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  1. The Whole Foods store I work at in downtown Manhattan had a couple windows cracked last night but it fared better than other stores nearby. A CVS store close by had all of its windows completely smashed. An Adidas store and North Face store nearby were looted. If there’s rioting again tonight hopefully I’m out of work before then! ETA: They’re letting us leave a couple hours early tonight. Most of the businesses in the area are boarding up their windows today.
  2. The news footage tonight from major cities all over the U.S. is shocking!
  3. The protests are getting more intense each day.
  4. Big protests and riots in Minneapolis and other cities across the U.S. tonight.
  5. Oh really? How about Colin Kaepernick‘s peaceful protests? And your racist hubby and his racist followers demonizing him constantly?
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin charged with third degree murder and manslaughter, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says. http://nbcnews.to/2XIlIMP
  7. Wasn’t him in those pics above. But he’s still an evil racist murderer.
  8. Her ridiculous hysterical acting during that phone call, my God!That dog was getting jumpy cuz he know she was acting like a fucking idiot. She nearly strangled her dog and if this wasn’t being filmed that man could’ve ended up falsely arrested or even dead. Makes me shudder to think how many people were easily falsely arrested and killed before the age of smartphones.
  9. I was wondering why “morbidlyobese” is trending #1 tonight on twitter.
  10. She’s been gone batshit for a longtime like Roseanne.
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