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  1. Note BOLD, I stopped right there because I am not sure why that was even brought up. I never and I don't think anyone in this thread was talking about loving everything she did. In fact, I have said in this very thread how I am not a big fan of Erotica, but recognize her song writing talent on that album. And I never said anyone should be ashamed for liking any album. Seems you're reading more into than what I said. But isn't that a bit hypocritical of you to even bring up since the part I bolded, you went on this rant about not loving everything she does and insinuating some of us are "brain
  2. I never understood why it has to take that long. I do understand it's usually that way with a big artist like Madonna, but albums do not have to take that long to release, especially in this day and age, when many artists are releasing their music independently. I suspect if she enters the studio anytime soon, she's already been listening to music demos and has who she wants to work with lined up. It's just a matter of getting everyone in the studio that wants to work with. Fall release seems likely at this point if she gets into the studio within the next month or two.
  3. It's not necessarily a thrilling venture for me, but I have no issue with her opening more gyms. Not sure why so many people are surprised as she's getting older, she's lending her name/persona to products and opening up gyms. She's always been an entrepreneur. It's obvious she knows she needs to keep the money moving and keep investing. She's a smart business woman. I can see her investing in more films as well (as producer). If I was in her shoes, I would keep finding more investments that I am interested in. Her being so fit and an exerciseholic, it makes total sense to open gyms and lend
  4. I don't believe this is really officially something she endorsed, but since they used her name and image, she must be getting paid for it. As for the original question, I think it's fine she uses names of her songs/movies/album titles for her brand products. It's easier associated since everyone knows many of these names such as "Material Girl" which is probable the tag name most associated to Madonna the most. I'm a bit surprised she actually used that name because she was quite apprehensive about the song as her career went on, and hated performing it. Truth or Dare was a perfect name for
  5. Yeah, we sure wouldn't want her to go back to rhyming her lyrics and metaphores like she did in Lucky Star Holiday Live To Tell Where's The Party Vogue Into the Groove the whole Erotica album. and the list goes on....
  6. That's what I'm saying. It astounds me that some people actually think she put little effort in MDNA and HARD CANDY when as you pointed out, she has a lot input in those songs you mentioned. Madonna has never been an artist that just puts out one kinda sound. And just because she teams up with even a Sound of the moment, doesn't mean she's relinquished all her inputs to these people. Certainly, she's in control. I'm not a huge fan of the Erotica album, but I also know she wrote a lot on that album. It's the sound that I am not fond of, but yet there are a number of songs I do love on that al
  7. Oh c'mon now? And you were there to know that she didn't? I am not the one who is claiming she doesn't put any effort in her albums. I'm also not claiming I was there to know how much effort she does put in her album. I just find it absurd for any Madonna fan to really think, knowing her 30 year history in conceiving albums, that she actually goes in to make an album with very little effort. Hard Candy is heavily criticized by some fans as an album she didn't put much effort in. Yet, Justin Timberlake vouched for what other producers have said of Madonna that she came in with journals of wri
  8. You're right.... she's just a horrible song writer.... Lucky Star Holiday Borderline Into The Groove Live To Tell Vogue Like A Prayer (and most of the album of the same name) Express Yourself Music (and most of the album of the same name) Take A Bow Most of the Ray of Light Album Wow, just a horrible song writer. How the hell did she even become the music icon she is??
  9. See, I don't get when people say she hasn't put much effort in certain albums? I think that's just an absurd statement to make for those who aren't really into Madonna much anymore. It's like you seem to think you were there when she was making these albums and just laid around the studio letting people hand her songs, without any input. That's just bull! Just look at the song "Gang Bang". We all heard the earlier version. And then there's the album version. Madonna's input on all her albums have pretty much been the same from the beginning of her career. She has someone who comes up with the
  10. Okay, I tried to do this several times, but had a hard time. Of course, her known hits stand out and there are more than 10, but I love many of her non singles as well. And my favorites always change, so here goes... 1. Live To Tell 2. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You 3. The Power of Goodbye 4. Like A Prayer 5. Vogue 6. Burning Up 7. Falling Free 8. Take A Bow 9. Love Spent 10. Stay
  11. Well, we can argue back and forth if she's "being herself" or not and she needs to do more songs like this and that, but I became a fan early on in her career. It was light and fun songs with not much profound lyrics that hooked me to Madonna... "Lucky Star", "Holiday", "Everybody", "Burning Up" and "Into The Groove" anyone. Most of her songs loved by the general public are those earlier songs. But of course, she has had many great songs enjoyed by the public that had much more to it than just fun frivolous lyrics such as "Live To Tell", "Papa Don't Preach", and "Like A Prayer". All in all,
  12. See, I don't necessarily agree with that. In fact, you have to go back to when albums started becoming the norm and popular. Albums were always conceived based on the fact to get the music distributed to more people who couldn't necessarily go to a concert/show by the artists. It eventually gave the artists more room to be creative. However, most artists start off writing songs to perform in front of people. Before albums were bankable, it was always about the artist going to gigs and performing their songs. It would be insane to think a band or an artist could just release an album and think
  13. I actually agree. And I really don't have a problem with her working people in the past. I guess what humors me is the many fans who insist she work with this person or that person, hoping to create some new and fresh sound, yet beg for her to work with people she's worked with before in the same breath. Whether it's someone new or old, it never guarantees she's going to produce something to everyone's liking. And the proof is... almost every album she's produce (especially more of late) there is always a mix reaction from fans. I keep going back to "Celebration" and remember the uproar fr
  14. By and large, I agree with essentially what you're saying here, but did she really get that upset about her daughter smoking? Yes, when asked about it, she acted like she didn't approve, but at the same time, she was very clear she knew her daughter is a teen who will be exposed to these things and will be curious. We all can sit here and speculate... and I'm sure I'm adding to it, but I do feel that Madonna pretty much exposes her kids at an early age to the things much of us discover on our own or told not to do/touch/say. I feel she doesn't really shield her kids from the realities going o
  15. Can we really say one article from DAILY MAIL (which most everyone usually criticizes) is "Headlines"? Who else is really talking about this but hardcore fans on fan forums and social media? Not defending Gaga, but in all fairness she has created more headlines with her crazy behavior even if it's not gone the way she hoped.
  16. Not intended specifically at you, but I don't understand the idea of fans wanting her to work with people she's worked with in the past? I remember distinctly when the song 'Celebration' came out, many fans were ripping it to shreds because it sounded too much like something she did already. So why would one want her to go back to someone she's worked with before, chancing she's going to just reproduce a sound she's already done? I know many people were excited when they heard William Orbit came back on board for MDNA, but it certainly didn't recreate the same vibe RAY OF LIGHT had. I guess
  17. Exactly. I'm sure many of us here have been given gag gifts we don't necessarily use or have any use for. Being in the business she's in, she certainly has friends who are in all kinds of shit. Does that mean she does it or approves what they do? No. She obviously was being humorous and naughty. Probably hoping to make a few people squirm or bitch and moan she posted it. LOL!
  18. Apart from the speculation from one picture.... Madonna seems to be attracted to unconventional looking men. I mean that in a good way. If you look back at many of the men she dated and even married, they weren't necessarily the greatest looking men. Yes, many of them had their own distinguishing good looks, but I thought men like Sean, Brahim, and Carlos Leon weren't necessarily these great looking men, even though they had features I can see that was attractive. Of course, it's all subjective. I recall a lot of people back in the day thought Sean Penn was an awkward pairing for the two. Any
  19. Please point out where I said you weren't entitled to your opinion? You barged in here insulting people for no good reason. Yet, I'm the one being "oversensitive"? I posted this because I felt it would be a cool thing to share with fans. But as usual, you and some others have to come into every thread and turn it upside down and start shit with people.
  20. Thank you! I swear some just want to take the piss out of every post made and insult people. She does look a lot like Madonna, and that's why I posted it. I knew others would appreciate it as yourself. Thanks.
  21. It's a woman. And please, let's not get caddy here. I realize she's not exactly like Madonna. This post isn't about bashing innocent people. I genuinely felt that she looked strikingly similar to Madonna back in the day. She does. End of Story!
  22. No, it's fine. In fact, I had thought to ask people to post about people they knew that looked similar to Madonna, not so much celebrities or drag queen. You lie! Thanks for the laugh though.
  23. As I stated above.... I found it on a friend of a friend's page.
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