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  1. ya hopefully she was misquoted. yikes. i can see why people would hate/blame wade and james, i mean they did lie, one even had jobs all this time, etc etc.
  2. yes there is good info there as well. it gets so confusing. but i just cant get over the whole grooming of parents, kids, the world, and sleeping in bed and traveling around with boys and then dumping them for another. that to me is abuse. and i didnt know chandlers father was recorded saying those things & then decades later kills himself. crazy. and this video talks about why the 2nd case didnt stick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q058VOUhGX0
  3. yes. they need to express their disbelief (grieving of their idol etc) before confronting the truth. but also corrected when they believe false information. before, i didnt believe any of the allegations. i'm sure there were some that were trying to shake down jackson while others were abused *of course he isn't going to abuse every boy he comes across* ...but watching doc and esp. oprah it made me realize that he did groom he did manipulate he did use and all of that IS abuse. on top of the actual sexual abuse that happened behind closed doors. i used to believe the whole 'but his childhood' excuse...but Jackson's brothers/sisters didnt have that problem...and if it hurt him so bad why didn't he go to therapy for it? get help? it was obviously hurting his adult life.
  4. pillow? lol she said her piece on it before right and she didn't believe it at all.
  5. wow who paid for that? i always thought he didn't want to look like diana ross....he wanted to look like peter pan
  6. every one held michael in high regards, so madonna isn't just one single performer who is sayng that - i mean, some artists have bought auction items and are wearing them around now....so
  7. i'm suprised no one picked up on the 'yeeeesss' at 6:58
  8. it made me think of my ban on r. kelly. and then what they had said to oprah....how Michael had already groomed them before ever meeting them...same could be said about r kelly - his fame, sexual music, videos, aaliyah, other girls helping him. with Michael it was his videos, fame, peter pan image, childhood trauma, the entire neverland ranch. not to mention after they meet they go to his house which is full of child toys!??!?!?
  9. at the end of the day, him hanging with these little boys - he should have been doing that with actual grown women. befriending them, taking them all over the world, long phone calls, faxes, sleeping in bed together, saying 'i love you', meeting the family, presents, promises. as for that foundation it is part of wade's healing journey. i wish and pray james finds something to hang on to in all this as well.
  10. THIS! through it i believed his innocence until i realized he was emotionally and mentally abusing these young boys. people in general. it goes against his "image" he liked to portray. a facade. then i seen the oprah interview. and they seemed so broken. broken people. and i knew.
  11. OK just finished it all. oprah...at first i was like she's just siding and speaking for them...and i already knew what she was talking about the grooming and all of it well before this documentary. but half way through, i just believed them. even wade. they look so beaten down. wade had this emotionless armor on during the docu and almost entirely with oprah. my view of him changed when he said he had forgiven himself. he was in therapy and he did the work. so i could see how is stronger for that. i feel bad and worried for james, he seems so broken, has that child like scared-look in his eyes. now, what do i do with all this? i love MJ music etc. and years ago i dumped r kelly & chris brown for their actions. So now what?
  12. I havent read all of your posts in this thread and came in near the end. i know your on the side of the victims. i get that. so i also have to assume, or ask, then that you are fine with people perjuring themselves in court, changing stories, wanting money, etc etc in a child molestation case - or any case in court? i still want to know of a child that has accused him WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANY MONEY. that would prove to me without a reasonable doubt that he did it. after all of this and researching best i can (i'm not a researcher but court papers are court papers) and there is still doubt. sorry.
  13. Oprah Winfrey Says She Knows She'll Be Criticized for Hosting 'After Neverland' In https://www.msn.com/en-ca/entertainment/celebrity/oprah-winfrey-says-she-knows-shell-be-criticized-for-hosting-after-neverland-interview/ar-BBUlbcc?li=AAggNb9
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