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  1. Unfortunately, she is getting a pass on this. I agree it's quite tone deaf to wear this even if she really was wearing it to send a message to the press. It appears she's worn it again today.
  2. WOW! So I purposely chose a FOX report on this to see their point of view: So if anyone is trying to say, "let's focus on the issues, not her wardrobe", then why the hell wear something that says something like that. I mean, c'mon? What do you think people are going to think after what's gone down with the Immigration issue: Children being taken away from their parents? You can't expect people aren't going to NOT say anything about this. Who goes around wearing something like that if they don't want people to talk about it? Up until now, I just thought Melania was just a naive puppet in all of this, but no more.
  3. The extreme right will say just about anything won't they? Ann Coultier (vile woman) claims the children are all "actors". Maybe she needs to visit these facilities to see for herself this is real. Knowing her, she will still claim it's all fake. Idiots!!
  4. Yep! He's left people outraged, blaming the Democrats, so he can swoop in and claim he's fixed it. When all he's going to do is follow the same policy that was in place before without separating the children. And his dulltard of followers will eat it up! #trumpforpesident2020 I think I'm gonna be sick!!
  5. The resistance is building. Let's hope those who have short attention spans stick with it and not bashed protesters. Also, I hope the protests are peaceful or it will defeat the purpose. No doubt, there will be some who will rip into the protestors anyway.
  6. Unfortunately, that's him in a nutshell. When I heard him stand there and tell reporters that it's "all on the democrats" and make the excuse "10 democrats" are keeping this from changing, I thought, what a load of Bologna! And any humane person could see by blaming this on the previous administration is pure nonsense since the previous administration did not cage and separate the children from their parents. This is all a game to him. It's sick and it sickens me to know some are defending it, thinking this is the way to go to "make America great again!" Ugh!! It was far greater than what is now before that blowtard entered the White House!!
  7. Speaking as an American, much of the country is disgusted and outraged over this. Unfortunately, this asswipe of a president wants to stand there and point fingers at the Democrats, while acting like he has no power to change it. "It's all on the "Democrats", he says. 10 fucking Democrats are keeping it from being changed. Trump and his minions are sticking to that story, claiming they are following a law that's been put in place by the previous administration. Okay, so if that's true, then why is it now we're caging and separating the children from parents? Under the previous administration, a lot of people were kicked out the country, but there was no separating families and caging kids! I call it pure political bullshit. This is definitely on Trump and his goofy ass policy, so he can play the blame game and continue to smear the opposing party. You can't tell me a man (and his joke of a lawyer) who claims to have the power to pardon himself or get away with shooting someone in the middle of the street, can't fix this? This is beyond Party lines. This is cruel and inhumane. It sickens me to see anyone who defends Trumps words over this (and almost anything else he spills from his mouth). I do know that some of the most powerful Republicans are working hard to turn this around. That's a good sign, but for now it's not good enough!! A part of me really feels that before things get better, it has to get worse. I feel we're at our worst. I'm ashamed of what this country has become. I don't recognize what it's become. I know a lot of people like me are on the right side of the fence, but it seems no matter how much we vote, voice our opinions and protest, we're just kicked in the face and told to "shut the hell up, snowflake!". And I'm not naive, a lot of this country came about because of political greed and corruption. But enough is enough!
  8. You know what? I'm all for one expressing their opinion on a public forum, but it's pretty safe to say when you enter a community called MADONNANATION, it's expected you're gonna get some opposition from fans who question your motives and why you come here (with very few posts, I might add) and seem to be pointing out the negatives about Madonna rather your appreciation. Of course, I don't expect any fan to love everything she does, but it's just a bit peculiar that someone with less than 30 post (at the time of the post I'm quoting), has done more criticizing Madonna's career. And yes, you implied I was trying to shame you for enjoying ROL, LAP and EROTICA. Yet, you turn around and pretty much did the same by stating that you're not some "brainwashed idiot" fan. You can say it was a general response, but again, the purpose of saying that was for what? Also, all your posts seem to keep criticizing Madonna while subtly making digs at her fans. Hmmm?
  9. Note BOLD, I stopped right there because I am not sure why that was even brought up. I never and I don't think anyone in this thread was talking about loving everything she did. In fact, I have said in this very thread how I am not a big fan of Erotica, but recognize her song writing talent on that album. And I never said anyone should be ashamed for liking any album. Seems you're reading more into than what I said. But isn't that a bit hypocritical of you to even bring up since the part I bolded, you went on this rant about not loving everything she does and insinuating some of us are "brainwashed idiots" for being devoted fans?? Who is doing the "shaming" again?? The fact is you don't know anymore than the rest of us how much more effort and time she put into the last two albums compared to past albums. Just because you dislike an album of hers, doesn't mean she spent less time and effort on it.
  10. Yeah, we sure wouldn't want her to go back to rhyming her lyrics and metaphores like she did in Lucky Star Holiday Live To Tell Where's The Party Vogue Into the Groove the whole Erotica album. and the list goes on....
  11. That's what I'm saying. It astounds me that some people actually think she put little effort in MDNA and HARD CANDY when as you pointed out, she has a lot input in those songs you mentioned. Madonna has never been an artist that just puts out one kinda sound. And just because she teams up with even a Sound of the moment, doesn't mean she's relinquished all her inputs to these people. Certainly, she's in control. I'm not a huge fan of the Erotica album, but I also know she wrote a lot on that album. It's the sound that I am not fond of, but yet there are a number of songs I do love on that album, but. Just because it didn't become a huge record like her past albums, makes me think she didn't put much effort in it. For some reason, I'm getting the impression once some fans think the album didn't perform well, it must mean she quickly slapped the album together with no effort, when in truth, MDNA and HARD CANDY were created within the same time frame of a number of her most popular albums.
  12. Oh c'mon now? And you were there to know that she didn't? I am not the one who is claiming she doesn't put any effort in her albums. I'm also not claiming I was there to know how much effort she does put in her album. I just find it absurd for any Madonna fan to really think, knowing her 30 year history in conceiving albums, that she actually goes in to make an album with very little effort. Hard Candy is heavily criticized by some fans as an album she didn't put much effort in. Yet, Justin Timberlake vouched for what other producers have said of Madonna that she came in with journals of written stuff and had a lot of input in her songs. And the fact she's splitting her time between recording an album and other things, do you really think that's new? In fact, if I recall correctly, Madonna had already started working on the LIKE A PRAYER album when she was on Broadway doing 'Speed The Plow'. What about when she filmed "Desperately Seeking Susan"? She was filming that movie while working on LIKE A VIRGIN. What about the EROTICA album? She put together a sex book and was filming "Body Of Evidence" all at the same time? My point is, Madonna has always multi-tasked. She's never just locked her self in a studio to only concentrate on recording an album. She's always been doing other projects near and around making music during her whole career. She's always had songs just handed to her where very little lyrics changes were made. "Papa Don't Preach"??? But it doesn't change the fact that she has put a lot more input in other songs whether handed to her or not.
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