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  1. Michel Gondry Nan Goldin (she's mentioned that she loves her work) Dr. Dre Rodney Jerkins George Michael Air Royksopp
  2. Definitely Nothing Really Matters (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix) aka one of her greatest remixes imo
  3. Before the Met Gala in 2013 he tweeted "guaranteed selfie with Madonna tomorrow" Kim and Kourtney Legendashian love her - they mentioned her several times in their book about the time they met when they were kids, and Kim had her as her WCW on her app and said that she played Erotica on repeat during her Love magazine shoot with Klein
  4. The Edge Of Glory? So much for a superstar of the new school, what about one of the old school? Lady Gaga's last album Joanne only came out last October, but it has more or less faded from the memory already. It's only chart single of note Perfect Illusion was a true one week wonder, charting at Number 12 largely on the strength of front-loaded sales and then exiting the chart in short order. The second cut which accompanied the long player Million Reasons just never caught fire in the manner hoped and stalled at Number 39 as the calendar turned, not even her Super Bowl performance could help it emulate the kind of chart run it enjoyed back home in America. But the lady didn't get where she is today without attempting a few stunts, hence the surprise debut at her Coachella Festival headline performance of an entirely new track The Cure, one which was released on Saturday last week the moment she came off stage. Mixing things up a little with a tropical house vibe, the single was inevitable a strong seller all week amongst the remaining rump of music downloaders. Number 4 on the sales chart sadly only translates to a Number 23 entry overall as - you guessed it - the track's streams failed to ignite quickly enough (it was the 84th most played single of the week and indeed only managed just over 800,000 total plays). You'd like to think this has some life in it as Gaga going tropical is actually a quite intriguing prospect. But the problem is, it is Lady Gaga. And she just doesn't quite have the profile these days to get through to a crowd who are more interested in Kendrick Lamar. http://chart-watch.uk/index.php/2017/696-week-ending-april-27th-2017
  5. She didn't "announce" anything - David and her parents showed up for the opening but there wasn't even press there. It was really low key and she didn't even mention it until interviewers brought it up weeks later. Both events are huge and it's not like she could've delayed one or the other. And the only time she used "sick children to promote her crappy clothing company" was when she put out a tshirt for World AIDS Day last year with all the proceeds going to UNAIDS, whom she's worked with for years. With that same logic you can argue that Madge used her Tears of a Clown fundraiser to get herself headlines and to promote the Rebel Heart Tour on Showtime tbh and I'm assuming you know very little about fashion cuz her "crappy" clothing "company" gets regular acclaim from the super tough fashion press and celebs are always wearing her clothes. Lest we forget Madonna was the first celebrity to wear one of her dresses in W
  6. They also did Spice Up Your Life during this appearance I think, Mel B dropped her mic while lip syncing and was running around trying to find it while the others tried not to lol :lmao: She got it for her very successful fashion label and for being a UN goodwill ambassador focusing on paediatric HIV/AIDS. Very well deserved
  7. I can't believe the McDs employees had the guts to take his order let alone ask him to wait for the fries....like how do you even do that knowing you're talking to a wanted serial killer who could strike again at any moment lol
  8. Love it @jazzyjan ! Thanks for sharing and typing it up for us !!
  9. My monster friend is telling me that everyone on Gagadaily is complaining about it, saying she was drunk or high, kept missing her cues and dance steps, forgot lyrics, her speeches didn't make sense etc lol
  10. I'm surprised no one on social media's talking about how low energy and sloppy she was? Half the show was like watching the worst of Britney
  11. I watched it with my friend and thought the same! She was sooo out of it like 6 songs in. It was almost like watching Britney perform. Also why was she performing random album tracks instead of her new material?
  12. wow that is the most desperate ad I've ever seen
  13. Why is she playing Coachella when the owner has been exposed for being anti LGBT?