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  1. A little late to the party but totally love this song now. Didn't care for it when I first heard it, but after the performance, I get it. Can't stop smiling.
  2. This song is so full of life and joy! I really love it! My students just wrapped up their art classes and I could help making a little montage using this song...
  3. OK, I submitted my question. I kinda plugged some of the Madonna-inspired performances I've done with my kindergarten students and asked her what song of hers she'd like us to perform next. Fingers crossed!
  4. Still love it and still on heavy rotation for me. Gang Bang and Love Spent are life. I would still get rid of GMAYL though. In my head it's still competing with Confessions for 4th best M album.
  5. I think I'm one of the few that really likes this song. It's one of those happy-go-lucky-put-a-smile-on-your-face songs. It's bright, fun, silly, and cheerful. If songs were blood relatives, this would be "Cherish's" cousin.
  6. Several months later, it's still my favorite off the album. It's already my #1 most played song on my iTunes, which says A LOT considering all the other M songs I've played to death.
  7. Ooh la la!

    1. LatinAmericanIdol


      And ooh la la to you my svperstar!

  8. This album is absolutely brilliant and deserves to be treated as such. I really wish M would release several videos and singles out of this, regardless of airplay. Heck, radio won't play her anyway, so she may as well just release what she wants and create some really spectacular videos. Whether that'll translate into sales, who knows? But then again, who cares? She has all the money in the world so she can just create art for art's sake. It would be a shame to let this masterpiece of an album just die down because it's one of those albums that can add greatly to her already iconic legacy.
  9. I absolutely adore this song! I'm a proud heathen, and now I have an anthem to celebrate it with!
  10. Will pre-order sales count toward single sales? It seems like having MDNA available for pre-sale has taken a chunk out of single sales.
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