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  1. Wasn’t him in those pics above. But he’s still an evil racist murderer.
  2. Her ridiculous hysterical acting during that phone call, my God!That dog was getting jumpy cuz he know she was acting like a fucking idiot. She nearly strangled her dog and if this wasn’t being filmed that man could’ve ended up falsely arrested or even dead. Makes me shudder to think how many people were easily falsely arrested and killed before the age of smartphones.
  3. I was wondering why “morbidlyobese” is trending #1 tonight on twitter.
  4. She’s been gone batshit for a longtime like Roseanne.
  5. Yeah and? Most people in NYC supported them at the time, before they knew better.
  6. The Bernie Bros on Twitter are increasingly getting more fucking annoying.
  7. During the last election I saw so much garbage posted on Facebook every day for months and months. Family members, friends, coworkers, etc. (who are mostly Democrat) would share these ridiculous, poorly written articles which were fake news and wacko conspiracy theories about Clinton. These articles made some of them vote for Trump. And discouraged many of them from voting. They decided to not vote at all, which is basically a vote for Trump. They seriously believed ”Pizzagate“ too and still did even when it was debunked. These fake news articles shared on Facebook would really annoy the fuck out of me and I would often point out the obvious fakeness to them. They would be hosted on weird sounding, cheaply designed websites nobody ever heard before. I was really dumbfounded by people who I considered quite intelligent who easily fell for these many articles.
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