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  1. 37 victims and still counting. I didn't hear a thing but some friends that were not so far from my town did. That's how big it was. I'm more northern so I'm totally ok.
  2. I like the album production but the demo is way better. That bridge near the end gives me chills on the demo and nothing at all on the album version. The album version is very "cold". Style over substance. I'm sorry Beautiful Scars, but I don't love you the way that you are (on the album).
  3. Blood Diamonds because Devil is the best production on the whole album. Even the mixing is perfect.
  4. It was just a photoshoot/interview with Guy. Madonna wasn't there. It's probably for his next book.
  5. I really like Body Shop but Candy Shop all the way! I love the lyrics, the production and all the live incarnations!
  6. If she does another reddit chat we should just ask her about the miximg on the last albums, stop asking about the Blond Ambition bluray lol
  7. The miximg is a mess, thank you Demo. Can't she hire Spike again? How can a perfectionist like her be happy with something like that? Is she deaf?
  8. I'd rather have this one. The other one is just BAD.
  9. I love it. Of course it screams W 2003 (the picture with Lola from the set <3).
  10. I think Bea this time did an AMAZING job. The promo tour was perfection. Not a huge fan of what Arienne did on RH. It was nice but the whole "Dita" look of the Super Deluxe cover was a little bit reductive (just like the V photoshoot). I wonder if Bea will work on the tour with Arianne or alone. Maybe Arianne is going to be working on the next film only.
  11. As always we'll probably wait like one month for the full interview.
  12. I believe MET was already confirmed somewhere but I don't remember the source.
  13. I'm actually a little bit already over it, can't wait for the tour.
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