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  1. It is the hypocrisy of media and even MJ's peers in the entertainment business that led to his prolonged abuses.... These media people and entertainers, they know what's happening back then, yet they chose to be silent too... They tolerate what their fellow artists do... They've waited for MJ to die to say, "Yep, he did it"... it's just cowardly of them... Look at R. Kelly... sex tapes spread way back in the late 90s yet he's only getting the heat now 20 years after? what? because of this #MeToo movement? They should've been after him relentless back then...
  2. You bunch of idiots, i did not and am not saying MJ is innocent and i've seen videos of him defending his ways in Neverland. My only point is they should have slugged it out in court when MJ is still alive and there is a level playing field... Look at Bill Cosby, even if he was well loved in the 80s he still got convicted and rightfully sent to jail...
  3. so far, i've watched just part one... damn it... this is so unfair to MJ... he's dead and can't even defend himself... if the things they say are true, why didn't they speak up or file charges when he's still alive and can defend himself... this is horrible
  4. The US should jsut get used to this... They don't like gun control. The US love their guns in their houses. They can buy high powered weapons like it's a piece of candy from a candy store.
  5. NOT! NSync was the peak then it went downhill...
  6. Yes Lady Voldemort didnt win
  7. U2 and Kendrick Lamar opening... Lady Voldemort seems fat again...
  8. my seconds before were Janet and Mariah... but my interest for Janet waned after All For You... and as for Mariah, her attitude later ticked me off around 97 up until now... so now MADONNA is still the only one in music that interests me...
  9. the sales tracking will be from Aug 25 to Aug 31... if it gets a little close by August 31 in the sales department, it will be close...
  10. Taylor Swift is killing it... Hoping it's just frontloaded and will last only a day or three... but sadly, the song is quite catchy but may be too repetitive for some...
  11. Streaming is now at 50% command of the HOT100?
  12. Total Eclipse of the Heart is killing it.... hahahaha
  13. because it's filled with excitement of potentially breaking Moomoo's bragging rights for staying at #1 the longest... now if only Rihanna will get back on track and get four more #1s...
  14. so #15 is quite intact... and Despacito still has momentum to stay for a 16th (its airplay isn't freefalling, so is its digital sales... it is steady on every front) ... if it makes 16th, it will be big news and it may cause another spike and stay for a 17th...
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