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  1. SADLY the only way humans will change is if nature or meteor makes them change. because we will damn well have to at that point.
  2. he reminds me of that radio host in the 50's who broadcast that aliens were invading. lol
  3. does he have dementia? why would he just wander in there? by accident? if its on purpose fuck him
  4. there was probably something going on behind the scenes like how u see in the movies.....someone probably murdered him....the government etc etc. it just seems so out of place for him to do this...out of character...and a lawyer too.
  5. she feels so entitled and victimized? LMAO stupid. she has pink eye?
  6. lol fake news at it's horniest. i'm sure, sadly, it's real somewhere...in the states.
  7. that guy is gonna blow the lid on that guy with more than 30 guys and grindr messeges. said he was the weinstein of politics.
  8. well thanks for admitting it. lol karllegerfeld is not even offering a solution or helping the situation. he is just shitting on other people...in the name of what exactly? a country? himself? white people? etc. meh people just need to complain to his employers and put pressure on with boycott.
  9. wounded knee was the largest mass murder/shooting in american history...but media now a days say 'modern' mass shooting/murder...but it does feel gross thinking of it as a competition like someone here said. so conerts and big public events are the targets which is so sad because people are celebrating life basically. maybe it's the freedom that they don't like. i dont know.
  10. i'm glad ur friend is ok hector! i wish this senseless terror would stop.
  11. making their sexual fantasies come alive! but like, why low class places, lol.
  12. so they send yet another missile over japan. whats japan supposed to do. just take it???
  13. The far right is planning 9 rallies nationwide this weekend alone http://www.cnn.com/2017/08/15/us/white-nationalists-protests-tally-trnd/index.html?sr=twCNN081517white-nationalists-protests-tally-trnd1144PMVODtop meanwhile in canada, White nationalist groups on the rise in Canada, planning more rallies http://globalnews.ca/news/3670776/white-nationalist-groups-canada-on-the-rise/?utm_source=GlobalSaskatoon&utm_medium=Facebook
  14. when i first watched that i wasnt shocked. but now after it has sunk in. i'm just sad.
  15. well at least the rest of the 'white' people - the "good" ones as some are saying in here - can never deny what white privilege is when the cops didn't react the same.
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