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  1. Littlebastard

    MDNA tour

    Whaaaaat? Vogue is perfection on blu ray.
  2. Littlebastard

    MDNA tour

    Just finished watching this incredible tour. It’s so full of iconic looks and performances. Wow. I heard this morning Nelly Furtado saying how she loves this tour so i decided to watch it again. I was in the golden triangle and it’s aged so well this tour like ALL her tour i must say. Anyway from the opening section to Vogue section I*C*O*N*I*C. Great great tour. My fave tours of hers are: The Girlie Show, Blond Ambition, MDNA, Confessions and Drowned World Tour. The choreography, visuals and editing of this Tour is pure genius. Madonna during Like a Virgin/love Spent is magic.
  3. more theater think Girlie show.........
  4. i love him! Find him hot i don't know why lol A girl i know gave him a BJ in the back of a The Metropolis venue in Montreal years ago when he performed here....She said he was hung.
  5. Littlebastard

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    100 years from now no female will make a greater tour or impact than this tour did. End of.
  6. Littlebastard


    I agree and im no Kesha fan.
  7. Littlebastard


    Madonna is/was forever will be Evita. End of. Patti was shit tonight.
  8. Littlebastard

    Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    i have all their Cd's still. Loved them so much. Loved her voice. A lot of they songs/hits r HUGE amazing records. This got me emotional when i heard the news. Such an incredible talent. So young still. I even was saying to people recently that they should make a come back with a huge record. They were everywhere in the 90's. RIP. Very sad news. :(
  9. Littlebastard

    Kendrick Lamar (2017) DAMN.

    Thanks. Just started to get into his music. Late i know lol
  10. Littlebastard

    Kendrick Lamar (2017) DAMN.

    been into this album lately..LOVE Humble....any other songs u guys enjoy?
  11. Littlebastard

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    The DVD does't do the live show justice..i saw this in NY and everyone was mesmerized....it was brilliant LIVE.
  12. Littlebastard

    The MDNA Tour Behind The Scenes

    This tour was near perfect...visually STUNNING. MASTERCLASS IN TOUR VISUALS. Moment Factory has even said Madonna is the most hands on artist they've worked with. Quel surprise!
  13. Littlebastard

    MTV VMAs....

    with the mic or something she looked annoyed and freaked out i guess that's her natural stance lol
  14. Littlebastard

    MTV VMAs....

    what happened during the Nicki Minaj part?
  15. Littlebastard

    MTV VMAs....

    Best Dance video's used to feature dancing....just saying....