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  1. The most instantly accessible and likable song on the incredible MADAME X (along with maybe Crazy and BIL). FG>BIL>Medellin>Soltera I think FG then BIL as the first two singles would have been dynamite. It would also have made people's heads explode and obviously wouldn't have properly represented her vision for the album's theme/visuals.
  2. It's an incredible song...to be played LOUD. And the MXT performance was an absolute highlight.
  3. Still loving this album! A thoroughly contemporary album.
  4. https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-madonna-gum-chewing-date-mary-trump-book-2020-7
  5. The visuals (including the iconic album covers) were flawless.
  6. CRAZY - classic Madonna lyrics and melody - on par with some of her greatest hits COME ALIVE - absolutely elevated by the live performance, which was a highlight of the MX Tour. CRAVE (by far my least favorite song on the album) - I like this song, but it actually feels like the only song on MX that doesn't match the rest of the album. I suspect it was the last song recorded in an effort to give Interscope a more commercial single. Also, the best "C" song on MADAME X is - CIAO BELLA!
  7. We do not. Bless you. She also continues to tour her ALBUMS and not her hits, which reinforces the clear notion that commercial success isn't her primary focus...at all.
  8. It is absolutely everything I love about Madonna. It is her spirit in song.
  9. Justice for Eurovision. Prophetic and relevant. She knew there was nothing to be joyful about.
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