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  1. RAFAEL NADAL wins his 10th French Open and 15th slam overall. Incredible. As a tennis teach and a huge Nadal fan i have no words. The French Open is the hardest slam to win. To do it 10 times is INSANE. LA DECIMA. He was on fire today in the final. Tour de force performance! CONGRATS RAFA!
  2. it's embarrassing........The US has become a joke.
  3. she's winning Virginia now....heart attack mode over here
  4. What's even funnier 4 years ago there was 9 people. Someone moved!
  5. Latino's will win this for Hillary i say by 4-5pts!
  6. ironically beyonce's pantsuits is the ugliest! lol
  7. You don't know what your talking about. It's alway a CLOSE race noboby who is on either side. A democrat nominee has never "blowed anyone away" in a presidential race cause it's always an uphill battle. That is why there have been more republican presidents in history.
  8. What a cunt! Totally losing respect for her i shouldn't since we r all entitled to our opinions but still.....
  9. it's all fixed to be a tight race so the reps don't lose seats in the house c'mon people this whole obamacare 22% increase perfect timing! it's fixed. The only thing i agree with Trump. Hilary will win like Obama 4-5pts.
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