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  1. You're right. She was more of rare casual smoker. In fact, the only time I really believe we saw her truly smoke is as props in several films/videos, when she presented GEORGE MICHAEL at the '89 VMA's, (but it was more of a prop then) and during the filming of "Take A Bow" (and she claimed to be smoking because it kept her from eating, so she could fit well in her tight costume). Yes, she has done many videos or photo shoots using cigarettes, but that doesn't mean she was smoking. And I've seen no evidence that she has smoked since having Lourdes. That's 15 years. Her thoughts on smoking could have greatly changed since then.
  2. Oh geez, I knew I would do that sooner or later. I am a huge P!nk fan and I always keep associating her song "Most Girls" when I think of "Some Girls". LOL!
  3. Yeah, I'm baffled with why they picked for her to go on this show. Not only that, her interview will be airing against the second hour of American Idol. She should have done 60 Minutes instead. There is a larger demographic there. Ideally, she should be doing AMERICAN IDOL.
  4. I rather have the poster. It's far more unique and cooler looking. Also, much cheaper. I find it a bit ridiculous that the Lithograph is so expensive when in reality, it's just a poster as well. So big deal if a number of authenticity comes with it... it's still a $75 poster. That's outrageous. I bought the TRUE BLUE one when it was reduced to $25 last summer. Unfortunately, they didn't start shipping them until this last Christmas. I love it, but it's just a poster. I've always wanted a wall poster of the True Blue album, so when it was marked down, I jumped for it.
  5. To me, it really comes down to the lack of radio airplay. I don't think it matters what song they could have released, I think we'd be fighting the same fight here. I know a lot of people think TUTR would have fared better, and maybe it would have, but I highly doubt it. GMAYL potential seemed logical since it did include a pretty hot rap act of the moment with it. So I totally understand why Madonna and Interscope were on board with that being the first single as well as the tie in for Superbowl. Though, Nicki has over saturated the market with being featured on a lot of tracks in the last year. As for "Girl Gone Wild", I'm sorry to say, but no matter how one wants to try to justify that it isn't the right first or second single, I disagree. It's exactly what radio is playing which goes back to the fact, radio just doesn't want to play new Madonna music. Therefore, TUTR would have and most likely (if it is a third single) fail to do any better. Those pining for GANG BANG to being a single to help salvage the album, are being unrealistic. I don't even believe on an international level that it would work. I don't believe radio would play it anywhere. It's just too dark and violent for pop radio. Do I think it should be abandoned all together as being featured on the album? No. I do think that it should become a VIDEO single. I think an epic and/or controversial violent video could muster up some interest. This idea of trying to get Quentin Tarentino could work, but the thing is that the longer it sits on the back burner, the more contrived it becomes. With both Madonna and Quentin being super busy it just adds to that complication. I'm game for whatever her team decides to release. I love the album, but the fact remains, most record companies wouldn't lay out anymore money to the artist for future singles/videos after their first two haven't produced. But anything can happen. I suspect TUTR if becomes a single will get a live concert footage video.
  6. Not tired of MDNA, but since playing non-stop up until today, I've let it rest and I've pulled out the Deluxe version of CELEBRATION. And I guess I'm one of the very few who pulls out an album by Madonna and DOESN'T skip tracks. And while "Some Girls" at first was one of the first few tracks I wasn't digging the most, I've learned to really appreciate that song. Though, I'm still having trouble warming up to "I'm Addicted". Everything else is great to listen to in it's context and even randomly.
  7. Also... why would anyone at this point of her career, think they could go to a current show of Madonna's and think she won't perform new songs from her latest album? That's what most artists do. They record an album and that album serves as the soundtrack to the tour, plus whatever older hits the artist prefers to perform. So yeah, I don't really feel sorry for anyone who comes to a Madonna show, and leaves disappointed because she performed her new songs over a lot of her old ones. Madonna isn't the sort of artist who puts on a GREATEST HITS show. Her closest was probably RIT, but even then much of that tour included many songs from AMERICAN LIFE, and from what I can tell a lot of people left quite satisfied. In other words, don't be a dumb shit and go to a Madonna show expecting she's going to sing all her old hits when she has a bunch of new songs she is excited to perform. Exactly. It seems to me that there are some fans who are obsessed with her selling millions of albums and charting high, so it will justify it being a great album to them. That's a load of crap. A great album is great album no matter if the masses make it a huge hit. There are plenty of fantastic... if not stellar albums by plenty of artists who don't have even one hit song from their album. If the album is great, then no matter how Madonna chooses to promote it and how some silly critic negatively criticizes shouldn't matter to you.
  8. But again, you are FOCUSED on Album sales. I'm not! It's all about the tour these days. Not that I'm obsessed with how much she makes for the tour, but this is where she's concentrating. She knows these days albums don't sell, so she's going straight to the tour where the money is being made. Why is it so hard to grab that concept? The albums sales mean squat these days. If that is all you're going to focus on regarding Madonna's success, you're going to be deeply frustrated and disappointed. But I'm sure Madonna isn't as along as she's making millions more with her concerts.
  9. Oh, I'm sure ALL of us would love to see her do more than what she's done. But hell if I'm going to trade a couple silly performances for a tour of 20 plus songs on a grander scale. And hell if I'm not going to celebrate this great album nevertheless. I don't need to see high chart success or huge sales to prove that this is anything different for me. Also, I didn't say you weren't entitled your say, (after all, I'm not the one throwing in the digs about "I can't wait for Kurt or Neutrocks come in with their 5 paragraph essay")... but it seems to me that your say had kept you from actually just enjoying the era "as is"... the album and what's to come. Besides, other than bitch and moan about it, how does it change anything?? Madonna and company's plan was to bring awareness of a new tour which she has with the Superbowl and the album. You say you posted this for people to read, but the truth is that article pretty much re-enforces what you've been trying to express all along.
  10. I just don't understand why it's so difficult for you and other fans to see that it's all about the tour. It seems to me some are just so wrapped up in her promoting the album with silly TV performances or interviews, when she's invested a lot of painstaking hours in this upcoming tour. I don't see her being as "clueless" or "out of touch" when she knows that albums don't sell like they used to. She would be "out of touch" if she actually tried to keep thinking her albums would still sell like they used to. In fact, no one is selling albums like entertainers used to... unless you're ADELE. If anything, she's playing it smart. She's touring... where the interests lies. Other than Adele success, who else has sold as many albums she has this year so far in the two weeks her album has been released? Very few people. It's not that her album has flopped. She seems to be selling at an average rate of what is being sold anymore regarding albums. Now maybe at the end of the year, there will be several artists who have gone beyond that average, but I hardly think Madonna is going to be at the bottom of those statistics since majority of albums don't sell like ADELE is doing.
  11. Exactly. I'd take her performing 20+ songs live than some silly interview that never really gets to the music or one song performance on some TV show. Bring on the tour. Meanwhile, I'm playing the shit out of the album. Nothing anyone says will change that.
  12. I don't think so, but what some fans have forgotten (if I recall correctly), she's only signed (through Interscope) for a three album deal for one million dollars each. She made that back just with the U.S. sales in her first week. So it's a no brainer that Madonna's focus is on the tour. That's where the money will be made. She has a bigger obligation to Live Nation. So again, why would she waste her time trying to peddle her album on TV where she makes squat only to sell a few more albums when she can tour the album and make millions and millions more. And the tour isn't cheap to put on, so obviously she cares.
  13. Exactly. But yeah, she dropped the ball... doesn't care about promoting her album, blah blah blah. LOL! This tour is obviously going to be huge. It's not like she's sitting around eating bon bons. She's actually rehearsing to perform the music from the album. THAT IS PROMOTION!!!
  14. Just for the record, I do think she cares, but not to the extent some fans are freaking about. If she didn't care about her latest album, she wouldn't be going out on tour, performing songs from it. There's a lot of detail and creativity going into this tour as she always does. In the end, I just don't see why fans are worried about sales and promotion when that isn't a big concern to Madonna. Obvious... some misjudgement of the success of the first single, but the second single is great. I really feel radio is just not willing to play her anymore. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the tour, not freaking out that she is dropping to #8 in a market that is not going well for most artists unless your name is ADELE!! And even her success is quite rare these days. No one is selling anything close to ADELE is these days.
  15. Oh gosh, two whole paragraphs. Not sure if I can digest this much info in one setting.
  16. We're too busy enjoying the album then worrying about things we have no control over and something Madonna obviously doesn't care about.
  17. ROTLF at all those so much in a fluster about her drop and wanting Guy O. fired. As if Madonna is as concerned as you guys when she has a huge tour soon to embark on. She loses nothing. Her money is made on the tour and until some fans get that in their head, they will continue to whine about lack of promotion and low sales when none of that matters to Madonna when she's selling out her shows, and about to break another record as the biggest grossing tour.
  18. Well, if I recall right, she has a three album deal with Interscope for one million each, so she's already made that back and then some just with U.S. sales.
  19. Well, it's understandable because certainly I have no objections of her doing magazines, interviews and performing on TV, etc. But for me, I rather her just concentrate on the music and putting on a great show, rather seeing her sit through another interview, pretty much answering the same questions over and over. And I think the lack of promotion is over exaggerated. I just think most people aren't happy with the promotion that there is, and they prefer to see more of Madonna such as in live performances and talking about her songs as you said yourself. But we'll soon see the performances.
  20. I didn't say you did. I realize I quoted you and initially responded to what you were saying, but my response built on previous posts I've read from others and the idea that some think she needs a hit single/album to tour. No need to get insulting. We're just having a silly discussion.
  21. Wow! I like this. Looks quite authentic. Too bad it isn't.
  22. I had always thought Madonna toured unconventionally from the start anyway. For the most part, her tours were usually a year or so after the release of a major album release. Most artists tend to go out on tour as soon as they drop the album. To me, it seems to tour immediately shows one enthusiasm to showcase their album on the road.
  23. For someone who you seem to hold very little respect for, you sure hang on every little word of his don't you? Anyway, I hope you can enjoy the music, rather be so fixated on charts and radio success. In fact, she's proven that she still can sell a shitload of concert tickets on the back of several supposed flop albums... EROTICA/THE GIRLIE SHOW, AMERICAN LIFE/RE-INVENTION TOUR, and HARD CANDY/STICKY AND SWEET. Not only that, she was able to sell another shit load of tickets for this current tour, based on one supposed "shitty first single" and an unheard album. But yeah, some are trying to insist she needs a hit song to sell tickets.
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