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  1. cosmic_system

    George Michael thread

    Well the box set is huge, it’s not like it’s like the original cd (I have that btw). They used a totally different cover for the 2cd edition. The box set cover rappresents the original cover. My box set is perfect, the link is clear yes but it’s not a tragedy. We hd worse things with our Lady.
  2. cosmic_system

    George Michael thread

    The amazing 3 cd + dvd deluxe editon has the original cover.
  3. cosmic_system

    Garbage thread

    They confirmed they're working on a new album too.
  4. cosmic_system


    It does sounds like an extension of Vulnicura, theory in her fanbase is that it's a sort of bridge between the Vulnicura era and the new one. It's probably going to be the opening track of the record. The rest of the album will probably be different, as described in the the Dazed & Confused article. This new song is very Arca. It's not single material but are you really that surprised? The BBC aired a radio edit this morning. It's a grower.I don't hear Biophilia in it, but I hear some Medulla in the vocal arrangements.
  5. cosmic_system


    The new album is coming in november.
  6. cosmic_system

    Pet Shop Boys - Super [new album]

    What did you expect? Neil dancing? That's how they do live shows since forever. It's like expecting a Madonna show without some sex/religion and hand on her pussy.
  7. cosmic_system

    Kate Bush

    My god this is beautiful
  8. cosmic_system

    Closer - Chainsmokers #1 12 wks!

    I have no idea how this song sounds (or desire to listen to it) but I love We Belong Together.
  9. He was in Italy last week promoting, he did The X Factor and an interview on the most popular chat show on Radio Deejay. He was funny as usual, but yes he aged very badly and the botox didn't help.
  10. cosmic_system


  11. cosmic_system

    Kate Bush

    Well, th show was filmed and edited. I'm pretty sure it will be released at some point, she probably wants people to focus on the live album first. We all know people would be more interested in the video if they were released together.
  12. cosmic_system


    Re-watching the Biophilia Live bluray. Fucking amazing show and I love Biophilia more and more every time I listen to it. So sad we don't have a Vulnicura live bluray.
  13. Because he didn't like it that way I guess. Thank you so much!