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  1. Well, I think over all the album has been received positively among fans and most critics. (Keep in mind, many of the "critics" aren't even fans and I couldn't care less what they think). Certainly, there are fans who probably dislike the album more than you, but I'm sure there are many more who like the album as a whole if not most of the songs. I like GMAYL. Certainly not her best song, but I think it suited the purpose it was intended. I think some fans are too focused on the single choices when for the most part, those are chosen to simply resonate with a general audience. If it was up to die hard fans, they would pick songs "I'm Addicted" and/or "Gang Bang" as singles, but in truth, they wouldn't connect well with the general population and that's what singles are supposed to do. This is why most artists try to stick with more safe and radio friendly songs as singles. Though, I really don't think it matters for Madonna anymore because current pop radio isn't her audience anymore. That's where most single success is measured unfortunately.... top 40 and hot 100. Though, I've accepted that of Madonna because I knew this day would come. I knew that no matter how great her album, it most likely would not jive with the general public.
  2. That's subjective. I don't see MDNA as "half good". I think it's a great album over all. Furthermore, I was under the impression that most fans were on board that this IS one of her best albums. That all said, I know some fans do not like the album as much as others. That's expected of any artist. Also, I don't think "some fans" are really concerned about the money. Though, I try to look at it from Madonna's perspective... as an artist. I mean after all, she's the type of artist that wanted to become wealthy and famous. A lot of entertainers strive for that. Considering the state of the music industry, if I was in Madonna's shoes, I definitely would be focused on touring not making silly appearances that really isn't going increase much sales to the album. Furthermore, the time one spends on an album does not necessarily reflect on the QUALITY of the album. Some of the greatest albums were made in a short amount of time. In the end, how much she earns, whether she charts high or low or the promotion or lack of promotion she does shouldn't be OUR concern. That all should be Madonna and her teams concern. We should just enjoy the music and stop worrying about the acceptance by the general public. It really seems to me that's what many fans are too wrapped up with. I'm sure the die hard Bob Dylan fans aren't whining about his lack of popularity these days, yet that doesn't stop them from enjoying his new albums and any sort of touring he does.
  3. I agree essentially with what your saying, but I don't think the quality and/or the detail is an issue here. Most people agree MDNA is a great album. Of course, some have their thoughts/reservations regarding the single releases, but over all, it's a top notch album. As for "detail"... I'm sure she's paid a lot of attention to detail when crafting the album and I'm sure with this tour as well.
  4. But Katy did release an album this year... granted it was a rehash of Teenage Dream, but you'd think since nearly every single of hers went #1 and the rest top 5, she would be selling her album like hot cakes. Also, Rhianna released her album last November, since then she's only sold a little over a million copies. But to me this is just silly talk... Like Kurt said above, for such a flop, it has managed to sell over a million which is more than what most anyone is doing anymore (except if your name is Adele). I am not even sure Britney and Gaga would sell much more if they just released an album. Both their last albums have underperformed to a lot of people (though, I don't know how since Lady Gaga's last album went on to sell over 8 million WW. If I recall, Britney's last album only sold about 2 million WW). The music business isn't what it used to be. Artists aren't selling albums like artists of the past. But who are we kidding... Madonna just doesn't have the same mass appeal she did before. It happens to most artists who have been around for years and years. The music business success is mostly measured within the younger generation anymore. I don't agree with it, but if you look at those who sell albums, they are usually younger acts... lastest trends. Madonna doesn't really fit that mold anymore.
  5. I put my order in the other day. I just don't understand why it's an "import". Though it's double the price what a domestic CD-MAXI would sell for, so I suspect making it an "import" makes it worth more.
  6. LOL... yeah, I just didn't go far enough back to see that you had replied to my earlier post. But yeah.. Killer video, no holds barred. Let it be as controversial as possible. I'm up for all that.
  7. Actually, I had missed your earlier replies. Totally forgot it was you that I was having the discussion with. In any event, I need to clear something up. I don't care if Madonna has "mass appeal" as she did before. If she does, more power to her. I simply was trying to convey that releasing the song as a single seems pointless if you're looking for an "underground club hit" when to me, such "hits" are more likely created when it's not a very well mainstream song. Also, it doesn't need to become a single to be an "underground club hit". But the general purpose of a "single" is usually meant to appeal to a large majority. I'm not saying that is HAS to or it can't be just for the fans. I'm not saying that I care if it does appeal to a mass majority. In fact, I don't think it will.... well, unless she does some magnificent epic video that had a director like Quentin tied to it. I'm sure that would make some noise alone. And finally, releasing "Gang Bang" isn't going to make "Everybody" happy nor do I think it will "do her (Madonna) wonders". In fact, I would question in what ways would it "do her wonders"? Yes, a lot of fans would be happy, and I think that's the only reason this song would get a released... especially if it was a video... to please many of the fans. But in the end, Madonna is so versatile in her music, she can never please "EVERYBODY". The proof is in the plethora of discussions just among the fans over the likes and dislikes of singles choices vs. other album songs from MDNA and past albums.
  8. I just meant, it wouldn't really resonate with some people such as myself since I pay attention to lyrics, not just "beats". Again, I am completely aware a lot of others wouldn't have an issue. And being a fan, I'd be floored just hearing the song in a club. However, that's just a minor thing I was getting at in my previous comments. I never said I objected it being a single, but someone I quoted earlier made it sound that it should become one simply so it can be an "underground hit". That's when I ask, but what's the point of releasing it as a single since singles are to appeal to a large general population. An underground club would be minimal exposure and for the most part, the song would just appeal to die hard fans in that environment. Anyway, I was pointing out that it needn't be a single to be an "underground hit". In fact, some clubs are playing the song or unofficial mixes now without it being a single.
  9. No, I'm not wrong. It's just my opinion... and there are a lot of people who think the same, regarding a song being played that is mentioning killing their lover. Yet, I'm certainly aware there are people if not just as many people think there is nothing "amiss" about it being played in the club. I'm one of those people who pay much attention to lyrics, so if I was in a club (a non-fan most likely), I'd probably think it was odd dancing to a song that is talking about offing their lover. That's just my opinion.
  10. Yes, it's true. A lot of artists are lucky to break even... and in many cases, that's when they rely on a tour to generate revenue. What people have to remember, artists (such as Madonna) are making a living with their music career. When certain aspects of that career starts generating less money, they find other ways to make money. It's easy to say... "oh, but she doesn't need anymore money". Well, from our perspective, that seems easy to think, but to continue to live their lifestyle and pay those very people who help her put on her shows, then yeah, she does need to keep making the money. A tour just doesn't magically happen without money. It costs a lot of money. And we've learned to expect something extravagant from her as well.... so that really means a lot of money is poured into the tour. I do understand the disappointment of the lack of physical single releases. I does puzzle me why they wait so long to actually release a physical release. Granted, physical copies don't sell as well anymore, but even when Madonna was when Warners, they would wait forever to release the single and/or mixes. There is really no reason for a song that was released back in March, that it took to May for a physical copy to show up. And even then, it's limited. I bought the GGW physical mixes just the other day which is due for release at the end of this month, but that's an IMPORT. From where? I don't know because it seems the UK version is an import as well. Hmmm?
  11. No, it's not the first time. And you've said some other crappy stuff to me in the past as well. Also, I don't "act" like you harbor any negative feeling towards me. To do that, would mean I have called you out about it many times before. In fact, I've never called attention to you about your behavior towards me until above. As mentioned, you're not the only one who has done this. Yours and few other reactions for the most part are due to general animosity that has nothing to do with what I've personally said to you. If we've had a disagreement about some random issue, I have long forgotten it. But I have seen you make rude comments to me from time to time. That all said, I'm not here to fight. If you're serious about wanting to get along... that's great. But enough with the shitty attitude towards me.
  12. Oh the fuck you're not. Just like several other people on here (who quoted your "teasing" comments to me in this very thread), every time I take more than a sentence or two to express my opinion, rather than you (or others) actually replying to what I said you have to pop off and make some snide remark to the length of it. It's getting fuckin' old. I've done SHIT to you, yet you among a few others predictably keep hammering me when I make lengthy posts... just like those do of Kurt and even Holidayguy back in the day. So don't please give me that shit your teasing because you never reply to my topics with something to say other to "TEASE" me. So either quit the fuckin' bullshit or just ignore me. I'm here to talk about Madonna, not fight with you. You can assume I'm making an "issue" of it, but not ONCE have I ever given you a hard time or given you the idea that we're on terms of "teasing" one another.
  13. Nope, I think I made myself perfectly clear, so please ignore me since it's obvious you have an issue with anyone having anything significant to say past a sentence or two... thank you very much...
  14. This is hilarious... especially when she keeps repeating "What's that Guy's name?" and "that GUY!" when referring to her ex-husband. I'm sure she had no idea what his name was, but funny/clever nevertheless even though she was saying his name all along. It was like she purposely was saying it that way.
  15. Well, apparently William regrets even posting what he did that started this topic. He apologized last night on FACEBOOK for even bringing it up. That all said, I feel that William was just expressing his frustration since his last huge effort with Madonna went swimmingly well, and now that he was back (somewhat) in the driver seat again with this one, it didn't pan out as successful as I'm sure he was hoping. Also, Carta (earlier in this thread) has basically expressed what some of us have been saying all along regarding Madonna doing promotion. It wasn't really until RAY OF LIGHT that she started doing more promotional interviews. Keep in mind, she was three albums in her career before she appeared on any popular late night show (which was Johnny Carson at the time) and SNL. The rest was all MTV and relying on radio and the music buyers. Even back then, she didn't tour conventionally as most artists would release an album and immediately go out on the road to support it. Madonna never really did that until HARD CANDY. Yes, the times were different, but I'm not sure where people get this idea that Madonna was this promotional whore where she'd go on countless interviews and do TV. In fact, I still believe AMERICAN LIFE is probably the only album she did more TV and Radio interviews as well as some promotional gigs before touring, but that didn't help the album anymore. She again kinda repeated that formula for HARD CANDY and even hit the radio circuit even harder... more than she ever did in her whole career, and yet that album is one of her worst selling albums. Of course, some fans will say... "but yes, those were her worst albums". Hmmm? I guess that's subjective, but with all the bitching and moaning lately from some that Madonna is not producing a lot of artistic music, when she did stray away from the usual pop sound (AMERICAN LIFE)... it seems the fan base rejected it. All this talk that she's spending too much time on other projects rather her music is bullocks!!! Ummm... what do you think she's been doing since the beginning of this year... and even before that? First it was rehearsing effortlessly for the SUPERBOWL. And ever since February, she's been working on her TOUR which is HER MUSIC. So it seems to me the time she took out to do a couple of cloth line appearances and the perfume debut, is far less time spent than all the time she's been focusing on her MUSIC tour. And if you wish to throw in WE... then by all means go ahead, but remember that film was originally intended to be released last year, but it was WEINSTIEN (sp?) who decided to move the opening date to coincide with the Super Bowl exposure. And of course, she took some time out to do some interviews for that film. It's a fairly new venture for her. Whether you like it or not, I think we're going to see more ventures like this because in the end... the Madonna I fell in love with, wasn't just a music Icon... it was the entertainer I appreciated. She's always had side projects that somehow coincided with ehr music releases. And even though, most of her films flopped, I still loved that she was on the big screen. Though, now she wants to create the story rather play it out. Seems more suitable for her, ever more than ever since she is getting older and she's becoming less appealing to the newer music generations. Directing, writing...that's far more artistic and creative than just showing up to play a part. The bottom line, even after thirty years... even after all the side projects, she's still one of most prolific and popular entertainers out there in the music industry. Sure, MDNA didn't sell RAY OF LIGHT numbers. But looking at the music climate today, she's still keeping up since her album is still among the top 5 selling albums of the year. That may change as the year progresses, but if you look... most people are struggling to sell even a million copies of their albums anymore. So yeah, she could do IDOL or a few of the popular TV shows to sell a few more albums, but the fact is... it's all about touring anymore. Kinda full circle since that is how it use to be among majority of artists.... release an album and them go on tour, where the artists makes profit off of tickets and merchandise. Meanwhile, they can spend MONTHS on the road performing their MUSIC!!!!!! But yeah, she's hardly focused on her music anymore.
  16. So yeah, I originally wasn't too keen on the song, but it's really grown on me too. And the more I think about it, it probably could be a cool radio single... that's if radio was willing to play it. I love this video accompanying the song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxICA5-bxnY
  17. Do you really think she's that cheap? I mean... I'm sure the TOUR is quite expensive. I think that's where a lot of money is going to. And she did pour money into two great videos. That isn't "cheap" either. As for her comment about Tarentino doing it for free... I suspect that was more in jest. But yeah, I do agree that INTERSCOPE should push her more. But if you think about it, they already got their money back from this album just from the U.S. sales alone... if it's true they paid her a million upfront. But again, that only appeals to DIE HARD FANS.
  18. So what's the point in releasing it as a 'single' then? An "underground club' doesn't need to wait for a song to become a 'single' to show any appreciation to it. In fact, there are many clubs which play songs from albums (if not usually an unofficial remix). I don't object to "Gang Bang" being a single, but in all honestly, I don't see the point. If you're simply wanting the song to go to clubs with mixes, a single isn't needed for that. And while I suspect people would probably dance away to it, the song seems a little bit awkward to play in a dance club. regarding its lyric content... no matter how you mix it. Not that I think that would stop it from being played in clubs nor do I think it should.... it's just my opinion. After all, the song is already getting some spins in a few clubs. You mentioned "who listens to radio"? Well, I guess we can say the same regarding clubs... "who goes to clubs?" I'm sure more people listen to the radio then go to clubs for the most part. So again, what's the point of releasing it as a single? Clubs don't really reach a large enough audience to make much of an impact for most songs. Not saying it never happens, but let's look back at the promotional mixes/singles that were serviced to clubs? Who really hears them other than the die hard fans or club goers which I think reach a far smaller audience than radio or the internet. Singles are meant to appeal to the general masses. They are usually released with intention to reach non to casual fans in hopes they will buy the song if not the album it accompanies. Singles usually do not stray from what the general population is comfortable in hearing which is why some will construe such songs are "generic" or what not. Singles are usually serviced to top 40 (or something equivalent)... whether that is radio or some other media outlet that maximizes the most exposure if not sales which now a days is either online sources and/or DIGITAL stores such as ITUNES and AMAZON. Again, I don't have an issue with "Gang Bang" being a single. If anything, it should definitely have an accompanied video with the song. But do I think by releasing it as a single, it will bring anymore awareness to the album? Probably not. Most media outlets will not play the song including radio. And I know you and many others think "who cares about radio", but believe it or not, it still is a huge medium that reaches a lot of people. Other than that, as a non single, the song can be easily accessed on line whether that is downloading it from several digital stores or accessing the song through many unofficial youtube videos or other social networking sites.
  19. In all fairness, he was responding to a fan who was looking for the album to chart longer and the singles to be more successful. I'm sure he was hoping the album would have fair half as good as RAY OF LIGHT or MUSIC. But I agree, it's just not going to be a "blockbuster album". Also, I agree this era is "creatively... a huge success". It's all about the tour now.
  20. Yeah, that was my thought as well when reading it. It's a great album nevertheless. But did I expect Madonna was going to come back with a commercially successful album? Certainly not! Her commitments lie with LIVE NATION... touring. And it's not like she's been lying around doing nothing. She's been working her ass off. There is a lot of vision and creativity going into the tour. It seems to me Madonna is looking to provide a live experience for her FANS. It's very much what U2 is doing and has been doing. It's been working very well for them. A tour of 22 to 25 songs is much more exciting to me than any TV interview or one off promotional performance.
  21. It's cute. I like it, but of course the final is FAR MORE SUPERIOR. This is a fluffier/friendlier version. If I recall, MIKA complimented Madonna and was amazed how different the final version from the one he worked on. Glad it leaked.
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc_Z3iSpu54&feature=relmfu Wow! What a difference. I now see what Mika was talking about how the version he worked on changed completely. I like this version as well. Almost a whole different song. Not as gritty and bad ass though!
  23. You know, it really is a two way street. First of all, I didn't attack. I didn't tell you to stop voicing your opinions. I also didn't insult how you chose to write your response, nor attack you for the length of your reply. Furthermore, we can say we all know what you think as well since you've repeatedly carried on and on about how disappointed you are with the singles, promotions, charts, sales, the way Madonna wipes her ass, etc and seem to be a complete Debby Downer most of the time. I do offer much merit to the discussion. Obviously, you don't agree with my opinions. Instead of just agreeing to disagree or making a mature counter argument, you resort to demeaning others for writing more than a sentence or two.
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