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  1. a lot of people in these cases have messed it all up for themselves & public. some have been caught lying or changing stories. even those books that were later found to be doctored by one article - turned out the author of that article had ties to a person/lawyer in a suit against Micheal. a court of law need facts & evidence - but i guess the courts and police in the states are that bad. a lot of Ad hominem going on in here too. sad. the issue is horrific and i assume personal for some of you.
  2. tuckeye

    2019 Grammy Awards

    gags won 3 awards what u talkin bout THIS IS AMERICAN, wins both big songs of the night. and album of the year - wtf.
  3. tuckeye

    2019 Grammy Awards

    holy hell is this show even gonna end tonight!??! tomorrow it will still be going. did they change the format of the grammys to a marathon!?
  4. tuckeye

    2019 Grammy Awards

    i seen snippets of the show and it sucks ass this year!!! not edgy at all. the safe award show. where everything is as expected.
  5. tuckeye

    2019 Grammy Awards

    and there have already been two ties that won in two different categories. so four winners for 2 categories.
  6. tuckeye

    2019 Grammy Awards

    ariana won best pop album for sweetner! yayaya and beyonce & jay z won. they will probably give out awards to each person nominated tonight. lol
  7. showing proof of someone lying in the past isn't protecting pedos...it's looking at the bigger picture...so either Michael knew what he was doing and had it so hidden from the kids themselves and isolating them....or all of them are lying for money...remember when those court documents allegedly came out saying he had books about inappropriate nature...turned it they pics were doctored and the person who shared them had connections to a lawyer who was a lawyer for one of the accusers. so we do have to look at bigger pictures here because he is famous...sadly...i hope all the kids meet & talk to one another though.
  8. tuckeye

    The Weeknd

    i love him. but he needs to change up his music asap. loving the new song. i couldnt get into his music he made after his break up with selena....i couldnt take him seriously for a bit.
  9. tuckeye

    The Killers!

    i love this new spike lee directed vid and song. i'm glad they threw their hat into the political fire that is america.
  10. tuckeye

    David Bowie's Black Star video is still so epic

    yes the videos released were brilliant. i had forgotten about them. thanks for reminding me!
  11. tuckeye

    Troye Sivan

    i love troye...damn his new song is so good - very pop but in a good way - and i am so glad he is lgbt singing about another boy the video is cute too.
  12. tuckeye

    Troye Sivan

    hello high school graduation. but i wish he would have won for best song and i hope he gets an oscar nom.
  13. tuckeye

    Shawn Mendes

    fake or not? lol https://www.dnamagazine.com.au/real-or-fake-shawn-mendes-alleged-phone-sex-tape/