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  1. So sad Queen Elizabeth II don't have anyone worthy to pass the monarchy to. She handled her reign well for eight decades since the 50s... After King Charles, Prince William is next right? I think he could be a great King. Prince Harry is a mess...
  2. Queen Elizabeth II has spoken, Camilla will be Queen... so she is giving recognition to their her civil wedding with Charles...
  3. The abrupt US pullout is just very wrong, it's shameful... It was done so abruptly that even the US military wasn't able to secure their armaments and warfare equipments now in the hands of the Taliban. These are worth billions. What a f*cked up pullout this is.
  4. Most Presidents of many nations have that power, fyi... and it is mostly from recommendations from Bureau of Prisons or something...
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157805958257377&id=85452072376 I prefer Newsmax... Those Evil Dems... Hypocrites, now asking for unity when they themselves didn't give Trump a chance since November 2016 til the very end.
  6. Why didn't Lady Gaga trend? Only Katy Perry... Even JLo didn't trend.
  7. Yes, the world was actually more peaceful when the US was under Trump. Now with war-mongering politicians are back, the world better get ready again to have wars sprouting where the US can sell arms... Trump was an outsider from the very start. Even old school Republican politicians hated him back in 2016, that's why some turned in 2020. These old school politicians are the evil ones. They will connive with corporate America to fatten their bank accounts at the expense of its citizens. Americans just lost a president who actually cared more about their welfare than outsiders.
  8. These artists/celebrities/people who encourages protests, can someone tell them to tell their protesters don't do the looting and torching...
  9. The four policemen idiots were already fired and charged for murder, what else do they want? They torch and loot stores, what for? Did they ever think of ordinary people working on those stores who will lose days of income because of what they did? These rallyists are being infiltrated by destabilizers.
  10. Ain't this sample popular in the late 80s/early 90s?
  11. It's Avicii not Da Vinci... I love Funana...
  12. Revisited this track today, perfect summer beach roadtrip sound we can only wish at this time.
  13. Do you guys think they will still have a go with God Control at the clubs now that the MX era is "over"?
  14. Wow, she did borrow quotes before like in WIFLFAG but that's different? Was it credited? Did MADONNA issue checks?
  15. yeah, like club goers who noticed might request it to their club DJs... that could help, right? Do DJs ignore requests?
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