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  1. i wish she would have released this with rihanna and put it on the like a prayer anniversary release. lol dont kill me!
  2. this! for some reason i just noticed that the other day.
  3. so the rumoured second album release this year is.... true or false?
  4. i wonder if steven klein's instagram post about madame x creating a masterpiece or whatever is about the tour or a new video anyway i wish she would put this album on sale multiple times like every single artist out there. but she never does.
  5. madonna always teaching us new things about the world
  6. at first i was like 'dropping on what now' another meerkat. but i'm sure she will drop it on youtube right after same day. its a good place to drop it since she will get the usual suspects screaming at her. the video looks awesome!!!
  7. great promo. i'm still holding out for hope for CRAZY video and faz g. i am also hoping for non controversy with this song/video from media & small percentage of vocal public.
  8. it has tons of streams! lol she wont. we're getting batuka
  9. billboard needs to update with this pic asap
  10. received clear vinyl last week in perfect condition love from canada, madonna!
  11. BAN is there a medellin version without maluma
  12. she probably filmed tour videos too though so
  13. seems just like a promo vid. there isn't even a cover for it like the rest of the singles/promo releases.
  14. she should just keep releasing videos for this era. the songs are awesome.
  15. Are these people buying from official fan site??? or just where ever they can find these items. getting scammed. and not being smart enough to know it.
  16. i wonder if that is her part of her theater set up. and some site said it was filmed so there is hope. maybe just for her own youtube? i wish
  17. thank you for this! you put words to exactly how i felt about the album. like u first week nonstop then second not so much - i let it absorb.
  18. yes i bet it's: vogue american life god control i rise hopefully more! just my guess
  19. i havent read the thread, forgive me, but will this be televised or streamed live anywhere?
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