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  1. I read an article over the weekend that also finally referenced and linked to LaToya’s very public admission of his guilt in the early 90s. Saying how her mother called MJ a fa••ot constantly and showed her copies of multiple large checks written out to the families of his victims. I know this has been “explained” away as her under the influence of brainwashing but she seemed lucid as fuck in the video I saw. She was on news shows and even if she was paid it was not much. She was basically warning the public about her brother.
  2. boy skeffington

    Favorite Original Movie Scores

    Wonderful thread!
  3. boy skeffington


    Bey and him were called out on their falsified streaming numbers, so they can't do it now due to being scrutinized and the truth is evident.
  4. boy skeffington

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I got free tickets to the second LA show. It was not sold out and it was terrible. I was shocked at how bad it truly was. I don't mind his music. The concert was totally phoned in and (gasp) boring. He has this habit of not singing, like Bey or Jancel. He sings a line then lets the backing track take over and asks the crowd to sing along...for like an entire verse. It's all so weird. As usual, seeing another concert makes me bask in the glow of Madonna fandom. We are so lucky, especially since 2001 with concerts. The absolute amazing diversity of 6 world tours is astonishing. AND SHE SINGS!
  5. boy skeffington

    #tornanusthrowback: From the Choirgirl Hotel

    May I have some of .... Jackie's Strength!!!
  6. boy skeffington

    Grammy's 2017

    I preferred Madonna's tribute! Karaoke in a purple suit.
  7. boy skeffington

    Grammy's 2017

    I can't with Bey reading her tired ass acceptance speech. It's all so contrived. I hated the version of FastLove but Adele is authentic at least.
  8. boy skeffington

    Grammy's 2017

    Bey is so Yanni right now. Good staging though but the songs sucks and she doesn't have a stage presence without the bends and snaps. I won't even touch the Tina nonsense. The ending has an #ariel vibe. #littlemermaid
  9. boy skeffington

    Kanye West

    another one who can't handle what Queen M has handled for almost 35 years. i pity these babies who can't get through a tour, either because of their body or mind. Queen of Discipline would never.
  10. boy skeffington


    If you are a woman over 40 and your schtick is to cover your face, they will play you! YAS nothing ageist about that at all.
  11. You are correct. I just read he's tweeting out "Will somebody sue me for my video?" No one care. His thurst for relevance and controversy is real. And truth is Madonna can get more headlines doing a shot of tequila on stage in Kentucky. The only place I've really seen it covered is TMZ...and they have an ongoing deal with the Kardashians and him to cultivate coverage and fake controversy.
  12. In this spirit of this thread...if you have never listened to the album BITTER by Meshell Ndegeocello, please do yourself a favor. It is melancholy heaven.
  13. boy skeffington

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I like the song. He looks a bit like Sam Smith in the video, which is troubling me.
  14. Something else for people with no lives to get upset over.
  15. A press release doesn't make it real people. LOL 20 million people is a joke. Like Bey, Like Riri, Like Gaga...PR. And people believe it. The bigger the claim the less interest there actually is.