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  1. I totally agree re: Beautiful Killer - I'm sure she knows it's great but I can see why she couldn't fit it on the main tracklisting I still don't get I'm Addicted and I think it's because it's so poorly mixed. That and Masterpiece sound like they're 96 kbps mp3s
  2. In time I hope people come to appreciate this album for how much she revealed on it, intentionally or not. Post divorce and post record deal she ran towards an old image of herself, ran back to old friends (Orbit, who worked on the last album she did before G*y R*tchie happened) and recorded songs that were defiant in their immaturity. The singles were the sound of a woman trying to reassert and reestablish herself both personally and professionally (not a bad thing tbh), and juxtaposed with songs like Falling Free and Gang Bang, they give the album a kind of unfiltered insight into her mind at the time in a way that I don't think she had intended and fans are still trying to get used to
  3. lmao She said in the Billboard speech that she wished she had a female contemporary to lean on in the 90s, so I think that when the new wave of pop girls came along she wanted to give them the support she never had. Perhaps they reached out to her behind the scenes and vice versa - like we didn't even know she reached out to Ellen and Toni Braxton to give them support until years later
  4. omg lollll She was just on The Voice as a mentor for Gwen and she was thirsting for one of the contestants the entire time
  5. That's what she gets for not rihleasing the video ! Anyway she's starring in Bates Motel tonight and she's gonna start filming another movie soon
  6. I think it's because she has such a strong persona that most people don't feel the need to defend her...there's a lot about her that doesn't invite sympathy or empathy. It's made her an untouchable legend, but it also dehumanizes her. In comparison, someone like Britney is defended at every turn cuz she's so vulnerable and projects victimhood
  7. Rebel Heart Tour MDNA Tour Confessions Tour Drowned World Tour Sticky and Sweet Tour The Virgin Tour Blond Ambition Tour The Girlie Show Reinvention Tour Who's That Girl Tour
  8. omg what a fabulous article! I especially love the quote about not singing like a woman...thank you @Jamesy !
  9. oh wow thank you for posting @Jamesy !
  10. I was just in the Madonna UK thread and it made me think about her record deal which I believe is similar to Madge's, which makes Anti's success in America even more remarkable. She seems to have really dropped the ball everywhere else though
  11. omg happy birthday to one of the greatest videos of all time!!
  12. I enjoyed it very much!!! She sounded excellent and had good presence and the staging was creative and different from most pop shows. I'd describe it as a mix between Rihanna's tour and MDNA. The entire first section was an ~homage~ to Madonna! The opening was straight up Vogue Blond Ambition, with dancers voguing in slo mo in the projections, and the next few songs had rising pillars and a church projection that lit up and it ended with her lying on a rising platform with her arm stretched out a la I Don't Give A. Instead of video screens she had a large curtain for projections which was cool but it meant that the lighting was absolutely terrible at times. There were songs where she was the darkest part of the whole stage Also the audience was amazing and on their feet the entire time - she did her entire album and everyone sung along to even the deluxe edition tracks. Whenever I go to younger/newer artists' concerts I just think of how sedate Madge crowds are :( Also Little Mix who opened were amazing I'm gonna lowkey stan them now