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  1. I'm sure I am wasting my time..., but you and some others are only looking at the smaller picture here. After all, what is truly "traditional promotion"? In fact, in past decades (especially before 80's artists came along and changed how we visually see them), it was always record an album and then go on tour to support the album. Therefore, touring is "traditional promotion". That's how it used to be and still is for many acts. Now, I'm not saying that the tour will increase record sales for HER, but for smaller acts it usually does since they don't have the same media exposure that she does. These days, touring for an artist like Madonna is big business. This is where the money is going to be made. After all, she did get a nice chunk of change from Live Nation to tour for the next number of years. So it shouldn't really be a big shock to any one of us that she immediately goes on tour soon after the release of her album. It's so easy to say... "oh, but she could do some promotional performances or appearances here and there", but honestly how much more is that really going to help especially from Madonna and her company's perspective? Are we really expecting this album to even reach the potential of RAY OF LIGHT, MUSIC and/or CONFESSION sales?? Realistically, NO! This means, she needs to put all her time, money and effort into touring. Wasting her time and money to perform on TV or free gigs to sell a few more albums will not even compare to the amount of money she will generate on tour. I realize we all wish Madonna would be as mainstream as she used to be on radio and the charts. I know we all want to see her videos and her presence on the small screen like in the past, but let's be realistic. It's very rare for any artist (especially a female artist) over 40 and even more 50, to get the same sort of exposure and sales that she once did. It doesn't even make a difference if the album is phenomenal because the fact is, I've heard plenty of older artists over the years who have made great records yet sales were low. The fact is, they aren't able to maintain the same sort of exposure Madonna use to get. Madonna isn't able to maintain the same sort of exposure she used to get. Right now, I'd say the exposure and attention she is still getting is far more than normal in the pop world for any woman her age. Considering the state of music business, she's still doing quite well, selling a decent amount of albums and a shit load of concert tickets. I'd say that she did her part, by taking advantage of a huge event like the Superbowl to maximize attention on her upcoming tour, and released two great videos for both of her singles. Sure, she could have went on IDOL, DANCING WITH STARS, DAVID LETTERMEN, but would that of matter when the objective here seems to me is to maximize sales for concert tickets in a time when the music business is in the tank.
  2. That's how a lot of entertainers did it back in the day. The difference is that most of those artists didn't spend 6 months preparing for a show. They usually didn't have the big theatrics that Madonna adds to her shows. So it was easier to put together. A lot of people here forget or misinformed, but a tour is essentially the major promotion of anyone's album. So it really floors me when people say Madonna isn't doing any conventional promotion when a tour is just that. And Just because it doesn't do much for her albums, doesn't mean that a tour doesn't support an album. In many cases, it does for artists, especially more low key artists that don't have access to the media as Madonna does and the ability to shift albums as soon as it's released as Madonna does.. It's possible that there will come an album where she will release it right as when the tour kicks off. She only did that once and that was for the I'M BREATHLESS album. Of course, that all was strategically planned around the film DICK TRACY and to feature the LIKE A PRAYER album. I can see her doing a more intimate tour in the future where it's possible the album is released at the same time. I am assuming a lot of you complaining about the lack of promotion are quite young and weren't fans during the 80's when she didn't do all the promotion you're wanting her to do now. The way she has approached MDNA reminds me of when she released her albums back in the day. She simply let the music and videos speak for itself. If the music is good, then no amount of interviews or performances on silly talk shows, etc., will make a difference. And for those who keep saying, "well, she's making time to promote TRUTH OR DARE fragrance".... hmmm, so spending 12-16 hour days in rehearsals for a tour isn't making time to showcase her new album??
  3. You're onto something though... maybe not promotional wise, but between the tour and a possible future single, it could definitely bring back the album to new heights. I'm not saying that will happen, but there have been plenty of successful albums that have slowly become huge successes. And let's not forget that many successful albums in the past used to not do their biggest sales on the first week. Anyway, I do feel like we're jumping the gun since we're still riding high from the initial release here. Next week it will fall from number one, but it will still remain in the top 10. It's possible it can still hang on in the top ten for a number of weeks. Anything can happen.
  4. Bull. She did loads of PR for Hard Candy. She did a number of radio interviews which was something rare for her even at that time. And American Life, she whored that album out and did a lot of promotional performances, including at record stores (Virgin Records), MTV On the Record, and lets not forget the morning show (GMA I think?) interview along with singing an acoustic version of Mother And Father. Both Hard Candy and American Life got more promotional appearances and interviews than I recall for any album before them.
  5. You know what? She did a lot more promotion for American Life and Hard Candy than she did for Confessions. Crap albums or not (and quite subjective to many), it doesn't matter. It shows that no amount of promotion she does is going to still sell her albums more. Yes, it may get her a little more exposure, but at what extent. I agree with what Kurt said... the promotion she did in the past that people are going on and on about is over exaggerated. And like Kurt said... a long time fan myself, I remember the days during the 80's, that a performance and an interview was RARE. When she did it, it was huge... yet rare. But back then she did have radio and MTV backing her. She doesn't have that same sort of support and other than the internet there really isn't a vehicle anymore that showcases artists visually like MTV and VH1 did. So for Madonna, she's going back to basics. Make an album. Let the music speak for itself. Let the record company do their thing and she heads out on the road. I agree in this day and age, a tour doesn't necessarily generate more album sales, but the end result the tour does "support" the album. Though, the touring business has grown. This is where her bread and butter will be made. Doing a few appearances hear and there isn't going to change much, other than waste valuable resources which can be used for the tour. We know this tour is going to be huge.
  6. But you said "until recent years" she used to do such promo. That isn't true. The fact is she has done extensive promo since MUSIC. In fact, she did a hell of a lot of radio interviews from the start of the lead single of HARDY CANDY up until the album was released. She also did a lot of press interviews and the promo tour. She even did a lot more promo for American Life, but both albums didn't fair well. So I don't buy that doing anymore promotion would help. I think the Superbowl was sufficient enough to remind people she's still here. The two single/videos are promotion as well. Just because some may like the choices doesn't mean it isn't promotion. Also, I didn't necessarily say that touring "helps album sales". I said the tour SUPPORTS the album. And for less known acts, it usually does generate more album sales, but the difference is these smaller acts who tour may not have the same exposure Madonna can get. I agree with Glindathegood here. I think people are simply missing the interviews and such that goes along with the album releases and confusing it as LACK of promotion. I can understand that, but we all know when she does interview, it rarely is about her latest album. I could see that she's sick of answering the same questions. So again, I can see why she just cuts to the chase and just go straight to tour. The album may not benefit a whole lot, but the money the tour generates is what Madonna and her team are aiming at. Spending anymore time and money on little stuff is just wasting resources which can be extended to making her tour that more extravagant.
  7. Like when "recent years" are you talking? It really wasn't until RAY OF LIGHT that she started doing performances and interviews on TV. In fact, much of her career before that, we never got any promotional interviews and performances. It wasn't until MUSIC album that we got a mini promotional tour. The big difference is now is that she doesn't have MTV and RADIO backing her which in the past were huge influences on the general public. They still are influential to the general public, but unfortunately, their priorities have changed as well. The internet is far more influential, and it seems to me Madonna has utilized that tool quite well in the past 10 years. Do I think she's "too good" to do American Idol, etc? Not at all. But in the end, it's about the tour, so rather spend extra time and money on doing all this mundane promotion, why not spend all the time and money on a spectacular show?
  8. "they"? We're talking about Madonna. No one is twisting Madonna's arm. Unless you just got on board in the last year or two, fans know Madonna is the one who's making the big decisions. She always has. Sure, she has a manager and advisers who encourage her, but ultimately she is in control. If she doesn't want to do something, she isn't going to do it. To me, it would be far more exhausting for her to be running around doing silly promo here and there while putting a show together. Also, that all cost money, especially mini promo tours which cost a lot money to put together. Again, the purpose of the tour is to showcase the current album. The big difference is that Madonna in the past, usually toured long after an album was released. But that is changing now, and she's going straight into touring. That's what a lot of acts do. In fact, some lesser known acts simply tour right when their album is released. The difference is, Madonna is high maintenance. Her shows are far more elaborate. So it takes a lot more time to put her shows together since she just doesn't stand around with the band, singing her songs.
  9. You can't be serious? That's where the money is made. Looking at the current scene of lacking record sales, they knew exactly what to aim for. TOUR! Remember, she has a huge deal with LIVE NATION which centers around her touring. And it's not that the album isn't important, but you act like the album is simply forgotten. It's not. It will be hugely represented on tour. That's how it should work. An artist produces an album and then they go out on tour to support it. It may not generate much more sales for the album these days, but the tour itself will generate the revenue LIVE NATION and Madonna is expecting as well as meet their contractual agreements.Madonna is a business as well.
  10. Agreed. I keep reading that Guy should stop responding. And eventually, that is what he's going to do, and then the fans are going to get pissed about him not saying anything. So no matter what he does, he's going to get shit for what ever he does. Sure, he doesn't have to respond, but then again, some of the fans who are harassing him should shut up as well. Her previous managers wouldn't give fans the "time of day". I realize we live in a different time, but can you imagine Freddy DeMann, putting up with such fans? He wouldn't. Some fans should just quit their day job and run Madonna's career instead. They seem to think they know how to do it better than Guy or Madonna, even though they've been quite successful for the last thirty years.
  11. I think that IS the intention. I don't think any bad planning went on here. Sure, they probably expected GMAYL to be a big hit. The way it was rolled out was perfect. And while I know some of the fans dislike the song, I think the song is a fun little pop song. Radio eventually abandoned it after the promotional obligations were met. And obviously since that went south, they immediately pushed GGW out. In any event, I think the main goal was to get people to her shows. They know that's where the money is going to be made. I'm sure they didn't have any high expectations for the album to sell like hotcakes with the way the record industry is and her previous albums not doing as well when they did all the promotion. To me, they just cut to the chase, and used the Super Bowl to her advantage. I'm sure Guy didn't have to do much twisting of her arm, when she knew the exposure could be used to her advantage. So we can sit here and skulk about the supposed lack of promotion, or we can enjoy what most of us agree is a GREAT album, and look forward to a fuckin' awesome tour in the coming months.
  12. I rather Madonna focus on putting together a great show, rather going off doing minimal TV or radio appearances which proved to not do much for previous albums. If the album is that great, then it should speak for itself. I think all the energy, time and creativity going into the Superbowl and two videos is suffice for me. All the buzz and little teasers in between was a lot of fun. So now, I own the album. I'm enjoying it, and I'm looking forward to going to a couple MDNA shows. That's all that matters to me.
  13. Exactly... "Gang Bang" is definitely limited. This is why I think a video later in the year, especially if controversial could breath some new life in the album during the holidays. But of course, the video has to really stand out and most likely be a bit controversial. Though, the song itself will never see the light of day on radio. It's going to be a fan favorite, but not all fan favorites work well in the mainstream. "GGW" and "TUTR" are safe for radio. Unfortunately, I think radio has given up on Madonna.
  14. "Turn Up The Radio" seems like the likely choice for mainstream acceptance. But honestly, since "Girl Gone Wild" is having a tough time getting airplay on radio, I only see TUTR performing the same way. My hope is that I'm wrong, but any record company would bail by this point if a first and second single haven't performed at all, at this point. But stranger things have happened. And the idea of "Gang Bang" being a mainstream single is unlikely, but I suspect if a video made especially with Quentin Tarentino, directing it, there is a possibility the song and video could boost an interest an album sales down the road. But I think that should be saved for later in the year around the holidays. A video for "Gang Bang" could very well strike up enough attention to remind holiday buyers of the album.
  15. In all fairness, some of us avoid the Diva bashing going on elsewhere. I see no good in it and see it simply as a way for some to make themselves or their most favorite entertainer look superior than the rest. Anyway, I don't see the point whether it's male or female. Besides, there are hell of a lot of talented people out there who aren't up to "Society's standards" regarding appearance. Close your eyes, and the world can definitely appear different to you. Anyway, we are waaaay off topic. Carry on...
  16. What's with the nasty comments about Orbit?? I don't get this at all? In fact, Orbit is quite slim. Also, I think your comment is quite derogatory to all gay men. I'm suspecting you're gay right? So why would you assume age and weight gain has any association to gay men? I don't know how old you are, but you will eventually reach Chris or William's age. And maybe you will or maybe you won't have put on weight, but you'll see as you get older, it's not so easy to maintain the same body one has had when they were younger, and that doesn't really have anything to do with sexual preference or even what sex you are.
  17. I felt she was being a bit of a bitch to him... in a playful manner. And yeah, I don't believe the Gaga comment has anything to do with Madonna either. I think some fans are looking for some sort of animosity. I mean; even in context of her post, it makes no sense to what anything Madonna was saying. I think the Madonna fans are egging the animosity more and more. I realize some of her fans are nuts, but less attention paid to it, would nip a lot of this in the bud. P.S.... I don't believe Madonna when she was "surprised" about being #1. Since the album officially went on sale last week, the projections predicted her sales, so I'm sure she knew she was heading that direction.
  18. Yeah, I mentioned this when the song first debut on youtube with the lyric video. I thought the song was EXTREMELY current and fitting to what is playing on top 40 and that if they don't play it, it's all about her and/or her age. It's too bad because music shouldn't have boundaries like this. And the fact that she looks like a 30 something in her video, the age thing shouldn't be an issue, but it is. Anyway, I wish a U.S. maxi single would come out on this song. I'm dying for the official mixes on physical format. They are pretty awesome. 100% better than the crappy GMAYL mixes.
  19. LUV Madonna, but this is boring as hell so far. Too many shout outs to celebs. All the kiss assing to Perez. And what's with all the mundane questions from fans? C'mon? Answer some interesting questions? I like to hear more about her music, tour and her thoughts on state of her singles.Not... "Truth or Dare?" or "What's the first album you bought?" or "What's your favorite flower?" A lot of these questions, fans should know."If you come to ... can we Party Rock?" Please???
  20. Yep! Hopefully will shut those people up who were whining about the "lack of promotion" when she almost doubled the #2 contender. But yeah, now we'll never hear the end of .... "but if she did more promo, she would have sold 700,000 copies". BULLSHIT!!! A bulk of those sales came from pre-sales, etc.... that stem from her Superbowl exposure... ultimate exposure. ULTIMATE MADONNA!
  21. I'll state once again... it's a fun song. Something that I don't take seriously to the point I dislike it. I never said it didn't "qualify as a proper song". That's obviously your thoughts.
  22. I totally agree. I like the jovial tone of the song. But if I was to record the song, I'd re-write and edit out all the celebrity shout-outs.
  23. Duh! I thought I made it clear I spend more time talking about things I like or I am interested in, rather things I'm not. My comment above was in reference to you assuming that I can't bring myself to admitting I dislike anything Madonna does, which again would be an incorrect assumption on your part. Therefore... "The difference is that I don't spend too much time fretting or discussing about things I dislike."
  24. And you would be dead wrong with that assumption! The difference is that I don't spend too much time fretting or discussing about things I dislike. Maybe you're joking, but can you really distinguish her within the vocals? I can't. Most other people I've discussed her inclusion says the same. I'm sure if it was never mentioned she was part of the track, no one would have even thought it was anyone else but Madonna doing her own backing vocals.
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