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  1. Doll please do yourself a favour and take that oxazepam.
  2. Everything to get rid of Erdogan. This could be the turnabout Turkey desperately needs.
  3. You're such an angry person. Sore loser indeed.
  4. Regardless of what you think about the referendum, I don't think I have seen so many sore losers over the past couple of days. In politics, in news items, in showbusiness: everywhere! You never thought you would loose, but you did. Now eat that humble pie.
  5. I hope this time they won't use an iPhone 3 to record the sound/music. The whole MDNA experience has been completely ruined by the awful sound quality.
  6. 1.Erotica 1.Ray Of light 3.COADF 4.Music 5.Like A Prayer 6.Rebel Heart 7.Bedtime Stories 8. Madonna 9.American Life 10. True Blue 11. MDNA 12. Like A Virgin 13. Hard Candy
  7. 1. Superstar Others: Hey You 4 Minutes B-Day Song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Don't Stop Shoo-bee-doo Candy Shop Superstar Love Don't Live Here Anymore
  8. Kean's album Strangeland didn't feature the title track on the standard album either, Strangeland was a bonus track.
  9. I'm so embarrassed for most of these people. Really.
  10. Amazing! Now name and blame everyone who ridiculed the posters who hinted at a release in the week before Christmas.
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