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  1. These artists/celebrities/people who encourages protests, can someone tell them to tell their protesters don't do the looting and torching...
  2. The four policemen idiots were already fired and charged for murder, what else do they want? They torch and loot stores, what for? Did they ever think of ordinary people working on those stores who will lose days of income because of what they did? These rallyists are being infiltrated by destabilizers.
  3. Ain't this sample popular in the late 80s/early 90s?
  4. It's Avicii not Da Vinci... I love Funana...
  5. Revisited this track today, perfect summer beach roadtrip sound we can only wish at this time.
  6. Do you guys think they will still have a go with God Control at the clubs now that the MX era is "over"?
  7. Wow, she did borrow quotes before like in WIFLFAG but that's different? Was it credited? Did MADONNA issue checks?
  8. yeah, like club goers who noticed might request it to their club DJs... that could help, right? Do DJs ignore requests?
  9. Thanks, do you those Craig and Ryan ones? Please...
  10. I like MADONNA's Instagram dancing to IDSIF... finally enough love... The remixes are giving me Up Down Suite vibes...
  11. yes, it;s also now available in Spotify
  12. Just apologize and shove the aid down his throat.
  13. Clearly, their focus is on the Dance charts now, hence the proper and timely sequence of releases not overlapping each other.
  14. It is obvious they didn't want two songs competing in the Dance charts. They released I Rise so they waited for it to reach #1 first then announce this release of Crave.
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