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  1. Look dude, there is no official confirmation that tracklist is real yet. Bark at me all you want about me being a "broken record", but if you want me to shut the hell up about it, give me an "official confirmation" from an actual official source. MadonnaTribe is NOT an official source. As for the "2 New Songs", I didn't say we weren't getting "2 New songs", I simply pointed out that Madonna.com does not state "2 New Songs". I think the fact Madonnalicious not posting this tracklist on their news site, proves there is no "official confirmation!"
  2. Actually, Madonna.com doesn't list "+2"... just "new songs".
  3. Nothing has been confirmed. The one Dramaboy posted I believe he just put together. The one originally posted is the one Madonna Tribe claims as "final", but gives no official source. Until then, we'll have to wait for an "official confirmation" to be 100% sure.
  4. /\/\ YAWN I have to agree. I don't understand how anyone can say this is "official" when the fan site it self hasn't even done so.
  5. What? There is no OFFICIAL SOURCE that says this is the track listing. In fact, Madonnatribe says it's the "Final Track listing", but there is no official source tied to it, nor any claim it's official.
  6. No lady here... but how do we know?? I hope it is official, but just because some fansite claims it is official doesn't mean it is.
  7. She looks absolutely stunning. But where is Rocco? And LOL to her wearing such high heels on their excursion. She's lucky that she didn't break her neck or leg getting out of the boat, etc.
  8. Be careful, I questioned it being official, and I was told to "shut the fuck up" and that this is "official" because Madonna Tribe says so!!
  9. Unfortunately (or is it fortunate? LOL), I don't watch those shows, nor listen to radio, so I guess that is why I don't hear much about her new stuff. But it only proves that unless your a big fan or looking for all these promotional gigs, the average guy doesn't see them. However, I do recognize "America's Got Talent" is probably a wise promotional gig being it's a popular show, so no doubt it will be seen by the average dude then let's say Bet's 106 and Park.
  10. No doubt it's not close to being her biggest hit in the U.S., but "Rain" did manage to have longevity on radio. In fact, I can't recall "Erotica" and "Deeper and Deeper" being played much on radio. I'm sure there were certain regions in the U.S., it was played more. Though, "Erotica" seem more like one of those instant #1 songs that quickly was brushed aside on radio. U.S. radio really gave some love to "Rain". In fact it charted better than "Holiday" and this is included on the GH's. But of course, I would have to say you can't compare "Holiday" with "Rain". One is definitely "classic" why
  11. I don't see how it's such a "tragic mess" or "desperate" to include your own offspring and good friends in a video? It's not like it's the first time she had good friends/boyfriends and family in her videos. If anything, it probably saved her money in casting someone else. And honestly, I can't see what it matters if it's Jesus acting as a DJ or if it was anyone else? It's just a music video where anyone can play the part. It's the same with Lourdes' part. She could have thrown someone else in there, and I'm sure it wouldn't have changed the dynamics of the video. And I highly doubt she twiste
  12. Sales may have kept it from charting higher, but it was a huge radio song in the U.S. During that era, it was the one song I could count on hearing on the radio until "I'll Remember" took over. Another big radio song as well. But now, those songs are rarely heard or talked about.
  13. Totally agree how it was conducted. Most fans didn't know about it until after the fact. This was when fans were just learning about Guy had a Twitter account and he was using it often to Tweet about Madonna. It wasn't even mentioned on Madonna.com and/or Icon when it was conducted. Surprise Surprise! You'd think that you'd give heads up to the people who are paying $45 bucks to be part of that club. But no, Guy conducted a low key poll so to speak when people virtually didn't know he was doing it. Though, the set list is quite good. It seems most agree "Miles Away" and "Hollywood" doesn't b
  14. While I agree, it hardly was a huge seller, but the argument that GHV2 wasn't needed because of TIC selling well, makes no sense. GHV2 was a different collection. It ALMOST picked up from where TIC left off. Certainly, the songs on GHV2 hardly made the impact than the songs on TIC, but it still was a nice time to do another GH's album. Anyway, I always got the impression Madonna didn't like to do Greatest Hits and that is why she always offered different mixes and edits when she did do it. So I am betting we'll get something slightly different this time around.
  15. I wondered the same when first hearing the 180 mins. I wondered if it was for each DVD. I hope this is the case.
  16. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=FaQ6d45puJs Thanks. It contains an excerpt of Achilles Sarcone's Mix.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaQ6d45puJs
  18. I think I mentioned this in another thread you asked about this sometime back. But yes, one DVD can hold up to 4.7 GB of data/video. The higher the quality the video, the more room it takes. But there is no reason why she can't include up to 3 to 4 hours of videos on one DVD. A lot of movies contain up to that amount, especially with extras. With 2 DVD's she certainly can hold another 3 to 4 hours. Obviously, they aren't using the DVD's to their capacity. What a shame because they could include all her videos simply on one DVD and then on the second include a lot of rare and live footage.
  19. Why do you think "Everybody" won't be on there? Though, the fact I hope it's on there, means it probably won't.
  20. Not necessarly. A lot of the controversy she's created lately, hasn't profited her well. Specifically, I recall all the hoopla over the "cross" versus NBC cutting it out for the airing of CONFESSIONS. That was left hanging until the airing, and it really didn't draw in the amount of viewers they hoped. And the reply "Waiting" gave is exactly what kinda negativity we're dealing with... and he is supposed to be a fan. Imagine what the non-fans and critics are going to say. That said, I don't see it as a big deal. Though, I can see some making a big deal about putting Lourdes in a wedding dres
  21. How was it really "ruined/"horrendous"? Q-Sound seem to me was the latest technology before "surround sound" became largely popular? It seemed to me the same concept. I really don't see how it really "ruined it" being you had to have some pretty decent speakers to hear the sound.
  22. I agree the order seems a bit off, butI suspect that is more something fans would be more aware of than anything. Though, I don't doubt that the order could jar the flow of the album. I'd think that using the majority of the tracks from TIC is a better risk than GHV2 since TIC has had a better run. I expect they still wish to pull sales from the GHV2. However, if that is the case, why pull it from ITUNES??
  23. Well, Immaculate Collection definitely had a good run. I am hoping this new GH's set will simply be an updated replacement for the Immaculate Collection as well for the fans who enjoyed her work since then.
  24. Oh, i know you weren't, but obviously my response have gotten one or two in such a tizzy that they had to react nasty to me when I was just asking a valid question. And I would suggest for someone who has such issue with my replies to the point they have to use vulgar language, ordering me to "shut the fuck up", maybe they should just put me on ignore from this point on. I certainly want them to go into cardiac arrest because they didn't like because I asked a silly genuine civil question.
  25. No drama from me. I'm actually speaking in a civil tone. I am not getting upset because someone dared to question the validity of it being "official". What a silly thing to tell someone to "shut the fuck up" over!!
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