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  1. Two Republicans have already offered Rittenhouse congressional internships. That thug can easily go very far politically someday since there are a lot of fucking stupid and monstrous people in this country.
  2. I watched it a couple extra times and it got even funnier!
  3. The other day I had a dream that I got a pet koala. He was adorable and very affectionate. He constantly wanted to be petted and hugged. In the dream I fell asleep in my bed. The koala climbed up into my bed and woke me up demanding hugs. I groggily shoo-ed him away and fell right back asleep. He got VERY angry. So he sat on top of my chest and massively defecated all over me! You would think an elephant had done it instead of a koala by the amount of it all! I woke up horrified and disgusted! I was still in the dream. I then really woke up from the dream thinking it all really happened. I was nervously feeling my clothes and blanket in the dark thinking they would be drenched.
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