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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Which country/countries is the standalone DVD released in? It's listed as an import here but it's cheaper than the local CD/DVD?
  2. That is not dirt cheap lol I'm willing to pay $25 or less but thanks. Last time I saw her my entire section left at 10 to catch the last train
  3. Where/how?? I wanna go too!!
  4. Just saw on twitter that she calls M an opportunist in the doc
  5. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    I totally agree with this. She should've thought about creating/marketing a product that would be a consistent money maker that would keep her name out there no matter what state her musical career is in. Even when Britney had her breakdown and no one wanted to smell like her, her perfumes were still selling extremely well. I love Truth or Dare but 1. fracas isn't a scent for everyone like you said (a lot of online reviews made fun of it for smelling like old people) and 2. there was a huge disconnect between the perfume name/imagery with the actual product - it was marketed as something very sexy yet she kept talking about how it was her mom's fav scent or whatever during interviews. I think she should've released a more mainstream perfume first to establish herself in the market, then work her way into more niche scents
  6. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    This imo. Madonna as a brand can still be very aspirational/cool, but I don't think she's going about her side projects the right way. They don't speak of her cutting edgeness (the Material Girl line could be way cooler than it is) or prestige - I'm sure the MDNA Skin products are good but nothing about the marketing/promo seems to indicate that
  7. I love her...she's always lip syncing to The Immaculate Collection on social media lol
  8. Vogue Sticky and Sweet Tour reaction video

    lol I like how this girl keeps saying how good her voice is...from experience I feel like people who don't have the "she can't sing" thing shoved down their throats think she has an excellent voice
  9. HOLY TRINITY | I'm Breathless

    Back in Business What Can You Lose Vogue
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She just liked Ariana's latest video
  11. Samantha Urbani

    I asked him a looong time ago on twitter what his fav Madonna songs were and I think he said Borderline, Bad Girl and something else
  12. I still see her liking and commenting on pics of M, which is weird Anyways why is Tracy complaining about one recital when she was getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to build her brand? She's like the #1 celeb trainer now all thanks to Madonna. Even Lena Dunham works out with her. Though I kinda doubt this story since Charlie (Nathan's kid) is always around
  13. Broken Appreciation Thread

    She should've given us this instead of It's So Cool imo