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  1. tuckeye

    New Album Means New Tour

    this plus smaller venues if not then like RH tour venues. i am so not ready and never will be lol. but now is the time for me to see her....i can feel it.
  2. tuckeye

    Years and Years

    sadly, i do not like the two new songs or videos. 😞 and i really loved all their stuff before.
  3. does he have dementia? why would he just wander in there? by accident? if its on purpose fuck him
  4. tuckeye

    Troye Sivan

    is bloom about being a bottom! love it!
  5. there was probably something going on behind the scenes like how u see in the movies.....someone probably murdered him....the government etc etc. it just seems so out of place for him to do this...out of character...and a lawyer too.
  6. spotify is the new radio. radio has too much power now a days over music and plays the same shit. just make a damn good song already! release it as first single. that's it.
  7. she basically states why before true blue.
  8. plus when she sings open your heart she goes after monte for playing guitar, lol
  9. i wonder how late she was, video crashed, back up card compromised, that;s probably why.
  10. tuckeye

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    what about this generation? do they own cds and dvds? i order only Madonna cd's from amazon. all the maxi's i never had as a kid. i'm waiting on like 12 cds! LMAO
  11. tuckeye

    Worst music video ever

    or this i guess she wasnt a one hit wonder after all
  12. tuckeye

    Free Spotify Is Trash Audio

    i just listen to youtube, lol
  13. how the hell was she gonna follow up the blond ambition like a virgin version. like a wurgin was the best since it fit perfectly into the girlie show theme - marlene is a big influence on her - classic madonna moment.