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  1. Howard doesn't take demands. That's what makes his interviews good. He will ask a question, and if they don't wanna answer he moves on. He did it with Madonna too.
  2. I'm listening to the Martha Quinn after show too. Everyone is living..
  3. I'm waiting for my praise....I told all y'all it would be badass. They were calm and in sync. I wished Robin would've shut up a bit, but overall it was what I predicted. .now own up haters! !
  4. Oh shit..I came in here ready to post pretty much everything you just said! I immediately fell in love with the demo. And when I heard it was gonna be included on the album I was so fucking happy. Then I heard what happened to it..ugh.this stupid slow groove strips the song totally away. It loses all the emotion and feeling it had. I love the lyrics for sure, but really this is horrible.
  5. I hope she wears something revealing for him.
  6. I'm on my phone so I can't link
  7. I'm seriously more excited about this interview than I am with the tour. Howard talked about it today..how he's excited and he hopes she is. He mentioned that she has such an extensive career, he could have her on a whole 4 hours and still have shit to talk about. Even Robin was kissing her ass.. If you wanna hear then YouTube the Howard Stern show 3/10/15 and skip to the 1:06:00 mark..
  8. I saw her there with drowned world and reinvention. I don't know why it's my go to place when she doesn't come here to Texas. Maybe it's because I lived there a few years when I was younger. I don't even gamble..but I'm excited to stay at the cosmopolitan.
  9. I hope she doesn't wear the grills. I don't care about them really, but I don't want to hear her lisp and sounding like Cindy Brady.
  10. I'm going to this show. I was already prepared for her to skip Texas this go around.
  11. I can't keep up with all this promo she's serving us.
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