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  1. I don't buy music anymore. I don't even use stream services #youtube. My ears don't care too much about the delicacies of perfect quality (unless we are talking Madonna). I bought one album in 2015. Rebel Heart.
  2. Based on the Instagram post I think we may be getting an Alice in Wonderland themed video. Twerk through that rabbit hole honey!
  3. It's horrifying to imagine. The conversations here are crazy. I am dumbfounded by how the simple summation of someone's VERSION of things is labelled truth. And these people weren't even there to experience it. Yell the loudest and post a couple cute pics and you somehow get elevated?!?
  4. It's hilarious and terrifying if these peeps here are serious. The mental instability is palpable.
  5. I think that the screen images are comprised of her (and some of Nikke and Diplos) instagram photos.
  6. The performance is amazing! It's SO intricate. This is the TONIGHT SHOW on a TINY STAGE with limited actual prep time. Hell even when she changes jackets in the hallway in the first verse...do you even realize HOW DIFFICULT that is to do on que and get it all correct. She's a pro. She was there for two days rehearsing in their fucking work hallway LOL. Her dancing was on point and she is Madonna. I can't with some people here...truly the worst.
  7. It's owned by NBC and it hasn't even aired on the west coast! Sit down fool!
  8. I am here for a new performance of a song thus far unperformed. People preferring another ghosttown performance for charts sake can literally go watch reruns of Ellen! Geesh!
  9. It's so funny those that are all - "I love it except this one thing." Critical and NOT Madonna. I just envision Cartman behind his computer with no life spouting opinions. Enjoy the freaking ride!
  10. ^^ we got a marketer in here! The show is syndicated and runs at different times in different time zones throughout the day. No lessening of impact.
  11. It's my fav now and definitely one of her best songs ever.
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