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  1. Living For Love at the Brits was simultaneously the most horrific and triumphant moment of the RH era. So many good moments to choose from really. BIM on Jimmy Fallon, Ghosttown on the I Heart Radio awards, the Howard Stern interview. She really put her all into promotion this era.
  2. Its perfect apart from the ending which is too abrupt for the melodic gloriousness that precedes it! Very clearly a product of the initial sessions with Avicci where she was writing with a tema on just guitar & piano. Why she never developed it is beyond me - such a shame it will never reach its potential, like so many of the rebel heart tracks. for whatever reason.
  3. Yeah i dont see madonna producing Hold Tight alone - seems very strange to me. Not that i dont think she could, but just that i dont think she's ever wanted to be a lone producer. she's all about collaboration. What i found really interesting about hold tight was this: Additional recording in The Ritz (Moscow), Grand Marina Hotel (Barcelona), Patriot Studios (Denver, CO/Venice, CA) Why all these extra weird locations? Made me wonder if the initial demo was Madonna's and was recorded while on tour or something?
  4. I loved this one since the demo. I dont feel like she ever cracked its potential though. There are things i love about the demo (like the verses) that are lost in the album version, and similarly, i feel like the drum & Bass addition to the album version never quite worked. That said, i love the bridge that was added. The whole track is so melodic, and lyrically sentimental its hard not to love it - i just wish it had a more cohesive sound. the production feels like it has been shoe horned onto the track. I feel like it would work best as an acoustic piano / guitar track.
  5. The initial demo was a grower for me, then the released version sounded nice and fresh. THEN i hear demo 5 with MNEK which blows them all out of the water. How did not think that was the best and finest version of the song. it contains all the elements of the song ("No matter what the world....."), and has some really nice production flourishes. it just sounds like a much more fleshed out version of the track - better production and just overall better song. ive swapped it out in all of my tracklistings of the album. I know a lot of people are adamant that the final versions are the ones she wanted us to hear - and therefore the only ones that matter, but she's admitted herself that some of the final versions were changed because she felt they had to, not because it was the version she felt was best. Hold Tight demo 5 should definitely fall under that category to my mind. I played it in the car to a friend who had only heard the released version and they were blown away by its superiority.
  6. This is basically about showing another side of her, which is kind of what this record is all about. We've had dramatic tightly choreographed numbers, beautiful vocal ballad performances and now a stupid fun jump around performance. BIM is not meant to be a serious song about how cool or badass she is - its poking fun at everything. she is everything that people accuse her to be, and yet she is also none of those things. don't limit her, don't put her in a box. the endless crotch gyration in this performance was hilarious to me - she is clearly baiting her critics.
  7. Sounds ok. Semi interesting. I wont mind a couple of club remixes, but i hope it isnt just a list of 15 generic house beat remixes. She needs to do something a bit smoother. Cyril Hahn or Kygo are both very good at doing mellow remixes. Even Monsiuer Adi would be a good fit for this type of song remix.
  8. I actually think its really important for her to establish an incentive for fans to purchase her music. with all the leaks and total mess of this campaign (albeit with GLORIOUS music), she needs to really assess how her music is made available. Just shoving out a bunch of generic remixes isn't enough. We should get a proper single package - one that counts towards chart placings. With all these extra tracks she has recorded it should be a no brainer that this is a way to encourage fans to re-purchase a song they probably already have. Even if they already ahve a leak version - the chance to purchase in better quality (and officially) will always be an encouragement to fans.
  9. that was a very similar to near identical bassline, but was recreated by stuart price - this sounds like a distorted sample to my ears. As someone said its far more noticable!
  10. No way, i really do not like what she did to rebel heart for the album - it was a masterpiece as it was. I think you're right in saying she has removed the pop potential of many tracks. Inside out for example could have been amazing pop track.
  11. thats like saying the power of goodbye would have been a better had it been a dance track. WAOM as a dance / pop number reminded of how DJ's turn songs like 'My Heart Will Go On' into cheesy euro dance tracks in tacky gay clubs!
  12. Ghost town is the best performance ive seen on this promo tour. She is beaming throughout - it looks so sweet! That final hand pump into the air is amazing. she looks so relaxed and calm. This is a strange thing to say but does anyone else think her shoes play a big part in how her performance goes? When she is tottering around in heals, she seem nervous and static (like on the italian stv show). for this shes wearing boots (and wedges for the LFL performance), and i think it makes a big difference. she is much more sure footed, and it seems to affect her overall confidence!
  13. The album version is just perfect. its sooooo perfect. The demos were a muddled mess. the frantic strings, and dated drums were all over the place, and worked against the soaring glorious melody that the final version really pushes forward. pretty much all the reviews ive seen have all been completely gushing about this track, and rightly so!
  14. There are just too many remixes - and they're mostly not very good. people have been paid to do this shit. it just seems such a waste of time and resources. ah well. She should have chosen a couple of decent mixes, put a couple a b-sides out there (she has plenty of them), and then done an extended 12" style version of the album track. This song is crying out for a 6 minute mix. Missed opportunity - could have been one of her best single releases in about 15 years.
  15. They were indeed excellent. Her band are definitely anonymous now. i couldnt identify whether she had a bass player or not anymore. Only Monty really stands out. Though i do I think her current crop of musicians are talented - the drummer is a big improvement on Steve whatever his name was who was with her between drowned - confessions. his drumming sounded so thin and limp. I guess it is true that there has to be a certain element of synchronisation to go along with the screens and moving platforms etc - but that could just be a click track surely? The current musicians do play a lot of instruments - it just doesnt seem to be a typical band performance set up.
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