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  1. LMAO OMG just spit out my kfc
  2. well that explains those sad guitar songs he's been posting on instagram. and since he's a free agent, all the shirtless ones too.
  3. Ray Of Light 20 : Let's Fantasise...

    so she uploaded this on youtube
  4. The reductive Trump of Pop

    this picture tells nothing, its not porn, its not art, its not a debate. its just.......there.....lurking for on lookers....just like her career
  5. wow she really is on tour for a long ass time. when did she find time to do American idol
  6. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    ohhh thats why nick posted a ferret on is instagram, lol
  7. was AMA vibeology perfomance really laughed at afterwares??? some say it was her downfall.
  8. i'm so into Knocked Out lately
  9. The reductive Trump of Pop

    they only talk oscar because bradley cooper *fading star* and the legacy of the movie. i'm sure golden globes will throw her a bone though and nominate it all.
  10. how the hell was she gonna follow up the blond ambition like a virgin version. like a wurgin was the best since it fit perfectly into the girlie show theme - marlene is a big influence on her - classic madonna moment.
  11. The reductive Trump of Pop

    OMG DONTELLA its like she didnt even know wtf the ASL challenge was
  12. wigs but this album cycle is over...move on quickly i hope...
  13. She needs to drop the funny girl schtick and be more real. but not real as in 'let's show a therapy session' real. lol
  14. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    FINALLY an orgasmer i can get behind
  15. The reductive Trump of Pop

    madonna should be the one carrying gargolyes head in her sales, i forgot about the 400,000 plus give away at 99cents....so her sales took a sharp decline after her first album....lol
  16. The reductive Trump of Pop

    oh wow truth is in the sales Albums The Fame, 4.79 million; Born This Way, 2.42 million; The Fame Monster (EP), 1.64 million; ARTPOP, 775,000; Cheek to Cheek (with Tony Bennett), 760,000; Joanne, 616,000; The Remix, 315,000; Born This Way: The Remix, 62,000; A Very Gaga Holiday, 45,000
  17. Madonna on youtube

    i've been so into watching madonna lately on youtube. probably because she keeps uploading them.
  18. give examples. anyway, the only vocals i hated on these tour dvds was sticky & sweet. i guess to Drowned World. other then that i never really noticed.
  19. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    two pharmacists making medication
  20. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    hole has self lubricated