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  1. The video is brilliant. I loved the Papa Don't Preach choreography bit. Overall, the whole video was amazing from start to finish. Can't wait for her performance tomorrow night.
  2. Oh bloody hell. I downloaded the rest of my pre-order and I'm Addicted won't download. I keep trying and I get a message that the file is corrupted.
  3. I loved it. The reason for lip-synching is understandable. The whole performance was very exciting. I'm not going to read any comments on FB or Twitter or anywhere because I don't care. I already know the haters are coming out in full force. For those who read them just brush it off. Their opinions mean nothing. No matter what she does these people will have something bad to say. How can you take what they say seriously knowing it comes from hate. I believe they actually enjoy the performance, but can't allow themselves to admit it. Madonna could find a cure for cancer and HIV/AIDS all in a day and people would hate. Fuck 'em all to hell. Did any one have an issue with the sound? My TV was turned up really loud and it sounded a little muted. The sound kicked up during the bouncey guy in "Music."
  4. "Power of Love" ??????? And saying M was before her time?????? She was born in 86. Did she start listening to music yesterday?
  5. James Collins - Cyndi Lauper Said No "Why did I even bother, It's not like she's Madonna" Dexter Freebish - My Madonna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIwq9X_2kXQ
  6. WOW!!! She did fantastically well. She may have come in late with a line, but I don't think that takes away from the performance. She seemed to have just got lost in the moment. It was an uplifting performance. Nice to see someone smiling tonight.
  7. Okay so he's on Z100, but does anyone know what time I should listen? Thanks.
  8. I know. I was just staring at it like wtf. I knew her fans did this shit, but I never actually saw one in the act. Also, I think that just because Mariah cds look untouched in some stores, it doesn't mean they aren't being bought. I used to work at Tower and new release racks especially were always kept stocked. But then again Tower was bigger and probably had more stock on hand to begin with. Now that Tower & Virgin are gone I don't think I will ever see a store stocked with all of her albums. If I still worked at Tower I would have all 6 cds playing be Madonna's today as I would every time she had a new release. Also, on her birthday and sometimes for no particular reason. I made 3 greatest hits albums and if was working I always had at least 1 on. I probably should mention though that I worked in the video department and wasn't on the main floor, but I did what I could. We usually had 1 person working in video at a time so that person could play whatever they wanted. You couldn't get away with that on the main floor anyway. There was another hardcore M fan and he always made sure her section was perfect. Always kept her cds in the overstock, always re-filled sale racks she was on. As a matter of fact when he got to work, he would go straight to the M section to make sure all was good before he even clocked in. We were able to keep track of sales and would brief each other on how she was doing. Those were good times.
  9. Just got back from Best Buy. I bought the double and single discs cds and the dvd. I didn't count how many they had. I would say between the new release rack and her section there were about 10 single discs and 25 double discs. I didn't look anywhere else. The dvd had 2 or 3 I don't remember. It's either they had 3 and I bought 1 and now there are 2 left or they had 2 and I bought 1. Prices were: 2 cd: 16.99 1 cd: 11.99 dvd: 24.99 On a side note I saw a middle aged man or woman (I couldn't tell) at the register who bought about 10 of Mariah's album.
  10. Madonna's speech was beautiful. Very well spoken and she didn't have that nervous voice thing going on like she sometimes does. And she looked gorgeous. I thought Janet did well, but I thought the singing was live because of how awful it sounded. I liked Pink's acrobatics performance. I thought she did very well. Kanye is such a pos. I did feel bad for Taylor when his ego took control of the stage. Who the fuck is he to say what should or shouldn't be. He is not the VMA's. If he wanted Beyonce to win then he can give her his own Kanye Award for Best Female video. The best part is that B ended up winning the award for best video anyway. He's such a tool. This poor girl goes to accept an award, she seems in awe and genuinely happy and then a douche bag kills her moment. And give me a fucking break! "One of the best videos of all time." Really? OMG. Now for those bitches on The View. AGAIN. Taking a small piece of the speech and making it seem like that was the whole thing. Those conniving cunts. The whole lot of them. I would like to personally deliver 12" dildos to them to shove down their throats and shut their ugly asses up. Choke on it bitches!!! As a matter of fact, Kanye needs one too.
  11. Overall, I am extremely happy with the tracklist. Surprised to see Burning Up, But as it's one of my favorites am also thrilled. I really hope ITG is the original. I would love remasters of that and I'm sooooo excited to finally have one of WTG. I would have liked to have 1 more song from Erotica. Deeper And Deeper being the obvious choice, but Rain could also be a contender. If any album deserved just one track included, it should be American Life. Put one of the E songs in place of Hollywood. I'm thinking Hollywood was included as an official Am Life single since Die Another Day wasn't really released as a single to support the album. I would have preferred GI2M over MA. I do wish TUTBMP was included. I love the fact that all singles from the 1st album are included, but I guess BU could have been sacrificed to make room for other eras. No Evita songs is a good choice. And no Something To Remember singles is fine as it keeps interest in that album. Maybe that's also why there's no Playground. STR is now the place to go for it. The track order is a little weird, but I do like the grouping of songs from different eras and think it will sound great. It's kind of sad if TIC is really going out of print. It's just legendary. At least Rescue Me has a single and won't go the way of Time Stood Still. I've probably repeated what has already been said a million times over being that my opinions are shared with the majority, but I just wanted to get that in. But I am more than satisfied with the cds. I hope the dvds are all the videos.
  12. I think the font on the single is supposed to look like grafitti.
  13. True, but I would love to see Madonna herself recreating her older looks rather than other people. Madonna of today doing Lucky Star, LAV, OYH, Vogue...
  14. I love the album cover. The only thing negative I can say is that it's so era specific for a compilation spanning her entire career. I like the other Mr. Brainwash pics too. It would be cool if he did pics for all her major looks to be included in the booklet. I am thrilled to hear about the dvd. Hopefully the only videos omitted her the ones consisting of clips like ITG of which there aren't many. Also, the real American Life video over the flags one. I would love to have Madonna commentary for each video, but seeing that it is highly unlikely, I think a trivia track for all the vids would be a great special feature.
  15. Is Madonna going to be dressing up like her older styles for the video? I've wanted to see her do that for a long time and now is the perfect time with this song as a celebration of her career. The person who was at the video only mentioned there being fans dressed as Frozen and Nothing Really Matters Madonna. Maybe she herself will do the others.
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