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  1. I watch it all the time. Perfection and yes, amazing one off gift of a performance.

    ITG is her most timeless song. Her true essence in song. It's perfection.
  3. Favorite "Beautiful" song?

    Beautiful Killer is one of my favorite songs ever, so it takes it for me!
  4. I've loved it since I was a child in 87! It's a classic 80s romp.
  5. Madonna NEW out and about pics

    She looks wonderful! Anyone know who makes the orange hoodie?
  6. While I worship the Rebel Heart album......

    I can only speak for me but it was the staggering amount of demos/songs. The final album had 25 songs and that's two normal albums for her. I wanted that experience first and then the chance to dive in and enjoy the demos when I needed a new Madonna fix. I have always enjoyed listening to demos independent of my feelings regarding the fact they were stolen then leaked. Of course I want to hear the material however it came to be made public. As an almost three decade long fan, I love experiencing her new music and it's an experience for me. 1-3 demos yes but almost 100...in various forms. I am more deliberate about ingesting then.
  7. While I worship the Rebel Heart album......

    I have never listened, as I didn't want to spoil the "album" experience and it just seemed overwhelming the amount of them. Maybe it's time. Is there a place they are all accessible?
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's a decorative pillow, it's a good message. I don't get the issue with the post.
  9. MADONNA REWIND: "Hung Up" at the EMAs

    The impact can't be understated. It made her an icon to a whole new generation of fans. It's my favorite award show performance by her.
  10. Katy Perry thread

    Legend of Billie Jean realness. #fairisfair
  11. Can We Talk About This Look?

    3 words MILKY WHITE BREASTS #allthewayMay
  12. Katy Perry thread

    The knives are out...reaching Madonna-level out. It means she's actually a threat. And if you slice and dice to make a story you can usually find one and the people reading will often just buy it. Someone's definitely out to sabotage Ms. Perry. Gaga is not a threat, can't buy a hit song, so that's why her dressing like Adolph Jackson for her pre-election performance was not met with any wrath. It had no substance and was more dress up and show off.
  13. Katy Perry thread

    TMZ (the National Enquirer online) and Trump media have the knives out for Princess Katy right now. They are going in. Yet there's the Karashians, Janet and Gaga getting pimped with their paid placements.
  14. The horse accident in 2005...

    It was on her birthday so she was already "in the news" and then with the fall it was huge headline news. It was the lead story on Drudge Report, which even thought it's a conservative news source, tells sort of her relevance. The internet news had the story way before TV outlets. The multiple broken bones and the Christopher Reeve effect being so recent still there was a few hours of WTF for sure. She was coming off Live Aid madness as well, where she got all the headlines.
  15. Most searched female artists of 2017 .Google

    She's got Bey's belly to contend with for Met Gala press. Rest assured Beyonce will NOT miss a grand photo opp to pimp her pregnancy.