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  1. These artists/celebrities/people who encourages protests, can someone tell them to tell their protesters don't do the looting and torching...
  2. The four policemen idiots were already fired and charged for murder, what else do they want? They torch and loot stores, what for? Did they ever think of ordinary people working on those stores who will lose days of income because of what they did? These rallyists are being infiltrated by destabilizers.
  3. Just apologize and shove the aid down his throat.
  4. bunch of idiots... don't give easy access to high-powered ammunitions... pistols, rifles only with police clearance before being given a gun license and a permit to carry firearms...
  5. AMERICANS love their guns, no wonder they only mourn mass shootings for only a day or two and move on...
  6. The US should jsut get used to this... They don't like gun control. The US love their guns in their houses. They can buy high powered weapons like it's a piece of candy from a candy store.
  7. AMEN to that... I wonder who will be the next best Democrat to challenge the Republicans in 2020? Trump will have to fail big time if the Dems would want to recover the Midwest which will be very vital in their future fights against the Reps...Trump stole the Midwest from the Dems... the Dems must win them back in 2020... but with who?
  8. This will really be a slap in the face of the Trump haters and the poll makers... we'll never hear the end of Trump bragging for the next four years... Well, bring on British Madonna again...
  9. Florida is going to Trump... Broward county is already counted up to 98%
  10. f@ck, Trump is now leading in FL, OH and MI even NC... this is not looking good...
  11. comey never should have opened his mouth in the first place so close to the election... he is just rectifying his earlier action last week
  12. Hand guns or pistols is just ok for the ordinary household.... semi-automatics are a no-no...
  13. I understand that gun control is not the only solution, the Democrats aren't claiming it to be, but it helps to check whether you are selling a high powered gun to loonies... an ordinary household doesn't need high powered assault rifles like that...
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