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  1. Fell in love all over again last night. The Mirwais songs are sonically incredible. YouTube has much better quality than Spotify with headphones.
  2. Loving Batuka so much ... can't wait to hear the drums live!
  3. This is the grower for me. Loving it more now.
  4. This song is one of the best she’s ever done. It’s one of her most confident songs. It’s a masterpiece. Uncompromising Queen.
  5. When I saw the title of the thread I got excited. I am so waiting for Ciao Bella.
  6. Me too! Her and Miss_Me_Art are fantastic. Oh to be rich enough to buy all the art I crave.
  7. She is an artist who paints/draws, etc. She's fantastic.
  8. In a non ageist world, Madonna would have a number 1 song with this record. It's incredible. A song only Madonna could do.
  9. Disco Balls in the tour performance. It’s going to be incredible.
  10. Yes. Madonna's albums are a road map of my life, especially since I've been an adult. And HC/MDNA/RH/MX are just as good as the others. The moaners just got louder because of social media, etc. MDNA saved my life in many ways after a break up in 2011. I was angry, it was angry. I was trying to move on with some joy, and so was it. I really feel that since COADF (and you could even say with American Life) we get a true album cycle that includes the tour of the album. I didn't get to see Madonna live until DWT. It's been great getting basically a tour an album and it really is such a statement. Her live show accompaniment of the album has taken prominence over the music video for her in many ways. While the tours are likely quite hard on her body and emotions, you can see it's such an artistic adventure she loves and controls.
  11. Like Music, for me the vocals add an urgency/detachment that embodies my love of M/Mirwais together. Total contrast. Stiff is the new hard, redux.
  12. The marriage of Madonna ant Mirwais is this song. It’s so good.
  13. It’s an incredible album. Listened in full today and was transported. Fully uncompromising and artistic ... and the songs are so different. It’s truly a world album.
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