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  1. Well, I have to think that "Like A Prayer" (the song) tends to be universally loved, so my thinking is that something might be in the works to actually do something with this album's anniversary. Again, wishful thinking!
  2. Greatest Hits really do not sell well in this time. If the songs were actually remastered, maybe, but other than that, what's the difference than just slapping on what's already out there? It would be cool if she could market it with the anniversary release of Like A Prayer, but we know that won't happen. Part of me was thinking (more like hoping), that the whole Met Gala was actually filmed and she would release it next year with an Like a Prayer anniversary set, but since she didn't do anything much for her previous albums anniversary releases, it's just wishful thinking.
  3. Unfortunately, she is getting a pass on this. I agree it's quite tone deaf to wear this even if she really was wearing it to send a message to the press. It appears she's worn it again today.
  4. Hmm? I think there's some miscommunication going on here? I didn't say Madonna "didn't sign off on the final design of her album, or that some employee took it upon themselves to flip the image". I simply stated, the report I recall hearing from MTV NEWS is when it went to press, it was assumed that it was upside down, and that's when someone took it upon themselves and turned her right side up. That to me isn't far fetched. And I'm sorry you don't believe me and are trying to condescend me. But in the U.S., MTV used to have a news break every hour or so within their broadcasting. It was during one of the News breaks, I recall there was a mention of the mistake. Whether it was something that important or not, isn't the point since up until the late 90's, MTV reported pretty much every fart or sneeze she made. Anyway, it's a ridiculous argument to have here, so I'm moving on unless someone can chime in with a respectful reply without trying to undermine another.
  5. To me, it doesn't sound too far fetched, nor did I feel as if I was misinforming anyone since it was reported on MTV NEWS back in the day. I don't see why Kurt Loder/MTV would just make that up. But who knows? I was just sharing what I knew and maybe someone else can corroborate it.
  6. What's with the backhanded compliment? I was simply adding my two cents. If I incorrectly recalled what MTV NEWS reported back then, then I apologize. Though, I specifically recall Kurt Loder of MTV NEWS stating that Madonna intended the image of her to be upside down, and when it went to press, they thought it was a mistake and flipped it right side up. I'm a little baffled why you chose to respond to me in this way when I was offering something I recalled from back in the day? I wasn't offering some outrageous theory! As you stated to "Ladyplus", "I lived it!" Whether what Kurt reported was true or not, I guess it's anyone's guess, but that's what was reported at the time in 1994.
  7. Not to step on any toes here, but I just took a picture of my original BEDTIMES STORIES CD which I bought in 1994 in the U.S. on the day of it's release: Shortly after the album's release, I recall MTV reported, the original pressing printed the covers wrong. Madonna submitted the image of her to be intentionally upside down, but Warners assumed it was a mistake and flipped it. Future pressings were of the way Madonna intended which was her upside down! @Ladyplus
  8. WOW! So I purposely chose a FOX report on this to see their point of view: So if anyone is trying to say, "let's focus on the issues, not her wardrobe", then why the hell wear something that says something like that. I mean, c'mon? What do you think people are going to think after what's gone down with the Immigration issue: Children being taken away from their parents? You can't expect people aren't going to NOT say anything about this. Who goes around wearing something like that if they don't want people to talk about it? Up until now, I just thought Melania was just a naive puppet in all of this, but no more.
  9. Sorry, I don't buy that. I do think she's "hands on" much everything she does. Though, in a sense you're right about the fact she's not sitting around thinking of ways for album to go #1, etc, nor do I think Guy is either. He's her business manager. He's just one part of the management team. I'm sure many suggestions are thrown around to promote her products and she ultimately chooses which way to go. Certainly, I am not naive to think, she isn't influenced by what others say. But that's how it works. She's no dummy. She knows what she's doing, and I don't believe for a second she's forced to do anything she doesn't want to do. I know a lot of people hate Guy here, but I'm pretty indifferent about him. No doubt, he's part of the family. He's not going anywhere, anytime soon. He may not be perfect, but ultimately Madonna is in charge here!
  10. I agree. As @Katypatra, we might get variations, but she's not going to make any drastic changes to color or her length. I personally think she looks her best with long blonde hair. Older people usually gravitate to shorter hair. She's yet again, refraining from conventional stereotypes of people her age. At this point, if she's looking to drastically change her hair, it will be through wigs.
  11. Fun going through the RECAP. Thanks @Rock
  12. The extreme right will say just about anything won't they? Ann Coultier (vile woman) claims the children are all "actors". Maybe she needs to visit these facilities to see for herself this is real. Knowing her, she will still claim it's all fake. Idiots!!
  13. Yep! He's left people outraged, blaming the Democrats, so he can swoop in and claim he's fixed it. When all he's going to do is follow the same policy that was in place before without separating the children. And his dulltard of followers will eat it up! #trumpforpesident2020 I think I'm gonna be sick!!
  14. Looks like a clever way to tease us if this has anything to do with her career.
  15. Why is it a "bummer"? She's always done magazine spreads before album releases. Even if it's not, we get awesome new pictures and another great interview. We can hope some talk on the new album. Also, these magazines are done a few months in advance, so it might just be one way she's going to bombard us with her presence!!
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