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  1. I found this on a friend of a friend's social page. She looks so much like Madonna from the Virgin era. Not sure what's going on with the one eye looking darker than the other including eyeliner, but nevertheless she just as beautiful as the Queen herself.
  2. Not that I disagree with what you say here, but I can understand the opposition. I mean; outtakes aren't NEW. There always have been "outtakes" from photo sessions and certainly there have been takes Madonna prefer never to see again. Some have come from her earlier days and they have come to surface more lately. And while some of them can be just as great as the ones that were published, you can bet there will be some horrible ones especially in Madonna's eyes. I'm sure back then, she (or any other entertainer) wouldn't have thought the pics would see the light of day. Back then, there seem t
  3. I have to agree. In fact, I was ready to believe it was real because I agree a force like that can produce some unflattering motion pics. But once Whoopiedoo posted the close ups above, I am more convinced it's been altered. Anyone with any knowledge of photoshop can see something has been done to it. There are these lines on one side of her abdomen going into her belly, while conveniently the other side is quite smooth. Also, there is too much flab there within her belly region that in other pics from that session prove she's quite tight and fit in that area. There are many photo programs whi
  4. The quote makes no sense. You're all getting worked up over nothing. It wasn't meant to throw any shade towards Madonna or show Miley made more of an iconic moment. You people spend too much hating on people and things for the ridiculous reasons. And yes, she does have a point from what I make of what is being said. People tend to reference back to a certain point of one's career and assume that's all that person is capable of doing, and when they do something different, they are shocked at how tame they were.
  5. Oh the DRAMA! Who really sees these pics and cares? The hardcore fans and some nutcases who like to stir shit. For the most part, the general public haven't a clue and see Madonna on a pretty superficial level. And I agree, the more you piss and moan about stupid shit like this, the more attention you give it, and before you know it, it's published on a hugely popular source that the general public sees. Still, I don't think leaks of pics like this will make it to any general media forum where non-fans will see it.
  6. Exactly. In fact, one thing that is clear with Madonna she still hasn't lost that drive and ambition to create. While it may seem she's taking a break from music, she's still very active in creating. There is no doubt in my mind, she always writing or cultivating an idea almost on a daily basis.
  7. This.... and this... I've noticed for some time now that some fans tend to follow what all the critics say or base their opinion of the album on how it charts or is accepted by the general public. For the life of me, I can't understand why some fans can't just enjoy the music as intended, rather tear it apart based on if it sold a million or charted successfully. Great music isn't measured by chart success and sales. There are plenty of musicians who aren't even well known who have great music. There are plenty of fantastic songs and albums out there that never reached the top ten or sol
  8. Not at all. Within this specific era, she did far more promotional performances on TV world-wide than she's probably ever done. She usually would end her set by saying she was told to perform an oldie, so she switched it up at each appearance and performed songs like "Like A Prayer" at the Mtv: On The Record. "Like A Virgin" while promoting in the Virgin Record store. She also performed "Music" and "Don't Tell Me" on various shows. She pretty much started doing this when she started doing promotional tours again with her records, starting with MUSIC album. "Holiday" was performed at promotion
  9. I can't imagine Madonna ever doing a complete show of Ballads. She enjoys the high energy performances too much. Though, I wouldn't rule out in the future her doing a one off acoustic stripped down set of her hits, but more in an intimate setting.
  10. You have to be kidding me, if you really think those people showed up randomly. I know Ellen's audience can be quite a lively group, but much of her audience tends to be mainly female. Not all, but much of it is. That day, there were plenty of flaming queens in that audience. And it was obvious they were there to see Madonna.
  11. Well, it wasn't simply a random audience that was surprised Madonna was going to be there. Obviously, a lot of fans showed up. What do you expect? It's not like the front row concert stiffs who can afford the high priced tickets showed up. But of course, an excellent appearance. I guess technically it was her first appearance at that studio, but Madonna did appear on her show back in '06 when interviewed her during her Grammy appearance.
  12. You know what? No one is ruling out that possibility. No one is "writing her off" here. But you need to be realistic as well. She is getting very little backing from any mainstream radio or media source. Also, she hasn't a proper record company anymore to back her up like she had with Warners. Those are two big key components in gaining a top 40 hit or higher. The reality is that the likely of her getting a huge hit at this period in her career, is very slim. Of course, I'm not saying it's impossible, but you do realize that GMAYL was simply a payola effort. That song wouldn't have gotten top
  13. I believe that first part where "Material Girl" was being played, it was recorded after the interview. From how interviewer talked, it sounded like she was recapping an interview from the past.
  14. Good Fuckin' Lord!! It's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. The show just mocks people, life and current events. Do you really expect her to show up to make some huge purposeful statement? Who does that? Some of you are taking this appearance far too serious.
  15. The negativity just astounds me. Why can't people just be excited that she showed up to do something out of the blue and just for fun?
  16. I quite enjoyed it. Not sure what all the hate is about? SNL has been pretty ridiculous for years now. I had noticed that Madonna while over thinking her lines, she seemed to not be reading from the teleprompters that so many do on that show anymore. I noticed the guy playing the congressman, looked like he was reading his lines. She looked great. I suspect she'll probably do Jimmy's show down the line.
  17. Good gosh, your world has just crumbled beneath you. Your day has been completely ruined!
  18. But again, he hasn't denied saying negative things about Madonna in the past. And so what if he's trying to turn over a new leaf. I can't speak for all of the world, but in the U.S., no one has no idea Boy George is still out there plugging away. So a statement like this simply reaches the fan bases or those who are music/entertainment enthusiasts who enjoy gossipy media sources.
  19. I believe him. Why not? I mean; I am not a fan of him. I know he has said some crappy things about Madonna in the past. But when have we known him to back pedal his comments? He never denied the other negative things he said of her. He pretty much says what is on his mind. And I've always felt that George has been greatly envious of Madonna. I feel Madonna gave him the brush off and he didn't take it well. And yes, even reputable sources are known to twist words or embellish things. Madonna has mentioned it happening to her many times. I still recall her commenting on the Vanity Fair spread
  20. I don't recall him saying that. I know he commented how frustrated he was because he felt she had so many other things going on occupying her time. It limited the time they spent together in the studio which I'm sure he is comparing to the time they spent together on RAY OF LIGHT. But let's remember MDNA didn't include Orbit as much as he was on RAY OF LIGHT, so of course she had to divide up her time. It didn't mean she didn't put in the work and effort in making a great album. For anyone to say this album was rushed, is just plain ridiculous. She spent far less time on earlier albums than M
  21. LOL to some fans saying Madonna hasn't put 100% into MDNA. My oh my! Of course, it's different times, but I remember in the 80's when she was all over radio, she did very little album promotion. The songs and videos simply did the work for her. And whenever we did see her do something, it was huge... such as an awards show. Interviews were quite slim as well. So I guess she didn't put 100% in back then either. LOL! Madonna has always did what profited the most in her career. It's a fact some fans need to drum into their head. That said, it didn't mean she didn't care about the music or didn'
  22. This! It's when I finally went loonville. HA! And of course, this is one of her finest hours too... http://youtu.be/XIQnxmYKbxA
  23. Never mind the fact, your over analyzing a 13 year old boy you don't even know other than his association with his famous mother, but really calling him "stupid" and an "asshole"? To me that sounds like a "stupid" and "asshole" thing to say about someone you barely know, except through a few instagram posts. That all said, Rocco comes off like a typical down to earth teenage boy. In fact, his interests in humanity is quite commending, especially knowing most teenagers his age are "all about themselves". Obviously, he's strongly influenced by his mother's humanity efforts. But surely, I don't
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