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  1. She's always trying to downplay her privilege. When Oprah interviewed her at her parents' house she was like wow! This house is really nice! And Gaga was like oh we got a good deal...my parents had no money.....then they got to her piano and she was like it's not a grand piano, it's a BABY grand piano. We couldn't afford it :)
  2. Her stans on twitter are upset cuz she hasn't said anything about the bombing yet she's been liking posts of herself on social media
  3. This is so scary and awful...her fanbase is so young and it was probably the first big outing without their parents for a lot of them. I saw her live 2 months ago so it especially hits home for me, this could've been me or any other concert goer
  4. I went to Urban today and they had a bunch of displays posters up...not of Gaga, but of her aunt Joanne. Why is she using her dead relative to make money for a company that supports the Republican party?
  5. Have you guys noticed that around 2:30 of Now I'm Following You Part 2 there's a sped up sample of When You Wish Upon a Star? I believe it was the Walt Disney theme song at the time
  6. A lot of the Katy hate is coming from Page Six/the New York Post, which has always supported Trump. But her behaviour really has been weird lately
  7. I think it's aged badly...the use of technology on that tour wasn't perfected until Confessions, and the leaked footage + the footage from IGTTYAS wasn't very good imo
  8. Queen of the Met Ball yet again
  9. The dress isn't cute but Comme des Garcons is all about irreverence and being anti fashion and that's what she did! To show up to the biggest, most elite fashion event wearing a Duck Dynasty outfit - while reminding everyone of the real world - is absolutely commendable
  10. I've always wondered why there are hardly any photos/videos/stories from her days performing in bars and underground clubs or whatever, when there are tons of Madonna despite it being a time when hardly anyone carried a camera
  11. Cuz Lourdes loved the Share My World and Mary albums
  12. I was so disappointed that she didn't stick to the Chinese theme. She was the Versace model that season and they have lots of beautiful vintage Chinoiserie dresses she could've worn. I found it really weird that she went with Moschino when she was supposed to be shilling Versace and I kinda feel like she'll wear something more demure tomorrow cuz she hasn't done 2 outrageous looks in a row
  13. Grace Coddington talked about this shoot in her book and how Madonna balked at a lot of the dresses and setups they had for her. I believe she was in talks to cover Vogue again around 2011/2012 for W.E., but Madonna insisted on using her usual team (Arianne, Andy, her photographer of choice etc) and Anna refused