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  1. That diabolical "prayer" from this Congressman! I'm gagging at him and the others crying in the video! towleroad.com Congressman Weeps as He Begs God to Forgive America for Allowing Gay Marriage: WATCH by Michael Fitzgerald April 28, 2017 | 7:49am Republican Congressman Randy Weber broke down in a puddle of man-tears on Wednesday night as he begged God to forgive America for allowing gay couples to get married. Texas Rep. Weber was speaking at the annual “Washington – A Man of Prayer” event in Washington, D.C., hosted by anti-gay pastor Jim Garlow which was also attended by Paul Ryan, Senator Steve Daines and Rep. Tim Walberg. During what must have been a scintillating 90 minutes, in total 20 members of Congress took to the podium to lead the gathering in prayer. According to Right Wing Watch, when Weber took time out from doing his actual job, he repeatedly choked up while begging God to forgive America for the sins of legal abortion and marriage equality. Weber also kinda took his god’s name in vain when he appropriated the Lord’s Prayer, saying “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth here in the halls of Congress.” Some of his audience are also seen to be openly weeping at his beautiful thoughts while the majority have their eyes closed in a losing attempt to look like Christians. He continued: “We have endeavored to try and kick your word out of public schools. “Father, we have endeavored to take the * out of classrooms, the Ten Commandments off the walls. Oh, Lord, forgive us. Father, we think we’re so smart, we have replaced your word and your precepts with drug-sniffing dogs, with metal detectors, with uniformed police officers in our schools. Oh, Lord, forgive us. “Father, we have trampled on your holy institution of holy matrimony and tried to rewrite what it is and we’ve called it an alternate lifestyle. Father, oh Father, please forgive us. “Lord, we have gone to killing the most innocent amongst. “Your servant Moses warned in Deuteronomy 19 for us to choose life so that we and all our descendants might live. Father, we’re killing our descendants and we’re calling it a choice. Oh, God in heaven, forgive us, please.” He also suggests that god will be very, very upset about America’s national debt. Watch Weber lose the plot below.
  2. Have the forum Moan of Arc-ers recovered from last year yet? Start stocking up on pills!
  3. Look it up! Scroll up!
  4. She'll be attending this year! 😎
  5. Billbored undermining Madonna yet again.
  6. Russian Official Shuts Down Katie Couric’s Questions About Gays and Chechnya: WATCH by Andy Towle April 28, 2017 | 8:58am Maria Zakharova, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, stopped by Yahoo News to talk with Katie Couric about fake news, the U.S. airstrikes in Syria, President Trump, and the Russian influence on the French election. When Couric turned to the reports of gay men detained and tortured in Chechnya, Zakharova became visibly annoyed and shut Couric down, explaining there was an investigation. Watch the disturbing exchange:
  7. 🔥🔥🔥
  8. Oh brother, they're trying to introduce another Trumpcare bill which is even worse than the 1st bill that flopped! It punishes the sick and the elderly even more, and rewards the insurance industry with more profit$! This is what the far right calls fixing the health care system!
  9. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/04/25/four-more-prisons-for-gay-men-have-been-found-in-chechnya/ Four more prisons for gay men have been found in Chechnya Benjamin Butterworth 25th April 2017, 2:26 PM Journalists investigating the abuse of gay men in Chechnya have made a gruesome discovery. Respected newspaper Novaya Gazeta originally reported that gay men were being held in two concentration camp style prisons in the region. Reports initially centred on two jails in the villages of Argun and Tsotsi-Yurt. However journalists from the area now say they have uncovered evidence of a further four prisons, meaning there are at least six prisons in the region holding people because of their sexual orientation. The newspaper also claims that the men, who face torture in jail, are only released once their families offer bribes to police. Editors of Russian newspaper have since said they fear that the “entire staff” on the paper are at serious risk after they uncovered the gay purge in Chechnya. The paper’s staff have said that hundreds of gay men had been detained and some killed in the region of Russia. Since breaking the story the staff have received serious threats to their lives. Hear from security industry thought leaders during the Virtual Security Summit Live stream on May 10th. Register today! In a statement released by the editors of the paper, they detailed a meeting of over 15,000 people headed by Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s leader, reportedly accused the newspaper of libel and declared it and the staff “enemies of our faith and of our country”. It comes after Britain’s deputy foreign secretary revealed a terrifying threat from President Kadyrov while taking an urgent question on the situation in parliament. Sir Alan Duncan, Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, told parliament: “Human rights groups report that these anti-gay campaigns and killings are orchestrated by the head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.” “He has carried out other violent campaigns in the past, and this time he is directing his efforts at the LGBT community.” “Sources have said that he wants the [LGBT] community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.” The minister added: “Such comments, attitudes and actions are absolutely beyond contemptible.” PinkNews has spoken to the Foreign Office, who verified that President Kadyrov had made the threat in local Russian language media, seen by the UK government. Ramadan starts on May 26 this year, and is widely celebrated in Chechnya, which is a predominantly Muslim area. These allegations have been supported by human rights groups, and led to the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, UK and US governments to call for the Kremlin to investigate. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s deputy, who is gay himself, labelled the reported abuses of gay men as “utterly barbaric” and “despicable” in a strongly worded statement to the Commons. However a spokesperson for Vladimir Putin has said the Russian president has no reason to believe the attacks are genuine. Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s Press Secretary, claimed that investigators have found no evidence to support reports of the purge, which originated in respected newspaper Novaya Gazeta, according to Associated Press. The Chechen republic is a federal subject of Russia, but has its own government and court system. This week, Putin had a meeting with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who told the Russian president not to believe the “provocative” articles. He also accused international organisations of conducting a “massive information attack using the most unworthy methods, reality is distorted, attempts are being made to blacken our society, lifestyle, traditions and customs.
  10. Omg that is so precious ❤️