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  1. LOL! HG is right. Age is a huge factor in the U.S. and while I agree it shouldn't matter, in the entertainment business many women have a hard time even if they produce the goods. It usually takes a youthful approach to get them notice and that's what 4 Minutes did. Like HG stated, without Timbaland and Timberlake, that song would have went no where. Then again, it wouldn't have existed if they weren't involved or at least the way we hear it today. The U.S. isn't "dumb". I will agree that I am not in favor of a lot of the current picks on radio, but every generation of youth takes over with their music. Very few older artists fit in. Madonna is being slowly pushed out. The remarkable thing is she IS holding her own still. I consider Madonna at this point a huge touring act like Rolling Stones and U2. While I am sure she will do her damndest to put out new and fesh music, she is going to concentrate most on where the money will come from. Beating a dead horse (releasing a new single) when she knows that horse isn't going to cough up a whinny in the end, is hardly the way to go from a financial standpoint, and you have to be an idiot fan to not to know Madonna is all about making the mighty buck. I hate to admit that at times, but she's always been that way. It's more prevalent now because she is older and people take less notice of her actual work and the proof is the silly media nonsense surrounding her personal life.
  2. Thanks for the youtube links. Some of them are no longer active though. It says the user removed the videos. As for the whole "political" deal... most artists throw in their views on politics and religion throughout their work. Some do it less than others. Some do it more than others. Madonna seems to be in the middle and more vocal these past 10 years than she's been in the past. But let's not be naive here... Madonna's always thrown in her views and experiences of the world almost from the beginning of her career. She may be more political and/or spiritual these days, but that's because she's evolved and is much more aware of what's going on in the world and actually cares. She is simply using her right to express her views. In the end, it's up to you in how you want to perceive it. You don't have to agree with her. You don't have to like what she says or that she is saying it. But if you have an issue with Madonna getting political and/or spiritual at this point in her career, you might as well bail out as a fan. When people get older, they tend to be more political and spiritual. Just because YOU aren't, doesn't mean people you like and enjoy should just stop speaking what's on their mind just because you don't want to hear it. It just means you need to be more open to other people's views whether you agree with them or not!
  3. I'm sure it's just not you since a lot of fans are basing their thoughts on what songs they like the best, rather what will work in each region. I disagree it will bomb. While it sounds nothing like "Take A Bow", it has that similar vibe American radio is always looking for. It seems every year, comes along this epic song. And it usually always ties to Timbaland or Timberlake or both. And it just so happens "Devil" incorporates both talents. Whether you like it or not, or you think they are "tired", they have that current sound U.S. radio is looking for. This is Madonna's chance to cash in on that vibe. Unfortunately, we'll never know until it's release and if they wait to release this song after a couple bombs, there's probably no point of thinking "Devil" will be played on radio. I'll tell you what bothers me. Even though, I don't think GI2M will be big on radio, it seems radio isn't giving it a chance. Maybe they feel the same way as I do, but part of me wonders if they'll play any Madonna song at this point unless it heavily doused with another popular artists as Justin.
  4. Yes! I agree for the most part of everything you said. I've known all along, even when this was first reported as the second release and many fans claim this is their favorite song on the album, this would be a poor choice for a follow up single. The album releases need to appeal to a broader audience on radio, so releasing a fan's favorite or even a favorite of Madonna's will just not always work unless it has a broad appeal. I agree GI2M is a cool song. I like it a lot, but I also agree it's not the sound that American radios will play. Anyone who doesn't believe that, needs to take a harsh look at what's popular on radio right now, whether you like what's being played or not. The fact is those songs are what is "hot". So if Madonna is determined to get a hit in the U.S. she needs to release singles that will appeal to American radio, not just what Madonna fans like and already own. The more I think about it "Candy Shop" probably would have been a likely choice for a follow up single. It's hardly my favorite, but I've manage to appreciate it more and more the more I listen to it. And whether some fans want to admit it or not, she necessarily can't hold a single on her own anymore (at least in the U.S.). The proof is "4 Minutes". It's become her biggest selling single yet. But you can't tell me if she stuck with a song that's more just her, it would have done better. "Devil" needs to be a single too. Every year, a epic song of this sort is huge on radio. Madonna should take this opportunity because I believe this will be her #1 song from the album. Releasing "Miles Away" will kill the album further if it's not already dead in the water. It's a lovely song, but radio in the U.S. will not play this song and that's a fact.
  5. My two cents... I like both songs. Of course being a huge Madonna fanatic, I am going to be bias to "4 Minutes" and say I like the song even more. Either way, I like both songs. As for which one is more successful; chart wise... "Touch My Body" went to #1. "4 Minutes" didn't. However, it appears "4 Minutes" has longevity on it's side regarding radio airplay and staying on the charts at a steady pace. Many of the biggest and memorable songs never reach #1. Some deserved #1 status, but it just didn't work out that way. I imagine it's the same for "4 Minutes". And if you look back, Madonna has had a good number of hit songs that never hit #1 (in the U.S.) that are memorable and had longevity on U.S. radio. And they are: Material Girl Express Yourself Into The Groove (didn't even have a proper single in the U.S., but still charted simply by airplay and public interest) I'll Remember Rain (didn't even hit top 10, but this song was huge on U.S. radio). Holiday La Isla Bonita Borderline and I imagine we can add "4 Minutes" to that list now! All of these songs have been memorable hits by Madonna. Most all of them are recognizable to non-fans.
  6. I think a lot of this is just fluff talk to hype her tour. Of course, she's going to outsell her previous tours. Charging everyone $350 a pop for many of the seats will guarantee high earnings. Auctioning off various rows on Stubhub and Ticketmaster for as much as $4000.00, you certainly are going to outsell previous tours. It doesn't mean you'll have a sell out. Money does talk in this world. As long as they can say she's sold so many dollars in tickets, it can surely downplay the fact that many of the seats sold were half that price if not even less on previous tours. By the time the tour starts, her shows will be jammed packed, but they were smart. They put the tickets on sale months in advance at top dollar. Previous tours, tickets went on sale as early as few months before the tour began... not five or more.
  7. Actually, you're arguing the wrong case with me. But yes, I think she's done more promotion for this album in the U.S. alone than she did for Confessions. I don't recall all the radio interviews and magazine interviews during the last album. But yes, Warners did do a little more promotion for Confessions than what they did here... such as getting Madonna involved in the 1-800-Confesss line and plastering the posters and number all over the place. And I agree everything is quiet, but let's remember Madonna is rehearsing for a tour. It's the first time in a long time she's actually went out on tour within a few months release of an album. Most every time she's gone out on tour was usually a year after the album's released. So she's putting all her energy in the current tour. This is where Warners should step in and do some things to hype up the album. Let's not forget, Madonna needn't to do much promotion in the past to sell her albums. But within in this last decade, she's has done much more than she's ever done in the past decades.
  8. I totally disagree and can't fathom why fans keep saying this about Madonna, especially this album around. What about all the interviews she did with radio, magazines and internet promotion? I'm sorry, but she's done more promotion (especially in the U.S.) for this album than she's done in a long time with the exception of the American Life release. I do agree that she could have done some televised appearances, but I think she's done a hell of a lot of promotion for this album. Yet, I really see nothing from WARNERS in promotion which makes no sense because I agree that it wouldn't be in their best interest to sabotage an act like Madonna. But what have they've done really?? I just remember back in the day, it was rare to see Madonna to pop up for an interview or radio interview to promote her latest album. If she did, it always tied to a movie. It wasn't until the release of RAY OF LIGHT when she started doing a lot of televised promotion. Then with the release of MUSIC album, she started doing promotional gigs. I'm not saying Madonna can't do more, but I am not going to say she did nothing when she did much more than she used to ever do. And as usual, where is Warners???
  9. I wouldn't say he's being "positive for once". I do think he's being a bit more objectionable which is fair. But I have to laugh at the fans who claim Madonna has done very little promotion for this album. In reality, she's done more promotion (especially in the U.S.) that she has done in years. She did a lot of radio interviews (which needed to be done) prior the release of HC. I'd say 3 FREE promo gigs is promotion. She also did a lot in internet and magazine interviews. An avid fan such as myself knows that in Madonna history, in this last decade she's done more promotion than she's done ever for an album. Granted, she had radio and MTV backing her big time back in the day. So I agree these days she needs to get herself out there more. And with LIVE NATION, I think she's going to have to do more leg work than she anticipates in promotion. But I think she did a hell of a lot of promotion for this album especially with radio. It seemed to pay off with the first single. So where is Warners during all this?? I don't see much effort on their part to make sure ads and further promotion is on television and video stations.
  10. At least he's attempting to be objectionable rather bashing her. And he makes valid points regarding Warners not pushing this album like they should. It does boggle my mind how a single "4 Minutes" approaching the 2 million copies sold is doing so well, yet the album it comes from is not selling as well. I still think this album will eventually outsell American Life by a long shot. I just think it's about releasing the right songs as singles to appeal to the masses, rather just Madonna fans. Besides, most fans have the album by now. Now, it's time to appeal to the casual or non-fans by promoting this album and releasing singles that will work in specific regions. For instance, I don't think "Give It 2 Me" is a good single choice for the U.S. And if "Miles Away" is consider the follow up, you'd might as well consider the album a flop now. Fans will argue and debate which is the best choice. Each fan will think their choice is a better single, but in the end it should be about what appeal to the masses. In the U.S. market, they should be choosing more urban tracks such as "Candy Shop" as the follow up single. It's not my favorite song, but I do think it will work in the U.S. region. The rest of the world can have "Give it 2 Me".
  11. So Hard Candy just dropped one spot. Not too bad. I just wish it could pick up more steam.
  12. Actually, I hadn't really paid attention to the figures regarding the AL and HC albums within 3 weeks of it's release. And you're right, I suspect the reason why "4 Minutes" is doing so well is because it's just not a Madonna track. In fact, one day a local radio station had mentioned "coming up after the break, new Justin Timberlake". I'm like "WTF??" But it's a fact, it sells more if a fresh face kid is on it then the a 50 year old. This is why I think it's probably best if she sticks with the more collaborated songs or the less conventional MADONNA songs as future singles.
  13. I fear this song will tank on U.S. radio. I agree it's a great song. I wouldn't compare it to "classic Madonna" because I hear more "classic Madonna" in 'Dance 2night' than 'Give it 2 Me', yet 'Dance 2night' is a great funky beat that I think could do well on radio. The fear that she'll get criticize for having too much Justin or other collaborations on her songs to garner a hit is just a poor excuse to release other songs that could be great hits. For instance, 'Devil...' is a sure fire hit. I just know it. It's exactly what U.S. radio would eat up. If they pass this song up as a single, they are idiots. I just don't know what to think regarding the success of 'GI2M' right now. I hope I am wrong, but I just think it will be dismissed like 'Sorry', and 'Jump'. And those were great songs as well. They should stick to the more flavored collaborations as releases rather releasing Madonna's favorite tracks. We all know that Madonna favored 'GI2M' over '4 Minutes' and it appears she is also interested in seeing 'Miles Away' being released when I think it won't do as well on radio either. I'm not a huge fan of 'Candy Shop', but the more I listen, the more I am able to appreciate it. I think this song would do well on U.S. radio, so will 'Devil' and 'Dance 2night' as mentioned!
  14. Is this current $427 thousand calculating in the Digital album sales too?? It's just odd to see how well "4 Minutes" is doing in sells (including digital) in the U.S., yet the album is yet to catch up to American Life's figures yet.
  15. I'm afraid so. And while there are a lot of pissed ICONERS there are still many nutjobs who think Madonna can do no wrong and think we should stop complaining and accept the seats we get. LOL!! I just imagine many of them are walked all over daily since they can't take truthful criticism of a woman we all wish to walk on water.
  16. BAT (Chicago) Brixton Academy (London) Drowned World (Florida) RIT X3 (California and two in Chicago) Confessions (Alantic City) Hard Candy (Chicago)
  17. I had purchased tickets (from presale) for a closer view in section 112. I was hoping for something better than what I had in Sec. 112, but came up with nothing. I am convinced that the fan club and much of the public sales were shut out in purchasing the front sections since much of it's up for auction for high dollars. I will not be renewing my membership with ICON ever again. I simply kept my account in good standing to get good seats and the best ICON offered me was section 112. In the past, I was able to get better seats through pre-sales. But since this LIVE NATION deal, I am convinced the whole auctioning off the better seats is their way of recouping the money they are shelling out to Madonna over the next ten years. And I am afraid it will only get worse for the following tours. This may be my last tour I'll be attending. $350 is quite steep for a concert seat even though I was expecting to get a great seat for that price. I'm probably one of the luckier fans as I know many got worse seats than me through pre-sales and/or public sales. No 2 hour rock concert should cost $350+ especially for seats in the back.
  18. I don't believe anyone one was offered tickets for sections 1,2,3,113, and 121 through public sales. I was right there when the tickets went on sale, the closest I got was sec. 111 and 101. I had a couple offers in sec 4,5, and 6, but all were in the back. I had slightly better seats from the pre-sale. But those front sections, I don't believe ever were offered since most those sections are up for auction as high as $1000,00. This was the same for pre-sales. I don't believe people were offered the front sections. And once ICON mentioned Chicago was "sold out" for hours I was able to call up multiple tickets (not just single seat tickets), but in piss poor sections for $350. Eventually, I was only able to call up just single seats and still can. I just find it disappointing that the fans are being raped here. We're all going to be stuck in the back while all those high price tickets will be sold to people (who may not be fans), the very people who just stand there and don't show any enthusiasm when at her shows. This is a result of her LIVE NATION deal. There is no doubt in my mind that they are compensating in these high priced tickets to try to make back as much money they can from Madonna because we all know that she will not make the $120 million dollars back to them just with Album sales in the next ten years. So guess what folks?? This is the future. We'll be forced to bid for these high priced tickets or outpriced all together. And I can't see this working more than a couple of times before fans just say "fuck it!!"
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