racists who don't want black women to succeed
  6. I don't get why Whitney got away with saying that and Michael Jackson got away with calling her a snake and heifer yet she's being crucified for this. And I don't get why everyone's up in arms about this when they LIVE for celebrities throwing shade. Mariah practically bases her entire career these days off throwing shade Also people don't seem to understand that creativity is just as important as talent in the music biz if not moreso, putting down the greatest discography in pop music as if it has zero merit
  7. She really doesn't get any credit for inventing leotards tbh. All the pop girls started wearing them after she did and they still do. They were all performing in jeans and skirts before
  8. In America it's her 60th Hot 100 entry and her 31st Top 10 hit, and the first female Top 5 since Taylor Swift back in Feb
  9. I was browsing Lipstick Alley and they had a thread about celebs and someone mentioned that their father was a celebrity chauffeur who drove Madonna to a charity event awhile back...they said she was really chill and down to earth while Mariah was heavily medicated
  10. Who is Chloe that's what I wanna know
  11. This is extra stupid cuz the city she's in is known for being full of immigrants
  12. lmao they chose the right picture but the design is uglier than any Aldo creation So is the CD released separately from the DVD? It sounds like it will be
  13. Yet people are still dragging Katy for apologizing and trying to change her thinking! People on social media are saying she's still racist and homophobic, is only doing this for publicity, will never learn cuz she's a privileged white woman, doesn't deserve praise cuz she isn't owed it, etc
  14. I didn't see that part but apparently it wasn't actually her that did the ranking, it was James Corden guessing for her while they were playing truth or dare. You should watch the other clips from the live stream, she opens up in a way that celebrities rarely do, and talks about her past/struggles/insecurities with sincerity and candor. I'm really impressed not only by how much she revealed but also the light she shone on a lot of important issues and her guests. She never made it about her and made sure all the guests got to share everything they could. Most of the things she did these past 4 days had purpose and meaning imo, even getting her makeup done by YouTubers turned into this thing about how makeup can be empowering lol