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  1. yesssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! and to untucked "but there is another artist who has that has lived a very parallel existence based on this story that i'm sure you can relate to"
  2. ok wtf.
  3. she probably snubbed those girls first. she knew they would snub her back. and when opportunity arose to be the victim - she took it. Her victimhood is intentional remember.
  4. THE REAL TRAGIC THING is that tihty hit 95 on billbored. after months and months of release...i think it was the oscar effect? or was it before?...it was all paid for...
  5. i really wish it was a release right after Fever (Fever could have been for Europe). right between bad girl and rain.
  6. lady gags only reinvents herself over and over again as less talented and more ugly.
  7. WAY TOO MANY! but some stand out based on her intelligence and how she handles the men! lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPh-3gNUMm4
  8. come on bring it madonna! i wonder if there will be a cd. it would be nice if she switched it up and had two blu rays (one the show & other the toac) no cd?
  9. in ten to twenty years someone else will break the record....and so on and so on and so on....lol
  10. i loved how she incorporated old songs into the set list. it was brilliant. everyone expected a raunchy nude show....and she went the other way...i love it all.
  11. it sounds like an MIA song only. where is M? lol MIA demo.
  12. billbored made themselves a joke...and all this payola and changing rules will make themselves obsolete....so well done billbored.
  13. i highly doubt she has forgotten the junior's song 'if madonna calls' but this is an amazing version!