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  1. Since her singles don't chart anymore, it's not an impossibly idea, but I think the first single is inevitable. At this point, "a surprise release" is no longer possible since everyone knows she's working on an album. So I predict we'll be getting this album this fall. Sounds like a team is with her doing some shoot for the album/video (at least I hope and it's not just for MDNAskin again). I hope the first video will feature a lot of on location shots of Lisbon and/or the country side. But I guess it depends on the song as well.
  2. But again "Hard Candy" had two highly sought out artists tied to the song at the time.. Timberlake and Timberland. I agree she jumped on that bandwagon a bit too late, but the fan bases played a huge role in making it a huge success. Madonna did a lot of promo before as well. I'm not going to argue the age issue when I know it DOES play a factor in this. And no doubt, "the death" (as you put it), was much slower internationally. And I think I've and other clarified that to you, admitting she was still doing well internationally. Though, I do not believe Warners (in American) w
  3. But it wasn't "over night". Radio was already trying to abandon her (in the U.S.) especially after "Music". Except in the big cities, "Die Another Day" was pretty much her last song that was played excessively on American radio. "Hung Up" was big in the big cities, but in middle America they refused to play it. In fact, I recall requesting the song many times on a local top 40 station, and they said "No" to me. I recall discussions back in the day in Madonna forums regarding the refusal of radio playing her songs. "4 Minutes" definitely was a comeback to radio, but let's be honest, if T
  4. @MeakMakerr I agree with you regarding the Warner issue. No one is trashing Warners here. They were fantastic for her for much her career, But the last few albums with them (especially in the U.S.), Warners started to drop the ball on her. (In Europe, they were far more supportive of her, still). I also recall a lot of fans bashing Warners after American Life bombing and Hard Candy And Madonna and Warners seem to have a lot of differences. I mentioned it before, but I really felt the animosity between them when Warners wanted to release "Amazing" as a single and Madonna wanted to releas
  5. Sorry, I think her and Warners had a lot of animosity for some time before they parted ways. I felt they lacked the support to her as well. I know she didn't agree with them regarding single choices. It's one of the reasons why she bailed on releasing anymore music from "Music" album. They wanted "Amazing" and she wanted "Impressive Instant". Unfortunately, Interscope hasn't done her any favors either, but I am not sure if she's bothered by it. The deal was for distribution. I'm not sure if they were obligated to do anymore. I would think they would want to be more invested in such a
  6. Totally agree regarding Interscope. At this point, It's pretty much up to Madonna to push the singles. I still don't expect it will help a lot being she still needs her distributor and mainstream platforms to support her. The first single will probably gain some attention, especially with a great video. After that, I expect she'll focus on touring the album.
  7. Personally, I don't think she's stuck in any "time warp". Singles are usually to generate interest to an album. Most fans will buy the album, so it's basically marketing to those who are on the fence. It would be easier for her if she had the support of the music industry and radio. But it seems there is a hang up on her age. I don't get the whole "streaming" nonsense. I want to physically own her stuff, not go to some website to stream what's up in the cloud. I guess those days are gone. Maybe I'm stuck in a "time warp". LOL!
  8. I'd love to see four or more singles. Rebel Heart had plenty of single material. But that ship has sailed. Unfortunately, I think her days of releasing multiple singles are over. I miss the good ol' days where releasing a Madonna single was an event.
  9. Totally agree. Ripping into her because she uses the wrong "there/their/they're" is silly. Even the most grammatically correct person is capable of using the wrong words or misspelling, especially when you're quickly firing off a message in a text or on social media. Most people don't think about it that much, yet doesn't mean they don't know how to spell or use the proper word. I'm sure everyone of us at one point or another have typed something on social media or within a text, and even read through it once or twice, only to come back later to see that you made a silly spelling error or
  10. That wasn't my intention. Sorry you interpreted it that way!
  11. Possibly her text rant! And I understand the "suicide" reference. People build themselves up this fantasy world where they have to do very minimal, yet expect they are owed so much more. Once that implodes they don't know how to deal with it.
  12. I don't believe for a second these are lyrics by her. I think this is just a screen cap of someone's text rant (note time stamps) which she seems to relate to.
  13. I don't think she's going to sit on it. My thoughts: 1. Release album Fall 2018 - Do Some promo. 2. Direct film end of 2018 into 2019 or the start of 2019 3, Rehearse Tour late spring/early summer '19 4. Tour Late summer throughout the rest of '19 (If there is any truth of her searching dates for France in Oct. 2019, then this makes sense)
  14. LOL! @ all the guesses regarding her and Mirwais' tags. But I guess that's what makes this all fun for us fans while we wait patiently for her to finish the album. I feel "Disco God" refers to Mirwais known persona as a musician and not necessarily reference to the direction of the album. Though, it might mean the two created some killer dance tracks as well. As for his comment regarding Madonna: "Some still sings -My way-. But The Hyper talented Madonna has A Method. A New Method." I'm sure he means that he's used to working with people who sing it "his way", but Madonna has he
  15. You sound more pressed by your vulgar reaction. That said, I agree with you regarding the Klein video and having a "surprise" launch!!
  16. Would we? We've known she's done something with Klein for a couple of months now. Meanwhile, we've had many MDNAskin adverts pop up. None have pointed to Klein. Yet, we still have been in wonderment of what this is all about. So no, I don't think "we would seriously know if she was to film a music video", when much of the time we didn't even know about the skinline adverts being filmed either until Madonna shared them. Maybe it is for the skinline? No one knows. But some are writing down their opinions as if it's absolute certainty. I think we need to chill and stop "reaching" for
  17. Yes, but again this could only take a few months and she's done. I'm sure she will have a say to certain things before the principal filming begins, but a lot of that could be going on as we speak.
  18. If her plan isn't to tour until next summer/fall, then she has loads of time in between to direct. That of course, is if the film is ready to be filmed by this winter or the start of next year.
  19. I was under the impression she simply was directing the film, nothing else? Like you mentioned, directing can take a few short months. I still think she plans to release the album this fall and then will start directing the film by the end of this year or the beginning of next. By Spring she could be rehearsing and by late summer into the fall she can start touring.
  20. She's probably going to drop the album this fall. Do some promotion. Direct her film and then head out on tour.
  21. Oh, I didn't mean because of the "filter" she used. I know that's just a silly filter. I'm just thinking (and I'm probably totally off) that she might not be posting some of these videos when she's in the studio until a later of date, misleading people to think she's currently working in the studio the day she posts them. It's just an idea since it seems her posts are all over the place and quite vague. Again, it's just a silly notion I have. It's probably not even close to the truth. Though, I don't recall her saying she was actually finished a few weeks ago?
  22. One thought that has cross my mind is that maybe she's posting Studio footage (like she's done today) which was actually recorded long ago. It would be a clever way to keep people guessing. People thinking she's in the studio, when in reality, she's about to drop the album. Nah... that's just silly wishful thinking. So "Bride of Amazement" may be MDNA skin related or possibly she's planning to release a finished song ahead of the album. That's not an uncommon thing to do. Many artists do that anymore. They'll release a song or two before the album is finished.
  23. I'm betting this phrase has something to do with Mary Oliver's poem which has inspired in some way: When Death Comes by Mary Oliver When death comes like the hungry bear in autumn; when death comes and takes all the bright coins from his purse to buy me, and snaps the purse shut; when death comes like the measles-pox; when death comes like an iceberg between the shoulder blades, I want to step through the door full of curiosity, wondering: what is it going to be like, that cottage of darkness? And therefore I look upon everything as a brotherhood a
  24. Even if it's just for one song, it's great to see she's bringing in a contemporary Portugal singer for her new album. Exciting, indeed!
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