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  1. yes yes until she looks directly at the camera or moves her head any which way, lol. she is known to use photoshop and tricks on her instagram. watch her on AMA's she will look nothing like this, lol. a retouched photo is all she has....
  2. what do you think she will say in her AMA's acceptance speech? i still say she will say her fans are her cure.
  3. well thanks for admitting it. lol karllegerfeld is not even offering a solution or helping the situation. he is just shitting on other people...in the name of what exactly? a country? himself? white people? etc. meh people just need to complain to his employers and put pressure on with boycott.
  4. Taylor Swift thread

    omg LMAO anyway for the second week she should let streaming happen.
  5. of course she will win....and for what exactly....one shit song that was paid top ten after months and months then she decides to sing the shit song?!
  6. i wonder if rihanna and alesso are gonna be there. i just hate to see her get up there winning and going on about her disease and how her fans are her cure. gag
  7. so if she is performing showing up at AMAs - does that mean she won? dont they let them know beforehand.
  8. Camila Cabello

    love the song. but have no idea who she is or if shes from disney etc etc
  9. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    1. BAT amazing intro, choreo, set, energy, vocals etc. 2. S&S inventive number & remix 3. RH is with so much heart. 4. MDNA some heart with some love. 5. RIT it just lacked something.
  10. Taylor Swift thread

    look what they made me poo look what they made me poo
  11. This teen looks exactly like Lady Gaga, and the internet can't handle it https://hellogiggles.com/celebrity/this-teen-looks-exactly-like-lady-gaga-and-the-internet-cant-handle-it/
  12. Janet Jackson thread

    her last outing had the fans & media crawling in her ass and then she didnt provide the goods....at least she's making good on this tour...but she needs to be "forgiven" by US public and let her have her moment next year...well, with damn good songs that is...can she do it.