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  1. Yes because Bowie just had a few iconic moments right?
  2. They already did one with Chelsea Handler.
  3. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Very sad indeed. I just read this very interesting article. https://www.wmagazine.com/story/liz-smith-dies-gossip-columnist-remembrance
  4. Patrick Leonard thread

    He said he was going to take some time off to work. Don't hold your breath about him working with HER though.
  5. We already discussed many times the real inspiration for ther hair This is also from the same tour she went to in Detroit back in 1974.
  6. Yes I was in Paris, my first ever general admission show second row. It was insane and she was on fire.
  7. But still general admission makes a difference on video
  8. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    She did her hair last spring when she went to London too
  9. The audience in Europe was in insane, but of course they went with an American show for the filming.
  10. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    OF COURSE the face looks amazing for this private events!
  11. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    It's very refreshing. Enough with the black outfits and Ditaesque leather look. Been there, done that, many times already! Love love love this outfit.
  12. The Girlie Show tour book is her best tour book to me.
  13. I still this legit? I thought Goodbye was scrapped when she did Fever.
  14. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    Me too but I’ve seen photos amd it’s great. The cover is also amazing, not some blurry mess like Rhino did with Madonna.