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  1. So, in preparation for M's arrival in LA this week, I made my own little artwork for the concert. I took her Madame X manifesto and turned in into a "lotería" card. (For those who aren't familiar with Lotería, it's like a Mexican version bingo but with picture cards)...
  2. As long as the songs (or snippets of songs) are g-rated, it was never a problem. Our principal encourages us to integrate the arts, so I always had the green light to be creative. Songs like TUTBMP, Nothing Really Matters, Bedtime Story, Material Girl, Holiday, Live to Tell were all parts of plays or movies that we made. The "Living For Love" video was actually just recycled video footage from the "H is for heart" segment of our alphabet video. Our plays and videos are actually tied into literacy because they're acting out the stories and learning a lot of language and reading comprehension
  3. Thank you! I'm still going to be involved with teaching, but in a different way. Rather than have my own classroom, I'll be going to different schools everyday to teach theater (and spread the gospel of Madonna all over Los Angeles). The only problem is that I will not be at any school long enough to produce any more videos.
  4. Thank you!!! Almost cried yesterday. They've been so sweet. As difficult as it can be, I will miss them too.
  5. OMG!!! I'm actually leaving the kindergarten classroom and starting a new job, but wow! Got this news on my last day of teaching. What a way to end! http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/this-kindergarten-class-makes-madonna-music-videos-and-they#.ebo7Gjbpx
  6. Thank you everyone! Last day of school was today and I almost cried. Got this card from a student today. "Thank you for showing me to sing Madonna."
  7. Thank you very much Awww, you remembered "Like an Alphabet"! Thank you very much!
  8. So, a few years ago, my kindergarten students performed "Vogue" for their graduation ceremony and thanks to MadonnaNation and enthusiastic M fans, the original video got some nice attention online. I was, and continue to be, so grateful for that. Three years later, we're dusting it off and giving it a masquerade treatment. This performance is a bittersweet one because after 12 years in the kindergarten classroom, the time has come for me leave the classroom and change paths. As a farewell, I thought it would be fitting to end this phase of my career the way it began: with a final performan
  9. LMAO! Right? It's definitely one of those WTF moments, but I can't stop laughing at this. My fav part of when the body breaks apart from the legs!
  10. So, I was watching random things on YouTube last night and I stumbled upon this so-bad-its-good claymation of Madonna performing "Express Yourself." She's falling apart left and right, and it is hysterical!
  11. Thank you! Had another screening today at school and it looks like the kids really seem to "get it." I'm in the process of trying to share it with some education pages (and some Madonna pages). In an ideal world, I'd love for this to be shown in classrooms everywhere. Sneaky way to introduce Madonna to the kiddos ;-)
  12. Thank you :-) I always thought that if The Giving Tree could sing a song, it'd be "Live to Tell."
  13. Thank you jazzyjan! The "effort and vision" come from having Madonna in a constant loop in my head. Always a labor of love :-)
  14. Yeah, it's a sad one :-( The kids had a great time making it though. They're 5, so their understanding of it is very literal at this point. It's my hope that they'll look back at this years from now and see a deeper meaning (and keep loving Madonna, of course).
  15. Thanks! Showing it at our Earth Day event tomorrow. Hoping for a few tears from the parents. Or laughs. I never know how they're going to react.
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