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  1. Yes to all of this. My longer quote to this post was deleted but whatever.
  2. Her last birthday was filmed too, and I guess every birthday she had lately. It doesn’t mean a thing. She’s Madonna, she has friends that can make those videos to her without other use than the one to remember those days.
  3. The soundtrack is already a big seller, it’s not gonna flop after awards season (what does it mean, it was released 2 moths ago already). Actually I can see it growing after awards season like The Greatest Shwoman did.
  4. Why trash it? It's a lovely little publication, way better than Rolling Stone and other "big" music magazines.
  5. Well, Rebel Heart the song sounded like shit with all that distortion. Same for the volume leves on Holy Water. Hold Tight too is a mess (probably the worst mixed song).
  6. The SEX grills vocals are EVERYTHING. The sick vocals are annoying.
  7. Yes, she probably did 1 bad take for each song and that was it. I mean, the fact that she had a cold while recording Falling Free and that they could't find the time to do it right when she was feeling well..
  8. Most of my friends are in love with the soundtrack and they bought it. And they’re not even Gaga fans.
  9. To me it doesn’t mean anything, I can be wrong of course. But poeple is taking like it’s a sure thing.
  10. The backing track from the clip sounds a lot like Erotica . Love it!
  11. Mike Dean is mixing/mastering the album. I doubt he's also producing.
  12. Six more months just for mixing/mastering sounds a little bit too much to me. Now if she wants to sit on this album so long because the tragectory for the albums since Hard Candy has been like that..well that's another story.
  13. Well she's not credited on the mixing process. She was in the studio just like she's now and she's probably working on it too but he's the mixing/mastering guy. The bass on some RH tracks is great, but the volumes and the distortions on some tracks are really messy.
  14. The mixing/mastering on RH was pretty shitty so I'm not happy at all about Mike Dean. Why Spike is not involved anymore is still a mystery. The last track he mixed for her where the Pharrel tracks on HC and they sounded amazing compared to what Demo did with Timbaland tracks and MDNA.
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