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  1. Do It Again is a pop masterpiece! YAAAAAASSSS!
  2. Xanthium

    Róisín Murphy

    Very sexy Italian disco!
  3. Here's a clip of Say It to promote the upcoming tour. It sounds MAMMOTH.
  4. Bitch is listening to Sexxx Dreams
  5. Girl I watched that TLC tv biopic and Dallas was a ho!
  6. Are you Angela's publicist or just Angela herself?
  7. Oh no nothing like OYH. That was crap. I'm talking about the folk song that came after. That kind of music incorporated into a pop song would be unique and new for her.
  8. Well I think it would be reductive if she did Americana folk but she hasn't done European ethnic folk for an album before. That would be really nice.
  9. I'd love for her to incorporate the music she's done on tour like with Gogol Bordello and Kalakan.