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  1. Horrible. Our country seems to be the main target of these cowards. How can we go on ? It is so scary.
  2. "Madonna is mentioned in a publication". And the publication is about the snippet and this guy who tweeted "the calm before the storm".
  3. I know. What is it supposed to mean? Sorry but is he involved in M's new album?
  4. How come is Madonna official Facebook reprising this rumor about the Billboard snippet which we know is not accurate?
  5. It leaked 4 days before the release. It's an accomplishment nowadays !
  6. Cover for the regular version of MDNA :
  7. A new picture uploaded on Madonna's profile in the Ticketmaster website.
  8. Can't wait to hear more, it sounds fresh !
  9. I like the idea of using "new" in the title, so : NEWS OF THE QUEEN NEW KINGDOM PARTY SHINY AND NEW I'd still like something epic and ambitious with a live vision already like MADONNA AND THE CONQUEST OF TRUTH, or more classical : WAY BACK HOME DANCE & LOVE Or something that's music related : ELECTRONICA POP(SHAME) Hit me !
  10. How about : Dance & Love Madonna and the conquest of truth Electronica Pop
  11. Or she thought they're good but do not fit in the project and keep them aside to record one day !
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