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  1. Or maybe she just was inspired to be silly. It really doesn't sound like a song that she put a lot of seriousness into it, so I can't be bothered to take it seriously to dislike it. Sounds like she was just having fun and it's just fun to listen to... nothing more or less.
  2. Of course, America is always a focus for any artist in entertainment. Most entertainers would give their left nut to be successful in the U.S. However, it still doesn't negate the fact they have been just as successful elsewhere. Your earlier comment alludes that LMFAO are only appealing to Americans who "buy junk". Obviously, that isn't true since the UK and other regions enjoy buying their "junk".
  3. I don't know where you live, but I think what you say here is quite unfair to the Americans. Not that I think LMFAO are great or anything. In fact, I really am not a fan, but that said, their biggest singles and their latest album did respectably well in most regions not just America. Not only that, their lesser successful singles charted higher in other regions (especially UK) than the U.S. Even their collaboration efforts with other artists were more successful in the UK. So obviously this isn't a group that appeals to ONLY "American music buyers who actually spend money on junk".
  4. Well, it's a great treat for fans. So I am not complaining. I mean; this is new territory for Madonna who seems to be reaching out to HER fans. Though, I would admit that part of me would love to see her do a performance on some high rated program. American Idol theme next week is 80's week, so it would have been a great opportunity to at least perform on the results show to at least acknowledge she was an emerging artist back in that decade and still going strong.
  5. It's the only official remix I like of the song.
  6. I don't see how this is a "collectable" if it's all digital. The cover is accessible to anyone now and no doubt the tracks will.
  7. I thought that was revealed as the acoustic version of "Love Spent"?? Oh I really hope I'm wrong. It would be cool to get a never heard song at this point, but I doubt that will happen.
  8. Molly, well like, who's Molly? Answer me anyone who's Molly? Does anybody here know a Molly? Are you Molly? There was one gal named Molly. But she was a total geek. She always had food in her braces. Answer me dammit, who's Molly? Oh God! This is like that movie Citizen Kane You know where you later find out Rosebud was a sled But we'll never know who Molly is because like... Madonna was so vague...
  9. Really, I am shocked some actually expected some promo performance tonight. Wasn't too long ago, we had people flipping out when Guy O. confirmed there wouldn't be any promo performances. I'd think that would have squashed any expectations right there. Not only that, she confirmed with Jimmy Falon just hours before this event, that the FACEBOOK chat was the only promo she has planned. And I would think if she would have had plans to perform this festival, it would have been all over the place days in advance. It would have been hard to keep a secret performance undewraps, and why keep it "secret", especially at a festival of people who wouldn't be expecting her? Surely, she would want fans to show up, and not risk non-fans booing her off stage. Anyway, I was excited to see her pop on stage, stick around with the DJ, while shaking her ass to her remixed song. The event alone was a surprise for me, so no disappointments here. Also, I'm still excited with the fact, Madonna has considered making a video for GANG BANG. It probably won't happen, but it's exciting to know that she has thought about it.
  10. Okay for people who didn't see it... Madonna came on stage, she introduced AVICII and then they played a remix of GGW. It was fierce and the crowd look like they were really digging it. Madonna joined AVICII behind the turntable, dancing while the whole song played. She looked awesome. Wearing the same outfit on the FACEBOOK interview, but her bangs were pinned up. She looked great. LOL to anyone who really thought she was going to perform. Though, that looked like a huge crowd, so the exposure probably a good one. I guess it's better than none.
  11. That would be cool if true, but I still have a hard time believine she would actually preview anything she's rehearsed for the tour at this point. Also, on the FACEBOOK interview she admitted that that interview was the only promo she was doing. I still think the extent will be some release party where they are going to spin her record, but I hope I am wrong. This is definitely a very strange era regarding promotion. Just doesn't seem like whatever this is would be accessible to a large audience to make an impact especially since most fans are just finding out about a couple of hours before whatever unfolds.
  12. She isn't going to perform. And it's not the first time Madonna's hung out with a DJ to spin her music. A performance would have been planned well in advance with invitations going out to fans... as in a "promo tour". Guy said there will be no "promo tour". All her energy is going into the tour, right now. She isn't going to show up to do an unrehearsed/planned performance, nor is she going to give us a preview performance of what's going to unfold on the tour.
  13. Yeah, it was almost like a "nerd laugh". It cracked me up. Though, I got the feeling she was feeling under the weather. She sounded a bit nasally. But it could be nothing.
  14. So what? I still don't see how it even pertains to Madonna? Facebook isn't a timed thing. She isn't the only person who posted at the same time or nearly to the minute it started. Who cares? If it's so "unmentionable", why did you even bring it up? Seems to me you are looking for something that isn't even there?
  15. Oh that would be awesome... and my favorite part of this song which is also my favorite part of the whole album is when she sings... "Hail Mary. Full of Grace. Get down on your knees and Pray. Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. Dying for our sins, such a lost…."
  16. I'm completely confused? How does this even relate to Madonna? Seems to me, some people are trying to LOOK for something that isn't even there? Whatever the case, I really don't give a shit and am sick of the continuous nonsense from both sides who are trying to further some feud that doesn't exist between the artists. BACK ON TOPIC... Luv the Facebook interview. I wish it was longer. And I'm quite intrigued to know that Madonna is actually interested in making a video to GANG BANG. Loved to hear more insight on the album and tour, but the time allotted was hardly enough to cover everything many of us would love to hear about. Jimmy was sweating bullets. He seemed like a giddy school kid, interviewing his school crush. It was actually quite cute.
  17. Like you, I wasn't impressed at first listen. I'm not sure I agree it could fit on LIKE A VIRGIN, but her voice reminds me a lot of how her voice was for EARLY MADONNA w/ Otto Von Werhner. Though that was nonsensical crap. But still, her voice and some of the sounds take me back to that, but in a good way. I'm learning to really appreciate this one the more I listen to it.
  18. Wait? Isn't that the video that Gaga admitted was pretty much an homage to VOGUE? Good grief... I loathe this whole nonsense regarding Madonna vs. Lady Gaga fans. Both sides are just nutty, but it's clear to me that anyone saying Madonna copied Lady Gaga from that video is off their rocker since that video is so much like Vogue. Anyway, the video... is EVERYTHANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Isn't it great? It's so "hypnotic". LOL!
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke7RWfoU_Nw Not sure how long it will last, but here's a YOUTUBE link to GGW!
  21. Yep. I say well done especially if no rips of the CD don't appear on-line before Friday.
  22. You make a great point about it not truly leaking. The files we all have are ripped from the streaming. So essentially, it didn't leak since obvious AOL was given permission to stream the album. So yeah, we got so-so quality files from the stream, but I really don't count it as a leak since there was an official streaming beforehand.
  23. Get off that damn IPHONE and watch it on a computer. As for YOUTUBE, it's going to be hard to link one because the Universal and E! Entertainment will be pulling them as soon as they go up. Tomorrow, we're supposed to get the official video up on Youtube from an official source.
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