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  1. how many posts they got? hmm hopefully we get an update on her going into or out of a studio!
  2. Amazon echo - Madonna edition

    lol for a second thought it was a real commercial
  3. she feels so entitled and victimized? LMAO stupid. she has pink eye?
  4. ya we are lucky that she releases albums the way she does. i think the album is going to sound beautiful. and totally different then RH.
  5. mhmm anyway i hope its true. it would be interesting.
  6. pretty much...wishful thinking here....she sings M all the time. but it would be interesting to see an album without any guests or featuring but what fun would that be.
  7. cardi b singing her second madonna song on her insta first was love dont live here. i thought maybe original then borderline today.
  8. like a members pic here says: RESIST that should be album name.
  9. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! "sex was a game to her" lol classic
  10. well hopefully it's a full album she is working on and not one song for something...then i hope it will take two to three months recording everything...then a few months in mixing and stuff then let the good times roll!!! then a small venues tour could be possible. as long as she doesnt scrap fall release and just go for spring quarter like she has done in past.
  11. would anyone be upset if she reworked some of her old RH demos?
  12. SO She's been seen leaving a london studio and posted what she did on insta hopefully 2017 she was writing music on the down low. that would be awesome. meaning we would have an album by end of this year omg please let it be so.
  13. lol fake news at it's horniest. i'm sure, sadly, it's real somewhere...in the states.