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  1. Gotta give it up to canadian qween, she does work a lot. and old school professional.
  2. well has it all paid off. are the ratings soaring through the roof?
  3. see, she has got to stop doing shit like this! lol like not cool just dorky. and at least that kiss is getting them headlines. lol. sad.
  4. LMAO OMG just spit out my kfc
  5. well that explains those sad guitar songs he's been posting on instagram. and since he's a free agent, all the shirtless ones too.
  6. Ray Of Light 20 : Let's Fantasise...

    so she uploaded this on youtube
  7. lol i think it's a lil bop. i like it.
  8. The reductive Trump of Pop

    this picture tells nothing, its not porn, its not art, its not a debate. its just.......there.....lurking for on lookers....just like her career
  9. wow she really is on tour for a long ass time. when did she find time to do American idol
  10. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    ohhh thats why nick posted a ferret on is instagram, lol