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  1. Crozzauk

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Im not sure. I love that she resisted the temptation to do Blond Ambition part II. She learned from that tour that she couldnt push herself that far physically every single night. She also didnt go for obvious choices, instead choosing to create a show that was thematically solid and not just packed with hits for the sake of it. The costumes were excellent, the musical arrangements were her best ever - and her vocals were on point throughout. Its hard to find a fault with the show. i prefer it in so many ways to all her other tours, but it does lack that bombastic appeal and show off factor that Blond Ambition has.....that tour was her really showing everyone what she was made of.
  2. Crozzauk


    Its a great album. Some great songs, and the new power generation are such a shit hot band at this point. The only complaint would be Tony M's dreadful rapping all over some of the excellent songs. At times the album becomes a bit messy, as he tries to hard to thread a concept through it all, but some of the songs stand up marvellously. Personally favourites are 7, The Morning Papers, Sweet Baby, The Continental, Love 2 The 9s, and of course Sexy MF & My Name Is Prince. So many good songs on there.
  3. Crozzauk

    George Michael thread

    The documentary was ok. I feel like i have to like it because it was his last work, but i do feel like his legacy deserves better than this. Some parts were great - just hearing George talk is always wonderful, he was so intelligent and honest, and seeing some rare live performance was great as well. Seeing his account of his relationship with Anselmo and his mid 90s struggles was also genuinely heartbreaking. The rest of it was just cheapened by random talking heads. The inclusion of James Corden ruined it for me - he is just so vanilla, unfunny, and saccharine its unreal. Oh and Mark Ronson - what is wrong with him, why does he only have a monotone way of communicating. No passion, no excitement. Watching him sit there and praise Freedom 90 in words only, just made me thinkg of all the devious acts of robbery he has committed against great artists. He and Gaga were a perfect match. I hope George's estate are keeping an eye on him for plagiarism.
  4. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    The Black album is off the charts good. So much fun. and so funky. I would have loved to have seen that as a double album with Lovesexy. Light & Dark. would have been amazing.
  5. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    not sure if im allowed to do this but you can download it here......https://mega.nz/#!VMJH2ZaC!WJ0V5FchI2fZKUrY3QSr8C25WlkkUUe99pJIhfnUBeU
  6. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    Yes, the 90 nude tour version was magical. It became a bit too over baked after that-although if you can check out the soundboard version from on of his shows last year. It features a very Family like arrangement but with a brilliant guitar solo on it too. This 1990 version is so full of passion though. In fact I watched his La Corunia concert from the nude tour the other day and it is mesmerising. His energy and moves are incredible.
  7. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    I'm such a whore for his demo versions of songs he gave to others, but this one has never leaked. I pray i get to hear it one day. This whole album was great though - Come Home, Jaguar, Guess Im Crazy.
  8. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    Of all the wonderful amazing songs he wrote and produced for others, this one is really striking a chord with me right now. I love most of the work he did with Mavis, but this one is just greatness. https://youtu.be/58dovnV5fYY
  9. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    Its just heartbreaking. I saw him 3 times in my life, and each time was a different but brilliantly exhilarating experience. To think this man who has been there making music since i was born, music that has been the personal soundtrack to my life and so many happy moments, is now no longer with us - its just too much to comprehend right now. We will always have his music - all of that wonderful wonderful music to go back to, but i will miss his spontaneity, and the new moments of Prince-ness that i have come to rely on as a fan.
  10. Crozzauk

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    this is too hard. but here is what i would say right at this second. When You Were mine Controversy Little Red Corvette Erotic City Purple Rain Sometimes It Snows In April Mountains I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man She's Always In My hair Empty Room i would definitely need a Top 50 to come close to making my mind up.
  11. Crozzauk

    Prince Dead at 57

    My heart is broken.
  12. Crozzauk

    The Greatest Moment of RH ERA!

    Living For Love at the Brits was simultaneously the most horrific and triumphant moment of the RH era. So many good moments to choose from really. BIM on Jimmy Fallon, Ghosttown on the I Heart Radio awards, the Howard Stern interview. She really put her all into promotion this era.
  13. On first sight the song list of the final section is a mess - but Candy Shop / Material Girl / La Vien en Rose are all flawless and fun. I feel like Music is a bit of a mess. I like the kitschy campy 20s vibe- but i feel like the choreography is a bit lazy and boring. Candy Shop on the other hand is fucking hot - best version she has done of it without a doubt. I cant quite get over the outfit for Holiday - its such a fucking car crash
  14. Such amazing info - thanks everyone who contributed to this thread. Really fascinating. Those sketches could easily have come from her most recent tour - they look so fresh and current. but thats the genius of gaultier.
  15. Crozzauk

    The band

    No percussionist since after DWT, no bass player since ROL promo tour. definitely a huge loss. the current drum player is an improvement over the english guy who was with her up until confessions, but lets face it, the whole band set up has never been as good since The Girlie Show. I appreciate her music has changed, and i think its easy to assume a lot of it is prorgrammed, when im sure alot is still played live - however, it doesnt have that live feel. its the change in her live set up i would like to see, but she obviously likes it as it is. she has had a much fuller band, and chooses to keep it streamlined like it is now - she must have her reasons.