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  1. So brilliant that one of her best Dance songs in years is the one to earn her that 50th. And honestly, the mixes of this song are great, if only it were to get a wider vinyl release, and dare i say it, even a video?
  2. Listening to my vinyl in preparation for seeing her in Lisbon next week! Ive lost cout of how many plays its had start to finish - more than any album of hers in years! It really is flawless in many respects. A powerful album for her to have in her catalogue, even if its not been a commercial success.
  3. Is there any further info to show he contributed to the rest of the song? All he has posted are snippets and lyrics from the first intro section. If thats the sum total of his contribution, i wouldnt pay him a dime.
  4. Remixes have been totally disappointing in the last few years, This one is something to be excited by. Honey was so amazing at Homobloc. She totally won me over.
  5. Honey Dijon played her remix at Homobloc in Manchester last weekend and it was so fucking good, I NEED that remix! How is there no news on this. What’s the point in commissioning remixes then not releasing them? It’s been five months since the album was released and we’ve had hardly any mixes at all?!?!?
  6. Looking for Mercy and IDSIF shouldnt be considered bonus tracks. The proper Madame X is the 15 track "deluxe" edition - as reflected by the fact that the vinyl version contains all those tracks. I still cant fathom why they bothered releasing a "standard edition". it benefits absolutely no one and clearly wasnt the album that madonna presented as a finished product.
  7. I agree the vocal effects are my biggest gripe about the album but i cannot let them overshadow what is a quality and solid album. 3 months in and i there isnt a song i skip. So many songs i love.
  8. I think at this point in her life, making the kind of music she is, this has been the perfect roll out. the music industry is no longer what it was. She cant focus on traditional sales methods and instead needs to focus on her hardcore base. The way she has rolled out the album has given her fans something to savour every 7-10 days. i think its been excellent. i havnt got bored of it at any one point. Ive been anticipating something every day since April. I agree this era has been disappointing for remixes, but so what. its such a minute part of it all. She cant have an organic hit nowadays, its just the way it is. dont mourn the loss of that aspect of her career. She is nearly 61 and has done everything. why does she need to keep doing it again!
  9. Has anyone yet managed to work out the point of the Standard edition yet?
  10. Believe me they will try to say she is taking advantage. I think it is genuinely the biggest misconception of Madonna. Always has and always will be. That she is an appropriator. I truly believe her intentions are pure and can see it more and more in her later years, the way she refuses to filter herself. remains true to who she is rather than reducing herself down to being just an Instagram account like someone like Beyonce.
  11. This is still one of the songs i keep coming back to. something about the simplistic melody and lyrics is just so perfect. The "our souls are starving" and "let's go dancing" are such beautiful madonna lines. Its like a reworking of the Into The Groove perspective. And as a Prince fan, i absolutely love the shout out she gives him where all the music drops away. She obviously loved him as an artist. I understand that it didnt really fit the record, but its as good as anything on there IMO.
  12. Im home alone on a Friday night and ive put this record on again, and its giving me so many vibes. Every song a different mood and each one perfect. Even Bitch Im Loca has found its way into my heart. I was a staunch supporter of Rebel Heart - though i felt overwhelmingly that it was a missed opportunity. It was also cursed by having so many good songs, and no cohesive sound or thread. Madame X also has no cohesive "sound" but the fact that she has reduced the amount of producers down helps hugely and it feels like an album not a collection of songs. Mike Dean & Mirwais clearly have an audiophile approach to production and i think it helps. So much of Rebel heart didnt sound good. Plenty of great songs let down by the mixing and some of the rushed production. It still pisses me off that masterpieces like Inside Out will never be recognised as such, but i think she was genuinely so thrown by the leak she didn't have a clue as to how to finish the record. She should be so proud of what she achieved with this one.
  13. Based on what we saw from the Madame X doc - they could edit one together from the Birthday footage taken in Marrakech. I think i would actually prefer to see that as she looked amazing, and it would so fit with the music of the song.
  14. what so i cant express an opinion without being branded 'stupid' around here. You can wheel out cliche statements like "joy/sadness go hand in hand" to try and dismiss what im saying - it still makes it a jarring visual message to me. Batuka is such a dark, menacing, dramatic and serious song. Had the final build been of her performing like this i might feel differently, but it felt like this was her main performance throughout.
  15. And the list of writers and producers on Beyonce's record goes on for days.
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