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  1. you guys are just too spoiled being so used to see her live... her Manila show started, I don't know, almost 11pm and no one complained... all were thankful she performed here for the first time...
  2. mtzlplk


    Yes Lady Voldemort didnt win
  3. mtzlplk


    U2 and Kendrick Lamar opening... Lady Voldemort seems fat again...
  4. my seconds before were Janet and Mariah... but my interest for Janet waned after All For You... and as for Mariah, her attitude later ticked me off around 97 up until now... so now MADONNA is still the only one in music that interests me...
  5. the sales tracking will be from Aug 25 to Aug 31... if it gets a little close by August 31 in the sales department, it will be close...
  6. Taylor Swift is killing it... Hoping it's just frontloaded and will last only a day or three... but sadly, the song is quite catchy but may be too repetitive for some...
  7. Streaming is now at 50% command of the HOT100?
  8. Total Eclipse of the Heart is killing it.... hahahaha
  9. because it's filled with excitement of potentially breaking Moomoo's bragging rights for staying at #1 the longest... now if only Rihanna will get back on track and get four more #1s...
  10. so #15 is quite intact... and Despacito still has momentum to stay for a 16th (its airplay isn't freefalling, so is its digital sales... it is steady on every front) ... if it makes 16th, it will be big news and it may cause another spike and stay for a 17th...
  11. It is really not as good as What Do You Mean?, Sorry, and Love Yourself which i all like... the song just doesn't take off and stays flat... and yes it's not crazy ahead... usually, real smashes push the #2 song to just 0.20 in popularity bars but not this one.. until when is Despacito discounted?
  12. well you have a point there... Aug 17 and 18 numbers may not be enough to topple Despacito and since many sales are frontloaded, the Aug 19-25 period sales may have cooled down as well... The song is now Bubbling under in iTunes as we speak... as expected it's already #2 in iTunes after an hour
  13. hmmm... it doesn't hit me like how What Do You Mean or Sorry the first time i heard it.... but maybe it's the quality... sounds too generic