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  1. no everyone feels that way if they say otherwise they r lying lol
  2. I agree with everything said in the article. Well written someone send it to Madonna and her team. Lol
  3. god if she has the grills on for this she really is deluded. I'm sorry.
  4. Im taking bets she’s done an Elvis cover! You’ll see remember this post!
  5. this is so exciting and we don't know nothing yet which makes it so much better!
  6. he lives in LA true...but does this look like the dessert in cali or euro? god we r desperate lol
  7. Ellen’s interviews r a joke for all celebs. They have an 8 year old doing the writing.
  8. I love her American Life rap thank u very much it wasn’t meant to be Eminem or Nicki Minaj Like the general public thought. The stupid general public.
  9. Well David Foster has always said he could’nt think straight cause Madonna was so sexy when she met him for dinner.
  10. Mirwais was going to release an album right but it was stalled to work with M? She must have liked what she heard. Or was this just rumours? i listen to madonna/mirwais the most. So exciting!
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