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  1. I LOVED IT ALL so true rejoice
  2. ya well she needs to try another song...and call this one a promo....
  3. its better than RISE and PEACOCK.....which i liked at the times.... and kesha did release new music, true colors, and it bombed so
  4. what is the theme!??!
  5. well can't she just sue them to stop it if she's really this angry????
  6. good remixes should come from it and an amazing video katy style....maybe some damn interviews!...should help it
  7. the rapper is what makes it it kind of picks up near the end....but yeah she could have done so much more with it....reminds me of candy shop in a way. i love it though. its on rotate!
  8. that would be so awesome if it wasnt the showtime version. we're waiting madonna.
  9. i still say she should be writing/producing/directing her own story....with lola playing her....just the early years.
  10. it's good to live in a world without anyone mentioning her or listening to her.
  11. artists can discount, just not for the majority of the release, like come on. i still think there needs to be a new billbored rule that you can discount a new single for so long. and katy doesnt go around saying she doesnt care about having hits or making pop/dance music etc etc. at the end of the day, she's better the end. lol.
  12. Kylie Minogue! lol