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  1. Amazing how much money he has to spend on all of this botched crap, he doesn’t seem like he runs some family business at all... its all very strange, maybe he won the lottery or something? Anyway, i really can’t imagine what a life he has with so much money to mess with his body/face, living like there is no tomorrow. I wonder what his family members thinks of all the money going down the drain for a vanity project that eventually will cost his life...
  2. True, there is a risk, but first he (or whatever member of his cult family members) would need to be approved by the republican party and as it seems now he doesn’t have that much support inside his party...
  3. The US election system is a mess. Its like a torture. I can’t take this anymore.
  4. Exactly... really, i don’t see how at this point he could win Pennsylvania. Georgia maybe if a miracle happens?? I’m now very angry about Florida!! This shit is happening only because the idiots in Florida voted for Trump!!
  5. I’m really hating Florida right now!!!
  6. So if Biden loses Arizona this election is over for him? What a mess...
  7. If that happens what will be outcome? Trump wins?
  8. I’m having a bad feeling about this. Seems that Arizona is counting votes and Biden victory there is not certain anymore...
  9. I’m having a hard time to understand what happened in Florida... disappointment isn't even a proper word to describe what i feel about those latinos that voted in mass for Trump.
  10. I’m shocked that Florida is giving so many votes for Trump...
  11. I’m speechless... this is one of the greatest video of her career...
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