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  1. Why not just enjoy what's to come, rather dissect every little move they make. I swear, you seem to be obsessed with the promotion, chart and sales success more than Madonna rather than just enjoying the music. I mean; what does it matter to you? Will your world crumble if Madonna doesn't get a hit single or album from this point on, or if she doesn't do promotion the way you want her to do? Why not accept that this is all for the benefit of all her current fans? It's clear to me the main focus is the tour and merchandising as well as the TV/DVD deal that will follow. It's always good to have promotional videos/cuts from the concert to use for future ads for DVD release as well as a future broadcast.
  2. Don't confuse the two. It's not that she is "too old" for such promotion. The lack of promotion was just a different strategy she and her manager decided to take after the huge Superbowl performance. Where "ageism" comes in is when radio or other media outlets aren't willing to play her stuff. I mean; c'mon... "Girl Gone Wild" is exactly the type of song that is being played on radio. It should have been a hit, but if radio isn't going to give it a go, then it's not going to gain much interest. Also, our society IS definitely ageist to especially FEMALE entertainers. You cannot deny it. What happened 4 to 8 years ago doesn't matter. In fact, if you really look at her last successful single, it was a song that many fans will agree that featured Justin Timberlake more than Madonna. That song did as well as it did, because it had TWO HUGE fan bases supporting it. Not only that, you could even throw in the TIMBALAND fanbase as well. I don't think some here are taking that in account. If Madonna alone came out with that song, it wouldn't have done as well. The proof comes with the follow up single which went no where. "Give It 2 Me" is a decent song. Warners didn't give the push that it should have had for radio and Madonna was heading out on tour by the time that song was released. Again, I think you and others are putting too much stake into "promotion". Such promotion takes time and money which isn't good business sense at a time that most artists are struggling to even sell the amount MDNA has done world-wide. It makes sense to focus on the tour where the real money is being made.
  3. Agreed. Also, I'm completely content if Madonna does not score another huge hit or doesn't make it on radio. The "momentum" is there for me which is what this topic was originally questioning. Sure, I'd love to see her get many more huge hits, but unfortunately, we live in a society which doesn't appreciate older artists in TOP 40 radio.That said, it doesn't lack any "momentum".
  4. Who cares if she didn't write the music! It still doesn't mean she didn't put any heart and soul into the project, but that's irrelevant since my main argument is about MADONNA not Rhianna. I just can't believe ANYONE really thinks Madonna just lacked any interest or passion in MDNA. LOL!
  5. I wish, but I don't think the song is catchy enough for commercial acceptance. But who knows?
  6. But you're only making assumptions she "slapped it together". How can you be sure that she didn't care? In fact, from further reading, it seems she started working on her latest album in February of 2011 and finished it in November. Sorry, but NINE MONTHS... and you think she just "slapped it together". Madonna recorded some of her best albums in less time. Originally, the idea was going to be a "re-issue" of Rhianna's "Loud" album with new tracks, but she obviously felt inspired to create a whole new album of material. Of course, there are plenty of deadlines in any profession and yes even in the music industry. But again, I am not here to debate other artists interest or passion in music since my main argument was based on the claims some think Madonna lacks interest or what not.
  7. Or maybe you're just not a fan of her work. That's your opinion. And you're welcome to it. Hell, I don't even really listen to her. I have no interest to. Though, I don't believe she has no interest in making music or lacks passion for it. I'm not saying that artists don't have creative lows, but again that is subjective unless the artist admits to having those times. But this isn't about Rihanna and I'm not going to play the game of bashing other artists because I may not dig their style, music or sound.
  8. Oh good gawd, I can't believe some are actually questioning her "passion" or she's lost interest in making music... WTF??? That's just utter bullshit. Whatever one may think of MDNA, it's obviously one's opinion. Like it or not, it isn't something she half-haphazardly put together without much thought. It's the same with any of her albums. That's just silly. I can't imagine any musician really doing that when they are putting together an album. Obviously, some albums aren't as great as others, but it certainly doesn't mean an artist has lost interest in the music because some fans don't find it to be their best work or because it's not generally accepted by the public. Also, no one spends more than three months rehearsing for a tour which features new music from their latest album, without having some passion or interest. Hell, she's planning to "slackline" while performing. Please, c'mon! "No interest in her music"??? Madonna is about to embark on one of her longest and most likely most expensive and most grossed tour to date. The fact she's taking this tour on the road for more than three months says a lot for her "interest" in her music. This is a woman who has said many times in the past, she quickly tires of performing her old songs. No doubt, it will be grueling for her to keep performing these songs night after night, knowing she's a perfectionist and gets easily bored after performing the same thing over and over. Say what you want... believe what you want, but to actually think Madonna has "lost interest in making music" is just utter bullshit. Even with the lack of promotion, you can see all the effort and passion she's put in the songs and the videos and surely the tour. Good gawd, some of you are quite mental over this whole idea that she's lost her passion because she isn't out peddling her album on QVC, AMERICAN IDOL, or what not. Even with the lack of promotion, she's still been quite visible and active within the public eye. It may not be up to your standards of how an artist should promote, but people still know she's making music and touring. In the end, her commitments are to touring. And yes, TOURING IS THE ULTIMATE promotion, whether it sells anymore albums or not. TOURING is part of the whole music making process. Has been for years and years... an artist makes an album and then they go out on tour, performing songs from the album. It may not be like the old days where the albums benefit, but these days... especially for Madonna, it's the tour that generates the income. Honestly, some of you need to quit making all these nonsensical assumptions and just enjoy the music. If an album has to be accepted by the general public or produce top 40 hits, to be a good album, then obviously you've not heard a good album because some of the best albums are not always the biggest selling albums or has produced huge hits.
  9. Damn!!!! Thank gawd, someone here gets it. Thank you. I couldn't have said it any better myself. Though, if I did. I'd get blasted for writing an "essay".
  10. I thought how it was interesting how they used "Falling Free" in that piece as if it was actually part of the movie. Thanks for posting. Good to see they gave props to her new album as well. 'Kill two birds with one stone.'
  11. LOL... Momentum is going strong for me. Love the album. Can't wait for the massive tour. Some just need to let go of the silly idea that she needs to go on TV, have hit singles, be played on top 40 radio, and sell a kazillion albums anymore. None of that will change the fact I love the album and look forward to seeing her put on a extravagant show of 20 plus songs versus one performance here and there that isn't going to do shit for a song that isn't selling or charting. The album is already the 4th best selling album of 2012. Those before her with the exception of ADELE aren't really that far ahead of her in sales. It's so strange to see some fans so fixated over her sales, charts and lack of promotion when she's about to embark on a huge ass tour that will put to shame any silly interview or promo stint on any TV SHOW.
  12. I agree with Kurt. I don't think any song at this point will help the album become more successful. The two singles released first were the most radio friendly... especially GGW. I've said this upon first hearing it... "if radio doesn't play this song, then it proves they are ageists". GGW is exactly the type of song radio is playing. If any other younger big name female chick released it as a single, it would have been huge. And the thing is, I don't think there is a lot of dislike for GGW for those who aren't as big as fans, so I'm pretty sure if radio just played the damn song like the five songs they rotate every half hour, it would be huge. I also agree that at this point, I don't think it matters what single they release. If any song does have any chance of getting radio airplay it would be "Turn Up The Radio". Though, with the radio not playing Madonna, I don't see this song fairing any better, nor do I think it would have been more successful or mattered if it was released as a first single. I do think that releasing anything would have to be a visionary deal where a VIDEO is involved. To maximized the most exposure or attention, it has to be something 'in your face' and possibly controversial. Do I think Madonna will spend anymore money on such a video? Nope... maybe "Gang Bang" since she's been pining for Quentin to direct it. Her focus is on the tour and should be since that's where the money is made. I've learned long ago, Madonna's a business woman first. She does what makes her the most money. Since she no longer has radio or MTV backing her like back in the early days, she no longer can attract the same attention she used to with the new media forms. Therefore, touring is where she's still her strongest. When fans finally accept this, the more appreciative they will of the music, rather focusing where she's charting and how much she's selling.
  13. Yeah, that is why I don't think any more promotion probably would have made much of a difference regarding MDNA. I think for the last several albums and from this point on, we'll see that her albums will debut big, but then drop off sharply. She's the type of artist that the core of her audience buys her stuff immediately as it's released. That could change with the next few albums, allowing her to rebuild new interest, but I won't hold my breath on that happening. Yeah, I'm sure a couple of high profile performances could have generated a little more sales to the album and certainly to the singles, but I am not sure that is the focus for Madonna and her team. Interscope already made back the money they fronted her for MDNA in the first week sales. Her obligation is to Live Nation, so it's evident to me why she's focused on the tour. That's where the money is being made for Madonna and Live Nation. And I don't care what anyone says here, but GGW is a fantastic song and there is no doubt in my mind radio is just not interested in playing Madonna anymore. If Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and probably even Rhianna recorded and released that song, it would be all over the radio.
  14. Other than Adele, Madonna is pretty much selling like anyone else in this day and age. I mean; she currently has sold a little over a million copies of her record, making her the 4th biggest seller in the whole world. Granted, she isn't selling albums like she did even ten years ago, but for most artists who have been around as long as Madonna has, rarely do sell like they did when they were younger. Though, look at those who are getting all the radio airplay and attention in the media, and look at how they are struggling to sell even a million copies even in 10 weeks time. Madonna sold over a million in nearly 4 weeks. So yeah, maybe her album plummeted fast after debuting as the the first biggest week seller of the year. And yes, she may not be selling millions of records like she did in the past, but other than ADELE who else really is? To add further insult, all these other entertainers who are younger and more popular on mainstream radio or media outlets, are doing tons of promotion, etc, yet they can't move their albums. Madonna has done little to none since her album has been released. Though look at someone like Katy Perry.... She's phenomenally huge on radio. Her singles do very well, and she's done a lot of promotional performances. In fact, I compare her exposure and single success to the likes of Madonna's True Blue album, where her TEENAGE DREAM album produced six top tens... (Five of them number ones), yet she has only been able to sell a little over two million copies in the U.S. in the two years it's been released. Madonna back in her day would have sold triple that amount... and has done so with far less successful singles from one album. It's a matter of putting the current music business in perspective. No one is selling albums like they used to. Adele is the only one currently dominating and that obviously is just a rare fluke. It'll be a long while til we see someone overcome the same success Adele is having currently, and she has had fewer successful singles than Katy Perry. I know some consider MDNA a flop, but I don't. Not when you consider the fact that no one else who is 20 or 30 years younger than her is selling much more than her these days.
  15. "b-side"?? Are there such things as "b-sides" anymore with less and less physical singles being released and everything is going digital? Anyway, I don't believe the song is supposed to be taken too seriously to the point of thinking it's the "worst" song she's ever recorded. But I will say that I am disappointed that Madonna didn't utilize MIA for something a bit more serious. Then again, a lot of MIA's solo stuff is quite serious, so maybe she was trying to bring out a fun and lighter side to MIA.
  16. Had no idea, there was a "British Version" of the show. Also, wasn't aware she had left the states? Anyway, if true good to see a that Britain might get a live promotional push.
  17. Hmm? Unless I'm missing something, the show airs Monday and Tuesday nights. There are NO Sunday shows. The last 4 shows are lined up to air this coming week and next week, airing both Monday and Tuesday nights. Next Tuesday... May 8th is the FINAL result show where the winner is announced.
  18. LOL... I saw that post and knew it wouldn't air in the U.S., but just in case, I went to VH1.com TV schedule and saw the usual 'Mob Wives' and other crap shows they have on instead.
  19. Yeah, just because radio isn't playing the singles and the album didn't stay in the top 10 doesn't change the fact it's going to be the soundtrack to the tour, and an album that I'm going to enjoy for many more months to come non-stop. Some fans needs mainstream acceptance of this album to validate it's a great album.
  20. Guy did Tweet a week or so back that a third single was being planned, but didn't necessarily act like he knew which song it would be, yet hinted "Turn Up the Radio" was a good choice when a fan tweeted about it.
  21. Why would it have to be "via satellite"? Not that I am saying she's doing this at all, but it's quite possible that she can pull it off. She would have been rehearsing that performance for tour for a couple of months by then. There is no reason why she couldn't pull off a watered down version of it. Being 9 days from her first show wouldn't mean anything since she wouldn't be in that part of the world until two days later if she's planning to be there in a week in advance. Though, I'd think by May 20th, she might as well roll out a performance for a THIRD SINGLE.
  22. Well, she'll get a decent 7 to 8 million tuning in to her performance most likely. I hope this is true. Though, I have a feeling it will probably just further propel Adele and Justin Beiber if they show up or perform, more than Madonna. Probably just a wishful rumor.
  23. Let's be fair now. She's been working her ass off in rehearsals. It was midnight, and she just got off from rehearsals and the T&D launch. And yeah, a tour she's embarking on this time around will probably be quite exhausting. I'm not gonna fuckin' complain about how she came off since she is hardly sitting at home eating Bon Bons.
  24. Pretty typical interview. It's no wonder why she didn't want to do the usual rounds of interviews for this album. They hardly concentrate on the music. I honestly didn't really care to hear what she thought of Lourdes smoking a cigarette. I mean; even many smokers would say the same where they don't approve of their child smoking or anything they may do themselves or have done in the past that isn't healthy or safe. But yeah, she looked beautiful, but tired. I for one didn't need to see this interview. I appreciate the fact she's working her ass off on tour rehearsals... and can see that even a one off promotional performance would be quite draining at this point since her focus is on the tour. My concern is that she may be working a bit too hard now.
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