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  1. Everyone knows the best moms are the VULGAR moms :).
  2. Interesting premise and am listening now. Happy she is being honored this way. The photos are pretty great too!
  3. I love her. It's clear to me - Her speech, her words, during the women's march were misconstrued and SHE TOOK BACK OWNERSHIP OF HER NARRATIVE from that day and PUT SOME VISUALS TO IT. It's wonderful. She doesn't need success anymore, she just needs canvas.
  4. One amazing pop song after another. She delivered the goods. And I LOVE the cover shown here. It's perfection.
  5. Madonna is not lazy. Her PR team is not lazy. They just don't put effort into addressing people's ick on social media. It's always existed in some form at Madonna and it always will. Madonna simply chooses not to give it power by trying to "Gaga or Beyonce or Taylor" it clean. And for the record, she's never had an overly contrived or "PR heavy" image or team. As an artist, she purposely is polarizing and she accepts it. I think sometimes she gets SHOCKED that certain things make people go crazy. For example, when David was adopted I think she was genuinely shocked and horrified by the reaction it received and therefore went on Oprah HERSELF to end that shit. It worked. She knows the DM will come after her for adopting at 58, twins of a different race, from a different country. She knows this.
  6. False. Humility. (name of follow up to #lemonade)
  7. Flawless Queen. Especially this third image.
  8. I always loved it and it sounds just as good today. The video was heaven.
  9. Bruce Roberts is the songwriter and I know him. He's part of the Dianne Warren/Lady Gagy desperate bid for Oscar team so I highly doubt this is true. He's B list all the way and my memory is that he doesn't like Madonna. Likely a paid story to get someone else to sing his song and TMZ needed a superstar to attach it with so they could run it.
  10. Madonna is not Meryl Streep.
  11. Friendly reminder, Madonna is not a pop star she's a revolutionary freedom fighter who sings, writes, dances, acts and directs. Since Day 1
  12. I always feel a bit like Rosie watching Madonna take photos during the SEX book - "Why are you doing that?" BUT It's why I love her. She has balls of steel and she is a brat. She wants a reaction and she knows that the headlines will keep the story alive. It always ends up being the right thing. That's why she's more than a pop star, she's a role model.
  13. You can't but in this new normal who knows. They may very well try to burn her at the stake for it. I would hate for her to get arrested. I fear someone would harm her. Welcome to the new funny farm.
  14. Love it all. The "blow up" headline is already being taken out of context but if you actually see it she bookends with LOVE LOVE LOVE. She is top of DrudgeReport already but at least if you link to the video you see she is making a point about peace. She knows exactly what she is doing. A polarizing figure til the end. I always just pray that doesn't make her an eventual target of violence. My hero forever!