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  1. Just watched The Two Popes (informative but kinda dull) and the Bella Ciao song from Italy was featured. I noticed it straight away. Ciao Bella is one of my most listened to MX songs. It’s glorious.
  2. Yes! Mirwais’s production and Madonna’s voice - with or without effects - is the greatest marriage.
  3. Love the sentiment so much. Thank you for sharing the transcript!
  4. He's sort of not making his case with this post. The lyrics posted are clearly someone speaking English as second language. Mirwais had written the lyrics/sentiment, Spooner really just corrected the grammar. Team Mirwais here.
  5. Rather than attacking Mirwais, I'd say it's possible there is more to this story. Perhaps they are close friends or even lovers. Perhaps Mirwais said to his close friend, "I'm working on this song, does it sound like I mean it?" I have many friends where English is second language and I look at things for them all the time before they send them (work emails, etc). It's possible this "demo" was recorded a month ago? Spooner says himself he got real interested when the work on Mirwais's record stopped so he could focus on Madonna and then Mirwais didn't ask him to help with Madonna even though he wanted to. It could be just as likely Mirwais purposely didn't deceived anyone. And this is simply someone trying to get compensated from a misunderstanding and now is being vindictive because they made a bad deal.
  6. Madonna's MUSIC album as well as AL are some of her most timeless, still current sounding releases. I love the distortion on those albums and I love it on MX.
  7. The tour performance of this song is incredible. Perfect remix. Her singing is incredible. Would be a great fun award show performance.
  8. The Moaners think they have some new reason to pounce.
  9. She’s not stingy with these things. She is fair. She’s playing catch up because of Mirwais. He’s trying to hold her hostage now. Big Mistake imo.
  10. There seems to be no dispute in his version/participation regarding Mirwais and the derivative version. It's literally all there. He's upset because he made a bad deal. I've not seen Madonna's lawyer at all negate his contribution.
  11. She has offered him credit. He took it. Now is broke and wants 1% of her tour profits LOL. It's a bit insane on his part. He's trying to shame her into something. Methinks that don't work on Madonna.
  12. https://www.out.com/music/2019/11/23/casey-spooner-says-madonna-didnt-credit-pay-him-god-control He leads with "Madonna has fucked me over." She has not actually. So bye. I'm sure this will be on TMZ, etc. soon enough. Anything to discredit.
  13. And there you have it. Said way better than I ever could. Madonna's touring CASH comes from MERCH sales...and no one else gets a taste of that.
  14. "this is a Mirwais problem that's become a Madonna problem." That pretty much sums it up. And Mirwais says he told her and she says he didn't - I'm inclined to believe Madonna, who is fair in publishing and royalties with other artists her entire career. I've noticed Mirwais seems a bit out of the loop post-album and now we likely know why. This is the norm in music/songwriting circles when collaborations and language corrections create derivative versions, etc. From what I read, Madonna has, of course, been ultra professional and actually fair regarding offering compensation. It seems now that Spooner sees the $$$ even she's making from just the song is not enough for him and he wants MORE. He wants that live cash, which falls outside the norm for this type of agreement. And so he's taking it public, hoping to embarrass her into paying him more money. It's all kinda gross. Hope it gets resolved. I see no issue with Madonna in this situation. She's doing her thing and not fucking anyone over. Hello Mirwais.
  15. Thank you from everyone for calling out the insanity. Because that's what it is, insanity.
  16. The live version of this song completely elevates the song. She sings it SOOO well onstage. I wish it were a single now.
  17. Her goal isn't Grammy awards and acclaim. We got 5 amazing videos and actual promotional strategy until the tour. It SUCKS she doesn't get accolades but it's likely she never will again. She knows this. I'd hate to see her campaigning. If Bruce isn't getting nominated there's no way she will. That ship has sailed for now. Madonna makes the decisions, so hating Guy is fine but really. She just put her music on Stranger Things and it did exactly what it was supposed to do...promote her to new audiences. It wouldn't have made any Madame X song more of a hit.
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