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  1. Not all of them. This thread is hilarious...lol. I forgot how full of 'knowledge' some people are in here.
  2. So what happened with the deluxe version that was supposed to have 25 tracks? Was that just a rumor?
  3. I would live to see madonna perform with Sia. I think it will be a great performance.
  4. Do you think that she'll be showing up to all these awards shows that are coming up (Golden Globes, Grammies, Oscars)? It'll be a way to get her name out there and have the media talking about her. I still hope that she does more promo than the last time with MDNA.
  5. I really don't care if it comes out this year or next year because, I'm buying it regardless. I hope that the music is great and she dedicates enough time to promoting this album. It will be good to see her in a few shows.
  6. Yes, is very sad to see that she's not putting any effort at all in promoting this work. This album is one of her best one's she done in years, a whole lot better than Hard Candy but the casual fans don't know about it or are just not that interested anymore because GMAYL was not that great of a song. It's hard to justify paying a lot of money to go see an artist who had a hit single over 6 or 8 years ago.
  7. Ok....Promoting an album can lead to having a hit single(s) and album...when was the last time she had a hit single? I'm not talking about the quality of her music because in my opinion MDNA poops all over other albums that are out there by younger singers. Not everyone that pays over $200 is a die hard fan and if they've never heard anything recently from Madonna on the radio a lot of them will not want to pay that much money. It's like Cindy Lauper or Mariah trying to charge that much money for their concerts where they'll be playing songs you've never heard before.
  8. I agree, she's becoming out of touch with the general public not just her fans. I don't think she's as screwed up as Michael was, at least she' not a drug addict, but when it comes to handling her promotion it seems that she doesn't care or doesn't want to be bother by it. She has to remember that she's in her 50's, she should be thankful that she's still relevant because in pop music, everyone has a shelve life and she's very lucky that she's been able to out good music until now but she has to work on promoting it as well. Just because she's Madonna doesn't guarantee it's going to sell anything. Just like at her last movie, although it was limited release it still didn't do that good in the theaters where it open. And now we have this album, which is a great album but nobody is bothering promoting it. But yet she's expecting us to pay at least $300 for a decent seat on her tour?
  9. And they should be. You have to wonder sometimes who's more stupid, the person that gives the bad advise or the person that actually follows it. It doesn't make any sense to release an album and not bother to take some time to promote it. Instead she's spending her time preparing for a tour from an album that's dropping "quicker than a ray of light" sales wise. When was the last time that she actually had a hit single on her own? If you expect to overcharge your fans to see you on tour then shouldn't we expect at least a recent hit single? She can only live off from her past hits from the 80's and 90's for so long before we all get tired of hearing them over and over. She's a great performer, in my opinion she's the BEST but when it comes to promoting she's awful at it.
  10. Ofcourse she's trying to stay current this is why she's releasing these type of songs. But do you really think that a lot of these younger artist are releasing masterpieces? I mean, come one a lot of the stuff out there is crap with the exception of a few songs, I like Riri and Katy but some of their songs clearly suck but yet they get play all the time. I'm just glad that Bruno Mars is finally beginning to go away.
  11. Are you two serious? LOL. There are a lot good songs out there by older artists that hardly get any play on radio. But if that's your opinion I'll leave it at that.
  12. I agree. I think that no matter how good a Madonna song is the radio still going to ignore her music because of her age. She's not within the age category which they want to attract their audience. THis is truly sad. Let's give Katy and RiRi 10 years and see where they are, hell let's see if they're still having hits in their late 30's or even early 40's. Enjoy it girls because it won't last forever, what's benefiting them right now (that they're young) will bite them in the ass later down the road. This is how it's always been regardless of the quality of the music unfortunately.
  13. Thank your for this information. I'm just surprise how many idiots and drama queens this forum has. A lot of them are already asking for a 2nd single when this one was just release. Some of you need to chill out. Although this is not my favorite single of hers I still think it's a fun song. Just give it time and stop whining so much.
  14. Wow....really fun to watch. This is one of the few times where it feels like she actually lets her guard down and just becomes normal and fun. She seems really relax. Wish she could do more interviews like this one. By the way was she promoting her new CD?
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