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  1. Yeah and? Most people in NYC supported them at the time, before they knew better.
  2. The Bernie Bros on Twitter are increasingly getting more fucking annoying.
  3. During the last election I saw so much garbage posted on Facebook every day for months and months. Family members, friends, coworkers, etc. (who are mostly Democrat) would share these ridiculous, poorly written articles which were fake news and wacko conspiracy theories about Clinton. These articles made some of them vote for Trump. And discouraged many of them from voting. They decided to not vote at all, which is basically a vote for Trump. They seriously believed ”Pizzagate“ too and still did even when it was debunked. These fake news articles shared on Facebook would really annoy the fuck out of me and I would often point out the obvious fakeness to them. They would be hosted on weird sounding, cheaply designed websites nobody ever heard before. I was really dumbfounded by people who I considered quite intelligent who easily fell for these many articles.
  4. No surprise but Trump’s dim followers are going ballistic on Twitter and Facebook saying Pelosi lacks morals and that she’s a bully!
  5. "I don't need him to be like me. I need to be safe": Pennsylvania woman explains to CBS This Morning's Anthony Mason why she's going to vote for Donald Trump, despite not agreeing with everything he says. https://cbsn.ws/2tcfF89
  6. Florida woman shoplifts bomb ingredients at Walmart, tries to blow up store By THERESA BRAINE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS JAN 14, 2020 | 3:01 PM Emily Stallard, 37, reportedly crafted the homemade bomb in front of a child at a Florida Walmart. A Florida woman accompanied by a child trolled the aisles of a Tampa Walmart, constructing a bomb as she went, and tried to blow up the store, police said Tuesday. Emily Stallard, 37, of Tampa, was charged with several felonies, including attempted arson of a structure, fire bombing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, child abuse and battery on a law enforcement officer, the Tampa Bay Times reported. It was an alert security guard at a Walmart in Tampa who noticed Stallard cruising the aisles, picking up – and opening – “flammable materials, projectiles and matches,” the Tampa Bay Times reported. And she was shoplifting them, to boot, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office told the Tampa Bay Times. Stallard then proceeded to fill a mason jar with fuel-grade denatured alcohol and wire brad nails – tiny and nearly headless – and fashioned a wick out of a shoelace. As she was attempting to set fire to the shoelace with a lighter, the security guard and an off-duty officer who the guard had alerted stopped her, WTVT-TV of Tampa reported. “This woman had all the supplies she needed to cause mass destruction at her disposal,” Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister told the Tampa Bay Times. “Had it not been for an alert off-duty law enforcement officer and a watchful security staff at Walmart, she may have followed through with her plans to cause an explosion inside the store.” Walmart weighed in too, noting that it had upped training for store personnel in deescalation and deterring shoplifting. “We take the safety and security of our customers and associates seriously,” the retailer said. “We appreciate the quick response of local law enforcement and are assisting them as they investigate the matter.” On top of it all, Stallard allegedly was toting a child and enlisting the tot’s assistance, police said. “The defendant encouraged the child to engage in an act that could have caused great bodily harm and induced the child to become delinquent,” police told WTVT.
  7. those poor damn children https://nypost.com/2020/01/13/conservative-group-one-million-moms-slams-burger-king-for-using-d-word/ Conservative group One Million Moms slams Burger King for using ‘d-word’ By Yaron Steinbuch January 13, 2020 | 8:18am The conservative group One Million Moms has a major beef with Burger King – for using the “d-word” in an ad for the plant-based Impossible Whopper. In the ad campaign, customers wait in line for a fake “Impossible Restaurant,” which is actually a Burger King storefront for the company’s meatless patty. “Damn, that’s good!” one satisfied customer says at one point in the commercial, which was first posted online in August. “The language in the commercial is offensive, and it’s sad that this once family restaurant has made yet another deliberate decision to produce a controversial advertisement instead of a wholesome one,” the group said in a statement, calling the word a “profanity.” “Burger King’s Impossible Whopper ad is irresponsible and tasteless,” the organization added. “It is extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children viewing the commercial. We all know children repeat what they hear.” A petition launched by the group to protest Burger King until it removes the offending ad has just over 9,000 signatures – and One Million Moms had about 100,000 likes on Facebook as of early Monday. Burger King did not immediately respond to a message for comment. One Million Moms also has targeted groups that feature LGBT people or relationships in a positive light, according to CNN. In 2012, it urged JCPenney to remove Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman because she is gay, but the company stood behind the comedian. Last month, One Million Moms successfully lobbied to have the Hallmark Channel remove a Zola ad featuring a lesbian couple at the altar on their wedding day. Hallmark faced a backlash for removing the ad and later reversed itself, saying it made the “wrong decision.” One Million Moms is a division of the American Family Association, the nonprofit evangelical Christian group that has been designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group for “the propagation of known falsehoods.” And despite its name, the right-wing group has nowhere near a million members. During the JCPenney debacle, the Miami Herald reported that the group had only about 44,000 followers on Facebook. The number has since risen to only about 98,000. Even One Million Moms admits that its name is a bit of wishful thinking. On its website, it says it is “searching for one million moms who are willing to join the fight for our children.”
  8. Big deal! I’ll be voting for her along with my uncle who just became a U.S. citizen.
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