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  1. Mariah Carey Thread 🐑🐑🐑

    I'm pretty sure if she pays her fees (30k) to Anna she would get an invitation...a lot of nobodies seem to show up. She's just too arrogant and selfish to share the spotlight with other younger and more talented girls. She knows she'll be upstage by a lot of them. It's not the 90's anymore and her star doesn't shine as bright.
  2. Katy Perry thread

    Got bored with this song already. I love Katy but not really crazy about this song, maybe it will grow on me.
  3. Lady Gaga thread

    all very good points. Another paid article by her team or dad.
  4. Lady Gaga thread

    I agree. This guy is highly overrated and full of himself. His ego matches his looks...F'ng Ugly.
  5. Katy Perry thread

  6. Lady Gaga thread

    There's no no comparison between Gaga and Paula. Gaga is so awkward loooking whenever she tries to be sexy...she tries way too hard and fails miserably. On the other hand, Paula was more sexy back in her peak and she still is now...if she can only let go of whatever happy pills she's on.
  7. Impressive Instant...what a missed opportunity. Paradise (not for me) is a great song and I love it but I'm afraid that radio wouldn't had gotten it.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing her in RuPaul's but not this season. None of the drag queens this year are good or even memorable except for 2 or 3 out of the bunch.
  9. Beyoncé Thread

    Everything has to do with race for Diversity.
  10. Beyoncé (fake pregnancy AGAIN) Thread 🐝🐝

    Ha! Her performance was ok at best. If Madonna had done something like that people would be calling her out on it for being so 'pretentious' or 'self absorbed'. No matter what Madonna does, she will never get the recognition that other artists get just so easily. Just face it. Beyoncé has had an easy ride from the beginning and will continue for the remaining of her career. She has stole from others and has even fake her first pregnancy and nothing really happen. I give it to her, she has a good team protecting her. Any other artist would've been gone by now.
  11. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    😂🤣😂🤣. As Adele would say...'Rumor has it'...
  12. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Not all of them. 😉 This thread is hilarious...lol. I forgot how full of 'knowledge' some people are in here.
  13. Madonna 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year

    Wow...I haven't heard from her since the 90's.
  14. Beyoncé (fake pregnancy AGAIN) Thread 🐝🐝

    😂 ... lol... sorry that was too funny. I don't mind her but wow...talk about overrated.