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  1. artists can discount, just not for the majority of the release, like come on. i still think there needs to be a new billbored rule that you can discount a new single for so long. and katy doesnt go around saying she doesnt care about having hits or making pop/dance music etc etc. at the end of the day, she's better the end. lol.
  2. Kylie Minogue! lol
  3. with ease? anyway, what is the theme this year?
  4. cool! i wonder how the song is doing worldwide? anyone know?
  5. yes, but only when it comes to being bitchy or whiny with her, lollll.....(of course i'm half joking) maye it's taking her so long because she is also editing TOAC show. but either way i'm buying it on first day of release. and once again go on the ride of Madonna!!!
  6. Love Conquers All Pussy Grabbers.
  7. maybe she was his 'beard'? contractually.
  8. most likely TOAC or bitchy fans. lol
  9. well she must love editing her own stuff cuz this is seriously taking forever. lol. then she must plan for the release! i'll be glad when she finally ends this era nicely with this gift...so she can begin working on her next artistic en devour
  10. so fresh she just left him with the placenta
  11. five years is a long time....must have been something bad if she wants to quit him right after a baby.
  12. maybe niki and donna were the only ones Madonna threatened to sue if they said anything, lol.
  13. finally some honest damn truth with her, lollll