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  1. Just apologize and shove the aid down his throat.
  2. bunch of idiots... don't give easy access to high-powered ammunitions... pistols, rifles only with police clearance before being given a gun license and a permit to carry firearms...
  3. AMERICANS love their guns, no wonder they only mourn mass shootings for only a day or two and move on...
  4. The US should jsut get used to this... They don't like gun control. The US love their guns in their houses. They can buy high powered weapons like it's a piece of candy from a candy store.
  5. AMEN to that... I wonder who will be the next best Democrat to challenge the Republicans in 2020? Trump will have to fail big time if the Dems would want to recover the Midwest which will be very vital in their future fights against the Reps...Trump stole the Midwest from the Dems... the Dems must win them back in 2020... but with who?
  6. This will really be a slap in the face of the Trump haters and the poll makers... we'll never hear the end of Trump bragging for the next four years... Well, bring on British Madonna again...
  7. Florida is going to Trump... Broward county is already counted up to 98%
  8. f@ck, Trump is now leading in FL, OH and MI even NC... this is not looking good...
  9. comey never should have opened his mouth in the first place so close to the election... he is just rectifying his earlier action last week
  10. Hand guns or pistols is just ok for the ordinary household.... semi-automatics are a no-no...
  11. I understand that gun control is not the only solution, the Democrats aren't claiming it to be, but it helps to check whether you are selling a high powered gun to loonies... an ordinary household doesn't need high powered assault rifles like that...
  12. You know guys, I have a cousin who works in the police force in Chicago and i still really can't believe how anti-gun control he is... This is what he wrote, i want to read your opinion about it... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ronnie Dunn is right. I hate to make this a political issue, but it's become one. What Obama and Hillary will never understand is that criminals, terrorists, gang bangers, and evil people of all kinds will NEVER turn in their guns. Why? Because evil people don't abide by America's many gun laws. The gun laws of America only prevent law abiding people from purchasing guns. They will never stop evil people from getting guns. How do I know this? Because I live in the most violent city in America- the city of Chicago. And Chicago happens to have the most restrictive guns laws in America bar none. And none of these restrictive gun laws have ever stopped the nightly bloodbath that occurs here. But they sure make it hard on law abiding people like my wife or my family to purchase guns. Keep in mind that when Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison were writing the 2nd Amendment, they were staring right at the British Crown. The same British Crown that took away the common people's guns so the British government could impose their will on the British people. When the British Crown attempted to disarm the American colonists, George Washington made the decision to go to war. And our Nation was born. We went to war over guns, and our right to protect ourselves from over reaching, meniacal, abusive governments. Governments like Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc. The 2nd Amendment is the only thing that protects everybody's 1st Amendment freedoms of speech, religion, press, and assembly. Without the 2nd Amendment, government could trample all over your individual liberties much like in Russia, China, North Korea, and the former British Crown. The real problem are the two words both Obama and Hillary refuse to even say- Radical islam. If you refuse to even acknowledge the problem, then you will never defeat the problem. Trump was right to call both of them out on this. This guy was an American citizen which makes him even more dangerous because he was already here. However, when both the head of the CIA and the FBI, along with the Director of Homeland Security, and every branch of the military are telling you point blank that it's not a good idea to allow all these Syrian Muslims into America because there's no way to properly identify way them, then Obama and Hillary should listen to them. But they refuse to listen to them in the name of political correctness, thereby endangering the lives of all Americans, and making this country less safe. This country very much needs to be like Israel. The Israelis have been fighting and defending themselves against radical Islam for decades. They understand the threat in front of them, and are not afraid to confront it, whereas Obama and Hillary want to stick their heads in the sand, and just wish these people will go away. Here's a newsflash for both of them: They are not going away, and when you try to negotiate with them, they take that as a sign of weakness. They are bullies, and bullies need to be appropriately and professionally dealt with. And just for the record- do you know what the Boston Bombing, the San Bernardino Massacre, the Fort Hood slayings, and the Orlando terrorist attack all have in common other than radical islam? They were all stopped by American police officers. Not the FBI. The FBI gives press conferences and gathers data. At the end of the day, it will ALWAYS be some lowly copper that will have to confront the evil that is radical islam. And your president doesn't even bother to show up at National Police Memorial Week. He always chooses to go golfing instead. His utter disdain and condescension of American law enforcement is very obvious. Just remember- this country went to war over guns when the British Crown tried to disarm the American colonists. This is not about gun control. This is about the evil that is radical islam. And until this country accepts this, we will continue to be in danger. And you know what the biggest irony of all is? The fact that both Obama and Hillary are surrounded by very brave men and women with guns 24/7/365. Guns are good enough to protect their families, yet the two of them don't want you or your family to have them. How ironic. The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. I want the two of you, Obama and Hillary, just once, to try and say these words- "radical islam." Just once. See, was that really that hard to do?!@#$%^&? --------------------------------------------------- Why the need for Obama to mention Radical Islam? The shooter is an American citizen of Afghan descent... It wasn't like he traveled illegally from some MidEast country and plotted an attack... He is a homophobe, plain and simple... and i can smell the hypocrisy of some establishment Republicans "mourning" over this tragedy... I am sure behind closed doors they are celebrating... I still can't believe how easy it is to buy guns in the US that it's just like a candy bar from a 7/11 or something... such lethal weapons need to be restrictive...
  13. If there will an independent bid and it becomes Clinton vs. Trump vs. Independent... that would be a greater chance for Hillary to win right?
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