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  1. I have a feeling that this is not just a coincidence... The embryo of this brazilian fascist movement come from June 2013 massive protests, at that very point people took the streets to demonstrate against the political system headed by the left party. The right have hijacked that movement and gradually radicalized the people in hope to win the 2014 ellection, but that effort didn't work as expected and the left won again the presidency that year, so the right intensified even more the propaganda against the left by using a massive scandal of corruption to undermine the government. The president at that time Dilma Rousseff was impeached and the leader of the left workers' party Lula is jailed. This painful process paved the way of the rise of the far-right. Besides those internal circunstances, the crisis on Venezuela have massively intensified. Trump was ellected on the US and the threat of war is looming South America right now. It can't be just coincidence that Jair Bolsonaro won the presidency with the approval hand of Steve Bannon, the man behind the Trump election. The Trump administration have made some kind of a deal with the brazilian far-right to put in place a military subservient government in Brazil, because they have already foreseen a very likely intervention on Venezuela to remove the dictator Nicolas Maduro from power, and also they want to break Brazil from the BRICS, undermining China and Russia from the global geopolitical sphere.
  2. We can only hope that it's just rhetorical... but even if he doesn't drag our civil rights through the mud like he has said many times over, the damage has already been done because many people are feeling empowered to openly discriminate minorities...
  3. @Jazzy Jan its a situation we could never have imagine just a few years ago. Its scary how society can plunge to fascism that quickly and makes me wonder if it has always been there... just waiting for the right time to surface. It seems this is some kind of a world fenomenon happening, people are in search of a saviour and looking for enemies everywhere.
  4. Thank you @runa. Its really depressing how things are deteriorating very fast here. I have even considered to move out of this country, but for now i will stay and see what happens when he officially assumes the presidency in January. We can only hope that all his strong words against minorities are just rethorical, but what worries me the most is the people that are composing his government, he is puting in charge a mix of military personal and a lot of religous fundamentalists, its a recipe of a disaster...
  5. It is the worst possible situation ever. I feel so depressed that i can’t even talk about it. Have you ever fear for your life? This is how we LGBTQ+ are feeling here with this new tyrannical theocratic regime. Our only hope is that the world be aware that Brazil has fallen into the hands of fascism and we are in grave danger.
  6. Nessie

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Its disgusting how the american ‘free press' are trying hard to imply that Palestinians are to be blamed for their Genocide... 🤮
  7. Nessie

    North Korea

    Why antagonize North Korea with military drills, when peace is within reach.... 🙄
  8. And they call Russia a censoring dictatorship
  9. Nessie

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Yeah lets just pretend that Israel never illegally annexed eastern Jerusalem in 1967??
  10. Nessie

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He is insane. This will blow the middle east in flames of war. The US has just managed the unthinkable: a declaration of war against all arab nations, uniting traditional enemies at last.
  11. You really think people are just demonstrating and they will just keep doing that? I don't think so, and not a sign of any dialogue is happening right now! Don't you think a dialogue with madrid is needed rather than just force the catalans a new ellection? What do you think the supposed ellection would be like? I may not know everything about your country background, but what i know for sure is that the whole world is talking about how the spanish government lost its legitimacy when it shipped in thousands of armed thugs to beat peaceful catalans in their own streets, for the high crime of marking a piece of paper. By doing this horrible act, madrid has just signaled how brutal they can be if they feel like it. I wouldn't be so sure that the situation couldn't escalate to a regional conflict.
  12. I always respected your point of view, i know the topic is very sensitive to you, but let me put this kindly: unless you have anything constructive to reply, please stay on topic and avoid personal attacks. Thank you.
  13. As if the catalans will sit by, just waiting for the spanish authorities crush their separatists dreams calling for "ellections" to put in place a madrid puppet which they clearly don't want.... please, the situation is escalating more and more as we speak. There will be conflict. No doubt about it.
  14. Its ironic how technology and all that instant acess of information instead of making people smarter it made people lazy and dumber than ever before. Its scary to think what will be of humans in the near future.