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  1. The US election system is a mess. Its like a torture. I can’t take this anymore.
  2. Exactly... really, i don’t see how at this point he could win Pennsylvania. Georgia maybe if a miracle happens?? I’m now very angry about Florida!! This shit is happening only because the idiots in Florida voted for Trump!!
  3. I’m really hating Florida right now!!!
  4. So if Biden loses Arizona this election is over for him? What a mess...
  5. If that happens what will be outcome? Trump wins?
  6. I’m having a bad feeling about this. Seems that Arizona is counting votes and Biden victory there is not certain anymore...
  7. I’m having a hard time to understand what happened in Florida... disappointment isn't even a proper word to describe what i feel about those latinos that voted in mass for Trump.
  8. I’m shocked that Florida is giving so many votes for Trump...
  9. I’m speechless... this is one of the greatest video of her career...
  10. He was asked if he would do a music collaboration with Madonna and he answered: “i don’t think so” about the Madonna and Anitta collaboration: “both are very talented and surely it will be wonderful”
  11. They are passionate about Anitta, anything Anitta does they make sure it is a hit. It could be anyone with Anitta and they would be spanning it just the same.
  12. Her accent singing “o mundo é selvagem” and “o caminho é solitário” is completely wrong and cute lol Actually sounds like she is singing “o mundo é só vagem” and “o cominho é solitário” In Brazil vagem is a very common vegetable with beans and cominho is a type of cooking condiment
  13. I totally agree. God Control is the psychedelic trip track, the video would be an instant Madonna classic. Faz Gostoso is clearly the most mainstream club track, it plays on the club and the gays go crazy over it. It deserves a video.
  14. The worst: Come Alive, Extreme Occident, Batuka (very boring, i skip all the time). The best: God Control (psychedelic trip), Looking for Mercy (epic drama), Crave (cute to sing along) and Faz Gostoso (the most mainstream club track) Overall this album is 50/50. There is not an obvious hit song, its an experimental album, clearly not a traditional pop album.
  15. Im surprised with this one since i mostly dislike this type of music but this is very good and the lyrics are fun! Its interesting that their voices mix perfect together
  16. This song is a mix of confessions and erotica albuns! i love its very classic madonna!
  17. I think she did good as usual with Like a Prayer. She was singing live and wearing an eye patch while walking on stairs, it is fair to say that we couldn’t expect better than this. It was an okay performance. My problem though is with her new songs. No matter how fancy her costumes are i can’t ignore the fact that Future is a very boring song. Im not feeling this album at all.
  18. I like this song more than Medellin! Her soulful voice mixed with the deep music base is great! I love it!
  19. I wish she would kill him in the end of the video as it would make it less predictable... it's a good video nevertheless.
  20. She looks the best with the blue dress, somehow it makes her eyes stand out more. It is what expected, a video with Maluma courting her.
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